[Idea] Fall From Heaven Lite


Mar 17, 2020
Hey everyone, I have enjoyed playing many civ mods over the years but I think its finally time I try and get involved in creating some. Like many, I was/am a huge fan of the fall from heaven mods and have been waiting to see if we would ever see something like its return. Sadly, from what I understand, without access to the dll for civ 6 we won't be seeing anything quite like it anytime soon. That said, with how customizable making new individual civs seems to be, I think we could still do some fun thing.

My idea is to create a set of new civs based on Fantasy races that progress normally through the ages and normal tech tree alongside the normal human civs. Who wouldn't want to see Gandhi try and find a diplomatic solution to marauding orcs on his border? Or see France and the elves argue over who is the most cultured and elegant? I am thinking of a world that looks like the movie Bright (while not the best movie that came out of 2017, I like the premise and world-building it offered).

Some hi-level design ideas
Species other than human (Dwarf/Orc/Elf) all have -X% to city growth and science but stronger individual units. This plays into the fantasy that humans are more numerous and clever, which they have to be because they are physically weaker to the other races.

Orcs focus on domination and warfare. Their military units all have a higher base strength and regenerate some hit points every turn until things like tanks/mechanized infantry replace them and their physical attributes aren't as important anymore. They gain exp slower though because they are a little thick-headed. They also gain no war-weariness but instead "peace-weariness", so try and stay in constant war. If you find yourself in a prolonged time of peace and need to calm the masses, build the unique arena replacement "fighting pits". Gain additional amenities during peacetime and units trained in this city gain some additional exp. Whenever the orcs take an enemy capital they gain a military policy slot.

Dwarves are known for their productivity and fondness of coin. I will go into more detail later.

Elves are charmed by the beauty of their surroundings and themselves. They focus on culture and amenities. Refuse to harvest forests and can cultivate them much sooner than other species. More details later.

I will update this thread with more detailed ideas but for now, this is a quick introduction of what I would like to do. I know I placed this in the idea section but this is also an open invitation/ask for help in creating these mods. I work full time as a character artist in the games industry and help out with design as I can. ( portfolio - https://www.artstation.com/turret ). So while I want to create custom art assets for all the units and leaders and have input on the design, it would be a great help if I could team up with some people already familiar with all the technical aspects for making and implementing mods for civ 6. I don't have the time to do everything on my own.

So yeah, hope this idea sounds cool and inspires some people. Give me some feedback and I will keep posting more detailed breakdowns of what these civs could do. =)
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