[BTS] [Immortal Game] What to do from this point? Mansa Musa is killing me here


Aug 11, 2019
While I do my shadow game, I've been currently playing a side-game as Ghandi on immortal so far. The settings are standard with normal settings and no huts/events.

Spoiler Turn 201 :

Just conquered Napoleon with Cuirs. (he had 9 cities). I've had a huge tech lead up until then, but now there's Mansa Musa. I don't know how the hell he techs so fast...

I'm planning on upgrading my Cuirs to Calvary and take some of Wang Kon's cities on my continent so I can have the whole continent. Is this game winnable though? Mansa is really scaring me here lol.

As a side note, early in the game, my ex-neighbor Napoleon made me do a trade embargo against Wang Kon and I agreed to keep Napoleon pleased. As a result, Wang Kon "refused to talk" to me for over two millennia (from like 2000 BC to 500 AD). Missed out on a lot of good trades/gold because of that.


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Dec 14, 2019
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Looks like mansa is only like 1 tech ahead of you, sci method is the only tech that matters.

I don't like representation that much, your cities are very low pop after whipping so it doesn't make sense to be running scientists when you need to be regrowing pop right now.

I'd probably attack wang kon soon too, maybe switch to nationhood for rifles so you don't kill too much of your pop.
After that he only has 6 cities vs your 20 and it should be easy to outproduce him and gain a foothold on mansa's continent.

I'd definitely send a galleon+settlers to the north island and settle that asap

Start trading your resources, looks like you're missing +30gpt from not trading which is a ton

Also send the caravel you have sleeping in the eastern-most city to look for more islands and also try to sell your world map to the other ai.
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