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Idea for an RPC: Lincoln the Great Emancipator

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by rmunn, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. rmunn

    rmunn Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2009
    I recently had an idea for an RPC game, but I don't have the time or know-how to host one. Anyone interested is more than welcome to "steal" the idea. :)

    RPC name: Lincoln the Great Emancipator

    Whoever hosts the game should pick something appropriate. Note that the "no slavery" rule may make things more difficult (close to impossible?) on higher levels, where whipping is such a key tactic. Somewhere in the Noble-Monarch range may work.

    1) You may never adopt the Slavery civic. This is Lincoln we're playing, after all.
    2) All foreign civilizations running Slavery must be persuaded to abandon it as soon as they have any alternative (other than Tribalism). If they are lacking both Feudalism and Code of Laws, you MUST attempt to trade them one of those techs so that they will have an alternative to Slavery. Once they do have an alternative, you MUST attempt to persuade them to abandon Slavery, via an appropriate gift.
    3) Any civilization that does not want to abandon Slavery must be destroyed so that its slaves may be liberated. You don't have to go to war against them right away if you're not ready (understrength, or currently at war with someone else), but you should start preparing for war. If they abandon Slavery before you were ready to attack them, fine -- diplomacy (in the form of showing the big stick while speaking soft words) worked, no need for bloodshed.
    4) Any civilization that abandoned Slavery once, then switches back to it has proven themselves unrepentant slaveowners and must be destroyed. They had their chance of living righteously and they threw it away. Again, no need for an immediate war if you're not ready, but you MUST conquer them and free their oppressed people before the end of the game.
    5) Capturing workers from foreign civilizations running Slavery is perfectly acceptable. The newly-freed slaves can immediately go to work for the American civilization, at standard American labor wages. (I.e., the standard unit upkeep price). Bonus roleplaying points for using railroads to free said slaves. :)
    6) If the game continues into the modern era, when the world is pretty much abandoning Slavery, you must switch your "most hated civic" to State Property, and use diplomacy and/or warfare to make the "evil commies" switch to a different Economy civic. Free Market is preferred, but whatever they're willing to switch to is fine. If they refuse, it's time for another war of liberation, to free the oppressed citizens of those totalitarian regimes. Particularly favored targets under this rule are Russia and China: if either of them is running State Property, you must target them first before going after other civs.
    7) Running Nationhood and/or Police State during wartime is perfectly in character for Lincoln: he did abolish habeus corpus and raise a draft during the real Civil War.

    Optional rules:
    1) Though the historical Lincoln was reluctant to join any specific church, his frequent references to God and the Bible in his speeches leave little doubt that he was a religious man. So for bonus roleplaying points, attempt to found a religion.
    2) If you end up founding Judaism, you should start planning a war of liberation against Egypt, in revenge for the hundreds of years of Jewish slavery. :mad: If you end up founding Christianity, ditto for Rome: it's revenge for the thousands and thousands of martyrs eaten by lions in the arena, crucified, etc. And if you found Buddhism, take revenge on China for the occupation of Tibet.
    3) If it won't hurt your war preparations, attempt to build traditional American wonders like the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and Hollywood. And you MUST build Mt. Rushmore once it becomes available -- Lincoln must be immortalized in stone for all time! Bonus rolepaying points for putting the wonders in appropriate locations (Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and the United Nations in New York, and Mt Rushmore in any city built on a plains hill, which you must then rename to Keystone).

    Victory conditions:
    Any victory condition is acceptable, but Domination is most likely since you'll be at war so often. If you do manage to convert other civs peacefully away from Slavery and/or State Property, any of the peaceful wins (cultural, diplomatic, space race) are also perfectly in keeping with historical America at one point or another. Well, maybe not diplomatic... :)

    Anyone interested in turning this idea into a real RPC?
  2. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008
    Emancipation and environmentalism are preferred AI civics once available, which really cuts into the RPC flavor. Worse still, many AIs will not take civic bribes until friendly. You can as an alternative just run over the world using horse archers or something, but that doesn't really fit the theme so well...
  3. rmunn

    rmunn Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2009
    That's too bad. I was having fun with my self-imposed "no slavery" rule as Lincoln, and I thought it would make a neat RPC. But only having a single forbidden civic (or perhaps two if you count State Property) doesn't make for enough of an RPC. As a Philosophical leader, Lincoln makes a no-Slavery game easy: just beeline CoL (I used an Oracle slingshot to get there myself) and run Caste System for lots and lots of GP points -- you would be doing this anyway. Plus, an Oracle slingshot is very likely to pick up Confucianism, so you can make your first GP a Prophet and get some shrine income.

    In my Noble game as Lincoln with the "no Slavery" rule, I had gotten Hinduism & Judaism early on (missed Buddhism by ONE turn, too). The only source of marble on the map was far away near the Viking starting point, they were the only AI on my starting continent, and the marble was near a natural chokepoint. So my first settler made the long trek over to the marble to help speed the Oracle and claim a large chunk of territory for my later expansion at the same time. By the time he got there, though, the Oracle was only ten turns from completion (game speed was Epic), so I simply had him wait a few more turns so that when Confucianism was founded, Washington was still my only city. Voilà, three-headed religious "hydra" in my capital. I know where I'll be putting Wall Street this game... :)

    Shame the RPC won't work, though. Unless "attack Germany, Japan, Russia and China, and maybe England and the Native Americans" makes for an RPC -- and I'd personally like to see something a little more involved than basic warmongering with preassigned targets. But I'm not coming up with any other good ideas to play as Lincoln. I liked the "no running Slavery" idea, but it needs some kind of goal -- one that the basic AI mechanics aren't going to render pointless. :) Any ideas?
  4. Riot

    Riot Warlord

    Jan 25, 2010
    The ironic idea is that your RPC is centered of shoving Emancipation down the other civ's throats.

    Which is esssentially a facet of slavery, that might makes right.

    An interesting idea, although targetting Russia and China seems a little unfair to me. I mean, Stalin and Mao okay, but Catherine, Peter, and Qin?

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