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I need a new RPG to hyper focus on. Recommendations?


Aug 19, 2022
Hey all,

Normally I have no problem finding new games to play but I have kind of hit a wall and I am asking for your recommendations. The games I love to play have an action component, are for PC (upgraded my PC instead of buying a PS5), have a non-linear story, and usually have a lot of post-game content. Here is a list of games I have played within the last five or so years, it might help with coming up with a recommendation :):
  1. Fallout 3
  2. Diablo 3
  3. Path of Exile
  4. Last Epoch
  5. FFXIV
  6. League of Legends & Wild Rift & TFT
  7. World of Warcraft
  8. Dota & Underlords
  9. Most Final Fantasy Games (including online ones)
  10. Tales of Berseria
  11. Star Ocean (Most of them)
  12. Division 2
  13. WoW Classic TBC
  14. All Assassin's Creed games
  15. Outriders
  16. Various Pokemon Games
  17. Xenoblade 2
  18. Breathe of the Wild & the new Dynasty Warriors knockoff.
  19. God of War - The last one made
I don't care if it's a subscription game or not. If you thought the game was great and based on what you've seen in my gaming history you think I'll like it, please let me know :).

Thank you for your time!
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