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If you were to plan scenarios for Fall Further...

Discussion in 'Fall Further' started by Dean_the_Young, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Dean_the_Young

    Dean_the_Young King

    Aug 2, 2009
    This thread pretty much said no scenarios are in the foreseeable future. But even the question brought to mind another: what sort of scenarios would Fall Further be good for?

    To be distinct from the base FFH, you'd want to emphasize FF unique (or at least not used in the base scenarios) content; civs, mechanics, etc. And of course, you'd want interesting challenges, different from the FFH scenarios. Which may well be harder to think of.

    Any ideas of what you'd want to see?
  2. WarKirby

    WarKirby Arty person

    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    A few little thoughts. Most of these ideas are drawn from FF lore, mixed in with a few original concepts.
    These are just ideas for now. Don't take this as any kind of official plan.

    The Deep Jungle
    Spoiler :
    Set on a map that is almost entirely jungle, marsh or grasslands for terrain, rivers everywhere, and Mount Kalshekk in the middle of the map, which for this scenario has massively increased yields making it highly desireable. Like +20 :commerce: and +20 :hammers: on the tile, encouraging a tug-of-war battle for the central area.

    You take control of either Mazatl, or Cualli, and are permanantly locked into war with the other. In addition, you have to fend off attacks from the Clan of Embers from the north, who are at war with both of you, and who start off with a larger base. The objective is to wipe out the opposing lizardman civ, and claim the jungles as your own

    Hallowed Ground (no AC)
    Compact Enforced (no infernals/mercurians)

    The Wilds of Erebus

    Spoiler :
    Special rules for this scenario:
    Player plays as Austrin
    You start with Harmatt
    Harmatt is immortal
    Your starting position is very hilly
    All culture values are halved
    Settler costs are doubled
    Animals are not locked out of borders
    Always War, Orcish Swarms and Wildlands are enabled
    The number of Free units is doubled, globally

    Played on a massive map, the special rules above ensure that the world stays sparsely populated for far longer, while the maintenance reductions will allow players to support large armies while their fledgling empire has yet to produce a viable economy. The objective of this scenario are simple. Explore! Dungeons would be everywhere, and due to deliberately limited expansion, would often be your main source of research and gold to keep your economy going. Treasure chests would be placed randomly on the map too. The map would be a wide and varied mix of environs. At least one unique feature would be in a location that is completely unreachable until you get pegasi.

    By the end of this scenario, Harmatt should be a walking tank since he'll be carrying several tons of magical equipment. A scripted event somewhere along the way would make sure that you find the Rod of Winds, doubling harmatt's air affinity.

    Victory Conditions:
    Visit every unique feature
    Map 80% of the world

    Opponents in this scenario would be Hippus, Archos, Doviello, and Clan of Embers. All very chaotic cultures. If possible, a special AI would apply here so that the AI doesn't build more than 3-4 cities, and concentrates mostly on sending units out.

    Wardens of the Jungle
    Spoiler :
    Special rules:
    Player plays as Mazatl
    Last days is enabled
    Compact Enforced (No infernals)

    The map here would be mostly jungle, except for an area of broken lands to the north. The only opponent would be a Sheiam Alliance, Tebryn and Os Gabella together. Permanant war is enabled. Both yourself and the enemy would start with a modest empire already made and all techs up to Iron working, and others of the same Tier. AV would already be founded with Tebryn's capital as the holy city.

    Victory conditions:
    Raze the AV holy city
    Survive for >300 turns
    Summon Coatlann

    Defeat conditions:
    More than 50% of the starting jungle is burned.
    Coatlann dies

    The Green Tide
    Spoiler :
    Special rules:
    Player plays as Chislev
    4 AI players - Two bannor, Two Clan of Embers
    Start at peace with bannor, permanant war with the Clan
    Bannor and Clan are permanant war with each other.
    Orcish Swarms
    Hallowed Ground (no AC)
    Compact Enforced (no infernals/mercurians)

    This scenario would take place on a map with a vast jungle/grassy area to the south where the Clan resides, and the bannor empire in the north. Your empire would be smack dab in the middle of the two, and a vast Clan army would be on your borders to begin with.

    All players would start with a reasonably sized empire, plus the clan gets a free stack of doom. The player's empire will inevitably be crushed into the dirt from the word go, and your first objective is to survive. The clan AI would be programmed to focus their efforts on attacking the bannor though, and would generally only destroy some of your empire that's in their way. The Clan will automatically raze all cities they take.

    You would start around bronze level tech, other civs would start with iron working level, as well as a sufficient economy to reach mythril working after a while. The Bannor will give you a free tech (of their choosing) or a lump sum of gold, as a reward for each razed Clan city.

    Meskwaki would be spawned to begin with, but held prisoner in a Clan city. Your second objective is to take that city and rescue him. For this scenario, he would get quite a number of free promotions, including Orc Slaying and Strong, making him generally more powerful.

    The bannor empire would be vastly bigger and more powerful than yours, as would the clan. You would essentially be an underdog caught between two titans. The bannor would be slightly disadvantaged and likely to lose without your aid, though.

    Victory conditions:
    The Clan of Embers is defeated (even if the bannor do it)

    What Mother Wants....
    Spoiler :
    Special rules:
    Player plays as archos
    Player starts with an advantage - size 5 capital, 3 other cities, bronze working level tech.
    Always War is enabled
    All Archos units will, on winning a battle inside your borders, yield food equal to 3x the defeated enemy's level, and commerce equal to 2x, to the Archos capital.
    Spider spawning rates are doubled.
    The frequency of "Mother Wants.." events would be doubled.

    Opponents would be one massive permanant alliance of:

    All of them would start off at rock bottom, but your early advantage would vanish very quickly against the combined research of 7 nations. The archos would be forced to expand fast and dig in, building nests everywhere (I'm assuming we'll import fort commanders by this point, so the nested spider). The special battle yields would lead to your economy and growth being powered by slaughter. Free food from the steady onslaught of prisoners fed to mother would cause a population explosion in the capital, and you would be forced to expand to secure the carefully placed health and happiness resources on the map to allow your capital to keep prospering.

    Victory Conditions:
    Awaken Mother
    Survive for 300 turns
    Kill all enemies

    Defeat conditions:
    Mother is killed.
    Mother's nest is lost

    Peace on Erebus
    Spoiler :
    Special rules:
    Player plays as Dural
    Player recieves 400% more war weariness
    Player's military production is reduced by 66%
    Trade income is doubled, globally
    Player cannot ever declare war (but you can still fight when others declare on you)
    Bannor and Elohim cannot surrender and become vassals. They will fight ot the death.
    Undercouncil is disabled
    No Orcish Barbarians
    No Wild Animals

    Other civs
    Clan of Embers

    This map would have lots of mountains and chokepoints, making it generally more defendable. All nations would have a small empire to begin with, two cities or so and all the basic economy techs. Agriculture, festivals, etc, as well as Way of the Wise. The player would start very close to the neighboring Elohim empire, and moderately close to the Bannor.

    The objective is to promote peace and love in the world, quite simply. And protect the good from the evil. The player's military is deliberately gimped, so this is not easy. Going around vassalising or destroying the warmongers is a possibility, but not a good way. Your massive war weariness, combined with massive difficulties in replacing lost troops, mean that keeping them alive would be extremely important, and so experienced units would play a bigger part. You would start with a modest army from the outset, including Karrlson, a few swordsmen, and a free Tactician.

    Victory Conditions
    Total of 10 cities with Legendary culture in the world (regardless of who owns them)
    20 sustained turns of World Peace (Nobody at war)
    Armageddon Counter of 0

    Defeat Conditions
    The Elohim or the Bannor are destroyed
    The Armageddon Counter reaches 100

    Maybe tarq can come up with a neat idea for a Scion scenario. I'm out of creative energy for now.
  3. odalrick

    odalrick Emperor

    Nov 12, 2003
    I'd like to see a Scion scenario where you start as Korinna the Leader and then halfway through change to Emperor the Leader.

    Maybe Emperor the Hero arrives, far away and in trouble and needs to be escorted back to Avitas. When he arrives, you change leader and get Korinna the Hero.

    I think Illians would make a good antagonist. Emperor the Hero spawns when Auric ascends and as a special scenario rule only Korinna can wield the Godslayer. A basic "Heroic flight from enemy, get mcguffin, use mcguffin to kill enemy" plot.

    Emperor the Hero should be completely alone when he spawns. He creates an army of Revenants and Skeletons from the defeated foes. The only support the empire can give is convert mana nodes to Death.

    When he arrives in Avitas, a bunch of Doomsayers and Legates spawn to ease the transition into Agnosticism and the focus of the game changes from the Emperors personal bodyguard to an army action with Korinna as the tip of the spear.
  4. Deon

    Deon Lt. of Mordor

    Jan 13, 2008
    St.Petersburg, Russian Federation
    While RiFE is a separate modmodmodmodmodmodmodmodmod now, it's FF's child. I start to make a Middle Earth scenario map. Races and Missions will follow.
  5. Dean_the_Young

    Dean_the_Young King

    Aug 2, 2009
    The Wilds of Erebus sounds like a good mission for Grigori as well, as a matter of fact.

    That might make a good contest, actually: Austrin explorers versus Grigori Adventurers. Put in a tech cap of some sorts, and you can make it so that Harmatt is always the one-on-one superior to any one Adventurer (who have to spawn later anyways).
  6. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    Perhaps a scenario as the Ljosalfar (or other FoL/nature civs), where you have to root out the blight/Dark Forest in a massive forested region? Maybe some evil civ like the Sheaim or Infernals could be inside the forest as well?

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