If you lost all your cities. Don't Panic !!!


Nov 9, 2015
Independence Mode

If the player loose all cities ;to continue the game like a liberationist. When the cities lose the player become liberationist. It can live secretly in mountains, hils, forest and jungle with its 2 armies. In its citiers produce rebelder soldier al fin de asimilations. If it the founder a one religion. Cities of liberationist produce double time much more rebeld soldier.

Liberationist gamer have got many, some rebelde base and also can do any diplomatic relation with the other Civilizations.


The invader civ must do asimilation to enemy cities which ocupated.Namely all Civ have got own nation population. But in its cities some times can be refuges the other nations. Or when ocupate the other Civ's cities have got the other nation population. In ocupation cities which have got liberator's nations produce rebeld army in any turn (depend population of occupied nation). For that İnvader player have to be use asimilition politics. So it can be change the nationality and the religion of occupied city. The Civs which have much culture can do assimilate the other nations more easy.

İnvaders also can be do treaty with enemy civs for take it back it's cities.

Liberationist gamer if want can play until the end of the game.

Some Liberationist and liberations civ in history:

Babylonians, El Cid(Spain), Ataturk( Turkey) De Gaulle(France), Chiang Kai-shek, Mao Zedong( China), Gandhi(India), Ho Chi Mınh(Vietnam), Ben Bella(Algeria)
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