If there is ever a city named after me...


Nov 14, 2001
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If their is ever a city named after me, could it be on Hammerfish Island? I'm sure you know why ;)

Also, this thread is for naming new cities... Maybe. I don't know.


How do you get cities named after you anyway? Do you have to hold an office?
I was gonna start an identical thread last night, but since I've said it 20 times already, I feared shunning, but anyways, heres my chance to talk summore :) thanx

if there is a city named after me, I'd like:
Pelly Bay {if its on the water}
Pelly's Peak {if its on a hill/mountain}

the end name is up to whoever is Prez.
City naming is up to the president, usually from prominent players and cabinet members, but the person's popularity plays a part, meaning if people don't like you, it's unlikly you will get a city named for you.
Too bad, Pellaken. :p

Modest ppl wouldn't have suggested names for cities to be named after themselves. ;)
id like a city called...... (drumroll)... village, and when it gets bigger its renamed town, city and so on..
I would like a city named after me at some point please. Dellsville would probably be preferable...
Umm.. bit of a typo there, .:KNAS:.

I was thinking that a city named Keventry would be nice, but if we have the English to deal with then it probably wouldn't be good. Perhaps if we capture Coventry and keep it we can name it thusly.

Ah, to be immortalized with a city named for you. Just hope it's not in some swamp-infested area where the castles "sink into the swamp" or "burn down, fall over, and THEN sink into the swamp"!
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