I want a more Arcade Civ.


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Aug 8, 2003
I know, I'm not the guy who should play Civ. But I adored Civ2, Civ3 multiplayer and solo, Civ4 multiplayer, and managed to beat Deity Civ5 once. (without weird setup except I had Korea)

Among all the things I didn't like in the franchise, those that prevented me to play again were a steam for finding new ways of play, and a newly aquired attachment to real History in order to find the inspiration. Sometimes it made the game better, sometimes worse.

It's hard to be a Civ game designer. Players will always find new ways to play that were not envisaged by the developers, nor myself. (for my very own ideas I mean)

But let's talk about the Civ6 player here. I must win 90% of my Emperor games, I mean actually winning and finishing them. But I'm still far from a Deity level, especially in Science.

Even my Emperor games can be quite boring : I click "next turn" endlessly and do only what is prompted to me, it is to say very few. It's so sad, man. I play with no mod, never check how AI is doing (except at science), never read the rumors and rarely the notifications on the bottom right of the screen.

I don't plane my play. I often find myself with only techs without eureka or civics without inspiration. In GS, I rarely have a golden age. This is so boring to take care of that !

That's why I want an arcade Civ : either whatever important to be prompted is prompted emphatically with an audio file of a women like in racing games, and a big picture appearing in the center of the screen (but i know it's hard to determine what's "important" and what's not for the players by the devs, so let's say it's configurable), either a game that doesn't require boring planning, or much more less.

I don't know, such kind of planning is for book-keepers or something, not for gamers. It reminds me of the players of Pokemon who play with battle formulas under their eyes. Man, I would never do that, that's simply terrible. I can even mock them.

And for you who's wondering why i don't play CivRev, I played it. Simply, starting from Emperor difficulty mode, the AI asked ALL YOUR GOLD o[r] entered war. The result was either you entered war with everybody or entered war with everybody, because I had simply too much gold to spend it all for a 8 turns peace. And for me, it was more than an annoyance, it was a game breaker.

What is an annoyance for most good players, is a game breaker for me. I don't have the energy for that crap. And it works for Civ6 too, not only CivRev !

To help the developpers in case they take care, I believe that these kinds of planning are due to what i call "flat" choices. I mean : what civilization will I incarnate ? Read all the descriptions ! What pantheon will I choose ? Read all the descriptions ! What have I to do to have eurékas ? Read all the descriptions ! In order to have a golden age ? Oops, there is no description ! (I know it's better but player can toy with it) And so on, and so on, etc. I think it would be best to have less of that kind of choices.

Another way to go might be (maybe it'll work ?) something like "you do with what you get" : example : instead of explicite conditions to fullfil in order to have an eureka, you might have different advantages depending on which portion of the map you spawn. But I know : this would be the end of the business model of "unique civs and leaders" to pick up at the start of the game after having purchased them in an online store...

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