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IdIOT II: Electric Boogaloo

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by NinjaCow64, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. TheGryphonPrince

    TheGryphonPrince King

    Jun 30, 2013
    The situation of the humans in modern Equestria

    Legally, people of all races and beliefs are allowed to come and go in Equestria as they so please ever since the unification of the nation. After all, had not Equestria been formed when the unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies decided to set their differences aside and work together in harmony? In practice, however, non-ponies tend to have a slightly harder time.

    Discrimination wasn’t a problem that began when Equestria was teleported to this world. Back in Equus, historical conflicts created tensions between ponies and races like gryphons, changelings (insectoid creatures that can take any form they desire, including ponies) and dragons. Even if the three races as of recently began to reform their ways as a result of the intervention of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her group of friends, they were still seen as creatures that just wanted to loot Equestria for all its worth.

    In today's Equestria, humans are finding themselves in a situation where it is hard for them to find jobs in workplaces run by ponies. Though some ponies in southern Equestria, where the vast majority of humans live (though they're still a small minority excepting in a few cities), have gotten accustomed to their neighbours, in the north things have been more complicated. Over there, the better-educated nobility is still horrified at the atrocities the humans were capable of doing to eachother (and apparently, there are a few human countries still denying, sugarcoating or outright promoting these deeds) and while they won't remind humans of what their ancestors did (at least most ponies don't), they still want to make sure they know who is the boss in Equestria. The north is also, coincidentially, where the economic, media and academic centers are located in, so northern racists are in a good position to expand their propaganda.

    Not helping the situation is the presence of ponies like former Chancellor Neighsay, who was once the head of the Equestria Education Association before getting fired for making racist remarks. Taking him as an example, he believes that humans should be completely segregated from the Equestrian education system to keep them from corrupting pony minds and using their education against ponykind.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle is working with a handful of loyal academists in an effort to try to shed a more positive light on the humans. Not every human is evil, much like not every pony is a reflection of the core values of Equestria, so why do we hate eachother? Do we really need to step down to the lowest of living beings because we think we're superior? Doesn't that sound like what an awful being regardless of race would do?

    The Crystal Empire has, fortunately, not been hit with the racist wave in Equestria, so all Cadance has to do is make sure her literary agents are filtering out books from the mainland that may contain racist elements. In addition, she is also distributing Twilight's research material across the academies of the Crystal Empire, which are already being affected by the slander coming from the mainland.
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  2. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    ~72 hours until orders lock
  3. e350tb

    e350tb Stupendously Illogical Englishman

    May 24, 2007
    The Britcave
    Be Wherever You Are

    Near Beach City (formally Bateman's Bay, NSW)

    Of course I'm gonna use a British WWII aesthetic? How else would you know it was me playing this country?

    The I Corps of the Beach City Army had been mobilised - the Corrupted Gems were fast approaching, and Secretary of Defence Pearl had taken command of the defence. Presently, trucks laden with infantry were lumbering down the King's Highway, headed to the front - what was now being called the Pooh's Corner Line. Pearl stood on an open staff car, spear ready - Amethyst sat next to her, entirely bored.

    "The hunt," declared Pearl, "Is on."

    "Dude, why do we have to send the army?" asked Amethyst, "Don't we normally just fight 'em ourselves?"

    "Well, there's a lot of them," shrugged Pearl, "And we're very busy setting up a nation, so... Besides, it'll be good exercise for them, and they'll get some experience!"


    A staff officer strode up and saluted.

    "Scouts have spotted them near Braidwood," he said, "They're closing fast."

    Pearl nodded.

    "Alright, driver," she declared, "Take us to the front!"

    The driver, an eye-patched fellow named Corporal 'Suitcase' Sam, nodded and turned on the engine.

    The Torres Strait

    The cruiser BCS
    DeMayo off the PNG coast.

    Far north, the II Corps was preparing to land in Port Moresby, in an attempt to secure Papua New Guinea at the earliest opportunity. Greg Universe was already going ashore to negociate with any authority that remained in place - on the deck of the flagship, BCS Ruby, two marines were discussing the events.

    "So why've we got to secure this island, then?"

    "Well, if we don't, then Talon does, and they're a criminal syndicate."


    "Then they can attack Queensland."

    "Why would they want to attack Queensland, though?"

    "To get to Beach City."

    "So you think that they're gonna land at Cape York and march overland, through rainforests, deserts and all manner of abominable creatures, to get to Beach City, instead of just landing by sea, is that what you think?"

    "Nah, but if they capture North Queensland, they control the strait, right? So they can sail through it and we can't shell them and stuff."

    "But they can do that anyway! There's no forts."

    "There's no forts yet."

    "...yeah, good point."

    The State Department (also Fish Stew Pizza)

    "Okay, so we've gotta send out ambassadors, right?" mused Steven, "Why can't we just call everyone and be friends?"

    "...I don't think the Legions of Hell want to be friends, Steven," replied Connie gently.

    "Yeah, probably not," nodded Steven.

    "Well, I made a list," said Connie, "What do you think?"

    Spoiler :
    Black Hole: Vidalia
    Canterbury: Mr. Fryman
    Caravan: Kofi Pizza
    Church of the Gamemaster: Buck Dewey
    Draconic Thunder: Harold Smiley
    Epic Gamers: Ronaldo Fryman
    Equestria: Kiki Pizza
    Halidom of Ylisse: Priyanka Maheswaran
    Hell: Kevin
    Holy Canterbury Empire: Jamie the Mailman
    lo fi hip hop radio: Sour Cream
    Krushevriech: Uh... Grunkle Stan. Look, I'm running out of boardies here.
    MAGA: Onion
    Most Serene Kingdom of Canterbury: Yellowtail
    Nobu's Empire: Bill Dewey
    Talon: Marty
    United Uznahgar Clans: Barb Miller
    USSR: Nanefua Pizza
    Zombieland: Uh... geez, I dunno... Scott Morrison

    Across the table, Garnet nodded.

    "That works," she said.

    To: The Halidom of Ylisse and The Union of Equestria and the Crystal Empire
    From: Secretary of State Garnet, The Republic of Beach City
    As a fellow magical nation, the Republic of Beach City would like to offer a Declaration of Friendship, with the possibility of further increasing relations somewhere down the line.

    To: Talon
    From: Beach City
    The Republic hereby claims the former territories of Papua New Guinea as a core province of the nation. We have no territorial ambitions for the formerly Indonesian part of the island, but would like to formally request that it serves as an unaligned buffer zone between our two nations.
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  4. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
    Khrushchev-senpai was consuming his most-cherished cuisine, corn on the cob, as he contemplated the conundrum. "But how can we corral the convicts without coercive application of clout?"

    "Yes, Comrade," sighed Malinovsky, "This is the dilemma of which I have presently availed you. Also I'm pretty sure you've just exhausted this month's consonance budget."

    There must be a solution, he thought, as he stared at the remaining buttered kernels in quiet reflection. "THAT'S IT!" he cried, hoisting the most revolutionary of vegetables high above his head. "We will grant a general amnesty, but only to those prisoners that apply to work on the farms! Thus through the truth of Collectivization, they will be too busy working to engage in counterrevolutionary activity, but will also be contributing meaningful labour toward the triumph of Socialism! It's win-win!"

    "Isn't an open-air prison still a prison?" asked Malinovsky, eyebrow raised but not as much as Brezhnev's.

    "Da, but you're confusing this with capitalist consumerism, and the decadent West is practically tripping over itself to autoincarcerate in that regard."

    Malinovsky rolled his eyes.

    "Isn't it past the growing season for corn?" piped up Oleksandr Shargei Yuri Kondratyuk, who could build a centrifuge out of nothing but Siberian wood so he somehow thought he could grasp the intricacies of maize cultivation.

    "There's just one problem," said Malinovsky, "Winter is coming and corn doesn't grow in snow."

    "Hmm, this is a definite obstacle," conceded Khrushchev-san. He pondered for some time.

    Meanwhile, Malinovsky got up and poked his head out the window to where Makhno was spinning figure-eights on the pavement below. "Cut it out, you anarchist!" he hollered.

    "Don't tell me what to do!" he shouted back, flipping the bird before tearing his wagon right across the flowerbed.

    "What if we could develop a hardier strand of corn that can grow in colder climates?" mused Kondratyuk, clearly out of his element.

    "I've got a better idea," announced Khrushchev. "What if we developed a new breed of corn, that could weather winter temperatures?" The room rejoiced in the Premier's insight into Marxism. "Comrade Kondratyuk, you have been honoured with this mission, for the betterment of workers worldwide!"

    "But I'm not even an agricultural—"

    "Next item on the agenda," continued Malinovsky, "The free real estate plight of the Proletariat in central Europe."

    "Everyone knows that Cauşescu is the worst ciorbă," Khrushchev nodded gravely. "He is like a vampire, but instead of impaling Turks he sells off the national economy for bargain-bin prices to fund his personality cult. This cannot be allowed to stand."

    "Are we sending in the army?"

    "Actually no, I want it running exercises for the foreseeable future. And I don't mean wargames and field manoeuvres—I mean the fitness circuit, aerobics, the whole Engels-damned gamut: a tank brigade's no use if your muffin top's catching in the cupola! For this, I have a better idea." Khrushchev got up and leaned out the window. "Hey anarchist, whatever you do, don't instigate revolution in Romania!"

    "Nice try, but I'm going to not instigate revolution in Romania!"

    Khrushchev took off his shoe and pounded it against the wall, thwarted by the Black Army's insane logic.


    "I think we can safely declare that there are no White ships here," said Hirohito.

    "Should we be getting back to Ukraine now, Comrade?" asked the Vice-Admiral.

    "Yes, it seems rather odd we were deployed this far north in the first place."

    ===== BACK IN КИЇВ =====

    "Anything else, Comrade?" asked Malinovsky.

    "Yes, we have received a petition for state support in a global outreach programme to strengthen cultural ties amongst the Kozaky diaspora. They are, after all, one of the most powerful social forces in all of human history (before Communism, of course)."

    "I don't think Grant Georgeson is a real professor," Malinovsky began.

    Dzhemilev momentarily raised his head to glance bemusedly across the room, before returning to the preparation of his succulent Turkic meal.


    In a cunning manipulation of circumstance, Khrushchev shall create an advantage over No-Gulag November, offering convicts amnesty on the condition they work on the collective farms, thereby secretly shepherding them back under State control while increasing national corn production.

    Malinovsky shall assist the Armed Forces in training exercises, since neither has anything better to do, plus it's an easy way to move to alert-readiness without actually looking like a military build-up.

    In a splendid move of 6D chess, Makhno shall join the Black Army to subvert Khrushchev's subversions by actually infiltrating Romania to inspire popular revolt (read: create a neighbour NPC).

    The Cossacks will send a delegation to (re-)establish contact with the fabled Black Hosts of West Africa.

    Kondratyuk shall seek to overcome the mission of creating a winter corn by travelling to (what survives of) Canada in search of Charles Saunders, in the hope of adapting his research into Marquis wheat.

    Hirohito shall assist the Navy in providing logistical support for the preceding two actions (and getting back to port).

    Dzhemilev shall seek to complete his succulent Turkic meal.
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  5. jackelgull

    jackelgull An aberration of nature

    Dec 30, 2013
    Within the realm of impossibility
    Yuxor paced in front of the projector of a large conference. Three other people were seated at the table in the middle - Valerin, on his iPhone looking bored, Arch Necromancer, pre-emptively face palming, and Gandhi, who was silent, his urgent desire to see the bomb go off radiating from every pore
    "I have called you here to discuss a matter of the utmost urgency - that is this Living Underground movement that has sprung up. It is clear the living cannot be trusted. They are fifth columns to this nation. They must be made undead. I want solutions and ideas."
    Gandhi was the first to speak, "If humans are problem, atom is the solution"
    "Good train of thought Gandhi, but not quite what I was looking for. I'd rather not wreck my infrastructure as well. Valerin? Any ideas?"
    Valerin ignored their erstwhile leader, electing to play Fate/Grand Order longer. Right now the Christmas event was going on and he had to get his Jalter Santa ticket from the lottery.
    Yuxor marched over to Valerin and slapped him.
    "You cur, you knave! When your dear leader speaks, you listen. Now speak"
    "I honestly don't know what you expect. I'm a researcher I do research. What do I know about rebel groups. Unless you want me to experiment on them I can't help you."
    "Excellent idea" Yuxor said, "If you can perfect the intelligent undead you've been working on, we can replace humans with legions of smart but chained to our will zombies"
    "Do you know how complex brain chemistry is? I've been rechecking the neural connections for Gandhi and I still can't tell where I went wrong. It'll take years to get right, and that's only because I'm the kind of genius that pops up once every millenia."
    "Arch necromancer" Yuxor asked, "You have any thoughts?"
    The Arch Necromancer, finished with the pontless exercise of trying to smother himself in shame, replied, "Have you considered that we don't have to massacre every living human in our nation"
    "The Living Underground proves that the living have a culture of disobedience and ingratitude. Why should such citizens be left alone? They need to be corrected."
    The Arch Necromancer pulled out the Dictator's Handbook (written by him of course) and turned to pg.438 Chapter XXIII: Methods of Establishing Dominance, Control and Legitimacy.
    "Yes but killing all living humans means alot of knowledge sector jobs don't run and we don't need to. I have a four point plan we can turn to instead
    1)Stop trying to force people to give us their dead relatives, have an undeath tax instead, where they can pay for the privilege of keeping their relatives
    2)Expand the reach of the Cult of Undeath who will as evangelizers to make undeath seem "cool"
    3) Use the army to break up any Living Underground Cells
    4) Experiment to create intelligent undeath - once we can promise immortality and endless pleasure for the low price of obedience, the world will throw itself at our feet."
    "No nuke?" Gandhi asks a little forlornly

    Overcome the Living Underground challenge by utilizing the Arch necromancer's plan.
    The Undead IRS will take care of the undeath tax
    Expnading the Cult of Undeath and making undeath "cool" will be Yuxor's task. I invoke his stunt Triumph of the Will to change the Primary Approach from Charm to Force
    Use the Undead Army to break up the cells
    Have Valerin conduct research on the Living Underground dead bodies to create intelligent undead.
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  6. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    ~24 hours until orders lock
  7. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems

    News from the United Systems of Coruscant Talon

    Operation Oblivion Commences
    With a Hell Gate portal open. Talon forces have gathered at the hell gate opening to begin operations to close the gate to prevent daemons and other riffraff from entering into Talon and causing a disturbance within Southeast Asia. While the Hell spawn would be welcomed, Akande stated that they're too close to home and needed to be dealt with before becoming a thorn in Talon's side

    Commune Purge
    The Borneo Commune has been foreseen by the leadership as a potential nucense for Talon's operation has undergone a purge campaign to rid the nation of the Anarcho-Capitalist. Both Widow and Echo (Starwind) have personally taken matter into their hands to crush the Commune and it's leadership. Survivors would be taken to Moira's lair for reeducation and mental reconditioning to become loyal Talon subjects.

    T.S.S. Bismarck And Fleet Eyes Last Indonesian Islands
    Admiral Piett aboard the T.S.S. Bismarck has set his eyes for his marines in the first fleet to lay claim to the last of the Indonesian Islands for Talon. The T.S.S. Basil reported on it's radar, spotting vintage World War II ships approaching the eastern portion of the island. Talon Naval Intelligence presume the Republic of Beach City has started their maneuvers to block off Talon. Talon High Command have revised their plans to establish a DMZ on the island between Talon and the Republic of Beach City border. Talon declined the offer to make the land a buffer zone citing "They will likely take the land right from under our noses, if and when they betray us". In a show of determination, Piett had the railgun battleship T.S.S. Bismarck, a nuclear attack submarine T.S.S. Seawolf, and a guided missile cruiser T.S.S. Nova Terra, sails past the vintage B.C.S. DeMayo.

    Political analyst have theorized that both Talon and the Republic of Beach City have a mutual distrust of one another. With Beach City thinking that they're next on Talon's list of potential conquest and Talon, after Sombra leaked 350TB's IdIOT play to Widow and Talon High Command, believing that Beach City would pull The Great Betrayal II: Electric Boogaloo (Roll Credits!) on Talon. Talon High Command reported stating they have no interest in conquering the Republic of Beach City unless they've proven themselves a legitimate threat towards Talon. Both Widow and Starwind left a comment that "Sombra should spend time less time digging at the meta".

    It's Diplomacy Time!

    From: Talon
    To: United Uznahgar Clans

    Provided you have the infrastructure for long distance exchange of ideas. We would consider this proposal. Just be aware that Moira's scientific methods are a bit on the, unorthodox side. I mean, she did slowed my heart.

    To: Republic of Beach City
    From: Talon

    I'm afraid were going to have to decline the request to have the lands of the Indonesian part of the island to be an....unaligned buffer zone. The most we can do, is establish a DMZ between the island where our boundaries meet. Be aware, you're being kept under close eye after my associate Sombra dug into your user's historical record. Keep in our good graces and we won't have to target the entirety of the Republic of Beach City marked for liquidation.

    Le Orders:
    Anarcho-Capitalist Commune - Under the command of Doomfist and General Hank Dornan, they lead the one half of the Talon Troopers to crush the commune while Widowmaker and Calista Gennifer Starwind assassinates the leadership of the commune

    Hell Gate - The Talon Black Ops and the other half of the Talon Troopers half not leading the charge against the Commune are deployed to close up the hell gate.

    Operation #CoruscantDidNothingWrong - The Talon PR think tanks starts working on a PR campaign that paints Talon as a legitimate national government instead of an crime syndicate.

    Talon Navy: The navy sets out to establish claims based shown on the attached map.
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  8. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    The UUC will (next turn) dispatch Heagel to conduct co-operations. We ensure you: Heagel is very open to new methods.
  9. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Orders Softlock
  10. poketwo

    poketwo Warlord

    May 7, 2014
    trump man dropping I think
    got to much to do tbh
  11. KaiserElectric

    KaiserElectric Total Freakin Besties

    Dec 2, 2007

    Greetings, mortals. My, how small you all are.

    I am Aurelion Sol, the star forger. It is understandable if you have not heard of me; usually beings as insignificant and infinitesimally minuscule as yourselves cannot appreciate the majesty of the cosmos. You will get over it. As it stands, my somewhat less insignificant friends of draconic persuasion have elected me to speak to you on their behalf. So pay attention, as my splendorous recitation pales in comparison to all the stars in the sky.

    First order of business, of course, is this new dragon encroaching on the Thunder, the small one with the even smaller claws. Given what the Argonian maids have said of this dragon, the Thunder feels that this candidate should be put under increased scrutiny, especially in light of these rumors that this drake may be in league with that reprehensible Slavic wyrm, Nitup. The noble Paarthurnax will investigate this candidate with the help of his trusted companion Relleum, while the council will debilitate on a proper leader that could take this encroaching dragon's place. With any luck it will not be Notnilc or her salacious husband again.

    On a lighter note, the Thunder has expressed a curious desire to make friends with this nation from a realm called "Hell", no doubt some decrepit corner of the void I've not found yet. Personally I've made an effort to avoid demonic beings since my encounter with that that lord of innumerable edges and his gardening implement, but what the Thunder desires is mainly of little concern to me.

    The Thunder has also decided that it is time that they pooled their resources properly, and are creating a Great Horde of their collected wealth and riches. I always find it quaint how mortals concern themselves with these trinkets and baubles, but I suppose there is some value to this Horde of theirs, as it would make their riches much more defensible in the long term. And even I can admire the glistening of all that gold, glowing like my stars in the sky.

    I've also been informed that the drake known as Smaug is leading some dragons to seize more land on behalf of the Thunder. While the purpose of that is lost on a being such as myself, I'm sure the rest of you will find that amusing in some way.

    And perhaps most importantly of all, I've been informed that the Thunder is attempting to recruit someone new to their ranks, some mauve reptilian that may or may not be a dragon of some sort. I endeavored to ask, and this feisty reptile threatened to consume my visage. Rather unlikely, as I am not made of chalk.

    In conclusion, as I'm certain that lesser beings like yourself would not be able to comprehend my majesty, I took the liberty of transcribing this statement's main points in the simplest vernacular just for your sake. You should feel honored.
    Spoiler Orders :

    Order: Use Paarthurnax and Cunning to find something shady that can be used against Dlanod.
    Order: Use Thrift to create a new aspect: Dragon's Horde
    Order: Send Smaug to seize new territory.

    Order: Recruit a new hero unit; The Fun Gang!

    Primary Stat: Charm
    Size: Small

    Stunt: Rude Buster (+2 on Charm Actions against aggressive enemies)

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  12. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    Right under your nose
    Due to a diplomatic misunderstanding, we mistakenly believed one of our missionary expeditions was welcome in the Uznagar Clans. We would apologize for this diplomatic incident but we see no reason to apologize for spreading the Truth; Nevertheless, we will recall them as soon as is feasible.
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  13. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    The UUC has learned that missionaries from The Church of the Gamemaster has sent missionaries to our land without gaining permission.

    While the UUC is open on faiths and embraces cosmopolitanism we are not pleased that of state sponsored missions that entered without our say.

    We are disappointed and would request talks with the Church to talk this matter proper.

    There is so much dishonour in this occurrence.


    The talks will be needed to heal any wounds, henceforth.
  14. Reus

    Reus Polar Bear

    Nov 17, 2013
    Devon Island

    Image: NinjaCow in his early revolutionary days​

    The Cult of NinjaCow
    Every movement must have a near-mythical figurehead. Judeo-Bolshevism had Lenin, White Rights had Hitler, Feminism had Anita Sarkesian - and the Great GAMER Movement has one too - the one and only NinjaCow. Naturally his saintly deeds and heroic story is already well known and revered by all true gamers (not mobile gamers or 'revisionists') - but we need to push further, we need to make his story known for all! The so-called "Cult of NinjaCow" will be the prime axis of our propaganda campaign. True stories such as times where NinjaCow called out femoids and SJWs in Starbucks and won (and everyone clapped) or that moment where a Stacy rejected him and gave him the first 'opressed gamer conciousness' (and every friendzones guy joined him in a choir singing that song from Les Miserables) - those - should be stories known by all human beings.

    [Use NinjaCow's abilities to resolve Gurra's Trouble]

    Image: Ethnic Kekistani warriors eager for battle

    Commander Joe calls all Kekistanis to arm!
    Supreme Commander Hopelitejoe announced a second meme jihad against normies in a firey speech last Thursday. "REEEEEEE!" he sounded his battlecry after declaring that it is time to continue the revolution. The Supreme Commander warned all faithful gamers that this second stage of the revolution will not be like the first - as the outnumbered gamers must face the numerous normies on all fronts alone - thus covert and propaganda means would be the way to pave victory. Until we can engage the normies in a final battle, we must build up our means of mememing.

    [Use Hopelitejoe and 360 No-scopers to claim Cameroon]​
  15. inthesomeday

    inthesomeday Immortan

    Dec 12, 2015
    CNN - Breaking News, Latest News and Videos​

    A subsidiary of the (((Globalist))) World Order, Inc.; Partnered with the Open Society Foundations

    6 Dec 3000, New Leningrad

    Famed Twitch thot Alinity was confirmed on Thursday for being in talks with the upper (((Globalist))) leaders in New Leningrad. Analysts say it's likely she will be offered a high-ranking military position as the Caravan revs up for a new invasion. Her pioneering skill at the newly-emergent "sexual combat" makes her a prime candidate for future military conflicts that may unfold between the Caravan and the many involuntary celibate communities vying for power in the Atlantic in the future.

    Her appointment is part of what seems to be a larger trend in anarchist politics lately, which is the recruitment of baddies, thots, and even powerful thotties from many prominent media to participate in anti-gamer or anti-Kekistani operations, both military and covert. While Alinity and many other new recruits are transitioning from Twitch-based combat to the Caravan military, others are coming from media as diverse as Instagram, TikTok, and even the "Gone Wild" subreddit.

    Once on the payroll of the (((Globalists))) at the IRS, the collective power of thotdom may be enough to overwhelm the worldwide population of white men in one fell swoop, especially considering the fact that No Nut November festivities have only recently concluded and these young men are now struggling through Destroy Dick December. It is a well-known scientific fact that even the epicest gamers are at their lowest power level during the latter month of the year, and if the Caravan government is able to effectively apply the power of women then the white people might as well kiss their sovereignty goodbye.
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  16. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Sorry everyone, but I'm going to have to can this game. I've felt my mental health deteriorate over the last month and I just can't handle this game anymore. While this wasn't caused by IOT's recent negative trend, I can't say that it helped. I've bitten off way more than I can chew, this update has ballooned to over 10,000 words already and knowing me its going to just get longer and there's no way that's sustainable. Also somehow between trying to shove new mechanics in and everything else, whatever magic seemed to be naturally coming has just died for me. You guys have been great, everyone who has sent detailed orders and done RP have been fantastic, but I don't think that I have the energy to contribute back to this anymore. Once again I wish to apologise to everyone who was active in this game, you really deserved better.

    I'm probably going to be less active in IOT for the next few months at least. Its not going to be a Hard #Ninjexit like SK did, I'm still going to participate in December World and the other games I'm in. But expect to see me around chat less often. Hopefully over the next few months I'll feel a bit better and the community will be rejuvenated or something. Maybe I'll GM again if I find a way to host games without completely losing it, but somehow I doubt it.

  17. Terran Empress

    Terran Empress Hornet

    Mar 30, 2011
    Hallow Nest
    I understand NC, sorry about the difficult time you've been having <3 Get some well needed R&R
  18. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    We are with you mate.

    Take ease this December: if you need me for jolliness you can always contact me, mate.
  19. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
    Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince:
    And dankest memers sing thee to thy rest!

    guess I'd better update R2R
  20. e350tb

    e350tb Stupendously Illogical Englishman

    May 24, 2007
    The Britcave
    I understand, Ninja - better to look after yourself than run yourself into the ground. I'm rooting for you, mate.

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