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Idea for next CivBE Expansion - Affinity-focused

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by Azem.Ocram, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Azem.Ocram

    Azem.Ocram Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015
    I think that combining all affinity-related ideas into 1 Expansion Pack would work best.


    I would nerf Prosperity considerably so that "Mind Over Matter" gives +3 Health, "Eudaimonia" gives -10% unhealth, the free colonist is replaced with +3 food in the Capital, and -25% culture needed for border growth replaced with -20% energy cost for buying tiles. Knowledge would lose all culture and energy bonuses unrelated to science, replaced with +1 Science to Arrays, +1 Science to Manufacturies, +1 Science to RoButler factories (new Tile Improvement), +1 Science to Biotech Labs (new Tile Improvement), and +3 Science to World Wonders. Might and Industry would be unchanged. All the culture bonuses from the Knowledge and Prosperity trees should get moved to the new Artistry virtue (Tier 2), which should also get Tier 3 health bonuses that add up to 1.5x those removed from Prosperity and Knowledge. Artistry should have mostly useless Tier 1 virtues that require positive health to work and only have modest benefits. This makes Artistry the virtue tree with the greatest difference in strength between Tier 1 and Tier 3.

    Diplomatic Traits

    Leader Traits should give leaders more personality. To do this they must alter respect (like normal diplomatic traits)
    Leader Traits should make all leaders lose respect for players with higher scores (so they try harder to win)
    Here is my list what the leaders should respect.

    Hutama respects trade route yields (doesn't care who with)
    Elodie respects culture
    Sochua and Kisch respects production
    Moon and Fielding respect espionage
    Lena Ebner respects diplomacy (and cashing in favors with any AI for DC, requires restoration of vanilla CivBE diplomatic trade screen
    Alencar respects military might
    Vadim Kozlov respects orbital units
    Barre respects food
    Duncan Hughes respects naval size
    Kavitha Thakur respects territory size.
    I would also make Elodie's Leader Trait give 1 Free Virtue for every 12/9/5 bought with culture.

    Affinity Viewpoints

    One should be able to decide on the strategy and style of your affinity as you progress. Do you go Human Hive Harmony or Space Hippies? Do you go Artistic Purity or Heavy Duty (think Lev Tank) Purity? Do you want to be Supreme Producers or Supreme Robotic Warriors? Do you want to be Leisurely Nobles or Technocratic Nobles? Do you want to be Rampant Scientists or Rampant Conquerors? Do you want to be Ascendant Gladiators or Aesthetically-focused Ascendant Demi-Gods (health, beauty, culture)?

    Affinity Ideology

    Affinity Viewpoints should be implemented similar to Ideologies in Civilization V Brave New World. However, Affinity Ideologies should be different from BNW's Freedom/Order/Autocracy Ideology system. Just because some other leader leveled up in Supremacy before you doesn't mean you necessarily follow in his exact same footsteps when you reach the same affinity level he did. It is a real shame that Elodie and Kozlov behave nearly identical when they have the same affinity levels and diplomatic traits. The way to change that would be to give Leader Traits respect modifiers like purchased ones and have Affinity Ideology impact treatment towards other leaders with respect to affinity levels.

    I like the idea of 4 tiers of Affinity Ideology with deeper tiers having fewer tenet slots and the options for the deeper tenets depending on the choices of the shallower tier. I think each affinity ideology should grant 1 non-controversial "core" tenet and 1 slight affinity-aligned, leader-specific tenet for free (with options, not automatic affinity perks) when adopted and 1 leader specific tenet with a deeper (but non-controversial) affinity focus when tier 2 is unlocked, but have the rest of the tenets purchased with faith. The free tenets should not impact the pools of tenets available to choose in deeper tiers, merely excluding the free tenets from being chosen twice.

    The deepest tier (4) would have 2 tenet slots with the tenets unlocking an Affinity Wonder (that helps progress victory but doesn't trigger it). The first tier-4 tenet slot can only be filled when the leader reaches level 15 of the corresponding affinity or 11/11 (for Hybrid Affinities) and at least 2 tier-3 affinity tenet slots had been filled. The 3rd tier requires 13 (or 9/9) to unlock and 2 tier-2 tenets to buy its 1st tenet, 2nd tier 11 (or 7/7) to unlock and at least 2 tier-1 tenets to buy 1st tenet and the 1st tier (and Affinity Ideology system) unlocks at 9 (or 5/5) affinity.
    Each tier unlocked also grants a modest perk, the same for all leaders with the same affinity. Default affinity perks get nerfed. Switching Affinity Ideology should be possible if you have high enough Affinity level(s) to unlock different Affinity Ideologies but there should be a consequence. This consequence is Anarchy (making a comeback from earlier Civ games) with its length (in turns) longer the farther away your current Affinity Ideology is from your chosen new one (with opposites taking 3x as long as adjacent affinities). During Anarchy, production halts and positive yields turn to 0 (no positive food, energy, culture, or science), diplomacy gets a hit, and the leader temporarily gets leader-specific (affinity agnostic) tenets equal to his previous affinity ideology tenets unlocked (minimum of 2 since they are free) but has to buy all new tenets after the transition is complete (with the exception of only 1 tier-1 affinity tenet available free of charge) to switch out the generic leader-specific tenets. If for some reason you want to ignore affinity-affiliated tenets, you could change ideologies to the adjacent one then switch back (though this is rather costly). Affinity-agnostic, leader-specific tenets unlock 1 wonder that helps time victory (just give you more points and defense) and weakly help production affiliated with your Affinity Ideology (P/H wonder decreases turns to construct hybrid forests and build academies; P wonder speeds up time to clear miasma and construct Terrascape tile improvements; P/S wonder decreases turns to clear miasma and construct Academy and RoButler Factory tile improvements; S wonder decreases turns to build Node and Manufactury tile improvements; S/H wonder decreases turns to build Manufactury and Augmentary tile improvements; H wonder decreases turns to build Biowell tile improvements and add miasma while making Mind Stems 5% cheaper)
    The Affinity Ideology tenets impact the leaders' opinions on others' affinity levels and tenets, and unique diplomatic Leader Traits impact the leaders' opinions on others' actions.

    Affinity Cost

    Affinity progression should be much more expensive. My solution is to add Affinity Levels 19 and 20, increase cost to progress dominant affinity level to 2 points added each level (instead of 1), decrease cost to get to Affinity 1 to 10 points, double the cost penalty for leveling up affinity levels not dominant, and give a 10% discount to levelling up the Affinity (or affinities) of your Affinity Ideology at Tier 3. It should be impossible to reach 18/18/18 (or even 17/17/17 and 18/18/13) using research alone. This means the entire Tech Web combined should have 400 Purity points, 400 Harmony points, and 400 Supremacy points. Reaching Affinity 17+ would require more affinity points, such as from quests and expeditions. It should be extremely difficult and time consuming to reach 20/20/20 but theoretically possible with enough free affinity points and levels granted from quests.

    Great Persons

    Each Affinity level should grant you a Great Person (for the affinity) Point per turn equal to that level with the cost to get a new Great Person scaling with game speed.
    See http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13997232 for source of inspiration
    Great Purists could be expended for either a single lump-sum of culture and hurry buildings and wonders or for building the Pure Cultural Homestead (a museum recreating the utopia of Old Earth with a garden of luxury Earth crops) that provides +3 culture per turn, +3 food per turn, +1 Production, +1 Purity point per turn.
    Great Supremists could give a lump-sum of energy and science or build the Supreme Techno-Industrial Fort (pretty much a high-tech/supremacy-looking citadel + factory) with +4 production, +2 Energy, and +1 Supremacy point per turn, provides a defensive bonus to the owner's units and claims the tile for the owner's empire.
    Great Harmonists could be expended for a lump-sum of food and culture or to build the Harmonious Preserve that provides +2 food, +1 Culture, +1 local health if worked, +1 Harmony point per turn, and occasionally spawns weak leashed aliens. However, when you are prompted on how to spend the Great Person, you can tell the computer to wait and turn the next Great Person of a different Affinity into a Hybrid Affinity Great Person.
    Great Nobles would build the Noble RoButler Store with +3 Science, +3 culture, +2 Production, +1 Purity point, and +1 Supremacy point per turn.
    Great Ascendants would build the Ascendant Training Sites with +8 City Hit Points, +1 local health if worked, +1 Purity point per turn, +1 Harmony point per turn, +2 culture per turn, and grant +10 XP to units built in the city.
    Great Rampants would have a Rampant Research Site with +3 Science, +2 production, +1 Harmony point, +1 Supremacy point and occasionally spawn an Experimental Hellion with 42 Strength, 36 Ranged Strength (can attack adjacent tiles at full Ranged Strength), and all terrain costs 1 movement.

    Now to balance things out, Academies, Biowells, and Manufacturies should cost 2 more energy per turn (4 instead of 2) and take 50% more turns for workers to build. Great Persons should also take many turns to earn so that you would be unlikely to get double digits of Great Persons before you win. Also high level Affinity Ideology increases the rate of associated Affinity Great Persons and stops the opposite from being earned and spawned by making the hybridization automatic. Harmony gets Great Harmonists, great Rampants, and Great Ascendants. Nobility (P/S) gets Great Nobles (faster), Great Purists, Great Supremacists, and Great Ascendents (slower). Great Person tile improvements should NOT be buffed by techs.

    Unique Units:

    I quite like the suggestion I read to have each Affinity (including Hybrids) have 5 tiers of Unique Units and will just link to that suggestion here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=553006


    With all these changes made to everything else, victories should be changed as well.

    New victories added
    Reclamation (Warp Gate + Purity Tile Wonder)
    Elected Supreme Chancellor (Planetary Council HQ Tile Wonder)
    Starships (Starport Tile Wonder)

    Victories (other than Time and Domination) then have 3 steps (like the beacon):

    1. Build Victory Wonder (limit 1 per planet)
    2. Activate Victory Wonder
    3. Meet conditions for victory

    Tile Wonders then get 2 categories

    1. Affinity/National Tile Wonders (limit 1 per sponsor)
    2. Victory/Global Tile Wonders (limit 1 per planet)

    Affinity Tile Wonders are then

    1. (P/H) Ascendant Capitol
    2. (Pure) Earthling Supply Depot
    3. (P/S) RoButler Co. Central Warehouse
    4. (Supreme) Simulated Reality Project
    5. (S/H) Rampant Research Center
    6. (Harmonious) Xenoscape Preserve (park with partially visible Mind Stem)
    * Completion of these Tile Wonders give no notification, especially to others
    * Each Sponsor is limited to 1 Affinity Tile Wonder and 1 Victory Tile Wonder

    Victory Wonders are then

    1. Mind Flower
    2. Warp Gate
    3. Beacon
    4. Planetary Council
    5. Starport
    * Remember, limit 1 per Planet

    Victories are then

    1. Transcendence
    2. Emancipation
    3. Exodus
    4. Reclamation
    5. Contact
    6. Diplomatic
    7. Starships

    Activation menu shows all options with unavailable ones greyed-out with requirements displayed.
    Selecting activation gives you a simple yes/no dialogue with recommendations to hasten victory.
    No warnings given in activation menu and the AI will always choose the option to end the game quickest.
    Global Impending Victory or Failure notifications sent upon completion of Victory Wonder and again upon activation.
    Players who activate Victory Wonders can't deactivate. Explanation below.


    Takes longer, sped up by H, P/H, and S/H Tile Wonders
    Mind Flower must be activated to start timer, activation gives
    Mind Flower can be built at Harmony 13 and (manually) activated at Harmony 13 the next turn
    Mind Flower blooming when owner is below Harmony 17 results in Transcendence Failure ... Unless
    H, P/H, or S/H Tile Wonders have been built somewhere in the world
    H, P/H, and S/H Tile Wonders grant Transcendence (co)Victory to their owners when Mind Flower blooms, giving unique victory screens
    Transcendence Failure grants a special victory screen to (all) Supremacy 16+ players with less than 10 Harmony; like Time Victory and competition taking each other's capitals, this requires no action on your part (just Affinity Threshold).
    "One More Turn" shows all units besides the owner's generic, P/S, & Supremacy units, and their competition's Supremacy units despawned and all factions besides the winners and stations eliminated, with their cities belonging to "Alien" (like the buggy station war popup) and being razed. If capitals cannot be razed, then they drop to 1-population Supremacy cities with no buildings (besides wonders) with an energy focus. You can easily annex these cities if you want the infrastructure because the "Alien" AI cannot build units and defense of cities is limited to standard automatic self-defense.

    Changes to Warp Gate

    Warp Gate has no affinity requirements to build, only Nanotechnology and Hypercomputing techs
    Warp Gate moved to a special branch tech (only branch with 'AND' requirement, with no leaf techs) with T2 science costs and no (or 5P/5S) affinity points granted
    Activating a portal has requirements. Exodus portal is now sky blue, like the lights on P/S soldiers. The red portal goes with Reclamation now

    Emancipation Portal requires 17S OR 13S/10H to activate
    Emancipation victory is still the same, however, Earth has only 100 - emancipation progress% Earthlings available to evacuate
    Global Notification sent out at 60% Emancipation progress

    Exodus Portal Requires 13P/6H OR 13P/6S to activate
    Exodus Victory is granted at the beginning of the turn after at least 40 Earthlings were settled
    P, P/H, and P/S Tile Wonders help by giving a bonus to Earthlings under the builder's control and allowing them to settle in the builder's cities; control of Earthlings flip to builders of these Tile Wonders if Earthlings walk within 4 tiles of their wonders or cities
    Player who settled the most Earthlings gets Main Victory screen, all other players who settled Earthlings get 2nd place (different dialogue), video changes depending on whether player has a Tile Wonder if any. P/S gets gleaming white cities (current video), P gets majestic (brown granite) cities as opulent as (Fritz Lang's) Metropolis, P/H gets futuristic Greco-Roman cities, lack of tile wonder gives (boring brown granite/cement) post-modernist cities

    Reclamation Portal Requires 17P AND Pure Earthling Depot
    OR 15P/8S AND Noble RoButler Co. Central Warehouse to activate
    Victory Triggered at the end of the turn when enough supplies (measured in hurry cost of peaceful units and trade route yields) have been sent to Rebuild and Reclaim Earth. The amount of supplies needed to Reclaim Earth increases with Emancipation progress and decreases with Exodus progress.

    Requires 6P/6S/6H to activate
    Energy (per turn) requirement replacing turn requirement, scaled with game speed
    Minimum turn requirement to make contact (with Hutama-level energy generation) set to 10 on Quick, scales with game speed
    No "One More Turn" button
    Can be triggered early with active Exodus Portal
    After 2 turns (on quick) with an activated Beacon and open Exodus Portal on the same planet, the portal turns acid green
    After 6 turns (on quick) or if Warp Gate owner clicks 'Summon Earthling Settler,' Contact is made
    Beacon owner and Exodus Portal Owner get unique victory screen, complete with a new video, and possibly new dialogue

    As described here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=557093
    Requires, at minimum, 3/4 of the other sponsors to vote for you (if 12 sponsors are currently in the game, 10 (yourself included) sponsors must vote for you, if 8 sponsors are currently in the game, 7 (yourself included) sponsors must vote for you, if only 4 sponsors are currently in the game, the vote must be unanimous)

    Just like Space Victory in Civilization 5 except
    Requires Starport (limit 1 per planet) to start
    Requires an Affinity Tile Wonder to activate project, which speeds up Space Victory in some way akin to T3 BNW Ideologies (P - think Freedom, S - think Order, H - same production as S but with food set to 0 (like colonists), hybrids get both bonuses, S/H stacks to 1.6x)
    Victory screen displays affinity starship flying with a (cloudy, oceanic view of the) planet behind it, with "FLY STARSHIPS" replacing "GO BEYOND EARTH"
    Creates an initial turn save in Starships (like the current in-game button) with your Planet as your home world and all cities under your control counting
    Sponsors on your planet retain diplomatic relationships (like the current button)
    Sponsors not on your planet added to game with default settings
    You automatically get the Affinity portrait of your Victory Screen starship without the affinity perk
    Certain Wonders under your control grant perks (such as counting as Starships' Wonders)
    Wonder Victory in Starships disabled for obvious reasons
    Starships victory encourages 2nd-to-last-man standing (otherwise Domination)
    Starships victory requires DLC to be added to SM Starships but will increase sales for both games

    Affinity Wonders

    I think that the deepest tier of the Affinity Ideology should have the tenets allow the construction of special national wonders that help with a victory (like mind stems). These wonders can be built once per civilization/empire/sponsor, after prerequisite buildings (unlocked with Tier 3 of Affinity Ideologies) in all cities belonging to that player and have booster buildings (and wonder if in the city) destroyed when the city is captured by another player/leader. If the wonder city is captured (thus the wonder destroyed), the wonder can be rebuilt and the booster buildings stop progressing victory in the meantime (but still have yield and maintenance).

    Purity wonder: Earthling Supply HQ - speeds Reclamation Victory, adds +1 movement to Earthling refugees, allows Earthlings to settle in Pure Cultural Homesteads or cities with Earthling Sanctuary Hotels (name pending) (they will do this if you attempt to settle them on land within 3 tiles of said Homesteads or cities, preferring cities if cities are within range); allows other Purity sponsors with Earthling Supply Depots to share victory against your will (they can send trade routes to the Reclamation Portal and get higher catch radii around their Pure Cultural Homesteads and cities with Earthling Sanctuary Hotels)
    Earthling Supply Depots provide +10 Production, +5 Energy, +1 Culture, +2 Diplomatic Capital but tie up 5 Titanium, 2 Petroleum, and 1 Floatstone
    Earthling Sanctuary Hotels provide +7 Food, +1 Happiness, and +3 Culture (with a building quest to charge guests for free maintenance or open up a museum for +2 Culture)
    Pure Cultural Homesteads change into Pure Garden Cities with the same maximum capacity as normal Earthling Settlements but with a +1 culture bonus per population (and no decrease in food)

    P/S wonder: RoButler HQ - speeds Reclamation Victory, adds +1 movement to Earthling refugees, allows Earthlings to settle in cities with RoButler shops and in Noble RoButler Stores (they will do this if you attempt to settle them on land within 3 tiles of said cities or Noble RoButler Stores, preferring cities if in range); allows other Purity sponsors with RoButler HQs to share victory against your will (they can send trade routes to the Reclamation Portal and get higher catch radii around Noble RoButler Stores their cities with RoButler Shops)
    RoButler HQs provide +9 Production, +2 Energy, +5 Culture, +3 Diplomatic Capital but tie up 5 Titanium and 3 Firaxite
    RoButler shops provide +4 Production, +1 Hapiness, +4 Culture, and +2 Science (with a building quest to privatize the business for free maintenance or use RoButlers for more tasks for +2 Production)
    Noble RoButler Stores change into Noble RoButler Arcologies with the same maximum capacity as normal Earthling Settlements but with a +1 culture bonus per population

    Supremacy wonder: Virtual Utopia - gives all fighting units a free level of Disciplined (regardless of what they already have) and speeds up the last stage of Starship Victory, further sped up by VR Hubs
    Virtual Utopia decreases food consumption by population and specialists AND eliminates unhappiness in the city but ties up 8 Firaxite and 10 Geothermal
    VR Hubs provide +1 Food, +5 Production, and +2 Science and eliminate unhappiness in the city (with a building quest to increase efficiency for free maintenance or increase meat-computer speed/capacity for +3 Science)

    S/H wonder: Augmentation HQ - gives all fighting units a free level of Disciplined and +5 healing per turn, helped by Augmentation Centers, allows sharing Emancipation victory by warping military units adjacent to Emancipation Portal Warp Gates without preventing the owner from using it at full capacity
    Augmentation HQ ties up 8 Firaxite and 8 Xenomass
    Augmentation Centers give +10 XP to all fighting units built in the city, +2 City Health, and -10 City Unhappiness

    Harmony wonder is like 2 mind stems and its booster buildings are like normal mind stems with +1 city health, Transcendence without any mind-stem-like buildings or wonders on the Planet would take much longer than before

    P/H wonder - Greek God Gene Rejuvenation HQ - gives all fighting units +5 healing, gives Earthling refugees +1 movement, allows Earthlings to settle in Ascendant Training Sites and cities with Gene Rejuvenation Centers (lets players share Promised Land Victory, giving them wider catch radii but Earthlings will always prefer cities with Gene Rejuvenation Centers if within range)
    Greek God Gene Rejuvenation HQ ties up 5 Floatstone, 8 Xenomass, 1 Titanium and 2 Geothermal
    Gene Rejuvenation Centers give +1 Happiness, remove 15 unhealth, give +2 health, and +1 culture per turn (with a building quest giving a choice between +1 Health or +2 Culture)
    Ascendant Training Sites turn into Ascendant New Spartas with +1 Culture per population settled
  2. Azem.Ocram

    Azem.Ocram Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015

    Architecture of cities should change with Affinity Ideology

    P/S: Crystal Spires and iTowers for Purity, light grey (not the default dark grey) Acetic Aesthetic for Supremacy, Skyfarms and other futuristic green buildings for Harmony. Elegantly curved glass spire (inspired by the Duval Empire) for central building.

    P/H: Monumental and slightly modernized Purity architecture, futuristic “Gardens of Babylon” for Harmony, neutral-brown metallic factories and offices for Supremacy. Opulent gold skyscraper ziggurat (simple Art Deco geometry) for central building

    S/H: Varying shades of dark purple architecture (cyberpunk Evil Inc. HQ, wretched hives, SC200's Darko Arcology) for Supremacy, ominous purple (and sometimes with teal highlights) bioluminescent architecture (some buildings looking like insects, some looking like internal organs, some looking like vines or webs, some covered in meat-moss) for Harmony, and what look like slightly futurized Gotham buildings from Batman 1989 for Purity. Dark indigo and futuristic Tower of Sauron for central building.

    P: Typical Purity buildings, slightly less futuristic “Gardens of Babylon” for Harmony (some looking more like Purity buildings with gardens on the roofs or draping down the walls), and neutral-brown cement factories and offices for Supremacy. Opulent ziggurat (inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis) with Purity-brown stone fa├žade for central building http://blogs.ubc.ca/urbs/files/2013/09/metropolis-.jpg

    H: Typical Harmony buildings, futuristic Art Nouveau “Gardens of Babylon” with typical (of today) blue-green windows, oxidized copper wherever you would expect metal and more plants for Purity, and neutral (grey-ish) blue and green factories and offices for Supremacy, looking like they were clad in oxidized copper (bronze with a patina) that was then coated with a protective coating, making it darker and greyer. Harmony-green, round, and futuristic living tower for central building

    S: Typical Supremacy buildings, neutral tan angular Ascetic Aesthetic for Purity, and round, neutral teal highrise parks, greenhouses, growlabs, and human hives for Harmony. Giant, narrow node for central building.

    Leader Portraits

    Instead of just 3 Affinity levels of Leader Portraits, there should be more.
    Currently, you have generic outfit (0/0/0), colored outfit, slightly altered outfit with accessories, and the typical maxed outfit in Purity, Supremacy, and Harmony.
    When Affinity Ideology is adopted (unlocked once Affinity Level 5 has been reached), the Leader’s portrait uses variations of that affinity (hybrid or straight).
    The colored outfit unlocks at Affinity 4. The only way to unlock the hybrid affinity colored outfit is to adopt a Hybrid Affinity Ideology before you reach Affinity 7. The appearance of the leader changes every 3 affinity levels (4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19). Affinity 7 subtly changes the outfit, level 10 gives accessories and further changes to the outfit, level 13 starts changing the leader’s biological appearance (in addition to changing the outfit further with more elaborate and plentiful accessories), level 19 gives leader’s Starships-level affinity portraits.
    Purity makes leaders look younger or healthier. Leaders who look under the age of 26 are unchanged.
    Harmony makes leaders look more genetically modified. The types of modifications depend on adopted Ideology (more like contemporary models from the leader’s region of origin for Purity (including P/H and P/S), Starships’ Harmony for Supremacy (face paint goes to S/H only), reptilian for Harmony)
    Supremacy slowly turns leaders into cyborgs. 19S/0P/0H Leader screens are identical to those in Sid Meier’s Starships

    A Leader following the Purity Ideology at 20P/16H/12S would look like an idealized version of their 25-year-old self with a "pimped-out suit (or dress)" with biological gadgets and silver high-tech gadgets with a Red and Gold theme.
    A 19P/19H/15S Purity/Harmony Leader would look like a Classical Era God (or Goddess) version of their original selves with copper-plated gadgets and golden high-tech accessories.

    Other Important Things Originally Included in the unedited Post

    I also think that adjectives for Great Persons of the Hybrid Affinties get different names from the Hybrid Affinity Ideology and the Hybrid Affinity Ideology should have a different name from the unit upgrades, however, one overlap is allowed (Master/Nobility/Masterful, First/Ascendency/Ascendent, Elder/Voracity/Rampant). Therefore, you have Nobility, Ascendency, and Voracity with Masterful Great Persons, Ascendent Great Persons, and Rampant Great Persons.

    Also, I like calling domestic robots for Nobility 'RoButlers' because they are robotic robota (serfs, see: RUR) and butlers are fancy and describes their main job duties. I picture them as consumer grade versions of the robot units Nobility uses for combat. They are to P/S melee as a luxury sedan is to a tank.

    New Technologies

    Robotics should get a leaf tech called Domestic Robots, which allows workers to construct RoButler Factories and grant +1 production to Manufacturies and Mines. +20 Purity & Supremacy

    Terraforming should get a leaf tech called Cross Pollination, which allows workers to construct Hybrid Forests and grant +1 food to Biowells and Farms. +20 Purity & Harmony

    Alien Sciences should get a leaf tech called Xeno-Techno Augmentation, which allows workers to construct Biotech Labs and should grant +1 Science to Xenomass Wells and Manufacturies. +20 Supremacy & Harmony

    Communications should get a leaf tech called Orbital Surveyors which unlocks satellites that function like the starting condition ship parts (1 reveals coasts, 1 reveals all Titanium, Geothermal, and Petroleum, 1 reveals all Alien Nests, 1 reveals all Expedition Sites, and all give line of sight beneath them). They reveal the parts of the map the turn after they are launched but maintain line of sight in a 2 tile radius (with a 1 tile radius orbital coverage)

    In case my interpretation for P/S confuses you, I will explain it.

    RoButlers are consumer grade robot servants (no "Superpowered Robotic Meter Maids" here). They are built in RoButler Factories (worker improvement), stored in and distributed from RoButler [warehouse] Stores (Great Person improvement), sold to consumers in RoButler Shops (affinity city building) and the business is managed at the RoButler Company HQ (affinity national wonder). If Earthlings ever settle over RoButler Stores, the RoButler Stores become towns (like a Civ4 hamlet), where the Earthlings are given free RoButlers. The Nobility Affinity Tile Wonder allows the Warp Gate to open an Exodus or Reclamation portal, depending on the affinity level.

    Purity and Nobility get special types of trade ports for working with the Warp Gate (since both get Reclamation and Promised Land) with Purity being more traditional and suited for export and trade while Nobility looks high tech and more equipped for immigration.

    Ascendency gets a Capitol so it can manage, rule, and enhance immigrants or the planetary hive-mind.

    Supremacy gets a Matrix/Skynet center of operations (to help with Domination, Emancipation, or Starship construction). Voracity gets a splice & implant Biological/Technological augmentation center (to help with Domination, Emancipation, and Transcendence).

    Harmony gets a special type of park with a small pool of Xenomass and a haze of miasma with a visible Mind Stem but is the exception to the rule of requirement because the Mind Flower can be turned on at Harmony 13 without it. Harmony's special Xenoscape Preserve also makes aliens quicker to go from Orange to Yellow to Green. I mentioned that Blue aliens turn orange (not red) for Harmony factions during Transcendence. However, the Mind Flower makes aliens far stronger when built and aggravates (and further strengthens) them when turned on. If the Aliens take the capital city of the sponsor that built the Mind Flower, this causes a lose condition for all players. That means the only way to win a game with a Transcedence rushing opponent is to build the Xeno Garden, Capitol, or Bio/Tech Augmenter before the Mind Flower is finished building or destroy it within a few turns of it activating. They won't even get the main victory screen! If you don't step in, you get losing screen (game over, cannot continue) and the initiator gets a unique Game Over scolding them by referencing all living beings going insane from the attempt, causing them to die within a week (less than a turn, so no way to continue). If however, you go full Supremacy (at least level 16 Supremacy with no more than 14 Purity and 9 Harmony), you are immune. You get a unique victory screen that has the standard "One More Turn" button.

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