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ICEMod strategy and walkthroughs

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Games' started by neilkaz, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    I'll start a new thread here for strategy walkthroughs as I've been asked to detail my start up for my typical production oriented but tech capable super race that I use to play IceX. The game is Huge/Imp/8/Prewarp with other stuff average default.

    This race is Uni/Prod+2/Food+1/LRAHW. My 21 negs come from LG and Repulsive. Note that I am only using 44 out of 45 positives. I could go with +1 res instead of Arti, but I usually want the better home world and quicker early techs from Arti and my early colonists don't spend much time in the labs anyhow.

    This super HW needs only 2 farmers and can grow once and still need only 2 farmers.
    6 scientists can provide 30 rp/t and 6 workers can provide 63 pp/t !! which pollution reduces to 36 pp/t. A single worker rounds up to 11 pp/t but loses 1 to pollution.

    I am playing as Elerian pic, so my HS is Draconis. I'll refer to my HW as D2.

    OK I spawned in along the upper edge about 1/3 of the way to the right of center. My HS has two more planets to colonize. Both are pop 5, one being Large/Rad/UR/HG and the other being Med/Bar/NG. I'll make good use of that UR planets especially later when I can build a gravity generator and of course if given time, this will terraform into the production gem of the universe. My strategy here is basically economic build up. I hope to settle a couple/few systems and take a couple monster systems. I would like to move towards my right into that corner where if successful, I could have a large empire and not have to fight wars on several fronts. If there's an AI in that corner, I may have to switch gears for a quick war. Please forgive me, but I have no clue how to take a screen shot, let alone attach one.

    T0 I sell the SB for 250 BC to also save 2 BC/t maintenance. I want the early cash. I will also sell both barracks as cash is needed to buy buildings or CB. Research is set for colony bases and freighters of course.

    After two turns I am 80% to finish the tech so I move one guy from the lab, to bank pp working on rebuilding my SB. I'll gamble on being 70% to get my tech next turn.

    T3 I have my CB tech, and now all workers will build it. I will buy it on the turn when it is half built or more.

    T7 I buy my first CB spending 192 BC for 96 PP. Next turn I'll buy freighters more than half built and then onward to my 2nd CB to finish colonizing my HS.

    T8 I colonize the UR/HG planet D3 and wow, the lone worker provides 10 pp/t. I am now shy one freighter so I am losing .05 pop growth/t. However, by setting this high production worker to build housing, D3 will grow by .15 p/t. I spend 28 BC for the 14 pp remaining for my freighter so that all 36 pp will go towards the next CB. Now D3 will grow by .20 p/t. My 2 farmers on D2 provide 9 food so when my next worker is born, it will have to go to farming.

    T12 I spend 212 BC for 106pp to buy my CB for D4. (D1 is an asteroid belt). I now move all 6 workers on D2 to the lab to get the computer tech that is pre-req for the Lab tech. Last turn, a new farmer was born on D2. Pop-1 housing on D3 will soon give me a newborn to transfer over to D2.

    I believe it is best for this high production race to now tech for Labs and build them while teching for factories rather than going for factories first. I'll save the game here so I can test that later to make 100% sure. It is also possible to research to get a quick scout out, but I don't want to slow my economy down this game with that gambit at finding something useful early.

    T13 D4 colonized and set to housing at .136 p/t with it 6 production. Next turn a newborn from D3 is moved to the labs.

    T15 I am 90% to get the computer tech so I move one guy to production and gamble on 80% being good enough and was. The game says it should take 7 turns for me to the Lab tech. I won't have quite enough cash by then to buy all 3 if only half built. I just need to store up 30 pp on my two great planets to do so for 60 BC each. I think I'll stop housing now on D4 as it isn't close to giving birth so I can store up somewhat more than 30 pp to spend the last of my cash on that Lab. I want my labs and the 5 rp/t each provides for just being there.

    T19 A newborn from D3 was made a scientist on D2. I should be 3 turns away from getting the Lab tech now so I stop housing on D3 to save up 30 pp. I have 10 pp banked on D2 so I will move one guy to production next turn.

    T21 I lucked out and got Lab tech with 43% chance. I need one more turn to have them half built on D2 and D3. I spend 48 BC to buy lab on D4 and set it back to housing. Cmdr. Hawk is looking for a job but no reason to hire him until the last minute as he isn't needed now. Research set for R.Hull as pre-req to Factories.

    T22 I have the money to buy my lab 60/30 on D2 where it will help my many scientists greatly. Next turn I can buy it on D3 and set its colonist back to housing. Soon my lone colonists will start to save up pp to build factories.

    T23 Almost finished with R.Hull tech so one guy leaves the lab to store 10 pp on D2. I decided that since I won't have adequate funds to buy 3 factories half built in a few turns, I'd better start saving PP now on my other colonies. I want factories there asap to improve housing. I think this is better than housing now for a few turns and getting those factories a few turns later.

    T26 Factory tech came early and next tech is Chem for Fuel cells for my scout and other ships.

    T27 I only have cash to spend 40/20 for factory on D3. Soon I will be able to buy the other two. With 63 rp/t just this turn I will be 26% to get the Chem tech. Next turn I will be 100% to get it, so I will move a few guys to work on the two remaining factories.

    T29 I am still just about broke but spend 8/4 to help my factory on D2 along and just finished hard building the factory on D4. Next turn I will have just enough to spend 18/9 for my scout. I redesigned the scout to have no computer as I don't see why it needs one. Teching now for colony ship. Housing on D3 is now .280 p/t.

    It is nice to start T30pw with labs and factories built on 3 planets. If one dilly dallies around and doesn't have a good start up procedure, it is possible to be a few turns or more slower.

    T32 Colony ship tech done, I decide to use my UR planet as the ship yard and use my Arti HW to tech towards D-cells and Pol Proc. Soon I discovered a great system better than my own with 5 planets many really good.
    D3 is set with 5 colonists building my CS (needed a 2nd freighter) and I also made a 2nd scout. D4 is housing at a very nice .248 p/t. Once I get D-cells I will likely meet an enemy or two, but this will guide further play. Of course I will then need a spy or few. D2 is saving pp with one worker for that.

    T39 D-cell tech done. I will now check out that corner where I hope to be able to expand into safely. 19 total pop now so I need that 5th farmer. D3's 5 workers produce a total of 60 pp/t but 23 is lost to pollution. This coming CS will the only one I build prior to some pollution controls as only the Lurnis system is awesome. Other systems surely will be colonized, but I don't want to waste too much pp to pollution.

    T41 I have done all the scouting I can do without some colonies to extend my range. No AIs met yet. Since I don't plan to blitz that is fine with me. I should be able to buy my CS in two more turns. My scouts are also heading to Lurnis. I don't expect Pol Proc for at least 10 turns but when I get it, I can pump out CS with less waste. I want to colonize every nearby space rock and now with factories available they will get a factory and then a lab.

    T 44 I bought that CS with two turns remaining and sent the workers to the labs on D2. I now have 20 pop. 18 on D2 (maxed with 5 farmers, 1 worker saving pp building towards my SB and 12 scientists) The other 2 colonies are housing. I built another freighter so I will be able to send 2 colonists quickly to the Med/Terran/Rich planet in Lurnis which will help jump start that system.

    T 48 L3 colonized. I made a 3rd spare freighter and now 3 excess colonists from my HS will arrive in 3 turns. My scouts can reach 6 unexplored systems from Lurnis. I expect to meet a future enemy and his relations and proximity will determine whether I need a defensive fleet (most likely). It would be nice to find a monster planet or two.

    T 49 I hire Hawk before he leaves. Cats are met two systems just above galaxy center. Amiable relations. I said, "hello" as Rocco recommends and we'll see how relations go. Cats don't have stealthy ships, but I think I need to make some FF with stored pp and head to Lurnis so the Cats don't think I am weak.

    T 52 I buy the factory at L3. Started Pol Proc on my UR D3 which will be my Colony Ship Yard for now. I finished the early Physic tech in one turn with a 62% chance, getting it out of the way. I plan to continue using my Arti HW mostly for research. L3 is also useful for farming. Defensive FF are heading to L3. They will be upgraded in monster killing FF once I have Atmos Ren and BP's. There's an Amoeba on a nearby system that is close to the Cats.

    T 55 I needed a Pol Proc on L3 which is finished. Next is Lab and then 4 CB's. 4 FF should there should be adequate for now. I am quite dominant in the stats compared to the Cats but this is a great start. Am not wasting pp to pollution on D3 and can buy that Pol Proc and next I will max pop there at 5 and crack out some CS for my eastward expansion along the upper edge. I moved a couple guys from the labs to work on a spy at D2 since the Cats have one sneaking around my camp.

    T 56 Lab bought at L3. CS started at D3. What a nice econo-help that Pol Proc is. Now rather than losing 23 of 60 pp I am losing only 9 on D2. I said hello to the Cats again and while they greet me nicely, I still think that they think of my race as food. D4 still housing at .248 p/t. CB's started on L3.

    T 61 L2 an arid but rich planet colonized. I'll build a factory and then Pol P and then lab. Another Amoeba system is nearby. This and my desire to MIRV Nukes and have no pollution worries are why I am going after Atmos Ren rather than teching to building Supercomps first. I think I can get away with a big expansion here, but will needs ships so that my systems don't become AI systems. If I do find some race near that upper right corner, my ships will be very useful.

    T 65 L1 colonized, Rad and Rich. I'll carry on with the development of L2, but will use L1 for housing once I have a factory and lab. Cats have a new system but it is away from me. Emo showed up about this time and was hired and put to work in my HS. At +20% tech he's got his Masters Degree already.

    T 71 Atmos Ren tech finished. Now onto BP's. I have colonized Pomptina on the way towards the upper right edge and what I think is my corner. L4 has been colonized Abundant and Arid and OK. L3 and D3 are my ship yards and will get Atmos Ren. L1 factory and lab are done and now it will pop1 house. I didn't bother with any pollution control there since it would basically be wasted while housing for a while.

    I have a considerably better start than normal as there's lots of open space (I'll find out for sure in about two turns when scouts get further east). Any of these IceX super races with my starting spot would do well indeed.

    T 77 BP tech done and now I can refit to my monster killing and early defensive FF's. L5 has been colonized and is a poor world, but due to my great production race far from useless. I'd like to build a Nuke 19 BB soon but need a SB first and am working on two of them in the Lurnis system while slowly 1 worker at a time rebuilding mine at the HW. a scout was lost to a hydra guarding what is a good but not must have system near the corner. I can't yet make it to that corner planet, but saw a Human (not met yet) DD leaving from that area. Clearly they have a lot of range and are to the right of the Cats. Hopefully they get involved in a war. I'm teching for Biospheres now so my best planets can have 2 more pop.

    It is quite clear that in IceX 10n there's more arid and wet planets and fewer Toxic. I feel like I am in great shape here early on, but it all can come crashing down and I am monitoring the fleet strength issue. If I expand too much and can't defend it, I will be attacked.

    T 78 CS built and heading east. Next CS will go to Kif hopefully timed with my upcoming Amoeba kill there. This system is close the Cats and might cause war later. But I can't let an easy UR planet along with another decent planet go to waste.

    T 80 Biosphere tech complete and for now I will just put on D3 so I can add pop to keep cranking ships. FF are being refitted to kill the Amoeba soon. I need 5 but will make 6 so I can guard the newly captured system afterwards.

    T 82 Vhoorl colonized (Tundra world V1) and I can now finish scouting what I hope is MY corner. Teching towards Aug Engines with Ion Drive to follow as my ships and freighters are TOO slow.

    T 83 Horrors!! Humans have colonized that corner planet and are along that right edge with Sol to the right of the Cats. I continue to build housing on some pop-1 planets and freighter newborns to new worlds. They have Fighter Garrison tech and likely will have that and the SB buy the time my slow ships can attack. I'll wait for Ion Drive and then quickly to Z-armor. Then I can attack as they won't be able to easily shoot my currently cardboard armored ships out of the sky.

    T 85 A single human spy steals Biospheres. I then make two new spies and send them at the Humans in hopes that their's goes away or I steal something. I will still take Kif as planned but then all efforts are towards Z-armor and a couple of BB. Humans are at war with some Green Terror Bird species called Alkaris. I trust Birds hate Cats and will also soon fight them. A couple turns later they make peace with apparently no systems changing hands.

    T 100pw and break time for the night. I'm having trouble with enemy spies and changed plans to get Neural Scanner and then Supercomps to then rush to Z-armor. D3 has been switched over to research helped by Emo while L3 will continue to produce a couple of BB to be refit as soon as Z-armor hits. They will become Nuke 27's and basically be ships of doom for any but a very strong IceX AI at that point. I have 12 planets in 5 systems and am working on my 2 final CB's. Pop is 68 and that is more than the other 2 AI combined . Fleets are equal to the other 2 AI's in strength. Tech is far superior to the Cats and slightly super to the thieving Humans.

    The discovery of Humans near and in my wanted corner put a stop to my early super REX plans and have caused me to steer towards an early mid game war.

    T 111 Supercomps going in very quickly on all my planets except the two brand new colonies that need factories first. Z-armor research started. Humans must have built a BB as their fleet rating jumped. Not a worry as I'll have a few BB with Z-armor in about a dozen turns. SB's are going in to give me CP and safety.

    T122 Z-armor! My BB is being refitted to be a Nuke 27 with BP, RHull and 27 MIRVed upgraded Nukes. In Vanilla I'd be making a Merc 18 or Nuke 36 now which were even more devastating. About 85 pop now. Humans just settled their 4 system which will make it easier for me to reach Sol. Getting some cheap techs now before my research rate gets so high that I have overflow from a single turn of research.

    T132 Darloks met and they have the entire lower right corner. This is the super Darlok with Prod+2 Tolerant and Telepathic and Transdimensional. If this race becomes a runaway it is game over. Humans lost a colony to them. They will soon lose several to me. As they have Trit-A and Class III shields I need some supporting ships with my BB to be sure of a conquest.

    T 142 The Human Conquest as not gone as planned as they got Z-armor and I needed a bunch of support ships along with the BB and had take out the Fighter Garrison and return, kill their BB and return, and finally charge their SB and raid it with many DD and FF which managed to destroy a few things including their missile jammer just before a cascade of missile hit. 4 transports were just enough as these super humans also have good GC techs. Of course my conquest stole NO techs from Elvarad (their planet directly in the corner.

    T 143 Emperor Baldy was kind enough to save me 500 pp by colonizing Diab for me which as it was brand new was taken with 1 transport. I killed the Hydra at Tycho with ease and will colonize it as I need the range to get to Ixion.
    Robotic Factory tech will be done soon and then those will be added to my good planets. In spite of Tach Comm I am using 6 CP too much and needing to tax 20% while also trading some goods. The 100 BC found at Tycho will be nice help. All along I have kept and ungraded a few FF at Kif, which is close to the Cats so they don't get any sneak attack ideas. They also lost a system to someone (might be to the Darloks).

    T 144 ROFL at my comment about defending Kif from Cat aggression. Here they come with a BB and 2 DD. Likely they will attack my new colony there that doesn't have a SB yet. I must quickly make some more ships at those two worlds. Just what I didn't need basically a two front war before I can finish off the Humans.

    T 146 I attack the Cat fleet first and every missile I have is shot at the BB and I manage to destroy it. Then on their turn their two remaining DD try to attack my few remaining ship at Kif but think better of it and turn tail. Tycho is soon colonized but I need to colonize a planet in the Hawking system next to Sol and owned by the Darlok.

    As I recall, Outpost ships in Ice now don't have extended tanks so I will have to spend 500 pp on the CS.

    T 152 Ixion falls to me and now all the Humans have is the Sol system. Very nice that I get Radiation Shield from conquest. I shift research to Warp Diss and as I now have Assault Shuttle and Powered Armor I will hopefully capture the next Cat ships that show up. I had to go back and forth a couple of times from Tycho to Ixion in spite of 2 nice BB's with support. Destroy defending ships and retreat, destroy fighter garrison and retreat and finally destroy SB aided by raiding. Hmm.. Psilons met across the galaxy down a very long worm hole. They are clearly ahead of me in tech and the reason most other AI's have many techs.

    T 156 A Cat BB and DD attack and I can capture the BB but not the DD but self destruct capture ships to destroy the DD to win the battle and keep my prize! Scrapping it yields much need cash plus Zeon Missiles and Neutron Blaster which is perfect as I was researching Neutron Scanner at the time. Now I have some better weapons and my SB's will have major punch if attacked.

    T 158 I build that colony on a planet in the Hawking system knowing it will lure the Human fleet away from Sol to destroy it. But giving me range to get to Sol. I'd better have plenty of transports as this will be a one shot chance for now as I will be forced to retreat if I can't take a planet in Sol once my colony in Hawking is gone.

    T 160 With 4 transports and my GC techs I can't resist gambling on taking Sol 2 rather than the toxic colony there. I just manage this, but to my dismay, the Human fleet is heading to Ixion. They will arrive in 1 turn, but I can't get there for two turns in spite of a Cmdr Hawk's help. Ixion will fall as they have many transports. I am building an Alien Center on Sol 2 and then a barrack so I can quickly put more troops to prevent revolt. I think I will send some of my fleet to Ixion as I think half of it can chase their fleet back to Sol where I can destroy some of it.
    My troops discovered Class III shields on Sol 2 and that will save me some turns of research later.

    As I wonder why I am having problems with this war a few things come to mind. 1) It is IceX. 2) I thought my initial ships would be adequate, but I needed more. Then the Humans upgraded from Trit to Zort armor and also had a better jammer than the basic ECM jammer. Toss in Class III shielding and I need a whole bunch of Nuke missiles. 3) Maybe I should've waited for another BB or two rather than sending in a bunch of smaller ships. 4) The AI tech level with a friendly Psilon and Human in the game is huge as their techs get spread around. 5) It is IceX.

    Onward to T 172 In the preceding turns the Humans took my 3 colonies near and in that upper left corner. I managed to get enough captures ships made there to capture two of 3 Human ships but I couldn't capture their BB I never won the battle but this did weaken them and as I recaptured 2 of 3 systems I destroyed that BB. The +75 computer was stolen. Darloks have jumped in to steal some easy systems and took Ixion from the Humans a turn before I could. Sol 1 will be mine in two turns and I now must stay away from their SB as it has transporters along with Neutron Blasters.

    Onward to T 190 and I won't be updating every few turns now. I had recaptured my planets lost to the humans and had landed a couple transports on Sol 2 to reinforce my ground troops there to prevent revolt. I stalled trying to take Sol 1 as the missile base was now shield with Class 3 and +5 from the Radiation shield. My Nukes are totally useless vs +8 shielding. So I made a BB with a bunch of normal unMOD (had not enough tech to mod) Zeon missiles. While this ship was heading to Sol, the Humans surrendered to the Bears. After that a huge Bear fleet slowly made its way across the galaxy to defend Sol 1. Then they got into a little scrape with the Psilons and headed back to their homelands in the west between the remains of the nearly dead Cats and the growing Psilons along the left edge. In the mean time, the Antaran have come 3 times, and only once could I destroy them so two more planets were ruined.

    T 216 and the idiocy of surrender once again as for some unknown reason the Birds surrendered a 3 or 4 system empire to the Darloks further increasing their near runaway strength!

    If Rocco can find the code and remove AI surrender from this game I will be very happy!!

    T 224 Bear fleet is back at Sol and with 14 BB and 1 DD he decides to DOW me and attack. I have just a SB and one Zeon BB there, but the Bear ships are basically no better than garbage scows. (most unusual this late in an Ice game) and they are all easily destroyed! But the bad news is that I have another enemy to worry about. Finally my spies stole a tech, Megafluxors from the Cats. Psilons have been spying and stole assault shuttles. I've had to place spies on them to usually cause their's to go back home.

    T 226 Cats are finally gone as I took their last planet. They'd also lost stuff to other AI's that dog-piled them to pick up a planet here and there.

    Onward now as I am tech'ing and gearing up to attack Orion, this time using Gauss Cannon BB's with HEF and Hyper X as used often by Markus. A couple of stray Bear BB find their way to Sol and are captured and scrapped. I get no useful techs but the BC is useful as I am suffering CP issues as usual this game.

    T 242 and I think I am less than a dozen turns from a Guardian kill and now, in spite of great looking relations with the Darlok and having voted for him several times in the GC he attacks me at Tycho and his ships rip my SB to shreds. Then his fleet splits up and I lose a couple more planets in the NE corner as my new planets didn't have SB's yet. This Telepathic Darlok is VERY OP!!

    T 245 now and several planets have been lost to the Darloks in the north east. My SB did destroy one of their BB's and I am not sure where much of their fleet is. This spy of mine, so cute in her purple and blue stealth suit, may be the savior of my empire as she's just stolen plans for missile bases from the Bears! These will add to planetary defense and are much quicker to build than a SB and won't get ripped to pieces so easily. Plans now as I build Gauss Cannon BB's are to soon finish the Barrier Shield tech. This will make Darlok attacks on my planetary surface basically useless until they get some very serious weapons. It will also allow for one more level of miniaturization of my Gauss.

    I've also bombed out a couple Darlok planets, needing to weaken him somehow and lure his fleet away from me. I don't have time to wait for transports. But I do want to retake my former planets with transports before they can build defenses.

    I fear that the Psilons will also decide to join in and that will be the end of me. There's Coid in the game as well, but they've been attacked by Darlok and others are seem contained. Psilon and Bear have had another skirmish but make peace quickly as usual.

    To survive I need to take Orion and then may just have to hunker down and defend every planet with missile bases and barrier shields. Hopefully with Sensors later maybe I can get some stealth detection.

    T 264 Rumors of my impending doom were false!! Darlok fleets have been beaten back and my former colonies recaptured. Orion just taken and colonized but not much of value gains except Death Ray and Dim. Port (if I decide to try to win that way). I must not have Markus' skill with Gauss Cannons as I needed over 20 BB with +75 comp and battle scanner but no helpful leaders to kill the Guardian. Each ship had about 15 heavy Gauss with HEF but they just didn't hit often enough.

    As things progressed to T 264, once I got the +20 spy tech, I sent spies to the Coids and the Bears and especially the Coids yielded many fine techs. I stole A-armor from one and T-cells from the other saving me 10k research.

    T 284 I had only 76 out of 90 needed votes to win GC.

    T 286 Six Antarans arrive and I am ready for them. I captured 5 and they all blew up with the drive explosions finally destroying the 6th.

    T 294 Anties back again and this time I got all 6 of them and 3 didn't blow up. X-armor, Dampers, and +150 comp obtained. As I have tremendous shield capability as part of my earlier efforts to stay alive and not get DOWed and attacked by Psilon I am unsure whether shields or Dampers are the way to go. I'd almost always go Dampers if my shielding wasn't almost maxed. I start making some BB's with shields and some with Dampers.

    T 298 Darloks are cleaned out of my side of the galaxy but have managed to take a few systems in the lower right corner to survive. Psilons and Coid fight them sometimes.

    T 303 As I am finishing off the Bears, I destroy much of their fleet with just 3 BB's. Bears didn't make nearly as good ships as most AI's make now. I think they were lacking tech.

    T 307 Bears gone and now many Psilon ships are headed to the system I share with them, having taken that last Bear planet there. Spy wars going on with the Psilons and I expect to have 63 on them and 63 to defend soon. I control more than the right half of the galaxy. I have almost 1400 pop and a trivial win once the GC meeting comes. Tech is about 12,000/t. I have some hyper-advanced techs but need a couple non critical techs that cost 7500. If I can't luck out and get that 7500 cost tech in one turn I switch to an advanced tech. In a dozen turns I should have a few DS with 3 Stellar Converters along with tremendous defense. These will be useful if I end up at war with Psilon or go to Antares. Anyhow, this game effectively is won.

    T 309 and I win in the GC with 145/189 votes by myself for myself. Well over 1400 pop, some of it Droid scientists (researched) on big P and UP planets and with a Droid farmer (stolen) (better than people) on farming planets to free up more workers.

    This game seemed to be touch and go for a while when the Darloks decided to jump on the band wagon and attack me but I survived with plenty of ships and by building more planetary defenses than I usually do. I ran a huge CP deficit for until near the game's end once I got Hyperspace Comm. Tachyon Comm is easily available now to help early on, but since I planned Hyperspace I later took Jump Gates. Those combined with the stolen fastest drive tech and mutating into Trandimensional this time solved any mobility issues. Star Fortress to defend key worlds also added to CP.
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  2. Rocco.40

    Rocco.40 King

    Mar 2, 2015
    Random events / Antarans on or off?
  3. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    Random events and Antarans is default to me. As is tactical combat and ship initiative.

    Capturing Antarans is much of the fun of this game for me as is stealing techs from conquest and spying.

    Of course, the Antaran thing goes both ways and they come in force in ICE and often can strike where you can't do a thing about it and usually destroy a colony.
  4. Markus Ramikin

    Markus Ramikin Justicar

    Aug 19, 2015
    Holy Terra
    This is quite enlightening. Since I usually play drastically different races, I never thought to get colonies in my system this fast. Gotta run for now, but I'll definitely be reading this carefully.

    ( Screenshotting in Dosbox is ctrl+F5. The screenshot folder, for me at least, is Username\AppData\Local\DOSBox\capture ).
  5. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    Markus, your race is basically a tech race and not a production race.

    Here's some advice basically for MP play and I suspect you've seen it.

    http://masteroforion2.blogspot.com/2005/03/master-of-orion-ii-strategy-guide.html This guide may help you with Uni as much of the advice is for the production races played by MP players.

    You see how good my early housing and production is with my race and how quickly I can get labs up to stay OK in tech.

    With your race you need to run some start up tests or do some complex math (maybe Excel could help) to determine the best starting plans with a typical 3 planet HS.

    If you don't have good pp/t from the HW it may be best to research and build a factory first and the colonize your HS or possible factory then lab then build CB's. Of course, lab, factory CB could also be best.

    I made a test with DemoLithArti in vanilla and it was a tad better to research labs and the factories and then build CB, than to do factory, lab, CB. Then along comes Darza to tell me that it is clear for DemoLith to get factories then build CB and then get labs.

    Of course he was right as a my new test quickly proved.

    Note that in Ice you need to spend some RP to research to build CB. If I were you I'd test my start up for your race. If you want my help with this, assuming you plan to stick with the race for a while, let me know.
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  6. Markus Ramikin

    Markus Ramikin Justicar

    Aug 19, 2015
    Holy Terra
    Oh, I wasn't looking for help with my race, I do well with it. it's Uni that I had trouble with. But yeah, I will be looking into better openings just the same.
  7. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    I started a new game, same UniProdFood advantages but this time negs are LG, Spying, and GC so I don't have to take repulsive. Yeah, I will need GC techs to attack with transports and yeah, I will need a spy tech or two if I get into an issue with AI spies. Hopefully, I'll have good enough relations to tell them to quit spying.

    I'll have less basic starting details this game.

    This time I spawn along the lower edge dead center and have three acceptable planets in my HS. I sell SB and barrack(s) to raise cash.

    T 19 My last planet is colonized in my HS.

    T 27 I buy 3 out of 4 Labs and will buy the 4th next turn. Cmdr Sparky is hanging around looking for a job. I don't need him yet so I will hire him at the last minute most likely.

    T 34 I buy 3 of 4 Factories and research the basic tech for ships.

    T 36 I buy my scout and next turn the last factory will be done. Lydon shows up and I raise taxes so I can hire his megawealth in 2 turns. CS research will be done soon.

    T 44 my first CS is built and I send it to Inak and will colonize a large ocean planet. This planet is UP but my pp will be OK once the factory is built and some more settlers arrive. I want this planet for farming. Housing in my HS has me with plenty of extra citizens.

    This time I am choosing the very optimistic path thru the Chem techs where I take Trit armor now and I-cells later as it looks like I will need I-cells to progress anywhere except into either bottom corner.

    T 47 Inak 2 colonized. Sparky hired at the last minute.

    T 56 Pol Proc tech finished. These will go in where needed. Ie my HW, Inak 2 to now make it easier to build its two CB, and the smallish but Rich planet in my HS so it can work towards SB or CS. I'll start on two CS in my HS next turn as now I am losing lots less to pollution.

    T 63 my 2nd CS colonized Irra 3 and I send two settlers. Next turn my 3rd CS heads for Hapi above my HS. I lost my scout towards the west to a dragon guarding a fine system with 2 gaias and another planet. The Irra colony has extended my scouting range to the east so I will be looking at worlds approaching that corner. Am teaching for Neural Scanners and then Supercomps rather than immediately going for I-cells and going after that dragon. My 4 system empire will be enough and I'll be in great shape when it is full of supercomps and I have some SB built for CP.

    T 69 and I now have 44 pop. I'm still housing on D1 and D2 in my HS. Inak now has all 3 planets colonized. My scout has found good stuff in Zenith to the right of Irra. 3 planets and I just gotta have this UR planet with gems! So I put all non farmers into production on my HW and will have a CS in three turns.

    T 77 Zenith colonized and settlers sent via freighter.

    T 78 Oh no not again!! I meet Darloks to my NW with 4 systems. At least this isn't the horrible Repulsive VERY OP Darlok with Telepathic and many other advantages. He accepts a Research Treaty. I switch prod. to make 3 spies and find two of his on me next turn. My agents are +8 and as he has no spy techs maybe his +20 spies will get nothing and go elsewhere.

    T 80 my scout comes into contact with an unescorted Bear CS in the east but I don't formally meet these Bears. Next turn their CS goes away so my blocking scout heads north to survey another star. Pop is 50 now and will grow once I get Supercomps on D1 and D2 and back to housing.

    T 83 The Hyperspace beast is here! Lets hope he eats that Bear CS. Darlok relations are improving and he accepts a trade treaty as well. Once I get I-cells I expect to meet others. I will then make monster FF's since I think the Dragon can kill BB with only Trit armor. I must have that nice Gaia system.

    T 94 Full treaties with Bears and Darloks. Darloks also agree to stop spying. I have 6 agents and they've stolen nothing! Battle Pod research done and Space Acad tech will be mine next turn so I'll make them on the planets that will make my monster FF's. This isn't really needed by it won't slow me much to get that experience. I want to hire Grak (noting his CP bonus) and then some other waiting leaders as his famous reduction is more than that slacker Lydon's.

    T 100 I've met the Psilons and they have only two systems along the lower left edge! I retain a nice tech lead aided by quick supercomps. I'll hire Slith next turn. Pop is about 67. I recently lucked out with a splinter colony Tond, to my west near Psilons. I expect them to play nice as I have two treaties quickly with them. I'll kill that dragon soon, and then crank out more FF's and go after that Hydra guarding a wonderful UR planet close to the Bears. Nano Dis will finish soon to allow me to further reduce my Nukes and make a couple Nuke 27 BB's in case some AI gets nasty. I hope to be able to safely get at least 10 decent systems which will result in a likely OP game for me.

    T 108 Allis has been found and he's somewhat useful at my HS. Dragon killed and that system will be colonized in 2 turns. Tach Comms and for now no CP issues. My FF will now head towards the center to kill an eel guarding a system with a splinter (oops edit: I soon realized that they didn't have the needed 11 range to get there so I just left a scout there). I think I'll tech to Heavy Armor and then Robo Factories. An artifacts planet has given me fast missile racks.

    T 120 I decided that the best and most fun course of action was to be mean. This is a war game after all! Psilons had just colonized a new system giving them 3 in all and making it easy for me to reach the other two systems once I'd taken the first. I decide to attack them as this will rid the game of this tech spreading menace and before he gets more built up with creative goodies. Check...no Z-armor for him..check Just Class I shields... Check no Warp Diss for his SB's so I can use shoot and scoot tactics with my Nuke 23F (fast missile racks) BB and my supporting monster FF's (most of which will get destroyed taking shots). Check..Psilon GC isn't great yet and Grak will add +15 to mine. But this time I'll make plenty of transports just in case I run into issues if they upgrade tech and just in case some planet revolts. I want a quick war, rather than the bumbling last game vs the Humans.

    T 129 I strike at his undefended new colony after demanding a tech which caused him to DOW me in disgust.

    T 132 His BB counterattacks one of my nearby colonies but 5 FF's just destroy it. 3 upgraded monster FF's and two FF's with EMG. Soon I take the first system they colonized and then it is onto Mentar to finish him.

    T 139 Psilon HW falls aided by my 2nd BB which has arrived with Slith as its nice leader. That is the end of them and now Psilon Corner, has become MY Corner. Autolabs are going in everywhere now and I will also pump out a few CS to enhance what can now be a great REX. I've met the Coids who started near the upper right and are fighting the Darloks for a 2nd time. Coids don't like me and don't want to trade. They be my next victim I suspect. A 3rd BB will soon be finished, giving me a nice spot for Sparky and giving me at this stage a very powerful fleet. I'm getting a couple bio-techs as some captured Psilon colonies could use clones and I need soil enrichment. Then Psyonics and I need the spying defense and then probably towards A armor unless I decide to go for terraforming first. But I do think the A-armor tech route is best as it will result in easy wars wins prior to T 200pw.

    I'd like to point out that in spite of taking 5 Psilon worlds, 2 of which were quite developed I stole NO techs from them!

    T 178 and I have finished of the Coids and finally stole something with invading ground troops and it was just what I needed. Zeon Missiles!! (I can hear Dukinson chortling now :) ) . This will mean a quick Guardian kill. I did have t to wait for a 3rd BB and then soon a 4th as the Coids had Fighter Garrisons and soon got N-Armor.

    T 179 A-armor done. I am happy to have a spying leader and assassin and also to tell my friends not to spy on me. I also decide to attack the Ants as they are nasty to me and are right there looking like they need to be stomped.

    T 181 I reach an undefended Ant system and have plenty of troops left over to take both planets.

    T 183 Ants are headed to a Darlok system but I can arrive next turn also. My two capture BB's get their prize thanx to A-M drive and Aug Engines. The other ships run away from my missiles. Bringing the captured ships back to a colony and scrapping gets me cash and two useless techs but not needed U-cells which the Ants have.

    T 189 Adv. Chem I and time to refit my Missile Boats to have some MIRV Zeons with EMGs in the last couple of bays for a Guardian kill. I have 320 pop and 2000 rp/t and could have more tech but am still finishing Terraforming on lesser planets and also cranking out more ships.

    I don't recall such a dominant IceX game but this was a good start and my early wars were successful.

    T 199pw and I set a PR for myself in IceX for Guardian kill! 5 BB with 9 MIRV Zeons followed by 4 of same but with EMG and using fast missile racks so I could fire both salvos at once, did the job! I finished up the turn after a few iterations of trading some of my Orion techs to the AI's for techs I wanted. When I pressed "next turn" the GC came up and I was spread all over more than the left half of the galaxy, I had 39 of 77 votes myself and comnined with 17 from friends won the vote. At the time I had about 380 citizens of various races and although terraforming and cranking out war ships I still was getting about 2500 rp/t.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  8. Rocco.40

    Rocco.40 King

    Mar 2, 2015
    Sometimes I wonder if a.i. on impossible would have some extra spying bonus, like they have bonusses for food, prod, research and money. No way to tell for sure atm, as stats are not provided on screen and don't know where to find it in the code.
  9. Dukinson

    Dukinson Warlord

    Jul 20, 2015
    San Fransisco Bay Area, CA
    Neilkaz, I normally have a short attention span and find myself skimming past game stories but something caught my eye this time. You encountered an unescorted colony ship with a scout and weren't in contact with its owner. You should have destroyed it. There is no penalty if they haven't met you yet and it will set them back.
  10. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    Scout had no weapons so I couldn't destroy it unless there's something in tactical combat mode that I don't understand. Others please chime in if I am wrong.
  11. Rocco.40

    Rocco.40 King

    Mar 2, 2015
    Even with the unarmed scout it is possible to destroy non-combat ships.
    Perhaps it is done by setting a collision course with said Colony Ship :)
  12. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    Hmm I tried to attack it but couldn't. Does anyone know the secret here? I hadn't met those Bears so I couldn't DOW them first. Perhaps that was part of the problem?

    EDIT: According to Dukinson I still could've destroyed it?!! How?
  13. Rocco.40

    Rocco.40 King

    Mar 2, 2015
    If you get the 'select combat' pop-up with a star system, if you click on the little icon of the Colony of Outpost Ship it should be destroyed. Did this not work for you?
  14. neilkaz

    neilkaz King

    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    I thought I did that..perhaps not..ok next time this happens I'll try that. Thx .. neilkaz ..
  15. Markus Ramikin

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    Aug 19, 2015
    Holy Terra
    If you have HEF already increasing your damage per shot, I'd say you don't need Heavy. Having twice as many normal Gauss will help you more.

    Also, I normally bring Hyper-X as well, which doubles the damage on first round - and you shouldn't need more rounds!

    And yeah, +75 comp with no leaders will do in a pinch but it will struggle. Ideally, I try to trade/steal/loot a Positronic or better, or as a last resort, research Cybertronic myself. I also try to use refitted ships from old wars with Veteran/Elite crews (Instructor leaders are awesome), and grab +Weaponry leaders. Repulsive kinda screws you over there.

    If you anticipate bringing more than 6 ships and some of them have to fire from greater distance, Rangemaster can help, or you can go Heavy Mount after all.
  16. Dukinson

    Dukinson Warlord

    Jul 20, 2015
    San Fransisco Bay Area, CA
    How evil! A million civilians on board that ship. Women, children, perhaps some kittens...
  17. Markus Ramikin

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    Aug 19, 2015
    Holy Terra
    Democracy Aquatic Creative walkthough/report
    Part 1: Early Development

    This is me coming full circle, after studying all those alternate playstyles with Unification, Feudal, and non-Creative Democracy, and learning to overcome my playstyle limitations and beat IceX, I finally came back to what I love best.

    IcemodX 10n, Impossible, Huge, pre-warp, average. The race I am going to play is:

    Human, DemCreAqu, RichArtHW / -LowG-GC-Spy

    This race gives me a Gaia-sized homeworld (18), with +2 Science +2 Production bonuses, and extra food from Aquatic. I suffer gravity penalties and lack of bonuses in other colonies, though I do still get increased population sizes and food on "wet" planets (Oceans, Terra, Swamp, and least favorably, Tundra).

    I'll fill what wet planets I can find with scientists and tech up, as wet planets tend to be low/normal gravity, which suits me, and Poor in resources, which doesn't impede scientists. Building things on these planets will consist mostly of half-buying, until I can research Robo-Miners. Democracy helps both money and research.

    Or, if the neighbourhood isn't peaceful enough for that plan, use one wet planet for war-time research, and conquer a slave race.

    (Aside: I believe Creative is currently overpriced, and I've become accustomed to modding it down. I usually add LargeHW to this race. But for the sake of this report I'm going with unchanged IceX 10n. The opening plays out much the same way.)

    Turn 0
    I spawned at the north edge of the galaxy, roughly in the middle. This is unsafe compared to spawning in a corner, but might offer a higher selection of decent planets to colonise.

    There's a black hole close to the west; I am tempted to rename the homeworld to Graveesha, but I resist.

    My system also contains 3 dead rocks:
    Sol I: Large Poor Toxic
    Sol II: Large Radiated Rich HG
    Sol III: Homeworld
    Sol IV: Tiny Poor Barren LowG

    The dead rocks can be Housing colonies, 1 Population + Factory, a fast way to build population.

    How many housing colonies you build is a trade-off: building more delays research and your out-system colonisation, but later provides extra population you can immediately shuttle to new systems. This only works, of course, if you find worthy systems to colonise, and the other races leave you alone long enough...

    I elect to build 2 Colony Bases of the 3 possible, on the Large worlds; Housing is more effective with a larger max population size. Also, on the Tiny Barren Housing would be interrupted by reaching the max size of 2 every few turns, which is annoying.

    Optional risk: I sell the Star Base to speed things up by buying production.

    Will mostly be buying projects at half-built, when the price of 1 Production drops from 4 BC to 2 BC. That way you pay 60 BC for 30 production to finish a Lab or Factory, instead of 240 BC for 60 production. However, often it makes sense to full-buy a factory on a new planet, especially if it would take 10-30 turns to reach the half-buy point.

    3 out of 8 people on my homeworld are stuck farming. The remaining 5 can produce 16 production (25 before pollution) or 38 RP.

    4 colonists go into research. With Rich, 1 worker outputs 5 production, which means I need to work 6 turns to store the 30 production to half-buy my first factory.

    I'll be researching towards Factories first, in order to shorten the time spent on colony bases, and also so that Housing colonies can get Factories soon. I could go for Labs first, but that would delay population growth. (A Unification might prefer that, however, as research is its bottleneck.)

    Turn 4
    Researched Fighter Garrison.

    Turn 6
    30 production stored, moving the 1 worker to research.

    Turn 8
    Commander Sparky offers to join. Unimpressive, but +5 Ordnance is better than nothing. Gonna wait until the last moment before hiring, as he's not useful now and he would require pay. Also, better ones might show up.

    Turn 11
    Factories researched. Paying 60 to buy 30 production, factory built on next turn.

    Turn 13
    Colony bases researched. Everyone go from science into production. Building:
    * Colony base (10 turns)
    * Freighter Fleet (2 turns)
    * Colony base (10 turns)

    Turn 18
    Paying 220 BC for 110 production.

    The other option would be to just use the homeworld's high production to fully build the colony bases, then full-buy factories to save a lot of time. However, this would cost me some 10 turns of valuable research with the homeworld, and I don't think the slightly earlier population increase makes up for that.

    If you only get one extra planet in the home system, the choice is simplified: buy the colony base on the turn when doing so leaves you 250 GC to full-buy the factory on the next turn. With only one housing colony, I would want it up and running ASAP.

    Turn 19
    Colony base built on Sol II, the Rich HG. Building factory on that.

    Since I had already bought the base, this turn's homeworld production went towards Freighter Fleet, and I am able to buy 23 production for 46 BC.

    Turn 20
    Freighter Fleet built. Reluctantly adding a 4th colonist to farming to feed the new colony.

    Turn 24
    Paid 242 BC for 121 PP. Second colony base will take SoL I, the Large Poor, and also build a factory.

    Moved all workers to research. Aiming for Research Labs now. Automatic Factory storing production towards that.

    Turn 30
    Half-bought factory on Sol II last turn.

    Housing now. +0.168 colonist per turn. Watching Food display to know when I have a new colonist to move to the Homeworld.

    Turn 33
    Bought remaining 20 production towards Lab on Homeworld last turn. With 6 scientists, research jumped from 45 to 59.

    My race being what it is, might as well go for a homeworld tech gambit. Researching Holo and Supercomputer, with a quick detour for Biospheres and Scout ships. This will speed up everything else down the road.

    Turn 38
    Didn't hire Commander Sparky.

    Turn 41
    Half-bought factory on Sol II last turn. Now the two Housing colonies are growing a total of 0.320 colonist per turn. (The third planet would have added another 0.130). Homeworld pop is 13/18.

    Turn 43
    Researched Holo Simulator.

    Turn 44
    Built Holo Simulator. With 5 Farmers, 1 Worker and 7 Scientists research rose from 68 to 76, then moved one guy from farming and one freshly grown from Sol II and it's now 97.

    Next thing I'll research and build:
    * A Scout
    * Hydro Farm - not the most useful building in the world, but as Democracy I can afford it, and most of the time it lets me run one more scientist instead of farmer,
    * Biospheres - will extend the usefulness of my housing colonies during my tech gambit. If non-Creative, choose this over Farms.

    After those things, Supercomputer.

    Turn 50
    Director Rash-lki offers to join. I have 106 of the 240 BC needed, but this is one of my favourite leaders. +20% labor will help build ships and colony ships. Instructor will let my ships accrue experience no matter where they are.

    Turn 56
    Supercomputer researched. I ended up a little short on stored production...

    Researching Space Scanner now, then towards Atmospheric Renewer.

    My neighbourhood includes the following planets:
    * Uxmai I, UltraPoor LowG Terra, Artefacts (18 max pop)
    * Uxmai II, Huge Poor Tundra (22)
    * Leonids II, Small Poor Tundra (11)
    * Leonids I, Large Desert, Gold Deposits (7)

    No monster Rich Gaias or anything like that, but still this is not bad at all. The Terra will be an excellent second planet, doing research while my Homeworld builds.

    Homeworld now has the full 20 colonists. 6 Farming (they have to feed all 3 planets), 1 worker, 13 scientists.

    Turn 59
    Supercomputer built. Research went from 138 to 192. Pleasant.

    Turn 65
    Pollution Processor researched.

    Change of plans. With that Terra to colonise, I will go for it right now.

    Researching Colony Ship. As I'm at 100% chance, moved 2 scientists to production to avoid waste; excess RP do not store like production does.

    I still have no contact with other races, and researching Atmo would not only slow down the first colony, but also might put me at risk of having to build spies, since as Creative I would also get Iridium Cells, and Cells determine contact.

    I will research it right after, however, for refinement purposes: I want those MIRV Nuclear Missiles ready if I need them.

    Turn 66
    Pollution Processor built, Rash-lki hired, colony ship researched, all scientists moved to production.

    Doing 97 production (123 before pollution). 6 turns per Colony Ship, and I'm already only 5 turns to my first thanks to last turn's stored production.

    Housing colonies have 2 pop each and building Freighter Fleets, due in 4 and 5 turns, to move colonists with. Will be building more of those as needed without reporting it any more, probably on the homeworld.

    Turn 71
    First colony ship built.

    Turn 73
    Uxmai I colonised.

    Starting on a Factory. Will part-buy ASAP because an Ultrapoor planet needs the hard +5 production badly.

    Transferring extra pop from the housing colonies.

    Turn 74 - FIRST CONTACT -
    Alkari in the northeast corner. Honorable Militarist. Spread towards me.

    Research and Trade treaties obtained immediately with no bribing. Good.

    Their race has no special production or research bonuses, so conquering them would not be as profitable as some other races. +50 Attack and +50 Defense, too.

    Turn 77
    Second Colony Ship built. Will colonise Uxmai II, as that will let me move colonists to Uxmai I instantly.

    Back to research for now. Also bought Factory on Uxmai I. I will keep most people there researching. With diligent half-buying, will build Research Lab, Fighter Base, Cloning Center (not yet researched), Supercomputer, Biospheres, Holo and finally Star Base, roughly in that order.

    Turn 79
    Uxmai II colonised. For now, Factory then Housing. Temporarily moved 2 workers here from Uxmai I, to reach the half-buy point in 6 turns instead of 15.

    Kimbuzi hired with +20% farming. Better than nothing. Putting him in Uxmai. Besides helping the research planet, might make the Tundra suck less once it's time to develop it.

    Alkari steal neural scanner. Told them to stop spying. They found my suggestion acceptable. I like reasonable people...

    Turn 84
    Atmospheric Renewer researched.

    On the plus side, I can now build ships with MIRV nukes. On the other hand, Iridium Cells put me in contact with Aggressive Diplomat Darloks and Xenophobic Expansionistic Silicoids. No treaties obtained despite gifting Troop Pods and Scout Labs.

    Unless you actually commit to building a fleet - and if you don't want a Battleship or two, 3-4 destroyers with MIRV nukes are definitely better than nothing and are quick to make - you want to store some production while you research, so you can cough something out quickly in an emergency.

    Also, every valuable colony in enemy range (so maybe not the Housing ones, unless they have Gems or Gold) should have Fighter Garrisons soon after Factory, at most after Cloning Center and/or Pollution Processor. AIs do examine your planets and look for opportunities. Lacking Fighter Garrisons, you really just want to build those Destroyers and have them physically cover the most vulnerable planet(s).

    As an Aquatic Rich Artefacts Homeworld, the only absolute requirement is that you don't lose the Homeworld, since it can support an early war all by itself. Unless you colonized a Rich Gaia or something, which would make a wonderful second shipyard. But even on your Poor Swamps it's best to avoid population loss from bombardment if you can.

    With hostile personality neighbours with whom you don't have any treaties, always, always have an idea what you'll do if you get attacked next turn. For me this usually means being ready to quickly build enough Destroyers to clear the skies over my worlds, then switching to Battleships and retaking any lost colonies, then conquering the attacker.

    The tactics are to fire off Missiles while moving your ships backwards (left). This delays enemy missiles hitting you, causes enemies to pursue you into your own missiles, and lowers enemy beam accuracy over the increased range. Use 2x instead of 5x missiles to get more missiles per volley, and overwhelm PD defenses with numbers.

    Silicoids occupy the northwest corner, which makes me want to conquer them, so that I could bunker up in that corner and tech in peace. They are +50 Growth, Lithovore, Tolerant. That works, though I'd prefer production bonuses. Darloks have +2 Production besides +100 Growth, AND they are Darloks - in the long run they will ruin my relations with everyone by framing me for spying. In a way, getting Darloks as early neighbours is a boon: you get to kill them off.

    And that is precisely what I am going to try to do.

    Tentative plan:
    * Build 5 spies
    * Research remaining ship techs
    * Kill the Eel and colonize Warikomi (Huge Ultra Rich Gems Barren) as a jumping point to Woz.
    * Kill Darloks.
    This will put me in a very central position on the map, which will make life interesting. Then again, that might make for a more interesting report!

    Homeworld currently building at the point where I don't lose anything to pollution, as I still have Zortium to research. 7 Workers building 64 Industry, 8 scientists doing 125 research. Total Empire research 165.

    Apparently the first 5 spies are 4x times as effective and second 5 spies 2x as effective as any later ones, which would mean 5 and 10 are good numbers to aim for. While as a Democracy I can support more despite the 1 BC cost per turn, they do also cost valuable production and time.

    Not that this is going to help me that much, with Darloks being +20 Spying and my Agent bonus being -12.

    NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) obtained with Alkari.

    Turn 95
    Silicoid and Bulrathi at war. Good, keep them out of my hair.

    I have 5 spies and still occasionally losing techs. Annoying.

    Hah, trade treaty with Darloks obtained.

    Turn 102
    Bulrathi and Silicoids at peace. Meh.

    Zortium researched. I already have Space Academy and Fusion Drive, and I've rebuilt my Star Base not long ago.

    Now the common way to go is to take advantage of all the Chemistry research done already, build 2-4 Battleships with fully modded Nuclear Missiles, and go to war with that.

    But I will take the ~10 more turns needed to research Force Fields, until I reach Shield III, so I can have Beam Ships with miniaturised Mass Drivers, Inertial Stabilizers for defense, and of course the Shields III themselves.

    Missiles usually serve just as well without the delay for more teching. But beams are a fun alternative, which offers certain advantages:
    * With good Shields, your ships won't start dying to exploding engines if the AI invents Ion Pulse Cannons in the middle of the war
    * With beams you often get to immobilise ships and capture them, then scrap for money (and tech). Missiles just wreck everything in 1-2 rounds.
    * 2 BBs are pretty much guaranteed to win any battle vs AI in this era, while with Nukes I sometimes need 4.

    You don't have to waste turns on repeated attacks on a system if a ship explodes and wipes out your missiles, or you run out of missiles before you kill everything, if the enemy has Zotrium and ECM. And in my game Darloks do have them.

    (Always check race tech reports when preparing for wars.)

    Of course the option always exists to skip expensive Zortium research, and go into Force Fields directly after Atmo, to get much the same result with less delay. Unless something goes horribly wrong, your Shield III should be your main damage sponge anyway. However, as Creative you'd also be missing out on Nano Disassemblers.

    Why am I not colonising Leonids, despite having Silicoids on the doorstep? Because, my friends, Silicoids are next on my hit list.

    Of course I will also want Ion Drives for more speed and Beam Defense, but you can do that after building ships. Drives update automatically. Weapons and armor do not.

    Turn 119
    Captain Slag joins. Quite happy about that, and at the outset of a war, too. +10 Defense, +10 Attack, +1 Navigator, Megawealth, Trader. I particularly appreciate the Navigator, as Nazin is in a Nebula, plus the other stats are good for my beam ships.

    Uxmai II half-full already. Uxmai I is producing 193 out of my total 343 research. Homeworld has been partly building ships and partly researching, to finish both at roughly the right time.

    Already built one BB, so far with Nuclear Missiles but that's just a placeholder.

    Gonna build Fighter Garrisons in remaining colonies. I am going to be a bit exposed to the Silicoids during this war.

    Turn 120
    Shield III researched. Designing time:

    Battleship 1

    34 Mass Drivers - main weapon, also kill missiles and fighters.
    3 Fusion Bombs - for shielded planets.

    Battle Pods
    Augmented Engines - speed = Beam Defense and Initiative
    Battle Scanner - beam accuracy, Initiative
    Inertial Stabilizer - Beam Defense

    Class III shield - I won't die to Ion Pulse Cannons killing my engines. Also, they regenerate, and you can turn after shooting to expose a full strengh shield again.
    Optronic Computer - Beam accuracy, Initiative​
    No Point Defense beams because with 2+ ships I find this setup more tactically adaptable.

    Homeworld going in full production.

    I will only report some crucial techs researched; assume I pluck all the low hanging fruit.

    Turn 123
    Oh that's convenient. Trilarians and Darloks at war.

    Turn 124
    My second Battleship is at the half-buy mark, but I am actually kind of close to Shield Capacitators - Uxmai II as Ultrapoor is sticking to research - so may as well swap to research for a few turns and refit, for better miniaturised Mass Drivers. However, the above ship design has done well in my other games.

    Turn 126
    Took 2 turns, actually, with a lucky breakthrough at 28%. Going into Ion Drive research now.

    Battleship 1b

    40 Mass Drivers - increased from 34
    3 Fusion Bombs

    Battle Pods
    Augmented Engines
    Battle Scanner
    Inertial Stabilizer
    Shield Capacitators <--- new addition

    Class III shield
    Optronic Computer​
    Thought of sacrificing Shield Capacitators for a total 47 Mass Drivers, since turning and using side shields can extend my life too, and I want to make sure I can shoot down all missiles and fighters in round 1. Still, I expect it might come useful in some later war when enemy has better armor and I have to survive longer to win battles. It helps that Capacitators are pretty small, 25 space without any miniaturisation.

    * Refit Battleship
    * Colony Ship for Warikomi
    * Transport Ship
    * Transport Ship
    * second Battleship

    Researching Ion Drives now.

    Turn 128
    Well, that Trilarian-Darlok war sure didn't last long. I love how AI races can go in and out of war all the time, while if I get attacked, I can pretty much never obtain peace no matter how much I'm winning.

    Turn 130
    Ion Drives researched. Missile base next, then Cloning Centers and Soil Enrichment, Spaceport, then either Robo-Miners or the next level of Force Fields.

    Killed the Eel for great justice. Colonised Warikomi I, which has Gems. Immediately full-bought Factory, and started on Fighter Base and Radiation Shield.

    Turn 137
    2 Battleships and 2 transports have an ETA of 2 to Woz.

    TO WAR!

    I will not even list the techs I lost to the Darloks and to a lesser extent Silicoids lately...
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    Aug 19, 2015
    Holy Terra
    Democracy Aquatic Creative walkthough/report
    Part 2: Early Wars, Orion (and Antares?)

    Turn 139
    Scheduled war declaration last turn.

    Star Base at Woz presented no problems. It had 140 Beam Attack and no defense, I had 150 BA and 150 BD on the newer ship, and 165 and 165 on the first one, with Veteran Crews. I dodged or absorbed the beams, shot down the missiles.

    Bombed the planet a little and invaded with 8 transports. Building Barracks (full-buying) for any rebellions, then Factory, then Fighter Garrison.

    I am now in contact with Aggressive Gnolans, Honorable yet Repulsive Trilarians (what a waste!), and Aggressive Meklars. Gnolans accepted a trade treaty. After receiving a couple junk techs such as Bio-Terminator, Meklars accepted a research treaty. This is new. In my games so far Gnolans have usually been idiots irrationally against trading, despite their being Fantastic Traders.

    Still nothing with Silicoids, and they hate me badly already. Fortunately my planetary defenses are ready for them, if they try a Dolchstoß.

    I have 6 transports incoming. Stopping building more.

    Turn 140
    Darlok Battleship with transports arrived at Woz. 140 BA, 50 BD. One of my Battleships cut it to pieces before it could warp out.

    Turn 141
    I risked taking the 1 turn to Nazin before Woz had defenses, since I just destroyed that BB and odds were good nothing else was coming through the thickness of the Nebula.

    The Nebula disabled my shields, but I stayed back and most of the shots missed. Nazin taken, still with 6 population and some buildings.

    Turn 142
    Grumium was a dead rock I didn't want, so I just levelled it. But Darloks had planted a new colony at Zibbat, two systems down! Since capturing it would stretch me much too much, I will just bomb it too. Sending only 1 ship.

    Sending remaining transports to nearby systems, hoping to discover Orion.

    Building 5 more spies, since I just lost another tech to Silicoids and it irritates me.

    Turn 144 - WAR OVER! -

    Zibbat was protected by the Darloks' last Battleship. It had a leader. I immobilised it, then captured. Alas, didn't get to keep the leader. Gonna just scrap the ship after the 3 turns it takes to get it to Nazin, as it's adding to my Command Points costs. Curious if I'll loot Rangemaster, not that I particularly want it right now. Darlok colony levelled.

    Darloks eliminated. Took a whole 5 turns. Very easy, and yet since it's Darloks, very satisfying war.

    Turn 147
    Captain Diablo joins! Very nice. Assassin, Spy Master will shore up my weaknesses as a -Spying Democracy. +10 Ordnance will add power to my ships. Great guy to take over the second Battleship. Well worth the money, and perfect complement to Slag.

    (I'd also had some less worthwhile offers in the meantime, but didn't note them down.)

    Turn 151
    Diablo already assassinated one spy. Fun. I hope it was messy and gruesome.

    Transports failed to find anything. Building a scout to explore systems that are out of range. Everything else - 2 BBs and 3 transports - is returning to Sol.

    The new colonies are developing nicely, rushing through buildings with the Darlok +2 Production population. Will be building Star Bases soon to increase my fleet capacity.

    Turn 152
    Class I cloak researched. Final miniaturisation of Mass Drivers. Refitting now. Will build 2 more ships.

    Battleship 1c

    30 Mass Drivers (Heavy Mount)
    3 Fusion Bombs
    35 Mass Drivers (Point Defense)

    Battle Pods
    Augmented Engines
    Battle Scanner
    Inertial Stabilizer
    Shield Capacitators

    Class III shield
    Optronic Computer​
    Fully miniaturised Mass Drivers cost 3 space, which increases to 5 if HV, and decreases to 1 if PD! I like it when games round in my favor.

    This is a good time to get some insurance in the case, an unlikely case much to Rocco's despair, that AIs will get Class III or V shield any time soon. Damage 9 HV Mass Drivers will still punch through that with some degree of comfort, and for 5 space they are no less effective against Class I than damage 6 for 3 space. They also are more accurate at range, thanks to HV halving range to-hit penalties. But that leaves me without missile defense, so 3 for 1 PD Mass drivers fill that role, without suffering from the PD weakness that is increased damage dissipation. :) Really liking this ship design.

    The +40 Defense from Class I Cloak itself is tempting, but the "only if you haven't fired" deal doesn't work in the prolonged battles that an early-game beam ship is designed for. I might pick it up in later game, when there is a lot more damage-per-round thrown around, if I get high initiative enemies who don't let me have first strike.

    So what am I going to do with this wonderful ship, you ask? Crush the filthy Silicoids. That will teach those repulsive Xenos to keep 15 spies in my territory.

    And I do want that northwest corner all to myself.

    Yes, that's right, I am still not colonising Leonids. "Crazy? I'm sane. God am I sane."

    Warikomi - the gems colony, currently with 3 guys, Factory, Robotic Factory, and some defenses - building Marine Barracks and then Transports.
    Uxmai II building freighters, which I'm running short of.
    Homeworld refitting my 2 ships and building 2 more.

    Turn 156
    The last system that looked central enough to be an Orion candidate had a Hydra, which killed my scout. Giving up on this until I'm done with Silicoids.

    Turn 157
    Travelling Eel arriving on Sol in 2 turns! My ships are on the way elsewhere because I'm tired and forgot to reset relocation points.

    Turn 159
    Eel blockades Sol. My own ship ETA 1 now.

    Turn 160
    Shield Capacitators helped, but I still lost most of my armor before I immobilised the damned thing. After that I went outside its range and shot it to death.

    At least I'm on Galactic News!

    Ha! Leonids colonised by Silicoids. Perfect. Thank you for the expensive 500 PP Colony Ship. (Told you I was sane.)

    Turn 163.
    Relations with Gnolans and Meklars improved from exisiting treaties. Remaining treaties obtained this turn.

    3 BBs and 5 transports waiting at Sol. Leonids is 1 turn away. Scheduling war declaration.

    TO WAR!

    Turn 164
    Leonids mine.

    This brought me in contact with the last undiscovered alien race, the Ruthless Expansionistic Bulrathi. They are sprawled from the southwest corner along the west edge, and beat everyone in population and buildings. (I am of course ahead in tech). Trade treaty obtained without trouble.

    Leaving 1 ship at Leonids for protection - there's a Silicoids Battleship incoming - and moving on.

    Turn 165
    Battle of Sabaki, vs Cruiser and Star Base. Cruiser has 140 BA and 40 BD.

    Both HV and PD Mass Drivers perform admirably.

    Director Ralleia joins. Diplomat, Famous, Spiritual Leader. All good things. She takes over Sol, since Spiritual Leader will help research too, while Rash-lki goes to Nazin, which with the +2 Production population will be more of a shipyard.

    The Battleship heading to Leonids has disappeared from the map. Not sure what happened to it. My BB moves to cover Sabaki, while my fleet moves on towards Cryslon.

    Turn 168
    Ibis mine. Moving the rear ship to cover it while my frontal force strikes at Cryslon next turn.

    Turn 169
    At Cryslon awaits a Star Base, Fighter Base and a dinky Destroyer. And this is their capital? Truly, you gain some momentum and nobody can keep up...

    Silicoids have Zortium too. Destroying all missiles and fighters takes cooperation from both my ships.

    I risk an invasion against a mostly undamaged planet, hoping to capture it. I have an advantage in tech (Creative helps), disadvantage in racial features (LowG), but overall my troops are stronger. I barely lose the battle, with some crappy militia the only thing surviving. More transports are coming.

    Usually, the right thing to do is to bomb if invasion results are uncertain. You do not want to prolong wars. Being at war makes AI rivals think you are in trouble, and makes them more likely to attack. But I managed to secure treaties with most neighbours, and I am occupying a window of time where my ships are superior to anything anyone else can have, based on race technology reports.

    Found that disappeared Battleship. It's sitting at Rotan. Makes sense...

    Turn 171
    Cryslon is mine.

    Looted Rangemaster and Uridium Cells. Good, those Cells will help me find Orion.

    Researched Terraforming this turn. Uxmai II will appreciate it, as will the Darlok worlds. Not too long ago I also got Gravity Generator.

    Turn 172
    Attacking Rotan. It has 3 worlds, and a Battleship. Attacking the world with a Star Base and Fighter base, for a bit more workout.

    Well, I certainly have more missiles to shoot down. Immobilised the Battleship with my first salvo. Will try to capture, just for the extra cash from scrapping. Aand... success.

    Crap. Bombardment apparently killed some Natives - only 1 left. Please tell me Natives don't take part in rebellions...

    4th Battleship just built.

    Turn 174
    Lost a tech to Trilarians. Started repeat-building spies on Nazin. I have a 306 BC income per turn despite -8 on Command Points, and my populations are growing fast. I could have supported a full complement of 63 spies for a while now, but got distracted.

    Turn 175
    Supressing rebellions left and right. Good thing I full-buy an Armored Barracks every time I conquer something. And I have Battleoids.

    Captured the second of the 3 Rotan worlds. Bulrathi ship incoming there. They opened war on Silicoids at some point. My transports will beat them to the last Rotan planet, but perhaps not to the 3 remaining systems.

    That'd be okay with me. I don't like managing overly large empires.

    Obtained the missing treaties, including NAP, with the Bulrathi, just to be safe. Also placing my 4th Battleship there to "welcome" the incoming ships if need be.

    Turn 176
    Rotan mine. Moving on.

    Turn 177
    Robo-Miners researched. This is usually a minor but noticeable turning point for a production-weak Aquatic race like mine, speeding up development. Now all those Poor wet planets will no longer feel like Poor planets.

    It has significant impact in games where I take the peaceful route: colonise 4-5 wet planets and focus on developing those. Less so in this one, but still a good tech to have.

    Alkari want an Alliance. That's nice, but alliances in my experience usually just lead to getting dragged into pointless AI wars, then the AI ally makes peace and you're left with the fallout.

    Turn 178
    Sent my third BB with 1 transport to Vaht, and Vaht is now mine. Killed Star Base and Fighter Base. Lost most armor before winning - one ship didn't have quite enough PD firepower. Also made the mistake of firing on fighters first when I could, even though with my Shields III, Zeon Missiles were a greater threat. Still, I won.

    Turn 181
    Klystron mine. A small Silicoid fleet that had been blocking Nazin for no good reason is going there now. Covering the system with my third BB while moving on.

    Jump Gates researched this turn. This should help keep this suddenly-large empire secure, shortening fleet arrival times.

    Next will be output-increasing techs: Pleasure Dome, Autolabs, Astro University, Heightened Intelligence. Afterwards I will focus on getting the technologies I require to kill Orion: Gauss Cannons (1-refined), High Energy Focus, Hyper-X Facilitators.

    I will also build my 5th and 6th Battleship soon, to start accruing experience. I usually send 6 beam ships to Orion. Since I have good ship leaders, I would get away with fewer, but still it's best to keep adding to your fleet with some regularity, if only to not appear completely weak to the AIs at a time when you prefer peace.

    Turn 183 - WAR OVER -
    After a convenient Jump back to Vant, invaded Tirstar system this turn and ended the war.

    I could probably keep this up and run over another empire. But we're closing in on turn 200 and this is a good time to prepare to kill Orion before someone else beats me to it.

    Will send the two remaining transports on a search, and also build 2 scouts. It's ridiculous that I still don't know where Orion is.

    I have 13 systems now, with 18 colonies and lots of untaken planets. IceX sure has a lot of planets crammed in per system! It's either that extreme, or Icecold...

    Once I build Colony Bases where I can, I'll have more than enough colonies for my micromanagement patience, but I'll do it anyway so that other races can't gain footholds in my systems. Later on, that would let them bypass Warp Inderdictors with Star Gates.

    However, I will probably not be touching the remaining empty systems. Besides my impatience with planet micro, there's the fact that colonising planets from scratch is a major investment. It requires costly Colony Ships, and more more ships for protection - AIs like to punish overexpansion. And your newly founded colonies will take a while before they're actually useful to you = producing research or ships. You'll be enjoying a huge advantage on the Population graph, yet with nothing to show for it in real terms except more tax income.

    I prefer to focus on developing what I have while researching the tech to capture Orion.

    I will kill the Hydra at Juza, however, as it's protecting an Ultra Rich Large Terra.

    On mostly-developed and well populated planets I moved most people into science, and producing over 1k research per turn and growing.

    Turn 188
    Magistrate Claw offers to join. I'm short on cash this turn, but will get him next turn. +45% farming and labor, and +9 Operations. I'm at -10 command points right now, so that'll help.

    Firing Kimbuzi to make room for more job applicants. Moving Rash-lki to Cryslon. Claw will take Nazin.

    Turn 189
    Hydra defeated, Juza colonised.

    Discovered Orion. It's right east of Ursa, at the west edge of the Galaxy.

    Asked the Bulrathi to remove all those transports from Rotan. Having to keep a Battleship there was getting old. They complied.

    Turn 196
    I now have Autolabs, Astro University and Heightened Intelligence, and doing around 2k research per turn. This is a good time to go into the final stretch towards Gauss Ships backed by HEF and Hyper-X.

    Researching Autolabs also granted me Structural Analyzer and Positronic Computers. I could refit my ships into the final iteration of the Mass Driver ship:

    Battleship 1d

    24 Mass Drivers (Heavy Mount)
    50 Mass Drivers (Point Defense) <--- increased based on latest war experiences
    3 Fusion Bombs

    Battle Pods
    Augmented Engines
    Battle Scanner
    Inertial Stabilizer
    Structural Analyzer <-- 60% damage increase against armor and structure. Since most enemy hitpoints are armor and structure, this is very beneficial.

    Class III shield
    Positronic Computer <-- more beam accuracy​
    Removed the Shield Capacitator to make room.

    Not actually refitting because my planets have better things to do, and I feel secure. But it's what I'd do if pressed.

    Turn 201
    Researched Warp Interdictor. This also gives me 1-refined Gauss Cannons and Class V shields. Researching Power now.

    At 18 damage and 8 space, Gauss Cannons are an improvement over even fully refined Mass Drivers even if AI never get better shield techs.

    The first generation Gauss ship:

    Battleship 2

    20 Gauss Cannons <- back to versatile unmodded beams
    4 Fusion Bombs

    Battle Pods
    Augmented Engines
    Battle Scanner
    Inertial Stabilizer
    Structural Analyzer

    Class V shield <--- improvement
    Positronic Computer​

    I considered Rangemaster, to take advantage of non-dissipating damage by shooting from maximum range, since I am no longer taking Heavy Mount. But AI Beam Defense tends to be worse than their Beam Attack, and I already have no trouble hitting my targets.

    Warp Interdictors give you a greatly increased ability to respond to all threats, except stealthy ships. In the Name sort of the Colonies listing, I selected the most developed planet in every system to build one soonish. They are costly to build and maintain, so you don't want them everywhere.

    Turn 207
    Trilarian fleet ETA 3 to Juza to colonize an untaken Gems planet. Sending my 2 Elite Crews ships just in case. Other ships remain at Nazin to benefit from Space Academies. Fast-buying colony base.

    Turn 211
    Researched Hyper-X Capacitators. Getting here also got me High Energy Focus and Megafluxers, as well as Hyper Drives.

    This, this is what I've been working towards all game:

    Battleship 2b, "Orion Killer"

    24 Gauss Cannons

    Battle Pods
    Augmented Engines
    Battle Scanner
    Structural Analyser
    High Energy Focus
    Hyper-X Facilitator

    Class V shield
    Positronic Computer
    Hyper Drives​

    Notice something gone?

    No bombs because I built this thing to kill Orion, and not planning any offensive wars. And I will miss Inertial Stabilizer, but adding Hyper-X and HEF used up 90 space as it was.

    And the Stabilizer is not as relevant as it used to be. Previous ships were meant to outlast the opponent in protracted battles. With a new gun and two major firepower-enhancing systems, this ship's role is now first-strike victory: you hit first, and you hit hard.

    To that purpose it has high initiative. 19 Speed as an almost-full Battleship with Hyper Drives and Augmented Engines, 150 Beam Attack from Positronic Computer + Battle Scanner, that's a total of 34 Initiative - exactly the same as Orion's Guardian. Add Regular or better crew experience, not to mention a ship leader, and you get first movement against the Guardian, or against anything else you're likely to encounter any time soon.

    High Energy Focus brings Gauss damage from 18 to 27, unaffected by range. This lets it comfortably beat Class X, the best Shields in the game, even with Hard Shields (13 total absorption) without having to limit yourself with Heavy Mount.

    Hyper-X Capacitators double your damage thanks to firing a second time in round 1. With this ship, combat doctrine does not anticipate a round 2.

    Overall, we've reached the true "beams are awesome" stage. And we haven't even miniaturised Gauss Cannons to the point where they can Autofire yet.

    Refitting time!

    (After that building ships with Shuttles to capture any raiding Antarans.)

    Turn 213
    Speak of the devil! An Antaran fleet with an ETA of only 1 heading for Juza. 5 Destroyers and 1 Frigate, so it's not something I can kill with a hastily built missile base.

    I haven't built any defenses yet, because it's only 1 turn from my fleet on Nazin and none of the AIs have stealthy ships. Two of my ships are in the refitting queue, but I have 2 Gauss Ships and 2 unrefitted Mass Driver ships.

    4 turns to Juza... nope, moving the Navigator leader from the ship being refitted. Good thing you can do that.

    Turn 214
    Not to worry. Two of my new Gauss Ships tore the Antarans apart before they moved. Back to Nazin to finish refit.

    Turn 216
    2 Trilarian Battleships moving to Tirstar. ETA = 2. No colony ship with them, so this looks hostile.

    My one colony there already has a Fighter Garrison. I will quickly set up a Flux Shield and Missile Base (my income is +460 BC per turn), because my fleet is still waiting for 1 ship to be refitted in order to attack Orion together, and some lousy Xenos aren't going to slow me down regarding that. If I leave that ship behind without a Navigator, it'll take forever to crawl out of the Nebula.

    Turn 217
    Ah, they do have a Colony Ship, it was just outside my scanning range. Fast building a Colony Base this turn.

    Turn 218
    My colony base was scrapped from the Trilarian ship presence, even though I am not showing up as Blockaded.

    Fleet refitted, colony ship added.

    Researched Galactic Cybernets, and building them now so that everyone in the Galaxy can cyber with each other to increase my research rate even more.

    Turn 220
    My fleet's arrival seems to have caused the Trilarians to leave without taking the Ocean.

    Orion time.

    Fun fact for Rocco: Of the 6 races still alive, 3 don't have any shield tech at all, and the other 3 have Class I. Most have Neutronium or Adamantium armor, though.

    Turn 221
    Orion is mine! Four ships did the job before the Guardian could fire back. Techs obtained:

    * Death Ray
    * Black Hole Generator
    * Spatial Compressor
    * Sub-Space Teleporter

    The Death Ray is an improvement over 1-refined Gauss Cannons, but not enough of one to make me want to refit when I'm planning to have Autofire Gauss soon.

    The Teleporter might help with capture operations to get the real exotic techs: Xentronium, Damper Field, Reflection Field.

    Turn 222 - GAME OVER -
    Hah. One turn after Orion, I won the Galactic Vote.

    One fun thing I sometimes like to do is to win the Galactic Vote, then defy the ruling and have a war vs all AI races lumped into one. Not really feeling like it right now, so I'll stop here.


    To conclude this walkthrough, I will briefly describe what I would have done if I had continued. First I'd have researched Achillies Unit, Interphased Drive, and Inertial Nullifier. That would miniaturise Hyper-X and HEF, refine Gauss Cannons so that I could Autofire them, and give me the best computer and Achillies Unit, resulting in this:

    Battleship 2c "Conqueror"

    20 Autofire Gauss Cannons
    1 Neutronium Bomb

    Battle Pods
    Augmented Engines
    Battle Scanner
    Structural Analyser
    High Energy Focus
    Hyper-X Facilitator
    Achillies Unit - this often causes ships to explode much earlier after breaking through shields.

    Class X shield
    Moleculartronic Computer
    Interphased Drives

    For me that is the final iteration of the Battleship; the next ship I typically build is a Doom Star, utilizing the Phasing Cloak as well as Autofire Disrupters, the best weapon in the game.

    I would also research Mutation, and get Trans-Dimensional, for more warp speed and extra +4 combat speed and initiative. Love the fact that you can do that in Ice.

    Eventually, if I got Dimensional Portal, I would research my way to ultimate ships to attack Antares, as this is my favourite way to end the game. If the prospects of obtaining the Portal were slight, I would conquer the Galaxy.

    (The unreliable access to the Antaran homeworld is the only nontrivial issue I have with the otherwise awesome Icemod, to the point where I mod Dimensional Portal back into the tech tree myself.)

    The battle at Antares can be won in many ways - I like Torpedoes as weapons to which Antarans are surprisingly vulnerable - but if you're going to use beams, there are basically two options: Heavy Mount Disrupters, or Maulers.

    If you want to make Ultimate Beam Ships, you want
    * Physics V to fully miniaturise Maulers, or Physics IV for Disrupters
    * Power IV for Hyper-X and HEF
    * Force Fields V for Phasing Cloak, which is a bulky piece of equipment!
    * Computer V for Achillies Unit.

    With the 20/(20+Beam) Reflection Field formula, at 90 strength HV+HEF Disrupters get reflected 2/11 of the time. This is still a lot, considering that the Antaran Fortress has 27000 hitpoints, and you need to do that much damage to it. To survive that, Damper Field is best. Heavy Armor will make a poor man's replacement, but won't give you as much longevity, and you will need to bring more ships.

    Maulers backed by HEF have a 20/(20+150) = 2/17 chance of reflection. That lets you survive comfortably with just Heavy Armor instead of Damper Field, which makes it a good design if you lack that xeno-tech. However, no Autofire means less damage per space than even Heavy Mounted Disrupters, so you might need more ships.

    Last time I did that, victory at Antares was guaranteed with 2 Disrupter ships (with Damper Fields), or 3 Mauler ships, with good leaders. At least that was true for Turn 329 - Antaran forces grow as you play. I did win with 2 Mauler ships in fact, but it was very close and not guaranteed - it depends on how soon certain systems on the Star Fortress get disabled by Achillies Unit.

    Round 1 you move forward and skip your turn. Phasing Cloaks prevent combat.
    Round 2 you Wait until the Antarans have skipped their turn. Then you kill the Star Fortress.
    Round 3 everything uncloaks, and you kill the ships.
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  19. Rocco.40

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    Mar 2, 2015
    Very good read. Lengthy but worth it!
    > for everyone :)
  20. neilkaz

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    Oct 1, 2010
    Chicago Suburbs
    Yes and this shows why and how the game remains so good! Of course the game is much improved with Ice.

    Many playing styles are viable!

    I have another very dominant UniBalanced super race game going. Not as dominant as last game but doing just fine T215pw. Full treaties with 3 AI's. 3 AI's gone. Killed the Cats T172 (took too long as they had lots of GC early on and I wanted their workers and planets intact. Killed the Gnols quickly then T192 (I'd been framed). Darlok Imp3 but they had many wars and were getting hurt. I took 1 planet before they surrendered their remaining planet.

    T202 Instead of a big fleet and Anties, just two FF's raided. It took 2 Capture 9 Assault Shuttle BB to capture one of these and my 3rd BB got a better dice roll and captured the 2nd which blew up. Eagerly I scrap the FF but all I got was N-Bombs which I traded to the 3 non-rep AI's for some good stuff.

    As I pause for the evening T215 10 MIRV Zeon BB's with some EMG missiles as well have killed the Guardian. Death Ray, Reflection Field, Teleporter, and Q-Det. It took me a few tries but I managed to trade Q-Det to all 3 AI's getting some stuff and much desired City Planning (idea is to expand and win GC soon). The Coids are getting carved up and I want my share. I own at least 3/4 of the left half of space.

    Super dominant and getting out some DS with many Heavy AF Disrupters and all sorts of goodies and using Death Rays with transporters and troop pods to capture may Human ships and finally caught their huge fleet that had been giving me problems. Trival GC win to end it T258.
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