I need some help and maybe a favor


Mar 4, 2002
I'm new to the editing business with Civ3 so bare with me.
First my explanation:The research in Radio does give you anything (except you move on to modern era).I would like to an improvement to come with it.Todays cultural civs have radionetworks to spreads news and thier own cultur.TV and other means of entertaiment is also using the Radio technology.
First I would need to know how can I make an radiostation (or something alike) and implement it to civ3 editor.
Secondly,I'm not good at making drawings and stuff so,I'm asking you guys to make a nice looking station or antenna that will suite the cityview.
I would make it so that it makes one unhappy to content and gives 1->2 cultur.
Wow,24 h and noone has anuthing to comment.Doesn't anybody know how?:confused:
It is quite easy to add a wonder or improvement in Civ3. First you will need the Civ3MultiTool written by Gramphos from the utility section of the forum. To learn how to add a improvement or wonder, you can read the thread by Pultack in the tutorial section. :)

Now, to second part of your question. You are right! So far no one knows how to add anything to the cityview (I assume you are talking about the birdeye’s view) :p I suspect the graphics file references are hardcoded at the moment. :(
As far as adding a picture to the city view I have discovered something.

The pictures of the buildings are located in this folder:
\art\city view\buildings

there is a file called additional_buildings.pcx
i have added buildings to this file and then added buildings in the editor but so far have not come up with a way to get the game to use the graphics.

I think it's a start down the right path though.
One thing you can do is edit the graphics of an existing building and just replace that with your radiostation.

Perhaps overwrite a wonder that you dont need?
Thanks guys!:) But I do not want to take away any other building,just ad.The thing is that I noticed that the tower on the Airport is a nice one and could be copyed to be radiotower.Just some paint and it will look brand new (sure,trust me I know what I'm doing,SURE:rolleyes: ).
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