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Idea for Rhyes and Fall of India

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall Modmods' started by Baron03, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    I know there are other RFC mods being worked on but here is just another idea:
    I have no modding skills, so whoever wants to help start this mod this good luck.

    Map: The Full map! Its saves as a bts save file
    View attachment AutoSave_Initial_AD-1700.CivBeyondSwordSave

    I kept the old maps below because thats where I have the other landmarks for cities and resources
    City Naming Map (Classical, cities before Islamic invasion of Sindh)
    View attachment Pre-Islamic City Map.CivBeyondSwordSave
    City Naming Map (Medieval, cities after Islamic invasion of Sindh)
    View attachment City Naming Map.CivBeyondSwordSave

    Timeline idea: 300BC to 1700AD
    Spoiler :

    If its 600 turns long:
    300bc-900ad 4 years per turn
    900ad-1500ad 3 years per turn
    1500ad-1700ad 2 years per turn

    Include SOI terrain graphics, Faith points, and titles (like hindu saint)
    and province feature

    Civ List (33 civs)
    Spoiler :

    Indo Scythians
    Pyu City-States
    Chalukya (+Western Chalukya respawn)
    Samanids (from SOI)
    Yadava (Trouble finding UU)
    Solanki (Gujarat civ)
    East Ganga
    Maybe a Chinese civ?
    I need a lot of independent cities to represent the Persians/Seleucids or maybe as a playable civ

    Spoiler :

    Christianity (no holy city location)

    Religious Buildings (Most from RFCA)
    Spoiler :

    Holy Shrine=Mahabodhi
    Belfry (+25% culture)=Chaidei

    Holy Shrine=Kashi Vishwanath

    Temple=Fire Temle
    Monastery=Fire Altar
    Cathedral=Great Fire House
    Holy Shrine=Atash Behram
    Belfry=Tower of Silence

    Temple=Prayer House
    Holy Shrine=Jamia Masjid

    Holy Shrine=NA
    Belfry =Belfry

    Cathedral= Nasiyaji
    Holy Shrine=Shatrunjaya (located in Palitana Gujarat)

    Spoiler :

    Maharajadhiraja (Must be Hindu/Jain/Buddhist and control 8 "certain provinces") bonus is; most provinces in India become "Ok" (stability wise)
    Dhali Lama (Must be buddhist and have the largest amount of faith points among all Buddhist civs) bonus is; all cities have +1 happiness and all buddhist civs have +1 better attitude towards you
    Vikramaditya none yet
    Mahendraditya none yet
    (Sultan of India????) none yet, need better name

    Resources needed
    Spoiler :

    Red Sandstone

    Invasions needed
    Spoiler :

    Indo Greeks 300BC
    Parthian 50AD
    Sassanid 300AD
    Nanzhou 725-840
    Khwarezmian 1080, 1125, 1190
    Mongolian 1200 to 1250
    Bukhara Khanate 1500, 1530, 1555

    Independent City Spawns:
    Spoiler :












    Basic Civ Info
    Spoiler :

    *Religions present means state religion or majority of religion
    Mauryan Empire 321BC-184BC
    Spawn: Pataliputra 300BC Leader Ashoka
    Religions present Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism
    UU Khanda (Swordsman) +1 extra strength
    UP Edicts of Ashoka: +1 culture and happiness in each city
    UB Pillar of Ashoka: extra culture and lower maintainance cost
    UHV 1. Build 2 Jain, Buddhist, and Hindu temples and monastaries (12 in all)
    2. Conquer every city along the Ganges, Ghaghara, and Yamuna rivers
    3. Spread buddhism to 30%
    Chera Kingdom 300BC-1279AD
    Spawn (Western coast on Southern India) 300BC leader Senguttuvan
    Religions present mostly Hindu, little Buddhism, and Jainism
    UP Kongu Trade +1 gold per trade route in each city
    UU Rahuna War Ship (War Galley) starts with exploration I and Combat I
    UB Kottravai (Market)
    UHV Conquer Karur by 200AD??
    2. Have most revealed map at 800AD?
    3. Have ___ luxury resources by 1025AD
    Chola Kingdom 300BC-1279AD
    Spawn Gangaikonda Cholapuram (Puhar) 300BC Leader Rajendra Chola
    Religions present Mostly Hindu little Jain, and Buddhism
    UU Kallarani (maceman/Heavy infantry)
    UP Raj of the sea: ships have extra sight and movement
    UB Trade Workshop (replace market)
    UHV Become Hindu Saint by___
    2. Have 8 cities in Burma, Bangladesh, and the Andaman Is. by 1050AD
    3. Control 2 cities in Sri Lanka by 600AD?
    Pallava Kingdom 300BC-800's
    Spawn Kanchipuram 300BC Leader Mahendravarman I
    Religions present Jainism and Hinduism
    UP Warriors of Aswattaman: all melee units start with shock I promotion
    UB Rathas (a shrine)
    UU Kadava Militia (or Kadava Auxilary) (Spearman, 5 strength,starts with Woodsman I)
    UHV Have 2 great generals by___
    2. Vassalize or conquer the Chalukyans
    Pandyan Kingdom 300BC-1345AD
    Spawn Madurai 200BC? Leader Maravman Sundra Pandiyan
    Religions present: Mostly Jainism, little Buddhism and Hindu influence
    UU Ay Warrior (Axeman?)
    UB Harbor Bloc (harbor) Ships built +25% faster, water tiles +1 gold
    UP Power of Finance: Mercenaries cost -50% less
    UHV Have___ culture by 900AD
    2. Own 5 Pearl Resources by 600AD
    3. Conquer or vassalize the Cholans
    Kingdom of Anuradharpura 377BC-1017AD
    Spawn Anuradhapura 300BC leader Pandukabhaya
    religions present Buddhism
    UU Lambakanna(spearman) extra hill movement and defense
    UB Bathing Pool (bath house) +1 extra health and gold
    UP The Gamika: Plantations produce +1 hammer
    UHV prevent foreign settlement by 950AD
    2. Have ___ gold by ___
    3. Build two Buddhist Wonders by 800AD
    Satavahana Empire 230BC-220AD
    Spawn Prathisthan 232BC Leader Satakarni
    Religions present Buddhism and Hinduism
    UU Chutu Horseman (Light cavalry)
    UB aniconic Buddha (Buddha Statue) +10%research
    UP Kanva Suzerainty: cities have lower maintanance
    UHV Conquer or vassalize 4 "Certain Provinces" in India
    2. Build 1 Buddhist Stupa and 5 Wats by___
    3. spread your state religion to 3 coastal cities outside of India by 400AD
    Indo Scythians 200BC-400AD
    Spawn: 200BC Sigal
    Leader: Maues; Religions present: any or all
    UU Scythian Horse archer (+1 strength and movement than regular horse archer)
    UP Satraps: Conquered cities have no resistance
    UB Scythian Stables: Mounted unites receive +3 exp. points
    UHV Conquer the Indus river by 100AD
    2. Have a higher score then 2nd and 3rd place combined
    3. Have two vassals of different religions
    Pyu City-States 100BC-800AD
    Spawn Pyay 100BC leader Shipyabu Waraman
    Religions present buddhism
    UU Mon Warrior (Light Axeman) +50% vs polearm, and +25% city defense
    UB Paya (Family Altar) +1 culture, +1 research, +1 health
    UP Peaceful States: enemies suffer +100% war weariness
    UHV: experience 150 or 100 turns of peace (no war with any AI except independent cities and Barbarians)
    2. Found 8 cities in Burma
    3. Have most wonders built by 750AD or experience 20 years of golden age
    Kushan Empire 30AD-375AD
    Spawn Begram 1AD Leader Kujula Kadphises
    Religions present: Zoroastrianism, Hindu Buddhism
    UP Hellenism: all religions in each city produce +1 culture
    UB Gymnasium (arena) +10% production, +1 happiness
    UU Yabgu Axeman (+1 strength, and +25% against archery units and horse archers)
    UHV Have the most culture in 250AD
    2. Control two Holy Cities by 280AD
    Gupta Empire 320AD-600's
    Spawn Mathura 308AD Leader Chandragupta I
    Religions present Buddhism, Hinduism
    UU Iron Archer (+50% vs infantry, +15% vs mounted units)(Archer)
    UB Chess Court +1 happy, +15% research(replaces monument?)
    UP Classical Science: Techs cost less until "Medieval era"
    UHV experience ___ years of Golden age by 800AD
    2. Be first to discover ___ (2 certain techs)
    3. Dont lose a city by 600AD
    Kamarupa Kingdom 300-1100AD
    Spawn in the Assam region 400AD Leader Bhaskaravarman
    Religions present Buddhism and Hinduism
    UP Monsoons: Jungle tiles +1 food
    UB Uparikara (granary) +1 extra gold
    UU Fieldsman (Archer) +50% Jungle Defense, starts with drill I
    UHV control all territory around the Brahmaputra river (excluding Tibet)
    2. Have at least 1 vassal by 800AD
    3. Have 10? fur resources by 1050AD
    Chalukya 543-753 (Eastern Chalukya 624-1075) (West Chalukya 973-1189)
    Spawn Badami 540AD Leader Pulakesi I
    Religions present Hinduism and Jainism
    UU Intoxicated elephant (Mahout)
    UB Verandah (courthouse) +1 health?
    UP Medians of Culture: lower stability penalty for conquering foreign lands?
    UHV have X stone, quarry, red sandstone by ___ AD
    2. Survive to the year 1100AD?
    3. Have access to the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal by 800AD
    Tibet (from RFCA) 618-841
    Spawn Lhasa 600AD leader Songsten Gampo
    Religions present Buddhism
    UU Khampa Horsman
    UP Plateau Lifestyle: All hill tiles have +1 food
    UB Dzong (himalayan Castle)
    UHV control all Tibet Provinces by 890AD
    2. Control two provinces outside of Tibet by 1000AD
    3. Spread Buddhism to 8 non Tibetan cities
    Gurjara-Pratihara 500's-1036
    Spawn Mandore 648AD Leader Vatsaraja
    religions present Hinduism and Jainism
    UU Paramara Rider (Light Cavalry)
    UB (Replace walls)
    UHV Dont lose a city to Muslims or barbarians by 1100AD
    Pala 750-1174
    Spawn Gaur(Gour) in Bengal 744AD leader Dharmapala
    religions present Buddhism and little Hinduism
    UP Bangal War Horses: all mounted units ignore terrain movement cost?
    UB Pala stable: better stable
    UU Kamboja Cavalry
    UHV Spread Buddhism to 6 foreign cities by 900AD
    2. Be first in score at 1000AD
    Rashtrakuta 753-982
    Spawn Manyakheta (Malkhed) 748AD Leader Amoghavarsha I or Dantidurga
    religions present started Hindu but ended out Jain
    UP Ancestral Culture: Cities start with extra culture
    UU Royal Regiment (Longswordsman)
    UB: Cave shrine +1 culture and happiness per religion in each city
    UHV build 2 Hindu Bannabs and 2 Jain Nasiyaji by 1000AD
    2. be the largest civ in 955AD
    3. Conquer Kannauj by 980AD
    Samanids 819-999 (from SOI)
    Spawn 812 Balkh Leader Ismail Samani
    religions present Islam, waning Zoroastrianism
    UU Dighan Archer (archer) +1 extra strength
    UB Hanafi School (library)
    UP Power of Legitimacy +2 stability for each city conquered
    UHV Be the most culturally advanced civ in 1000\
    2. control 8 "certain provinces" by 1140
    3. dont lose a city before 1070
    Pagan Kingdom 845-1287
    Spawn 832 Pagan(Bagan) leader Anawrahta
    religions present buddhism
    UB Saphan (aqueduct, +3 health and small culture bonus)
    UU Burmese Bowman (Crossbowman) +25% jungle attack and defense
    UP Mangroves: suffer less unhealthiness from jungles
    UHV build 6 Wats by 1000AD
    2. Build three Budhist wonders by 1240AD
    Yadava 850-1334
    Spawn Devagiri(Daulatabad) 840 leader Singhana II
    religions present Hinduism and ???
    UU Seuna (Heavy Axeman)
    UB Hemadapanti (library) or Citadel (castle)
    UP Medicinal Science: all units start with medic I
    UHV Conquer 4 "certain Provinces by 1100 AD
    Solanki 942-1244
    Spawn Patan 936 Leader Mulraj I or Kumarpal
    religions present Hindu/Jain
    UU Tiger Claw (heavy infantry/Maceman)
    UB Prison Chamber (Jail/Dungeon) +1 extra espionage and gold
    UHV have ___ salt resources by ___
    2. Make Gujarat the most populous province in 1160AD
    3. Have at least one vassal in 1160
    Ghaznavids 963-
    Spawn 960 Ghazna leader Sabuktigin
    Religions present Islam little hinduism
    UU Khorosani Spearman (extra bonus vs cavalry)
    UB Mint (forge)
    UP Plunder: double gold from pillage/conquest
    UHV have 3000 gold in 1180
    2. Have at least one city in "8 certain provinces"
    3. have 10000 gold by 1300
    Hoysala 1026-1343
    Spawn Helebidu or Belur 972 leader Nripa Kama II
    religions present Hindu
    UP Tolerant Dynasty? all non-state religions produce +1 production
    UU Malnad Cavalry (heavy Cavalry) +1 extra strength, +25% hills defense?
    UB Cantonement (better barracks)
    UHV Build two wonders by 1235
    Kakatiya 1080-1323
    Spawn Orugallu (Warangal) 978 leader Rani Rudrama Devi (aka Rudramadevi a queen)
    religions present Hindu
    UP Marital alliances: friendlier contact with other civs
    UB Mandapam (theatre)
    UU Chandoluman (Maceman?)
    UHV accumulate ___ gold by 1400AD
    2. something with culture
    Kingdom of Sindh (from SOI)
    Spawn 1053 somewhere in Mansur? Leader Dodo bin Kafef Soomro III
    religions present Islam
    UU Jagirdar (lancer)
    East Ganga Kingdom 1078-1434
    Spawn 1071 Cuttack or Kalinganagar Leader Narasinha Deva I
    Religions present Hinduism
    UP Patrons of the art: wonders built faster in cities with state religion
    UB none yet
    UHV Control the Gangetic Delta by 1300AD
    2. Have the most revealed map in 1250AD
    Delhi Sultanate 1206-1526
    Spawn 1206 Delhi (Dilli if Hindu) Leader Shams ud din Iltutmish
    Religions present Islam
    UP Sword of Islam: Spreads islam and builds Madrassahs in conquered cities
    UB Mercenary Quarters (better barracks)
    UU Sawar (Special Knight, requiring camel)
    UHV Spread Islam to 30%
    2. Conquer all cities along the Ganges river and in the Gangetic Delta by 1315
    3. Conquer 4 "certain provinces" by 1440
    Hanthawaddy 1287-1539
    Spawn Pegu 1287 Leader Dhammazedi
    religions present buddhism
    UU Arakan Tribesman (Pikeman)
    UB Ho Trai (library) or Pagoda (library)
    UP Restoration of the Mon: Golden Ages Last 50% longer
    UHV Conquer Lower Burma and Irrawaddy Delta
    2. Allow no foreign cities in Burma in 1475
    3. Accumulate 7,000 gold by 1585
    Timurid Empire 1300-1600
    Spawn Samarkand 1305 leader Timur
    Religions present: Islam
    UU Chagatai Keshik (Keshik)
    UB Akhangan Tower (Night Watch) +5 espionage, -10% Maintenence
    UP The Last Horde: No instability from razing cities
    UHV Raze 10 cities
    2. Make Samarkand the city with the highest culture in 1500
    3. control 12% of all territory in 1600
    Vijayanagara 1336-1646 (May add if not too crowded)
    Spawn Vijayanagara 1329 leader Harihara Raya I
    Religions present Hinduism
    UU Tenant Worker (better worker)
    UHV unify all of southern india (Tamil Countries)
    2. export 6 resources of cotton and/or spices by 1566
    Bahmani 1347-1527
    Spawn Gulbarga (Ahsanabad) 1347 leader Aladdin Bahman Shah
    religions present Islam and Hinduism
    UU Badahk Infantry (Maceman)
    UP Descendants of Bahman: Each city produces extra culture for each building it has
    UB Persian Symposium (Theatre) +30% extra research
    UHV 1. Spread islam to every city you own by 1390
    2. Conquer 3 "Certain Provinces" by 1460
    3. Make sure there are no Hindu civs in Central India by 1540
    Mughal 1526-1803
    Spawn 1500 in southern afghanistan leader Akbar the great
    Religions present Islam and hinduism
    UP Arabic innovation: Have two UU's instead of one
    UB (a courthouse building?) -75% maintenance, and +1 stability
    UU:Zamburak (cuirassier) +2 extra strength, 50% vs melee units
    UU: Sepoy (Musketman) +1 extra movement, starts with drill
    Portugal (Portugeuse India) 1505-1961
    Spawn 1504 Goa leader Joao II
    religions present Christianity (have as minor)
    UU Carrack or Arquebusier?
    UB Feitora (same as always)
    UHV Gain control of 6 spice resources by 1580
    2. Conquer Ceylon and two other coastal cities by 1550

    Extra great People names
    Spoiler :


    Revadi Ovajjia

    Atish Srigyan
    Adi Kavi Pampa

    Sri Ponna
    Changdev Maharaj

    Techs to add (Most from RFCE and RFCA, because there aren't very many good tech names left)
    Spoiler :

    Metallurgey, Patronage, Matchlock, city planning, companies, astrolabe, Levy Armies, Cartography, Alchemy, Crop Rotation, Castle Building, Cash cropping, Advanced irrigation, Vassalage, Stirrup, Organized Armies, Ship Building, Barter, Iron Plow, Cast Iron Weaponry, Weaving, Siege Warfare, Ceremonial Burial, Sculpture, Military Strategy, Examinatioons, Historiagraphy, Hajj (founds islam), Public Works, Mosaic art, Water wheel, administration, feudal contract

    Civics List:
    Spoiler :


    Confederation: +1 unhappiness in each city, -40% maintainance cost from distance to palace
    (good with: decentralization, tribalism, military)(bad with: Bourgeois, state church)
    Theocracy: +75% Great People birth, no penalty for inquisitions, +1 unhappiness per non-state religions in each city
    (good with: Religion, State church, Divine Cult)(Bad with: Free Worship, Paganism)
    Oligarchy: +3 happiness in six largest cities
    (good with: Nobility, Bureauracracy, organized religion)(bad with: Autocracy, Meritocracy)
    Empire: -40% maintainance cost from number of cities, -40% stability penalty for expansion
    (good with: Autocracy, Military, State Monopoly, State church, bureaucracy)(bad with: Plutocracy, Merchant capitalism)
    Republic: +50% war unhappiness, +2 gold per trade route in capital
    (good with: Meritocracy, Bourgeois, Merchant capitalism)(bad with: decentralization, Autocracy, Nobility?, slavery)
    Monarchy: +1 happiness per military unit stationed in each city
    (good with: Autocracy, Nobility, Caste System, Feudalism)(bad with: decentralization)


    Paganism/Shamanism: +1 culture in each city without a religion, no state religion (good with: Tribalism, slavery)(bad with: Theocracy, Religion)
    Scholasticism: +1 happiness for each library and monastery building in each city, +15% research in each city with state religion
    (good with: Temple Econemy, Meritocracy)(bad with: Salvery, Tribalism)
    Divine Cult: no none state religion spread, -25% research, can train inquisitor
    (good with: Theocracy, Religion)(bad with: Market econemy)
    State Church: +1 happiness for religion present in each city, cities with state religion build buildings 30% faster
    (good with: Theocracy, Empire, Religion, Temple econemy, State monopoly)(bad with: Confederation, Tribalism)
    Organized Religion: can build missionaries without monastery buildings, All temples buildings have +1 production
    (good with: oligarchy, Bureaucracy)(Bad with: tribalism, temple econemy)
    Free Worship: +100% culture in each city, +25% Great People birth
    (good with: NA)(bad with: Theocracy, Caste system)


    Military: military units produced with food, +50% great general emergence
    (good with:
    Empire, Feudalism, Confederation)(bad with: Merchant Capitalism)
    Nobility: +2 culture, gold, research per specialist. +20% Great People birth rate
    (good with: Oligarchy, Monarchy)(bad with: Republic?, Decentralization)
    Religion: +1 happiness in each city and +100% Birth rate of Great People with state religion
    (good with: Theocracy, Divine cult, Temple econemy)(bad with: Free worship, Paganism)
    Plutocracy: +15% gold in all cities, Caravan units built 25% faster
    (good with: Monarchy, Merchant Capitalism, slavery)(bad with: Empire, Market econemy, agriculture)
    Bureauracracy: +50% gold and production in capital, +1 espionage point for each specialist
    (good with: Oligarchy, Empire, Organized Religion, State Monopoly, Meritocracy)(bad with: Tribalism)
    Autocracy: +20% military production, 10 free units
    (good with: empire, Monarchy, state monopoly)(bad with: Republic, oligarchy, Merchant Capitalism, decentralization)


    Decentralization: -1 trade route in each city, -20% maintainance from distance to palace
    (good with: Confederation, tribalism, slavery)(bad with: Republic, monarchy, Autocracy, Nobility)
    Agriculture: Farms produce +2 food, granaries have +1 health
    (good with: Slavery, Feudalism)(bad with: Plutocracy)
    Temple econemy: all monastery buildings have +1 health, +10% culture in each city with state religion
    (good with: Scholasticism, state church, Religion)(bad with: organized religion)
    State Monopoly: +25% production, growth, and espionage in capital
    (good with: Empire, State church, Bureauracracy, Autocracy)(bad with: Bourgeois)
    Merchant Capitalism: +15% gold in each city, +1 unhealthiness in each city
    (good with: Republic, Plutocracy)(bad with: Empire, Military, Autocracy)
    Market econemy: +1 trade route in each city, units cost +1 gold, markets and banks +1 happiness
    (good with: Bourgeois)(bad with: divine cult, Plutocracy, feudalism)


    Tribalism: Pastures and camps +1 food, scouting units and mounted units +1 experience point
    (good with: Confederation, Decentralization, Paganism)(bad with: Scholasticism, State Church, Beauracracy)
    Slavery: +1 unhappiness in each city, plantations and mines +1 gold
    (good with: Paganism, Plutocracy, Decentralization, agriculture)(Bad with: Republic, Scholasticism)
    Feudalism: Farms have +1 production, food, gold. -50% birth rate of Great People, -60% growth rate of cottages
    (good with: military, agriculture)(bad with: Market econemy)
    Bourgeois: cottage +1 gold, workshop +1 food, Temple buildings have +1 happiness
    (good with: Republic, Market econemy)(bad with: state monopoly, Confederation)
    Caste System: unlimited merchants, scientists, and artists. -25% birth rate of Great People, workshop +1 production
    (good with: Monarchy)(bad with: Free worship)
    Meritocracy: +30% birth rate of Great People, 1 free speacialist in each city
    (good with: Republic, Bureauracracy)(bad with: Oligarchy)

    Dynamic Naming
    Spoiler :

    Shahdom (Islam and Oligarchy)
    Republic (Republic)
    Islamic Republic (Islam and Republic)
    Sultanate (Monarchy and Islam)
    Confederation or City States (Confederacy)
    Empire (Empire)
    Caliphate (Empire and Islam)
    Emirate (vassal of a muslim Civ)
    Rajhanate (Hindu and Monarchy)
    Raj's State of ___ ( Hindu Civ Vassal of another Hindu Civ)
    Buddhist, Jain, and Zoroastrian* will take on Kingdom(monarchy) and empire(empire)
    Vassals will be; province, tributary state of___, colony of___, or Satrap*

    Unit Categories
    Spoiler :

    Melee units:
    Light infantry (light axeman, Swordsman
    Heavy infantry
    Polearm (spearman, Guisarmier, Pikeman)

    Mounted units:
    light cavalry (horse archer)
    heavy cavalry (Heavy horse archer)
    (chariots are light cavalry)

    Units: (other then UU's)
    Spoiler :

    Caravan (from SOI)
    improvement for camel resource
    Merchant Barque (naval counterpart of the caravan)
    dhow (from SOI)
    Camel Rider (5 strength, +25% vs mounted units)(Light Cavalry)
    Camel Archer (12 strength, +25% vs polearm and mounted units)(Knight)
    Heavy Camel Rider (9 strength, +50%vs mounted units)(Heavy Cavalry)
    Mahout (War elephant) 5 strength, +25% vs Light and heavy cavalry, 2 movement
    Howdah (Heavy War elephant) 8 strength, +50% vs light and heavy cavalry, 1 movement
    Chariot (same as always)
    War chariot Mounted unit, 6 strength, 2 movement, +50% attach vs light infantry
    Javelineers (melee unit, 3 strength +25% vs other melee units)
    Composite Bowman (in between archer and longbowman) 5 strength, +25 city and hill defense
    Light Axeman 5 strength, same as always
    Heavy Axeman 7 strength, a slighty better bonus than axeman
    Swordsman (same as always)
    Longswordsman 7 strength, +15% city attack
    Maceman will be same
    Add skirmisher from RFCE

    Spoiler :

    Batik Maker (from RFCA)
    Buddha Statue (from RFCA)
    Bath House (from RFCA)
    Arena (SOI)
    Brothel (from RFCA)
    Public Garden (from RFCA)
    Fairground (SOI)
    Thangka (Buddha Statue?) +20% culture
    Vihara (place where monks rest during travel)
    Family Altar (+1 culture and research) early building

    Wonder list
    Spoiler :

    Jagannath Temple
    Thousand Pillar Temple
    Konark Sun Temple
    Ruwanwelisay Great Stupa
    Global Pagoda
    Mingun bell (in Sagaing)
    The great bell of Dhammazedi
    Chaukhtatgyi Buddha (Largest Reclining Buddha)
    Shwethalyaung Buddha (2nd largest reclining Buddha)
    Ku Tho Daw Phayar (in Mandalay)
    Red Fort
    Rani ki Vav (from SOI)
    Dwarakadeesh (from SOI)
    Buddhas of Bamiyan (from RFCA)
    Vijay Stamba
    Cheraman Perumal
    Somapura Mahavihara
    Ruwanweli Seya
    Vihara Statues (Buddhist Vihara Statues built by Pala)
    Virupaksha Temple
    Millikarjuna Temple
    Papanatha Temple
    Nalanda Unniversity
    Somarupa Mahavihara
    Ramappa Temple
    Kailasanath Temple
    Chennakesava Temple
    Kesava Temple
    Hoysaleswara Temple
    (too many temple names)

    Feel free to criticize and give more ideas. Any help (especially XML, Python and dll) is greatly appreciated!
  2. srpt

    srpt Deist

    May 10, 2010
    I think rhye's and fall of india is a great idea. I recently started work on an old world classical age mod which will take most of my time for a while but I'm sure we will be tackling many of the same issues so I will help when I can. so far I can contribute a jainism symbol. I made it by altering the ethanol corp logo. I can help you put them in your mod when the time comes.

    Attached Files:

  3. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    I made most of a map from scratch but it won't load for some reason
  4. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    I will probably have to take out the Ghorids, Kushans, and Ghaznavids due to the map being a little short on top
  5. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    In all of 24 hours I figured out how to utilize the basics of XML but I still have no idea how to link it up all together and python is out of the question
  6. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    Currently working on: what music to have for civs and menu; City naming map (eastern map for now). Here is the idea for Indo Scythians 200bc-400ad; leader is Maues, spawn Scythian horse archers (their UU) around the Indus river (mostly around Pattala). The whole XML thing isn't doing well for me. I need someone who knows what they are doing (if they want to or have free time and are bored) to please get the map into the very basic format of an RFC mod. The only things you would need to add is: 1. To get the map from a two player scenario to a map starting at 300 BC and ending in 1700AD. 2. Replace regular civs with others just in name (I don't mind Guptas with Marines with Washingon as their leaderhead) Along with 4 independents. 3.Add resources that I posted as needed. 4. Make a quick python where each Civ/independent spawns on landmarked capital( I don't care if it's just one settler). Of someone could do this quickly for me then I could figure out a lot more information (such as how many units for a Civ to spawn with. 5. Change terrain to the one like SOI's

    I do feel a bit handicapped not being able to mod my own idea in the simplest way, but I want to find as much information as possible to lay out here so someone who can mod could easily code this into the game. Sorry for not being able to do much, I can't apply my thoughts to the game.
  7. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Really cool! I just gave it a quick look and here are some hints and advices:

    1) I would rename Catholicism to Christianity, as there were also Nestorians in India, so you could generalize it a little bit more.

    2) Unless you create a very big map, I would recommen to take out some civs. You currently have 31 civs, even RFC only had 27 and the late game became awfully slow. By the way, it would make it easier to find unique goals for them.

    3) The holy city of Islam could be Mansura (I took it as a holy city for Islam in RFCA) and therefore the holy wonder should be Jamia Masijd. The Masijd al-Haram isn't inside your map...

    If you have any questions on how to start, or so, jus ask me, because I know what a pain it is, to get such a modmod started ;).
  8. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    1. Good point on Christianity

    2. I made a map from scratch that's works well, but it didn't go north as far as I wanted so I will have to drop the ghaznavids and bahmani sultanate. (maybe more) I have some of the UHV's UU's UB's and UU's under the basic Civ info, but I need to add a ton of info about the civs that on paper right now. But thinking of all the info is the fun part.

    3. Another good point, although I have no idea how to change it

    4. I have three 2 player wb scenarios saved on here; the first one is the map with the places where cities should be along with resources (I need to upload the new maps asap) the other two are city name maps for different eras

    5. I do need help with the basics on making this! XML, python, and dll are completely foreign to me. The last post I showed the few basics I need to be done but I have no clue how (like how to get the map out of a two player scenario) thank you for your interest in this mod!
  9. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Deity

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    If you follow the dinamics in SoI, than 31 civs is no prob at all
    In my opinion you shouldn't drop the ghaznavids and the bahmani (or any other northern civs), rather expand the map...
  10. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    I half and half for the bahmani; and the map I had to make sort of cut short north more then I wanted, either way I don't know how (if there is any way) to change the height of the map while keeping the rest of the map the same
  11. hangman

    hangman almost-scientist

    Dec 31, 2010
    New Yoronavirus
    My suggestion would be to use Rhye's bitmap to map tool. It saved me a massive headache with dimensions.
  12. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Okay, I used MapView for the creation of my map, it is an easy-to-use tool when you want to change your map (forests, rivers, resources, etc.).
    You can find it here. But as you already have a map, you need to save them in WBSave format, otherwise you can't do much with it. You go to the world builder and in the upper right-hand menu, there should be the option export to worldbuilder/as worldbuilder save or something like that. This allows much easier manipulation of the map and setting.

    The truth is, that there isn't an easy way, that I know, to get a modmod for RFC started. The next steps are: Sourcecode/DLL/compiling. You will need a tutorial for that. I learned it with thisone here.
    Then you will need to go through all of the python code by Rhye (I would recommend to copy the whole mod and start to edit the copies until they become part of your modmod ;)). XML can be done when you want before or after, it doesn't matter. In the end you will need to edit the WBS file properly.
    That means (or meant for RFCA in that case), one or two months of work before you can even try out to play :(. I have gone through ths all, so I can help if you have any questions.

    So, first step: Convert your save file to a WBS file.
    Second step: Learn how to install the SDK and how to compile a DLL.
  13. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    I tried using that,but as I read it it requires other files to run and I don't kow where to find them
  14. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    I like mapview ALOT. But I couldn't find where to increase/adjust the size of the map. And for the guidelines regarding on how to make this mod, many thanks! I will start learning now
  15. hangman

    hangman almost-scientist

    Dec 31, 2010
    New Yoronavirus
    Rhye posted a walk through for installing python. I believe it's in the PDF that comes with the converter. If you follow it step-by-step, you should be fine.
  16. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    Still having trouble with bitmap, I installed the other thing it required but it's all a bunch of python files. And I have the save changed to worldbuilder save but it still only let's me play as the two civs I set the map up as.
  17. hangman

    hangman almost-scientist

    Dec 31, 2010
    New Yoronavirus
    Okay, so if you installed all the python stuff correctly, just unzip the converter files to a new folder under python24. Edit your scenario.py file and your bitmaps, then right click the .py file and open with python. An empty window should come up. Go to file, then set options. Select your dimensions, bitmaps, etc., and it will do the rest.

    For the other problem, is the playableciv option set to 1 for all the civs you want?
  18. Black Whole

    Black Whole Dancing Condor

    Dec 21, 2005
    Theatre of Dreams
    Okay, now that you have a WBS you can start to edit the file: You will need a code editor (Personally, I use notepad++ download here). But the standard wordpad should work also. Right click on the WBS file and choose 'open with' either wordpad or notepad. There you can edit options, start date, number of teams, civs, starting civics, starting techs, etc... (But the techs are done in python, so you only want to give techs for the civs, that start from the beginning of your timeline). It is pretty self-explanatory.
  19. Baron03

    Baron03 Baron

    Nov 7, 2010
    I changed the WBS file using notepad++, I changed the map width from 64 to 80 and the bum plots written to 8320. I looked on mapview to see if it worked but all the new tiles north are white and when I click on them mapview crashes. The game will crash if I try to play the map. And as for bitmap, all I need to do is extend the map I already made north. I don't want to start over unless there is no possible way to change the map dimensions while saving it
  20. hangman

    hangman almost-scientist

    Dec 31, 2010
    New Yoronavirus
    I don't think there's a way to reverse engineer it, but on the bright side, you can make a new one relatively quickly, and you won't have to worry about resizing it again.

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