I really wish the game lasted longer

Ita Bear

Dec 8, 2020
Hello folks,

The game released with the 200 turn limit being standard but this was recently removed in a recent update. However, the game very rarely gets anywhere near the 200 turn mark - by turn 100, things are usually turning in your favour if you are playing well. I find this upsetting for two main reasons:

1. I would really like to enjoy more generations of my dynasty. I like to click on my family tree and see how many people descend from my original character. With only 100 turns, this can be fairly limited.
2. So many technologies go unused. There are some really cool looking techs at the end of the research tree, but in the 18 months I've played the game I don't think I've researched any of them. I've certainly never seen pikemen or longbowmen on the field. I find this such a shame - why design these units if they never get used?

Does anyone else feel the pacing is off? Can anything be done to rectify it?

Kind regards,
Ita Bear
Jan 3, 2021
Does anyone else feel the pacing is off?
Not really. I like the fact that Old World generally ends before it wears out it welcome. That's one my biggest with Civ6, the game lasts like 20-40 turns longer than it should. I would like to see more things to do in the late game besides upgrading units but I'm not sure how you do that without causing the same issues that affect Civ6. This is actually a problem I have with the new "grand" ambitions*, I forget what they are exactly called, because they drag out the game in ways that aren't fun.

I find this such a shame - why design these units if they never get used?
I can't remember what turn my games usually end, but if you can generate enough science and don't speed run your victory condition you can unlock and use them, for a little while anyway.

*I'm talking about the become the Great and eliminate another nation ambitions, don't know if there are others.


Mohawk QA
Dec 21, 2021
Changing the Mortality setting to Realistic will kill off your characters quicker, resulting in more generations for your dynasty in the same time frame.

Upping the advanced difficulty settings and turning on Ruthless AI may well make the game last longer. You could also try disabling the victory condition you usually win by, and/or upping the Points to Win to High.
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