Jan 6, 2023
One of the things that I would say is integral to the premise of civ as a game franchise, is the idea that history is predominantly linear and teleological - that is to say, a long story connecting a start of history with an end of history. And personally, I think that civ actually approaches the philosophical debate of what an "end of history" might look like very effectively, and that has often been well reflected in the range of victory conditions through which one can win the game.

But that got me thinking: wouldn't it be really interesting to represent some of the other prevailing positions in the real-world debate in civ somehow? Alongside domination, and cultural hegemony, and space, and so forth, wouldn't it be also interesting if you could also win the game by fulfilling an ideological narrative, and achieving the utopic "ends of history" foretold by philosophical narratives such as the neoliberal consensus, historical materialism, or palingenesis? I personally think this'd be a really cool addition to the game that would introduce many historically significant perspectives into a game which, in its essence, is all about reaching the end of history in lots of different possible ways.

I made a YouTube video essentially explaining my ideas and my reasoning if it sounds interesting, and I'd love to hear what you all think about the significance of civ victory types, and if there are any sorts of victory conditions you'd like to see in a future civ game.

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