Idea for interesting and pro-active passive religious spread.

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    Aug 25, 2017
    I've posted this before, but think that its relevant once again with today's teaser of Spring 2017 changes. I think it is fair to say that Firaxis missed the mark on how it implemented its Missionary/Apostle/Inquisitor religious spread system. Missionaries clog up the map and the whole thing basically exists on a plane parallel too, but separate from, the rest of the game. I had an interesting idea for an overhaul of this system that would make pursuing religious victory a lot more strategic and satisfying.

    • Remove missionaries. Keep Apostels and Inquisitors and allow Great Prophet's to have be recruited after you have founded a religion (No more religious unit spam, more on Great Prophet later)..
    • Base religious pressure (brp): All cities following a religion will exert 1 (2 for holy city) unit of religious pressure to all other cities within 10 tiles.
    Now this is where it gets interesting. All cities with a religion will also exert religious pressure based on the districts present in that city. Assume values are per turn and are multiples of brp defined above.

    (a) Harbor: Any trade route originating in this city that passes over water will exert 2*brp (city’s base religious pressure) to the destination city.

    (b) Commercial District: Harbor: Any trade route originating in this city that passes over land will exert 2*brp to the destination city.

    (c) Industrial: Reduces all other religion’s influence by 2*brp per turn.

    (d) Entertainment: Exerts 1*brp to all of the city owner’s other cities.

    (e) Theater: City extends its religious pressure two tiles further (12 tiles vrs. 10 tiles).

    (f) Campus: Exerts 1*brp to all other cities with a campus district that religion’s owner has vision of.

    (g) Encampment: Any unit that falls in combat within the cities borders will increase brp by 3 for that turn.

    (h) Holy District: Increases the base religious pressure of the city by 1 (brp = 2, 3 for holy cities.)

    Apostle could either instantly exert 100 units of religious pressure or 10 RP + converts 10% of all other religion’s cumulative religious pressure to your own (3 charges. 2nd option is better as it prevents older cities from becoming unconvertable). Great Prophets recruited after you have founded a religion will double the effect of whichever district they are standing on, so for example a city with a great prophet on a theater will exert influence up to 14 tiles. Strategically moving your Great Prophets as needed would be key. Ironically Great Prophets will provide no additional benefit for standing on holy sites.

    Under this system, religious units are more expensive and rare. Making the correct decision on which city(s) to use them on is what will lead you to religious victory. More importantly, this will integrate religious victory with the other game mechanics. Build up lots of harbors/commercial districts and unleash a focused barrage of religious pressure onto a key city. Convert your opponent’s encampment cities before declaring war and watch your religion expand around the fallen martyrs. Make the decision between building industrial districts in your core cities for stronger factory bonus or in your border cities to help impede the encroachment of foreign religion.

    Would obviously mean a major overhaul of many wonders, civ/leader traits, city state bonuses and beliefs, but opens up the possibility for many new ones (i.e Phillip could get double the pressure from harbor/commercial districts on trade routes sent to foreign continents. The Hagia Sophia could exert its citiy’s brp*5 to all city states you are Suzerain). Looking for theorycrafting/opinions on this, as I think that if implemented correctly this could be a change for the better. Obviously not married to any of the values or the specific district bonuses. Would love some ideas for a more active (like harbor/comm/encampment) bonuses for the campus and entertainment district, especially ones that would allow your religion to spread to cities far away from your core religious cities. Lastly if anyone with a coding background could let me know if this would make turn times better or worse than the current missionary spam.
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    May 26, 2013
    Fantastic approach to religion. I’d be very happy if such a system was implemented into the game.

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