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Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by PawelS, Oct 14, 2015.

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    It's not a mod request, as I'm going to do it myself (and use in my mod, but not in the first version, which I'm going to release as soon as possible). But perhaps someone did it before, so if there exists a mod (or a mod component) that does something similar, let me know.

    The idea is that when you become ally of a city state, in addition to normal benefits, you get an unique benefit that is specific to that city state. This should be doable in Lua by adding a special building to the capital and/or to all cities, when a civ is allied with the city state, and removing it when it's not allied.

    Then the benefit can be anything we can do with buildings - production, science, great people points, tourism, culture/gold cost of plots, longer golden ages, extra food retained after growth, worker speed etc.

    For Lua experts: Let me know if you expect me to encounter any problems when trying to do such thing with Lua. For example, if I add a building to the capital that gives a free building to all cities, will that free building disappear from cities when the building in capital is removed?

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