I Won!!!!!!!!


Feb 19, 2002

I won!!! :D

Sorry, but this is the first game of this type that i've played (Turn-based strategy), so i'm quite proud of my first win.

When i first got Civ3, I started playing on Cheiftain, but i sucked at that. Moved on to Warlord, and all the other civs kicked my ass. But on Prince diffuculty on the map i had and playing as the Americans, i won! :D I found the other civs much more helpful in Prince, researching things that i didn't, etc.

Standard sized level. Prince diffuculty. And seven random enemies.

Destroyed the Zulus and Germans myself and the Babylonians destroyed the English.

I won by a cultural win, but i had the UN headquarters, and i was two turns away from winning the space race.

Check this thread for more info on the start of the game:


NOTE: I know that no one will be in the slightest bit interrested in this, but i'm going to post it anyway. :)
congrats!! i'm on my second game at the moment, got me arsed kicked in first game - playing warlord. this game is warlord as well, refuse to play prince!!! (as a civ II vet) :)

btw, ironicwarrior19, he was playing prince! :crazyeyes
are we talking civ2-prince here, or civ3-regent?? :confused:
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