[GS] I Just obliterated world


Feb 20, 2017
Never played domination b4, cuz i don't like this playstyle and prefer more peaceful way to win. But this happened and i decided to take Ottomans. And this was just humilation to AI. No idea if this was bugged or what, but 80% of my game i just demolish them with Jannisary, and AI had only swordsmans and 0 walls in cities. Only India make some trouble cuz it was first target and Vary make me nervious. But after this it was snowball. And of course, Jannisary power is ridiculous, they are cheap, strong and easyly upgrades from swordsman. Game was over at 454 turn (Marathon speed, Deity, Shuffle).
P.S. NO CS WERE HARMED! (Sorry Auckland, you were unlucky)
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