I think I broke Apostolic Palace


Oct 6, 2007
I was in war with Hyana Capac. I captured the city with Apostolic palace and soon afterwards there was a vote for "president" of it (I didn't have budhhism so I didn't vote before). Hyana Capac won the election over me and then two turns later capitulated to me. Since then there was no voting or anything, Apostolic palace seems not to be working anymore. Mass media hasn't been researched.
Huayna Capac capitulating to you shouldn't have any effect, the palace is still there, he's still resident, and he can start resolutions. It seems that in your game he just decides not to do that, which is normal if he can't find anything useful to put forward. What specifically makes you think you broke it?
When i read the title i thought
"i thought i saw a puddy tat"
on topic
Some type of bug i have never done that before.
I continued that game today and after some time there was again voting on the head of apostolic palace. Seems that Psyringe is right, Hyana sumply didn't propose any resolutions.
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