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I wan't to get rid of a city...


Dec 27, 2001
I wan't to get rid of a useless city. So far it has proven it's self only worthy of being razed by an opponent. To put it simple...
I wan't it gone. Off the face of the, um, planent.:cry:

I thought about preventing growth to kill off citizens, then produce a settler. Then abandon the city from there.
Will that work?

All information will be greatly excepted. Thank you.
Yes, that would work.
Another option to consider is selling it to another civ. If it's not strategic to you, sell it.
AI civs will pay ridiculous amounts for another civs city. Go to each of the other civs and see how much they'll offer you for it. Try and get gold per turn, as this will help you crank up research, (if that interests you) otherwise roll in the dough!
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