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Jarek Noschese

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May 5, 2019
Hancock Point, Maine
Scenario’s name: “2nd Great Depression”/“Fourth Reich”

Story: its February 2022. Desperate to “return the empire” to its “rightful place”, the Russians attack Ukraine, even as the democratic world builds up its culture to bring down the weakest dictatorships with as little bloodshed as possible. Despite all the initial western fears and Russian optimism, Putin’s war is not going according to plan. In fact, Ukraine is mounting successful counterattacks against the Russian forces and most nations have either kept neutral or begun providing supporting to Ukraine. The Russians must do something and do it quick. Otherwise, the invasion will be repelled and Russia’s economy will explode, giving the US and its allies an unsurpassable lead. Putin is liable to be overthrown in the aftermath of these events.

Scoring Protagonist: Russians

Objectives: Wonders and the Russian and British capitals are the objectives. Whoever captures the Russian or British capital or builds the Cure for Cancer is the automatic winner of the scenario. Spaceships are not permitted. Only Wonders still in existence today should be included.

Other participating nations: Ukraine, British and Americans, Mainland Europe, Chinese, Indians & maybe a “minor neutral coalition”.

Special Rules…
1. No technologies from capturing cities
2. Talks between Ukraine and Russia are banned.

Timeline: February 2022 to December 2035 (12yr and 10mo, each “turn” is two months long, so 77 turns to win this scenario)

The inspiration came from seeing what the world’s faced lately and wanting to do something about it without having to leave my home. And this is all I can think of at the moment.

The Map: Earth from the 60th parallel north to the 35th parallel south is sufficient for this scenario. I recommend <65 landmasses and bodies of water. Make sure the land formations and resources are historically accurate.
Having inspiration is the first step.

If you feel fun about creating it, just do it then share it indeed.

Some questions may arise from your objectives choices imho.
Whatever, You should consider deeply the geopolitical current situation (Brics defiant towards Us hegemony while not beeing quite ready to fight openly against it offensively, many countries defiant of Us past and present action, Oil producers countries having their own agenda, the decline of the Occident...), but also the new war paradigm revealed in this war and each country ability to adapt to these new analysis, despite all what's hidden to us citizens on both subjects when building them and imagining your scenario events, relations, units and goals.

Anyway, if you wanna go for an uchronia or science fiction, that would be a choice to respect too ?
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