[Idea] Policy Shakeup


May 24, 2022
Wales UK
A previous thread talked about the Ancient trees, Id like to see how this is recieved first and if well recieved ask for guidance ( previous proposals immediatly veto'd due to proper format) on how this could be posted in congress

Discuss: Moving Authority to a Middle ages tree, i dont know if any of the medieval trees should be sacrificed or new trees created or replaced.

I had an idea of moving authority to Medieval trees and creating an Early religion tree called superstition which takes elements of Early ancient focus on religion not so keen on science/gold/culture but more atrition based combat , adding into Tradition later more classical age combat organisation better defences, possibly breaking apart authority all together and adding elements of 50% more EXP to tradtion better great generals etc, adding the settler and founding cities bonus to progress. Bottom line try and merge Authority into the 3 trees either destroying the tree altogther or creating a combat based middle ages tree and say removing one of the others

I dont think the ancient trees are balanced enough even with normal barbarians , i have better games with raging barbs , peaceful ive had better progress games . Tradition seems niche and weaker but thats my Opinion


Sep 20, 2009
I wish you luck- it does sound somewhat interesting, and I'm always looking for different ways to play but I think you might have a tough road ahead if you are proposing into current game- as much blood, sweat and tears (not mine of course) have been put into refining those trees..... GL


Baller Magnus
Dec 31, 2005
Such a thing is best as a mod mod, I doubt you would get support for this a big change right off the bat. Start with a mod mod and if turned out really popular, then you could bring it up for integration
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