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Immortal University 87 - Zara

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by klonoklown, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. ohjames

    ohjames Warlord

    Jun 18, 2007
    I was pretty wed to Rep-Peace during my GP periods for the longest time too, but sometimes the cost is higher than the payoff.

    Philo would be ideal, but going without it it you can sort of consider as giving you a 'bonus' Great Scientist (since you normally would have bulbed it with one), at least in the short term.

    Rep is ideal too, but it only really contributes +15 base beakers on 5 scientists. That's not a lot for all the hammers Mids cost.
  2. Kingjester1

    Kingjester1 Chieftain

    Apr 7, 2006
    I finally had a chance to play this one through. 1440 AD Conquest victory, Emperor, Epic, Choose Religions. This was a fun one :)

    Spoiler :

    I played this one quickly so I don't have a lot of notes. The key for me was to settle very aggressively towards Persia early on to get the good land. One of my favorite things about playing with a creative trait is how easy it is to overpower other civs tiles, which happened a fair amount this game to Persia and England.

    My main mistake was not getting Horses in the west by Persia, so I ended up not having any while REXing. I was able to keep myself well defended from two tiny stacks from England and Persia in the late BCs thanks to having copper, so it wasn't such a big deal. Ultimately I REX'd to 7 cities, cottaged heavily in a flood plains site west of the cap, and went for cuirassiers. I was able to trade for Horses by giving away my Marble and some other junk, so I built a bunch of war elephants and did a mass upgrade plus some whipping the turn I traded for horses. Of course the first target was Persia and that city that had the nearest supply of horses.

    After taking Persia it was simple chain capping every civ, going England -> Russia (they peace vassaled to me) -> Mongolia -> France -> Rome, with an upgrade to cavalry coming just as I was getting ready to take France. Over all, a solid map and it was great fun.
  3. Kadazzle

    Kadazzle Emperor

    Jan 7, 2008
    Toronto, Canada
    Re-whipping: Everyone seems to be talking about whipping improved tiles, or specifically grassland mines, which of course in the long run will be a less efficient way to produce units in the long-run. Most of the time however, I find myself whipping away unimproved tiles, not improved ones.
  4. Prodeo

    Prodeo Chieftain

    May 4, 2008
    1270AD Dom Victory.
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Sipped. Got Boxed in pretty early thanks to some barb cities, so decided to go for Elepults and take me some land.
    Spoiler :

    In anticipation of construction I built up a stack of axes with which I captured the surrounding barb cities (the wargold help fund the deficit research):
    Future bureaucap
    Spoiler :

    Later secondary GPfarm
    Spoiler :

    I dowed Darius in 300BC (with catas, axes and swords), quikly captured Susa (HE City) and Persipolis (Major GPFarm) and got Currency in the peacesettlement. Together with GLH from Persipolis my economy kicked in gear.

    I went for Lit (got beaten to Music by Louis) and quikly chop-whipped TGL and NE in Persipolis and quickly churned out 55GPP/turn pre Caste/Pac.
    Spoiler :

    Persipolis popped 3GS (ty RNG): Academy in bureaucap, Philobulb and GA. Proceeded to CoL -> CS. In the mean time I had Dowed Vicky and steamrolled over her land (often taken 2cities in 2/3turns). The cheap CH's came in handy to prevent my economy from crashing.
    By 400AD I already had a juicy chunk of land:
    Spoiler :

    I Stopped producing units here in favor of spreading religion, building wealth and growing GPfarms. Meanwhile i would clean up the persians and take the remaining 2 English cities in the south. The bulk of my stack was sent off to Antium (August) To capture the MoM. I Didn't vassal Vicky because I didn't wanted to jeopardize my friendly relation with Peter.

    The original plan was to Lib MT, but Peter was already researching it (traded Nat with him) and since nobody even had Paper when i Prebulbed Lib, i went for Rifling instead:
    Spoiler :

    I upgraded my WE's to Cavs and by 1100AD I had 30+ Cavs :lol:, and was producing them really fast with PS (captured the mids from August) and forge powered Guilds/Chem/Caste WS's. From there on I rolled the map ridiculously fast (Capped Peter in 2turns, Ghengis in 3turns). I could of shaved a few turns of my time if I hadn't gifted back the captured cities but whateva.
  5. BurN

    BurN Prince

    Dec 13, 2007
    1020AD, Conquest. My personal record (on this pc at least) thanks to the peace vassaling of Louis.

    Spoiler :

    Basically expanded to three cities (one at western corn/ivory and one at pigs/bronze) and axe rushed Darius. Later also took a barb city with the left over CR axes. Then went Aest/lit and chopped out GL/NE in darius capital.

    Went col (founded conf), bulb phil (founded toaism), currency, music. Golden Age to CS. Bulb the way to lib. Also had a bunch of fail gold from Toa and Mausoleum somewhere.

    Lib MT:

    Spoiler :

    Louis peace vasal. :lol:

    Spoiler :

    760AD: Vasal Vic
    840AD: Vasal Caesar
    920AD: Vasal Peter (only took 1 city)
    1010AD: Vasal GK

    Spoiler :

  6. Pengu

    Pengu Prince

    Apr 9, 2011
    Tried this on Imm until 1250 AD

    Spoiler :

    Well, it looked an easy map and it started easy enough. Settled 1 E and went early pottery when I saw all the FPs to the west. I settled a 2nd city just to the west and started cottaging. Then a 3rd city up north on the wine and even more cottaging. Then I just went for failgold from wonders while settling the corn/gold site to the south.I I made everyone happy and stayed out of religion as the religious landscape was all over place. Mongols and Romans started warring early and was more or less warring on and off the entire game. I slowly expanded and culturestole a phant tile from Darius. With no horses I maybe should have gone with phants but I was doing so well researchwise that I wanted to wait after lib. The French and Darius also fought so no worries from that border. I did alot of trading with Russia and Peter didn't have much land.
    I slwly expanded to 9 cites and could have gone lib 700 but waited and tried to get steel. Everything went perfect as 800 AD no one had edu and even took eco on the way. Then something screwed med badly. Peter out of nowhere, just backstabbed me at pleased, with no plotting :(
    I has only maces and trebs as I was still a couple of techs away. A man, this was a slow war. I had only got out a few units when he dowed me so he got my most eastern city by the clam. The when I got enough units I smashed his stack and took back my city. Then I was stuck in a dilemma. My teching has suffered and Darius was closing in on Edu and I wanted Peter pay for being a jerk. So I switched plans from steel and Darius to MT and Peter. My war vs peter went on with my garbage army and I took heavy losses vs his knight but managed to take 2 more cities.
    Then Luis robbed me blind so I could finally get horses. Whipped out a bunch of cuirs and smashed Moscow. Sill no cap with just peter having 4 cities left. But after St Petersburg fell he had no choice. But man did this war set me back. if only Peter had waited 10 more turns to backstab me :(
    Now Rome might be next as he is almost to MS. I am just a few turns from Rifling though. Only built TGL in the entire game as i build few wonders on Imm.

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