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I lost by one turn!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by Vonreuter, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Vonreuter

    Vonreuter Warlord

    Jan 9, 2006
    I just lost the game by one turn! I was playing Asoka of the Indians on Prince (I let the computer randomize a leader just for fun and challenge).

    I was finishing up the Space Ship, but Mao beat me to it, despite my spies constantly trying to sabotage his works. For some reason, I was not allowed to attempt sabotage every turn. There's nothing about the sabotage button not being available in the unit description, so I don't know the reason.

    Well, I turned to my ICBMs, something I had never done before to try and distract Mao from his Space Ship. I thought this worked, when he attacked on every front, but all I needed was to finish that last piece of the Space Ship in the heartland of my nation - and I failed by one miserable turn! One more turn and I would've won a Space Race victory, but no!

    It was a tense game in every way. I was born on a continent of my own, so things were looking bright for my peace-loving Indians. After I had wiped out the barbarians, I settled my continent as well as I could. The others found India in the Middle Ages, so my diplomatic relations were quite unrefined compared to the others who had been trading and exchanging technologies for years.

    In the Middle Ages, China began its expansion at the cost of others. First he attacked Friedrich of the Germans, my only friend. After a short peace for a breather, Mao attacked again and conquered Berlin. The German nation was no more.

    Soon it was Victoria's turn. I had started trading with Vicki after Friedrich's demise, so Mao's decision to attack the English next was a shock to me - the other nations hated my guts for being the only one with Hinduism.

    Victoria's nation collapsed in a similar way to Friedrich's: a war followed by a short peace and culminating in a final genocidal war. This time I got to witness Victoria's doom. I had found a small banana-shaped island and settled it with Victoria (the Incas arrived later to take the spots untouched by our culture). Actually I administered the coup de grace in an attempt to win the favours of the remaining nations, who seemed allied against Victoria, although only one of them was at war with her. In the dying moments of the war, I blitzed the small town of Coventry, which was the English capital and crushed the remains of the English civilization (sic) under the tracks of my tanks.

    This game was unique in that I had been focusing on air and sea forces, something I rarely get to do, and something that I had never done in previous Civs. As I was living on a Continent of my own, I decided to win the war at sea, instead of letting the enemy on my heartland. This worked when the backward Greeks attacked me. They sent their Frigates and Ironclads and were crushed by my Battleships. Soon, however, I was fighting Destroyers, but they too sunk to the bottom of the sea. Then I collected a mighty army of Marines, Infantry and some Tanks and made a seaborne invasion on Delphi. Alexander's Infantry and Machine Guns proved no match for my blitz strategies involving numerous airplanes from Carriers, a bombardment by a multitude of Battleships and a relentless seaborne attack from my trusty Marines. Delphi fell, and I took two more cities in a similar way until signing a peace treaty.

    Alas, I was still 100 points behind Mao. I tried rushing for a Space Race victory, but Mao was far ahead in technology. I had beelined for Fiber Optics, while Mao had taken all the other SS technologies. However, I got a shot at victory when I finished the Internet in Delhi. Surfing through the websites, my scientists soon discovered many technologies and found a way to continue my Space Ship project.

    The hardy people of India worked their machines and factories, but soon my spies reported that we would not make it in time despite our best efforts: the Chinese had built the Space Elevator. I started raiding and sabotaging with my covert-op specialists and, as casualties tolled, I kept sending replacements to the Chinese coast by my numerous submarines. Mao was furious, when he discovered my spies, but did not attack despite being the biggest superpower on Earth.

    When the end was nigh, I chose to buy some time and sent my newly-made ICBM's against China as soon as they came off the production line. The Chinese had overlooked building SDIs, so I atomized Beijing. However, even under the radiant cloud, the Chinese managed to finish the last Thrusters and begin the long journey to Alpha Centauri. My last piece, the SS Engine, was one turn from being finished.

    I think this was one of my tensest game of Civ ever. Ever. I did forget to chop the two Forests that I had left (most of it was Jungle...) near the city building the SS Engine, but I don't think they would have amounted to enough hammers to shorten the building period by the one or two turns I needed to win. I wonder what would've happened if we had finished the SS on the same turn?
  2. StrideCollosus

    StrideCollosus Chieftain

    Jan 18, 2006
    Bath, UK
    Unlucky! Just to add insult to injury ( ;) ) I just finished a game this weekend where I won by one turn.

    Like you I'd randomised the leader and map on Monarch (I think!? the one above Prince) and got Tokugawa. Game started out quite well: good starting location, managed to get an early religion and Stonehenge, and as it turned out a whole little peninsula with a nice choke-point that I promptly blocked off (map was a small Pangea). Things were looking good. I concentrated on infrastructure and religion without any particular goal in mind (all active).

    This was a mistake, because I was getting towards the Industrial era when I realised that I was going to be in trouble. Although I had a nice pensinsula to myself, I only had half-a-dozen cities, and there was no more room to expand into. I was relatively advanced technologically, but it was clear that the AI civs would eventually out-class me. Roughing up my neighbours was another choice, but bar 2 distant civs everyone loved me as I'd vigorously spread the faith, besides I'd won diplomatic victories before and it seemed a bit dull. So thought I'd try for a cultural victory, I'd read a couple of related threads on here, and it was a goal I've never aimed for before.

    I adopted Caste System to generate Great Artists in my best food-rich cities, researched/traded the required techs for appropriate civics, then shut off research and maxed culture, started building cultural buildings and Mandirs (I was Hindu), and used other cities to build defences and commerce-related stuff.

    Things were still looking good - I was churning out culture like there was no tomorrow. My capital was Legendary quite quickly. But then I realised the flaw - I only had my one state religion! No one had converted ANY of my other cities! Without at least one other religion I couldn't build any more cathedral-equivalents. And the other civs were closing on SS techs fast. Argh!

    By this point I had no chance of waging war to claim a nearby city with another religion, but I could try and flip one. I generated 3 Artists over the course of a few turns. There was ONE tile one which I could place it within my borders (bear in mind the choke-point / peninsula geography), settled a new city there, and culture-bombed it three times on one turn.

    The other city thankfully flipped after a while, I rushed a Confucian monastery in it and spread the new faith, built the Confucian cathedral (whatever it is) in my 3 chosen cities, and crept over the finish line. All the other civs were building SS parts by this point, and every time I heard the SS sound I panicked! Mansa was one turn off completing his last SS piece - talk about close!

    Useful lessons:
    • don't let yourself drift, focus on a strategy
    • an island/peninsula is nice to defend, but might end up being a prison
    • you need religions (plural!) for a cultural victory
    • you'll be well behind technologically when going for a cultural victory
  3. Veritass

    Veritass Emperor

    Nov 9, 2005
    Southern California
    Executing espionage missions costs gold. If I remember correctly, it is 200 gold to attempt to destroy an improvement. I have had the button deactivated when my gold goes too low to afford the attempt.
  4. Bengeance

    Bengeance Civ Retributioner

    Dec 7, 2005
    Horse Plains near Abydos
    that's pretty tough man
  5. xonixs

    xonixs Warlord

    Dec 18, 2005
    who says civ IV cant outperform FPS in intensity :p
  6. Vonreuter

    Vonreuter Warlord

    Jan 9, 2006
    Not being one to give up, I played another game with Elizabeth of the English and beat Prince level for the first time with a score of 7372 in 2015. I was likened to Henry VIII.

    It was as tense as before, although this time, the runner up Saladin, couldn't finish his Space Ship, and I gave him little chances to do so. Having learnt that spying takes money, I spent the last few turns churning out money for spying (right after Fusion) instead of going for Composites and Future Tech. I had thousands to spend and used them to sabotage, sabotage and sabotage a little bit more. No use for ICBMs in this game, though.

    I had only one war, and even that couldn't be called a war. I was friends with Louis XVI and Gandhi, but then Louis attacked Gandhi a few times and I chose to intervene. Seeing that India was all but conquered, I advanced and took three Indian cities under my "protection".

    The computer did some serious warring this time. I thought Friedrich would end up being my nemesis in the last turns of the game, but then Isabella and Saladin ganged up on him and sent him tumbling from his stable position right below me in VPs. He never recovered enough to challenge us science-wise, although in the last turns of the game he conquered most of Russia. Moscow and St. Petersburg were captured and razed, and all that was left of Peter's mighty, technically advanced realm was a few fishing villages on the coast! I was impressed by Friedrich's final war as I had feared the Russian war machine ever since they got Cossacks. And Peter was the runner up right after Saladin, having begun constructing his Space Ship after Saladin.

    The Financial trait was definitely good, although my industry wasn't as powerful as before thanks to all those cottages, and I was a little bit disappointed in the Philosophical trait which I hadn't used before this game. All I got was a stream of prophets and artists, and I would've wanted scientists and, preferably, engineers. I think I got one engineer during the whole game. Ah well, perhaps I should have micromanaged my specialists a little better.

    Still: Victory!

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