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I have some SERIOUS issues with the AI

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by TheRaven476, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    Declaring a release date that far ahead... and release dates fail all the time if you ask developers. This is really a Beta so they can sort the crap out.

    Personally when I started my first game I saw a horse archer come toward my scout and shoot in the same turn now that was a pleasant surprise. Then Japan declared war against my 2 archers and spearman with 20 horsemen and lost after feeding new units past an untouched city with a wonder to attack another city for 30 odd turns.... suffice to say the archer in there was fully promoted before they paid me for peace.

    Yes its not the best, it is a step forward and 3 steps back... lets hope they get those 3 step back and be a little bit forward but not expect to reach mars for a while.
  2. TheRaven476

    TheRaven476 Chieftain

    Jun 1, 2016
    So if you're already at war with someone and you conquer cities, you get more of a warmonger penalty?

    Seems incredibly stupid if the AI's rules tell it "Ok lads, we can handle enough warmonger penalties to go to war, but NOT to actually take any cities. So we'll just go to war, move our units into their territory and shuffle them around a bunch! That'll show 'em".

    Also how do you scout with Jet fighters? The only option I have is the "Deploy" button where they circle around a single hex. However, you can't do that in another countries territory, even if you are at war with them. So I have a carrier fleet on the edge of their borders, I try to deploy my jets to see their cities inland and the only deploy options it allows me to do are outside of their borders..................
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  3. gberetfr

    gberetfr Rastaman

    Jul 2, 2003
    For sure you have the rose tinted glasses symptom when looking at past things. I agree with Menzies, and I have many hours on Civ IV as well.
    The Civ IV nostalgy starts to become annoying. For those thinking it's the best game ever, then play it and that's it !

    I loved Civ IV, but I welcome the changes that came with V and especially VI. The way the game designers want to improve things seems great and a step forward.
    For sure I 'm very disappointed regarding the AI now (war and diplomacy especially), it's unacceptable and must be fixed. (same as for Civ IV on release...)

    But the answer is not go back to the simpler Civ IV mechanics (SoD, diplomacy,...) but improve the AI so that those new mechanics works.
    This needs a constructive feedback from players and time, work for devs.

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