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Imperial Italy

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by BrendanM, May 15, 2006.

  1. BrendanM

    BrendanM Prince

    Oct 7, 2004
    Louisville, KY, American Empire
    From El Justo's Age of Imperialism Scenario:

    The beginning of 1903 seemed like it would be another year in Italy's semi-imperial power status, but Vincent Emmanuel III, had bigger plans for Italy. As a small mediterranean power he had his eyes set on controlling this vital economic organ, and with the limited war with Serbia in 1903 ending in Serbia's capitulation he was one step closer to his goal. 15,000 Italian Riflemen besieged half of Serbia's Army at Belgrade. It was almost a pyrrhic victory, but luckily the Serbian army retreated to Pristina for another encounter that would spell defeat for Serbia. All in all, about 5,000 Italian soldiers died, and Serbia's mineral rich hills around Pristina and large "shield" production would play a major roll in Italy's next war.

    Note: Pristina (in 1906) creates 1 Regiment of Italian Riflemen per turn, as does Venice. In 20 turns I have 20 units, around 45,000-50,000 soldiers. (1 unit: 2,500 soldiers). Controlling Serbia meant having a larger army for more wars.

    The next phase of Italy's aggression would be located south across the sea towards Libya, an Ottoman protectorate. Libya's Ottoman contingency consisted of 15,000 soldiers, most are Gatling wielding defensive units which would put up a considerable fight. However, this military obstacle didn't compare to the diplomatic colossus Vincent would face if the Ottomans asked for help from the Austrians or the French. At this time Italy's Serbian occupation force was around 2 units, 1 for each city - and if Austria-Hungary joined the Ottomans, he would lose Serbia, and my Northern Italian cities (Venice, which, as noted above, would be tantamount to defeat if it was lost). From then on he knew Austria-Hungary would play an important role and he must always have her on my side, if Austria is on my side so is Germany. Thus began the Central Alliance and the domination of Mitteleuropa.

    For the first phase of Italy's war with the Ottomans, a mobile force of 2,000 cavalry (3 units) were landed and moved to outskirts of Libya's territory. 2 weeks later, the second force landed between Tripoli and Banghazi. War was soon declared when Italy's Field Artillery rained shells down onto Tripoli's marketplace. 1 week of intence fighting and Libya's status was switched from Ottoman protectorate to Italian colonial territory. Little did I know, that my alliance with Austria-Hungary would lead to a rapid partitioning of Ottoman territory on a scale of unprecedent size. Scandinavian, British (thus Greece, Portugal, and Lowland countries), Spain, amongst a consortium of other nations would seen descend upon the Turks. First Jerusalem fell to the British, Antalya to the Scandinavians, Damascus to the Spanish, Baghdad to the Austro-Hungarians, and after a quick cease fire, Istanbul to Italy's soldiers marching across the Balkans from Serbia.

    The Ottomans, after such defeat, amazingly held onto Basra and Arabia against an international alliance. Unfortunately for that in that alliance, and fortunately for some inside as well, if broke down into skirmishes over divided ex-Turk territory. The only two significant changes came when Italy invaded Scandinavia's Antalya province and Russia entered the consortium against the Ottomans and took Ankara.

    Much further to the south, Italy was still eyeing Ethiopia, eagerly waiting to avenge the debacle of 1895-1896. Middle 1904 saw the 4 week war with Abysinnia to come to an end. Unlike the first Italian-Abysinnian war, only 2,000 soldiers died, many more Ethiopians went the grave.

    As Vincent saw his empire grow his ambitions went along with it. He knew the only obstacle in the way of his Mediterranean conquest was a single power with the largest navy in the world: Britain. Their Egyptian protectorate, Greek ally, Cyprite, Palestinian, Kenyan, and Sudanese territories would pose a great threat to any war. Without great risk, however, no gains could be made and no dreams could be turned to reality. Emmanuel knew he could win no war if the British Empire had both arms untangled. He knew of only one other power with a global empire and sizeable army that could match that of the British, it's age old enemy: France. France was a tough bargain, and in a few weeks in 1905 and millions of gold later, France joined Italy in a war with Britain. Italy, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and France vs. Britain, Greece, Portugal and the Lowland countries. The First World War was underway.

    Italy and France striked simultaneously across the global chess board, Fashoda in British Sudan fell, but the losses were tremendous and the fate of Italy's first toe hold in Africa seemed doomed, but luckily Frence cavalry broke the British counter-attack and razed El Obeid. Across the globe in Asia, French Indo-China penetrated into British India capturing Calcutta. British Sepots fought hard, but the French held them back. The lines grew static and brutal colonial trench warfare set in along the Hooghly river. The Dutch East Indies also felt the French wraith as Pontiak soon fell after a quick amphibious landing. Back in Africa, the French soon captured British Nigeria. In Europe, the defeat of the Greek government sent them into exile faraway in a Siberian colony called Sparta. This colony wouldn't last long as 300 Greek warriors felt the wraith of 300,000 Russians a few years later. Another quick ceasefire in early 1906 with Britain helped the Italians send their Balkans force to their Libyan colonies for the invasion of Egypt and Sudan. Alexandria quickly fell to the 100,000 strong force, but Cairo proved to be a tougher nut to crack.

    Late 1905

    Emmanuel's war in Egypt is going to be the make or break moment, if he pushes on with his offensive in Egypt, he'll lose a vast portion of his army as they meet the Maxim face on. His dream of incorporating Egypt and Sudan into his African territories would unite Libya with Italian Somalia and Ethiopia, but would it be at a cost too great for even the Italians to bare?

    On the other hand, the socialist newspapers are calling for a fresh Arabian war to finish off the Ottomans and to capture British Jerusalem, Nicosia, Muskrat, and Aden. Others want to go for Spanish Damascus and Iberia. No matter which way the blood thirsty populace wants to go, they all have the same vision: A New Roman Empire.


    Fun things to look for:
    Latin American African holdings.
    Partition of the Ottoman Realm.
    Find Sparta.
  2. conquer_dude

    conquer_dude Imperial Slave

    Nov 27, 2005
    Hattiesburg, MS
    Wow. Interesting Map there.

    On first thing to look for I see some purple (obviously Brazil) in Africa.
  3. mmm...donuts

    mmm...donuts Chieftain

    Jul 7, 2006
    west chester pennsylvania
    this is cool and i know i'm a little late but u shuld post more
  4. IronMan2055

    IronMan2055 Korra 2011

    Oct 4, 2005
    probaly becasuse he abandoned it?
  5. SicilyGuy

    SicilyGuy Chieftain

    Mar 15, 2005
    Not telling, perv.
    yeah but he shouldn't have...
  6. Red Door

    Red Door Man of Mayhem

    May 29, 2005
    USA #1
    Well, he did and there was no reason to bump it then.

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