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I reworked a religious victory

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Draz27, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Draz27

    Draz27 Chieftain

    Jul 1, 2017
    I find Religous Victory boring. That's why I found a way how to improve it.
    Introducing "Miracles"
    What are those? A reward to your dedication to spread and improve your religion.

    Here are ground rules:
    - All civs can found a religion without a fear of losing a Great Prophet; beside Kongo
    - For every 1 city following your religion you get 2 Faith
    -You earn your religion by killing barbarians and triggering eurekas and inspirations, that way all civs will found a religion in time
    - A cradle of a religion cannot be converted in any way
    - A contest starts when everyone founds a religion that lasts for 30-40 turns on standard speed based on how many contest were before that one(the first has 30, the next one has 31 turn and so on), in which there is a winner that earns a miracle and the one in the last place has his religion removed entirely from all cities and they become religionless.
    - You can earn points by:
    a) getting Great Prophet points
    b) spreading religion to other cities
    c) number of Worship buldings
    d) people in your cities killed in enviromental disasters
    e) number of civs you are friends with
    f) number of cities that follow your religion

    Winning a contest gives you a miracle you can choose from 2 randomly selected ones from the pool and you keep it through out the entire game:
    a) Recruting an apostole gives you another apostle
    b) For every 5 tiles moved you gain a spread
    c) 5% of cost of a Religous Unit is converted to science and culture
    d) Killing a unit in 3 tile range is counted as a missionary's religous spread
    e) Great works of Writing have +5 faith
    f) Trade routes that complete trade mission to a city, that is more than 25 tiles far away, converts that city to your religion if following other religion.
    g) Apostoles can heal military units with a spread
    h) Build Holy Sites 50% faster When only two religion are left/exist, first one who gets 51% of all worlds population following that civ's religion and keeps the lead for 15 turns, wins a RELIGOUS VICTORY.

    - Getting a miracle gives a penalty of losing some miracle points per turn so its harder to chain miracles.
    - Religious Emergencies are not in the game anymore.
    - Moksha's ability to ignore pressure of other religions is replaces with one where you get 1 point per turn for every building in a Holy site toward a miracle.
    - Kongo gets 1 diplomatic favor per city that is following the winning religion of that round until the next miracle.

    I hope you like it. Any suggestions would be nice
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  2. kryat

    kryat King

    Dec 12, 2017
    Seems a bit convoluted, but I think there’s some good stuff in here.

    I like the idea of a dedication-like game for miracles, but there’s already many systems in the game. Would we want more prompts or scoring points? Especially if we were uninvolved? Maybe if the UI for this worked more like the happiness/golden age points from V this would be manageable. It would make a RV path more interesting, and less tedious. One thing RV is generally missing that other victories have are quick ways to wrap up a game you’re winning. In any event, the miracles should be short term, not permanent. While it’s good to wrap up a game quickly, not so quickly that the game is settled on the first or second pass of this. Most of your miracles are wayyyy to powerful, and probably need toned down, or scaled up throughout the game.

    Many of the scoring systems you introduce seem redundant with ones already in game. Religion founding points and miracle points could easily be consolidated into great prophet points or faith.

    I think it’s important that religious cradles can be converted. It makes you exert minimal effort to keep yours in the game. Though your system of gradual obsolescence is maybe interesting.

    I don’t like getting rewarded for natural disasters happening to you or from killing barbarians, generally because I don’t see a good reason for these other than some rubber-banding to keep up in a game that’s been hindering you.
  3. Rawrking

    Rawrking Chieftain

    Nov 15, 2018
    1. Don't forget about new holy artifacts that would be produced as soon as miracles occurred that would act as cultural bomb.
    2. Temple built on holy city would become a wonder with random effect.
    3. New events : unique religious festivals, once for every era (eg: holi festival, christmas market, etc.)

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