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I know this mod is pretty much dead but.... (thoughts about Au Lac Vietnam)

Discussion in 'RFC mod-mod: Classical World' started by Ianchen99, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Ianchen99

    Ianchen99 Chieftain

    Oct 29, 2017
    UB: Courthouse (totally useless), my research is at 0% for most of the game and the tech required for it is like 10 techs in the tech tree? LOL
    UU: Marksman (again totally useless), with research at 0%, i can never get this tech (i did get 1 tech from Han and traded 2 techs with Kalinka + Saba) but that's it.

    UHV#1: Control Core, Champa and Nan Yue by 50BC. This one is actually not that difficult. After a few retries, I know that the ONLY way to beat this is to research milltary drill + engineering (forget about all the other techs LOL)
    UHV#2: Have more population and more culture than Han in 50 AD. LOL this is literally IMPOSSIBLE. I stopped playing at 17AD. I have 13 cities but i still only have 6th highest pop. All my cities have like 2-3 pop while Han's have like 8-9 pop per city. I guess this is because of all those jungles surrounding my cities which I cannot remove.
    UHV#3: This is totally by chance it really depends on how many of ur cities get Buddhism randomly. After u got a few, u can trade with one of the Indian civs for ORGANIZED RELIGION tech which allows u to build Buddhist temples and spread Buddhism. If Buddhism spread to a few of ur cities, u're in luck cuz this means u can save a few turns not building that many missionaries. If Buddhism only spreads to 1 or 2 cities... good luck.

    Maybe someone who won as Au Lac can tell me their strategies? I didn't see anyone post strategies for Vietnam.
  2. cmakk1012

    cmakk1012 Chieftain

    May 27, 2012

    As far as I know this project is only very nearly dead, not completely so :lol:

    As for Vietnam, I played them not that long ago but did not play through UHV3. I am pretty sure the trick is to say screw everything else and invade the Han, conquering as much as you can close to the deadline before you collapse. After all, it boosts your pop and shrinks theirs, right? And it’s not totally impossible to beat them...

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