I made a unit, but...


Jan 21, 2002
I've downloaded many units from this site, and recently just made an all-knew one of my own--the Chinese Junk, but I have 2 problems:

--All my units work fine in the regular game--How do I get them to work on one of my world maps?

--How do I post the files for my Junk here, so other people can use it, as I've used other people's units?
I thought the world map was a bic. file... I'm confused. I've already made them in the civ3multi-tool using the civ3 copy tool, and I can alter stuff about them in the editor, but I just can't use them in games... they don't even show up to build. I've checked everything, I make sure they don't require any resources, and they have no prereq., just so I can test them, and they don't work. =(
Each .bic file is sort of like a scenario file. AFAIK, it can have a map and the rules can be changed. Or, it can be just a map with no rule changes, or a mod with no map (using random maps). Therefore, if you want to incorporate a specific unit with a specific map, you'll have to enter it yourself in the .bic file that has the map you want to use. Adding a unit to your Civ3mod.bic file won't have any effect using someone else's .bic file. Hope this helps.
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