I would like to use Civ 6 icons and art


Jul 11, 2018
Hello everyone.

I hope i'm posting this in the right section, i'm not used to using forums. So i'm just your regular civ 6 player and i first would like to say i'm french (so my english is poor) and i'm not interested in modding. For what i'm about to ask, i've already done researchs on this forum and on the net, it mostly concern modding and 3d textures.

So here's my request. How do i get acess to the different piece of texture (2D) composing the game ?

With some of my friends, we would like to do some video/short movie based on civilization 6. We need the icons, maybe some sounds from the game, extracting the in-game mini-map, the leaders background would be very important too ...
I'm talking about png images and screenshots. I just want to give my videos (which would take place with real actors in a real room) some of the civ 6 cosmetics. Maybe you guys have seen the Door Monster sketch ? It would be a bit similar.

So if you guys have any information or way to acess these images, it would be really appreciated. Once again, i apologize if i'm doing my request the wrong way.

Thanks in advance.
If you own Steam and Civ 6, download the Art Pantry, it contains all Textures/Models, etc. that are pretty much used. Don't remember if they need to be "Decoded" because I know Civ 5's do.
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