I really miss Venice. So I reworked it for CIV 6

Wielki Hegemon

May 27, 2013
I stick to the concept of one city Civilization. In Civilization VI supporting rather a wide empire style, it was quite of a challenge. So I decided to give them a large overpowered district and some catch-up mechanics. This is the result:

Enrico Dandolo leads Venice in Civilization VI:

Unique Ability
Cannot build settlers and districts outside Capital.
Can purchase districts with Gold. Also, 30% production cost of World Wonders can be purchased with Gold.
Free Trader unit after research Foreign Trade and +1 Trade Route after research Naval Tradition
+1 Culture and +1 Science from Trade Routes
2 governors can be assigned to Your Capital.

Leader Ability
Crusade Merchant Army

Units cost 30% Gold less.
Every 30 turns you can buy one of three random Unique Units from actual Era with 50% Gold less.
For example in Ancient Era (Eagle Warrior, Hoplite, Maryannu Chariot Archer, Okihtcitaw, Pitali Archer, Viking Longship, War-Cart) you will have to choose one from Eagle Warrior, Maryannu Chariot Archer or Viking Longship for 50% Gold cost. So Eagle Warrior would cost 130 Gold.

Unique Unit
Venetian Mechrant

Replaces settler. Has two charges. Can build Venetian Trade Forts

Unique District
Canale Grande

Replaces the Neighborhood and must be built on Marsh, Coastal title or title adjacent to City Center.
Available earlier with Naval Tradition.
Yield does not change based on the tile's Appeal.
+4 housing, +4 Gold, +4 Science, +4 Culture, +4 Great Works slots, and +1 Amenities. +4 tourism after Cultural Heritage
Acts like Canal.
Gives adjacency bonus as City Center.

What is the Venetian Trade Fort?
1. Venetian Trade Fort is a sort of unique title improvement. You can build neither buildings nor districts in Trade Fort. Trade Fort don't have a population, housing etc.
2. Venetian Trade Fort has one title reach and can not grow. Builders and Military Engineers can improve titles belonging to Trade Post.
3. Venetian Trade Fort can only be built in Coastal title
4. Venetian Trade Fort must be built on neutral territory
5. Loyalty does not affect Venetian Trade Fort.
6. Venetian Trade Fort gives all Faith, Science, Gold, and Culture from titles belonging to Venetian Trade Fort to Your Capital.
It also provides +1 Food and +1 Production to your Capital for every 6 Food and 6 Production from titles belonging to Venetian Trade Fort.
7. Venetian Trade Fort provides all Luxury and Strategic resources from improved titles belonging to the Trade Post.
8. Venetian Trade Fort has Base City strength and Ranged Attack.
9. An enemy can not keep Venetian Trade Fort after conquering it. It will be always razed.
10. You can not assign Governor to Venetian Trade Fort
11. Each Venetian Trade Fort has a unique name.
That's certainly an interesting way to handle things if it could exist, but I do think they'd still fall behind in science/culture pretty quickly.

I'd probably change things up a little bit, although not that any of this would logically be possible:
-Venetian Merchants should build 1 trade fort, like a normal settler
-Trade forts act as cities for tile spacing. The rest of what you say works for them (no buildings, etc..)
-Each trade fort gives +1 trade route spot. Trade routes may be sent from them with all yields going to the capital. The capital is allowed an extra district slot for each trade fort.
-Captured capitals turn into trade forts (and back into cities if someone else captures them), to prevent the old Venice problem of them being able to raze cities that others aren't allowed to raze. All districts remain, pillaged, but provide no yields.
-Grande Canal should simply be a canal replacement (now that we're getting canal districts), with some changes: they don't need to connect 2 bodies of water, so that you can chain them inland. They should provide the equivalent yield (base and GPP) of any adjacent district. So if you build a campus with 4 grand canals around it, then each of the grand canals basically acts like another campus district. Or if a canal borders a campus, theatre, and industrial zone, then it's functionally equivalent to an extra copy of each.
-They probably also need some extra science/culture from trade routes or trade forts still. Either that, or they need some massively reduced late game costs, since even maxxed out, I can't imagine them getting the science/culture needed to keep up with other civs. Maybe letting them build a 2nd copy of any of the base districts could work, since then in theory they could actually get up to ~10 equivalents of each surrounding them with canal tiles
-Ideally, they should be able to work a 4th ring as well, giving them more space to use.

It's really hard to balance them, obviously, but you really do need to give them a ton of bonuses to actually keep up to other civs. Never mind having enough district slots and tiles to work as well.
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