Imperialism: Concert of Europe, 1818


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Aug 30, 2001
Civilization II

The Concert of Europe, 1818
This file occupies s31. Be careful not to overwrite any existing scenarios.

As far as I know there is no s31, so I hope it's alright. :)

Text from the readme file:
Spoiler readme :

The Concert of Europe 1818
an Imperialism scenario by amadeus

"The Coalition to defeat Napoleon has triumphed and the European powers gather in Vienna to restore a conservative order to Europe. Will the Congress be successful in maintaining order in Europe, or will a single power seek to dominate the continent?"

Hello! This is my first attempt at making a scenario for Imperialism. As such, there are a few things I'd just like to point out in no particular order:

* I've tested the map for bugs/crashes and so far I have yet to come across any. If it does happen, please let me know; contact details are at the bottom of the file.

* The major rivers of Europe don't really follow where they actually are, they're more there just so I could put the capital cities inland.

* All countries start out with the same stats. I thought about adjusting it to give some countries some modified starts, but ultimately decided that the player should determine the fate of the country.

* Norway's capital got moved because its port kept disappearing after sailing a ship into the region. Other erroneous things, a wizard did it.

* The borders are anachronistic as a choice: while the Balkans were not independent from Turkish rule in the early part of the century, they did become a region for the great powers to fight over later on. Also, some of the small Italian and German states have been consolidated as a matter of limitations within the game and in the case of Sardinia to give them some more balance.

Contact details: as of this writing (June 2022) I'm frequently on CivFanatics forums. I have a thread for this scenario here:



Any feedback is welcome!

Download here:


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