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Dec 15, 2009
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2kGreg Please look: One Suggestion for a Future Patch/expansion/feature/DLC

Please...PLEASE Bring something like this to Civ 5 without needing the InfoAddict Mod:

And by the way, do all the Civs make contact with each other now or do they stay in their own little parts of the world only dealing with the Civs around them? I've tried 3 Pangaea maps in Future Era and the civs stayed in their little Spheres of Influences. I would LOVE to be able to trade communications too like Civ III/IV....

Are you hearing me out there...I personally, and I'm sure others too, want these features. I use InfoAddict just for the global relations.

Good luck with that, mate. People don't care about any truly positive additions. They only care about new civs(quantity over quality). I'm surprised nobody even mentions that there's no alarm clock in the vanilla game.
I will say, I do find there is cross-communication between parts of the world in late game, and a lot of my most successful trading is with people who are far off.

But, I 150% agree - bring the relations screen back. Finding out who is doing what with who is tedious as can be in this game. But, given that it took them this long to get a "skip intro video" and "fast combat" button in there, I won't hold my breath. Seriously Firaxis, these are things that aren't really matters of preference, they're just darned handy to have if you actually want to act like diplomacy matters and not wipe everyone out.

From a bottom line perspective, I'm less likely to continue buying things related to Civ V if these things aren't in here, and I *do want* to keep going with Civ V. I just took a 6 months break because the game slowed down ridiculously on a huge map later game for me, and I've come back to find it fixed - good work, but I really shouldn't have had to wait 6 months after what was already almost a year of intolerably slow gameplay. If things develop in a way that make me take another break, I may just move on to other strategy games. Not a threat, just a fact - you're losing the interest of people who have been supporting your work since you were still published by Microprose.
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