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Imperium Offtopicium VI-2

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Sonereal, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. TheGryphonPrince

    TheGryphonPrince King

    Jun 30, 2013
    Oligarchs at our gates

    A few decades ago, the world was shrouded in darkness, as the powers of old collapsed but the same oligarchs continued to get richer and richer at the expense of the impoverished populations of the world. These poor people, not knowing any better, turned against their own neighbours and former friends in pointless wars, in the name of concepts invented by the oligarchs, such as capitalism, socialism, communism, nationalism, among many, many others.

    Eastern Asia was much of the same, warlords and mafias freely exploiting the most populated regions of this planet from their own gain, forcing them to work for hours for little to no pay.

    That was, until Our Enlightened Messiah came.

    Once a humble priest working for the decadent Catholic Church, He drove back the warlords and mafias controlling Japan, and His missionaries worked tirelessly to rebuild what the decadent world has taken away. Thanks to his unwavering resolve, the Heavenly Kingdom rebuilt the islands that once belonged to Japan. Some Koreans and Chinese, seeing the results of his work, have requested to join the New Enlightenment, and we have embraced them as our brothers and sisters.

    But even as we grasp illumination, the oligarchs of old continue to fight back.

    And one of these oligarchies, happens to now rule over the vast majority of the Chinese Nation.

    A land once full of wise philosophers, is now oppressed by the forces of the Kuomintang, whose population continues to starve to death while the elites continue to trick their workers, making them believe that they live in a false utopia.

    Not content with merely oppressing part their own people, they claim that we are only here to oppress the Chinese that had most willingly joined our noble crusade, while they continue to oppress the Mongols, the Tibetans, the Uyghurs… and now they have expressed interest in oppressing the Koreans too.

    We will not tolerate these actions by the Chinese elites. We beg the Chinese population still living in Kuomintang oppression, to look at the prosperity their compatriots living in our frontiers have achieved… and compare it to their own misery under the elites.

    For now Japan stands alone, isolated by the oligarchies across the world still fighting against us, our noble efforts, and against all that is good on this world. But in spite of these lamentable setbacks, we shall not give up the way of the truth, and we shall fight to the very last man to set things right!

    (Create an advantage in Military and culture)
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  2. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    (don't @ me)

    THE FALL OF MADRID. Madrid, Occupied Territory. The Andorra-Roses Line would have gone down as one of the most heavily fortified defensive lines in world history. A combination of field fortifications supported by heavier fortifications and rough terrain would have made this line nigh impenetrable by the Romans if not for one problem: the construction program itself. The line teemed with heavy construction equipment, engineers, and civilian-military construction crews, a fact Rome used to its advantage to punch through the line west of Roses in the opening offensive. The effect was immediate and the line crumbled and withdrew. Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Valencia fell to advancing Roman forces over the next few weeks culminating in Carthage’s withdrawal from Madrid.

    To the south around Gibraltar, the heavy construction equipment and crews that were meant to make their way down south to support the heavy fortification of Gibraltar never reached their destination. Accidents happened, surface-to-air missiles arrived defective, fortifications built cheaply and quickly in fear that the Roman advance would not stall out near Murcia.

    Within occupied Barcelona, a Spanish sniper killed two soldiers and wounded nine more. Roman command rounded up 1,100 hostages and would demand the sniper turn him or herself in, except a hostage snuck a grenade into the stadium and killed herself and three other soldiers. Roman soldiers opened fire on the hostages, killing hundreds. Word spread throughout the afternoon of the sniper-suicide among the Roman ranks, leading to the beginning of a four-day period of incredible violence that would end with the death, disappearance, or rape of at least 30,000 Catalonians within the city and, beginning the next afternoon, as far as Tarragona, Lieda, and Girona. Small villages were razed completely in the violence.

    The war in the Mediterranean has gone better for Carthage. The Carthaginian Navy has worked hard to establish system of delivering supplies to Carthaginian forces through Malaga and, if the cities are retaken, Valencia and Barcelona. The Roman air campaign against Carthaginian shipping has ended with the Romans taking a surprise among of losses. The blockade of Rome is, currently, an easily avoidable inconvenience for Roman shipping that, at this time, has nowhere to really go.

    Rome’s successes in Iberia have been overshadowed by the Rape of Barcelona, but is further plagued by additional complications. Rome’s construction of coastal fortifications, a somewhat vague mandate, has seen very lackluster results and nothing really of note. Rome’s embargo on Carthage did little given the trade imbalance between the countries slightly favored Carthage, but the reality of the Mediterranean War has worked to focus Roman planner’s efforts on developing and maintain overland supply lines. Rome’s seizure of Carthaginian property: interesting, but ultimately a tiny victory.

    The economic disturbances, combined with newly legislated Roman industrial policy, has resulted in a wave of strikes in Northern cities. This has impacted the armaments sector generally, aerospace manufacturing acutely. Sicily has taken up some of the slack with the production of a marginally-improved artillery piece.


    Carthage suffers “The Mindset of Retreat” mild military consequence.
    Carthage suffers “Malaga Supply Bottleneck” moderate military consequence
    Carthage gains “Roman Naval Bomber Shortage” boost
    Carthage gains “Denial of Some Trade to Rome” boost
    Carthage gains a free invoke of “Factory Strikes in Northern Italy” aspect
    Carthage gains a free invoke of “Roman Airplane Production Shortfall” aspect
    Carthage gains a free invoke of “The Rape of Barcelona” aspect
    Carthage gains a free invoke of “Iberian Coastwaters Belong to Us!” aspect

    Rome gains “Momentum in Spain!” boost
    Rome gains a free invoke of “Holes in the Carthaginian” aspect
    Rome gains “Well-Supplied Spanish Legions” boost
    Rome gains a free invoke of “Gibraltar NON-Listening Post” aspect
    Rome gains a free invoke of “Shoddy Gibraltar Fortifications” aspect
    Rome gains a free invoke of “Seized Carthaginian Assets” aspect
    Rome gains “Sicilian Artillery” boost

    Spanish Resistance gains free invoke of “Guerilla War!” aspect

    Prague gains a free invoke of “Infiltrated Roman Administration”
    Prague gains a free invoke of “Infiltrated Roman Army Command”

    IUNATO FAILS TO GET OFF THE GROUND. New York City, Integrated United Nations. IUNATO was meant to be an organ of the IUN to coordinate international military and police action against terrorist organizations, specifically the Plaguebringers. However, with little international support for the program combined with the IUN’s neglected military apparatus, the program has failed to get off the ground.

    PROTESTANTS FLEE EL NORTE VIOLENCE. Colestin, American Redoubt. Colestin is a city slightly north of the American southern border against El Norte. Over the last few weeks, a wave of protestant refugees, motivated by the American radio propaganda broadcasts being blasted across the border, arrived to the town seeking refuge. El Norte for suffered for years from sectarian conflict, and with the Protestant Christians fleeing the region for the American Redoubt, it seems that the conflict is slowly being won by Catholic forces.

    But in the town of Colestin, right beyond its borders, something is happening. A church made of tin and cardboard has a preacher delivering fiery sermons condemning the “brown sinners” and promising that “a cleansing restoration of the United States is a’coming”.

    El Norte suffers “Radicalizing Protestants” moderate cultural consequence

    RESULTS OF THE 2101 SECRETARY-GENERAL ELECTIONS. New York City, Integrated United Nations. Secretary-General Diane Moore has won a landslide victory in the IUN’s general election and has been reelected for a second and final term. This has given Diane Moore a powerful mandate going into her second term. [+4, 2 free invokes of Electoral Mandate]

    IUN gains two free invokes of “Electoral Mandate”

    “MORE LIKE 30-SECOND MEN.” Cheyenne, American Redoubt. Imagine for a moment a nationwide militia that, backed by state governments, would be supreme over the many militias dotting northwest American politics. Now imagine two of the founding members shooting each other dead at the first summit. As it would turn out, one man was sleeping with the other man’s wife, and the former was informed of this matter by a third founder who was found nearly decapitated in his car the next day. The Minutemen only lasted thirty seconds as far as anybody else is concerned.

    CLINICAL TRIALS KILL THREE. PUBLIC DEMANDS ANSWERS. St. Petersburg, Eurasian Federation. A major private neuropharmacology firm is under fire after a whistleblower from the company reported to journalists that three persons have died in clinical trials. The whistleblowers blames an atmosphere of “results over safety” for the deaths and stated she believes the rush to develop Cog-E drugs by the government led to tragically avoidable consequences.

    SHUDDERING RESEARCH. Paris, Shuddering Coalition. The country’s research has yielded great results that can lead to even greater discoveries, but nothing interesting to the average person yet.

    SC gains two free invokes of Parisian Civilian Tech School
    SC gains one free invoke of Liege Military Solutions School

    BAIKONUR COSMODROME. Baikonur, Eurasian Federation. The Baikonur Cosmodrome in the eras of the Soviet Union and Russian Federation was the jumping point for many spaceflights. The national space agency of the Eurasian Federation has refurbished the existing facilities, relocated scientific staff to the city, updated and repaired hardware, and made the area operational for future aerospace projects.

    Eurasia gains two free invokes of Baikonur Cosmodrome

    GIBRALTAR PASSAGE TOLLS COME INTO EFFECT. Gibraltar, New Carthage. New Carthage has instituted tolling based on vessel size, content value, and political relationships at Gibraltar. Of the many countries impacted, the countries most impacted are the Balkan Federation and Roman Empire. The Balkan Federation has been seriously impacted.

    Balkans suffers Severely Impacted Trade and Anti-Carthage Sentiments consequences

    New Carthage gains “Masters of Mediterranean Trade” boost

    Rome suffers “Disrupted Trade” consequence from Carthage

    WEST EURASIAN HIGH-SPEED RAIL PROJECT BREAKS GROUND IN MOSCOW. Moscow, Eurasian Federation. The first phase of the project to connect the cities of Msocow, Kiev, Riga, and St. Petersburg have broken ground in Moscow. Spokespersons for the project say they believe the project can be completed in the coming years so long as current investment levels in the project remain steady.

    Eurasia gains “WE HSR Project Momentum”

    CARTHAGINIAN SUBMARINE DISAPPEARS IN ATLANTIC. Lisbon, New Carthage. A submarine tasked with investigating transatlantic able repair and restoration has gone missing. This has become a massive embarrassment for the government in light of its failures with the Suez Canal. “New Carthage isn’t meant to go beyond the Mediterranean” critics argue.

    Carthage gains “The Mediterranean Mindset” aspect

    SUEZ CANAL RECONSTRUCTION FALTERS. Cairo, New Carthage. Carthaginian and Abyssinian engineers began the long arduous work of restoring the Suez Canal to mixed results. The sheer amount of work required, combined with Carthage’s economic distractions in the Mediterranean, has led to the project stalling. More work must be done on just understanding the sheer work that must be done.

    INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT FOR AN INTERNATIONAL SUEZ BUILDS. Port Said, New Carthage. The initial failure of the Suez Canal Reconstruction Project has renewed international support for the “internationalization” of the Suez Canal, a move opposed by New Carthage the United Arab Republic.

    New Aspect: Growing Suez Internationalism

    AVARITIA-CARTHAGE TRADE. Gibraltar, New Carthage. New Carthage has gathered the political will to extend trade concessions to Avaritia, including Gibraltar Access. This has disproportionately benefited the corporate state. [1 free invoke of Gibraltar Access for Avaritia]

    THE PAN-AFRICAN TRADE PACT. New Freetown, Margaitania. West Africa ushered in a new era of African economic cooperation with the Pan-African Trade Pact. Mali, Nubia, Malagasy, Victoria, and Greater Zululand have all joined the initiative. It hasn’t been without drama, however, with the representatives for Mali slamming UCAR as being “friends with foreign imperialist powers”.

    UCAR fired back by slamming Mali’s corporate oligarchic government. Mali responded by announcing a successful raid against “arms smugglers” and presented video of vast amounts of futuristic Kongo arms being seized by corporate security. Who tipped off Mali to the smuggling?

    West Africa gains one free invoke of “Pan-African Trade Pact”

    UCAR gains “Anti-Corporate Oligarchy Stance” boost

    Mali gains a free invoke of “Seized Kongo Arms!”

    HYDROCARS? PASSING FAD OR WHAT? Addis Ababa, Empire of Abyssinia. Abyssinia, with support of other countries, has devoted significant scientific and economic research to an empire-wide initiative to establish imperial infrastructure for cars and buses powered by hydrogen to reduce the empire’s dependence on imported petroleum. The government sold the program as being one that would provide personal mobility to citizens, but like most promises, it was one that has so far only be honored to the rich.

    Abyssinia gains one free invoke of “Hydrocar Infrastructure”

    FEDERATION SPACE ASSOCIATION ESTABLISHED. New Freetown, West Africa. The government is proud to announce the establishment of the Federation Space Association, or FSA. The FSA is tasked with achieving manned space flight in the coming years.

    West Africa gains one free invoke of “Federation Space Association”

    AREBATI AND OBSERVE! Kinshasa, New Kongo. You thought this news article would be about the new advances the country has made in improving the Arebati AI, but you would be wrong. Instead, we’re doubling down on the new observatory the Kongo has built for the purpose of mapping and tracking the debris field around Earth because A.) It was actually successful and B.) It fits a pattern emerging in peaceful developing countries.

    This observatory forms a pattern of renewed interest in space exploration. From Eurasia to New Kongo, several countries have taken steps to expanding their aerospace footprints in preparation for operations beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Whether this come in the form of restoring cosmodromes, creating new space agencies, or building observatories, the efforts of these engineers and scientists should be applauded globally.

    UCAR gains a free invoke of “The Observatory”

    VICTORIAN PARLIAMENT JUMPS HURDLE. Kampala, Princedom of Victoria. The parliament has reached an important agreement on the distribution of technology and power in Uganda with the help of UCAR mediation in support. In exchange for supporting wealth redistributing measures in the country, Ankole will support legislation to equalize technology within the Princedom. All that is left to do is get legislation across the finish line.

    Victoria gains “Buganda-Ankole Handshake Agreement” boost

    AVARITIA CONSORTIUM BLOODIED OVER MALI. Bamako, Directorate of Mali. The Avaritia Consortium’s string of bids to purchase the corporation ruling over Mali have ended in failure with the crucial backing of the SF-WAN proving pivotal in tanking the bid. The Directorate turned the table on the bidders, scoring a small victory.

    The Directorate of Mali gains “Corporate Resistance” boost

    SECOND ANTI-JAPANESE WAR OF RESISTANCE. Chongqing, Military Republic of China. For those holding out hope that Asia could avoid war, the ZJG’s declaration of sovereignty over Taiwan and mainland China and the liberation of Korea has dashed hopes that a diplomatic solution could be reached between the Heavenly Kingdom and China. China is marshaling resources across the republic and mobilizing manpower to prepare for the Second Anti-Japanese War of Resistance, the Fourth Sino-Japanese War.

    TOO NORMAL FOR THIS WORLD? Canberra, United Kingdom of Australia and New Zealand. Its hard to underestimate the power of simple and good legislation these days with full of war stories, spy stories, and stories of strange structures in the Amaz-[DATA CORRUPTED] so its nice to see a parliament just…just do bills!

    UKANZ gains a free invoke of “the Infrastructure Bill”
    UKANZ gains a free invoke of “the Economic Stimulus Bill”

    If your orders did not appear here and were posted before I "locked actions", it is because the action failed and I didn't even bother writing about it. PMs going out soon.
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  3. gay_Aleks

    gay_Aleks communism will win.

    Feb 20, 2013
    Nightvale, US
    The Gibraltar crisis has hit us hard. We need to react accordingly, by establishing new trade relations, and advancing old ones further.

    First off, a defensive pact has been established with the Zunbils, that will safeguard the Anatolian situation and prevent it from exploding further. Not just that, but we've also created a new friend, as they're all too willing to trade with us, as well establish a cultural & scientific exchange between our two nations.

    Secondly, our friends in the NAP have agreed to further our alliance into an economic one, establishing more trade between us all.

    Finally, the Eurasian Union accepted our proposal, in which we'll allow them to use the Bosphorous without unnecessary impediment, and they've vowed that they have no interests in there.

    [Use Political to create an Economic advantage "TRADING PARTNERS"]

    Create a Nested Organisation, the International Olympics Committee, with a Cultural Approach:

    Name: International Olympics Committee

    High Concept: International Sports Organisation - The revival of the Olympics is a noble goal that this Committee seeks to turn into reality. In our desperate and war-weary world, the sight of all nations competing peacefully will be more than a welcome sight. It is this organisation's goal to achieve it, and avoid the worst excesses that had made the past IOC a corrupt committee that is captured by corporate interests. A friendly competition, not a money-making machine!

    Trouble: [same as the Balkan Federation]

    Aspect: Genuine Belief - It might seem cynical to revive the IOC, and the Olympics, in general, all too renown for their wasteful spending on unused stadiums, that only creates money for the businessmen and the tourist sector, but the people in the IOC genuinely believe in the Olympic Ideal, and for what it represents (no comment on the nude men/women/people running on mount Olympia, however) - the common and universal belief in peace and friendly competition between the nations.

    Lastly, but not leastly, the times are getting dangerous. The threat of a military conflict lurks at every border near us, and we must fortify ourselves. We need to explicitly make it clear that those are defensive preparations, and not an overture to a military attack.

    [Use Economic to create a Military advantage "FORTIFICATIONS"]
  4. SamSniped

    SamSniped DJ Goodboye

    Jan 1, 2011
    playing some funky jams
    To: UCAR, the Eurasian Federation

    With our mutual advances in spaceflight recently, Sakari Enterprises on the behalf of the Federation would like to propose a joint venture toward human spaceflight. With our mineral resources and newly-founded space agency, the Observatory of UCAR, and the might of Eurasia behind us, I firmly believe that we have a chance at man seeing the moon and beyond once more. We would be happy to open future discussion through private channels.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ade Sakari
    Chairman of Sakari Enterprises
    Ad Astra Per Aspera
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  5. Red_Spy

    Red_Spy Surprised

    Jan 13, 2011
    To: The Heretical Despot Who Styles Themselves as Ruler of North California
    From: The Most Holy Republic of Oregon

    We have heard the cries of our captive people. While we would like to avoid violence, our hands are tied as volunteers from all across our great state have gathered to march across the border to defend the lives of those you seem incapable of protecting. Your armed forces in the area are advised to stand down and let them protect our people in the area and escort them to the safe haven known as the Redoubt. I am on my knees pleading with you, do not engage these forces. If you do a great reckoning will envelop your home that only God up in Heaven can truly end.
  6. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    From: The Great Khan of NorCal
    To: Oregon

    If you can't keep mere volunteers out of harm's way, then blood will be on your hands. You are advised to stand down you volunteers and return all criminals escaping Northern California or risk retaliatory action.
  7. Sonereal

    Sonereal ♫We got the guillotine♫ Supporter

    Mar 31, 2008
    The Northern California Khanate
    High Concept: Enormous (+3) Charismatic Dictatorship
    Trouble: The California Railroad*
    Aspect: Catholicism but with Benefits
  8. Kinich-Ahau

    Kinich-Ahau #JustGoomyThings

    Jul 3, 2010
    The Church
    We would be more than willing to cooperate in this venture; Space belongs to all of humanity, not any one country.
  9. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    Right under your nose
    The Speech of Madrid, 2101 AD

    The Emperor had mixed feelings about the campaign thus far. While the swift and decisive strike on Carthage was certainly a boon to the war effort, a great deal of instability began to appear throughout the fledgling Empire. And so, he decided to make another speech in Madrid, to symbolically solidify Roman control over Hispania and to address the growing instability in Hispania and Cisalpine Gaul.

    "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. While the recent victories in Hispania have indeed been glorious, the war has not been won yet - and it has not been without its costs. As our glorious legionaries crush the filthy Carthaginians, they have committed crimes that cannot be ignored. Indeed, while the people of Spain and the people of Rome should very well be allies, they are instead enemies - and not without good reason. Clearly, if we are to win this war with even a scrap of Roman honor left, we must still take action. God willing, we will finally crush the Carthaginian pirates, and finally, restore order to Hispania and beyond.

    The Punic blockades and destruction of our trade cannot and will not be ignored - but to resolve this problem, another must be resolved as well. The strikes in Cisalpine Gaul perplex me - in the face of the great Carthaginian enemy, they still disrupt the war effort through mass strikes and cripple the Empire as a whole. Lombardic workers, I ask you this: What do you want? What is so crucial to your daily lives that you must hinder your own people in a time where your assistance is needed most? Why do you so betray the Empire with your actions, and what circumstances have brought them up now? This problem cannot be resolved until we know its root cause - Hopefully, in the end, we will finally be able to reach an agreement as fellow Romans. I invite the Senate to bring in their opinions as well - it would be best to take as many steps as possible to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

    The atrocity in Barcelona has not escaped my ears, and I send my deepest condolences to all those involved in the horror. I pray for the victims of this horrific act, but I also know that the victims' families will wish for a more tangible recompensation for these wrongs, and that I shall give. I have met with the Senate, and we have agreed to pay each surviving family of the victims one hundred Solidi per victim. Rest assured also that those criminals who committed such acts will be justly punished. From now on, every effort shall be taken to ensure that our rule is better than that of the greedy Carthaginians.

    The filthy Carthaginians have made the mistake of assuming that every good Roman is as bad as those who committed the atrocity in Barcelona. Even now, they begin to plan to bring down our glorious empire - Imperial intelligence has shown that they will do everything in their power to destroy us. They think that our victories in Hispania cannot possibly be equaled, and so prepare to launch an invasion of Italia and to pillage, sack and plunder. However, I know we are better than them. I know every true Roman is better than the filthy Carthaginians. I take heart in the fact, and together, we will throw back the filthy invaders. Just as we did so long ago, we will once again show these fools a lesson they WON'T forget. Just as Scipio crushed Carthage's greatest general, so shall we smash even the greatest efforts of these Carthaginians. God willing, we will throw these invaders back into the seas from which they came, and earn glory and victory for Rome!"

    Create Advantage (Military, +3) - Rally the people of Rome to prepare for the Carthaginian assault. Organize local militias, establish fortifications (not on the front line of course), and set up plans for what civilians should do once the Carthaginians attack.
    Action (Military, +3) - Gather as many troops as possible to defend Rome and the surrounding areas. We should take every measure to defend the Eternal City from the Carthaginian invaders. Invoke Holes in the Carthaginian Blockade (The disorganization in the Carthaginian fleet will certainly mess up the invasion's timing), Sicilian Artillery (to hit the invading ships at longer range), and any benefits from the civilian mobilization.
    Action (Political, +1) - Negotiate with the strikers and ask them what they want. We have no time for strikes with an imminent invasion on our hands.
    Action (Economic, 0) - Begin to compensate the families of the victims of the atrocity in Barcelona. As stated in the speech, 100 Solidi for each victim. Invoke Seized Carthaginian Assets to pay the victims with the seized assets in question.
    Action (Miltary, +3) - Continue the Spanish campaign, pushing especially for the Gibraltar and Cordoba. Invoke Shoddy Gibraltar Fortifications (for obvious reasons) and Gibraltar NON-Listening post (to get better intel on the Carthaginian garrison), and Momentum in Spain (Keeping the Carthaginians on the back foot).
  10. Patient_Robot

    Patient_Robot Chieftain

    Jun 20, 2018
    Statement from Shophet ("Judge") Sayyida
    The events in Iberia have been Catastrophic to say the least. Our defensive line was shattered, Madrid has been taken, and worst of all, Rome has already started to show its true nature. Today we grieve for the thirty thousand innocent Carthaginians raped and murdered by the Roman Military. Today they rape and murder, tomorrow they genocide and salt the Earth. But all is not lost, while Rome tainted the soil of Iberia with their footsteps, we were fulling the skies and waters of the Mediterranean with fire and shrapnel. Reports also suggest that Rome will struggle to replace the bombers they have lost in the last few months. So we will be implementing a bold strategy developed by our Commander of the Armed Forces, Head Commander Adonis
    *Head Commander Adonis*
    When Hannibal took up arms against Rome, he knew that a prolonged war in Iberia was doomed to fail, and the situation has not changed much since then. What has changed is we have developed supremacy in the air and sea and the main Roman force is on the wrong side of the Alps. Today we implement Operation Surus, and accomplish what even Hannibal could not, tudhkar Barshiluna! (Remember Barcelona)

    Carthage does an all out landing and invasion of Rome City while they're overextended in Spain. (Military)
    Invoke: Aeroplane Production Shortfall, Both Carthage's Carriers can provide air support with reduced enemy air resistance (added to Rome City Invasion)
    Boost: Masters of Mediterranean Trade, Having uncontested naval supply lines is vital for a large scale naval landing(Added to Rome City Invasion)
    Boost: Roman Naval Bomber Shortage, reduced harassment of transport ships and naval bombardment will be very helpful in the assault (Added to Rome City Invasion)
    Fate Invoke: Trade Empire, a number of shipping vessels have been diverted to carry extra soldiers and armor for the landings (Added to Rome City Invasion)

    Get Asturias involved in war, all out assault of Roman supply (and retreat) lines if possible, guerilla or material support also sought for. (political)
    Invoke: The rape of Barcelona, the recent events in Barcelona have shown cruelty to a people Asturias see as potential supporters and kin. (added to Asturias involvement)
    Fate Invoke: Jingoism Radical Roman Senators continue to spout plans to conquer and subjugate Asturias. (Added to Asturias involvement)

    Action: Plant locals turned Sabeturs to destroy transportation infrastructure at Rome's Monaco supply bottleneck. (Covert)
    Boost: Factory Strikes in Northern Italy, Radicalized laborers are ideal for domestic destruction, particularly ones practiced in engineering (added to Monaco sabotage)
  11. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York
    In addition to our previously stated mission statements, the Irish Republic wishes to support the foundation of the IOC, for we believe in the ideals of International games to unite the Proletariat in peace.
  12. KaiserElectric

    KaiserElectric Total Freakin Besties

    Dec 2, 2007
    Zunist News Update

    Resolution to Bolster Suez Construction Effort Passes: The Bitter Lake Resolution passed the Zunist Parliament by a comfortable margin, paving the way for future efforts by the Kingdom of Zun to bolster their allies and spread their influence. The resolution called for a special council of experts to be commissioned to reorganize the now stagnant construction efforts and begin a solid, decisive plan to rebuild the critical waterway. "We're very excited about our mission in this critical infrastructure project," said a spokesman for the newly formed team of experts. "It is our hope that the scientific knowledge we bring to the table will be a great help to our allies in New Carthage and be enough to get this project either completed or on the short track to completion."

    [Action, Science +2] Send scientific experts to help New Carthage work on the Suez Canal project.

    Empress Expands Aubade Festivities: Her royal highness Yasmina joined with religious leaders today to announce a drastic change to the scope of the traditional celebration of the Aubade, a holy week leading up to the summer solstice in the Zunist faith. While the state has traditionally left organization of Aubade festivities to local governments, the Empress announced that the federal government would directly assist in organizing the celebrations of the Aubade week in an effort to turn them into a true cultural milestone. "The people of Zun have struggled for years to carve out an identity despite toil and hardship," the Empress explained in her statement today. "Now is the time to show our people, and indeed perhaps the whole world, how far we have come and the wonders that Zun's radiance has bestowed on us." The pageantry and spectacle of the newly expanded Aubade festivities is expected to draw international attention and show the world what the Zunist culture has created, as well as bring the Zunist people themselves closer together.

    [Create Advantage, Culture +3] Expand the holy week of Aubade into an international celebration of Zunist faith and culture.

    Balkan Ambassador Reports Continued Success in Negotiations: Taranah Lan, the Ambassador to the Balkan Federation, said in a statement today that her talks with Balkan diplomats have been going incredibly well as of late. Citing common concerns such as free trade and concerns over Anatolia, Lan confirmed that an official treaty between the two nations was very close to a formal announcement. "The Balkan representatives have been more then eager to strengthen not only our position in the critical Anatolian region but our cultural and economic ties as well," the Ambassador reported. "I believe there's a radiant future to this friendship between our two nations."

    [Action, Political +1] Formalize our open borders treaty and establish trading and cultural ties with the Balkan Federation.

  13. tobiisagoodboy

    tobiisagoodboy Prince

    Nov 24, 2015
    Germany, in the forest
    Empire of Abyssynia

    Invoke Hydrocar infrastructure, and combine with a programm to develope and produce a reasonably priced and reliable Hydrocar for the masses (a modern Hydrogen "Beattle") (+3 economy)

    Continue to assist the construction of the Suez Canal, with industrial goods and experts. ( + 3 Eco +1 stunt)

    Retreat the Naval battle group from Sinai and instead invite the Arabian naval group to joint naval exercises. (+2 Mill, use the Lions of the Empire (2nd Aspect) to plan the exercise)

    The Empire will support the foundation of a new IOC ( +1 Political)

    The Imperial Navy shall enforce a weapons embargo against Cathage and Rome. Any cartheginian or roman ships passing through the Gulf of Aden shall be controlled for weapon shipments (+ 3 military)

    The Imperial diplomatic corps will support Mali in resisting outside attacks on its independence. (+ 1 Political)
  14. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    The International United Nations denounces Roman war crimes in Iberia. We once again call upon the Roman and Carthaginian governments to end this pointless war and sign a formal peace treaty ensuring peace in Europe and respecting the self-determination of the Iberian peoples.


    Action: Provide Material Assistance to International Unificationist Militia in Iberia (Economic, invoke Supporters in Every City with a Fate Point): The Integrated United Nations will provide material (weapons and other things that could be helpful to the Spanish Resistance) to Spanish Resistance cells that support International Unificationism. As we have Supporters in Every City, the IUN is confident that we will find many cooperative groups to supply support to. These groups have emphasised the importance of the cooperation of various Iberian ethnic groups and nationalities in expelling the imperialistic Romans and Carthaginians. This will increase the influence of International Unificationism has in Iberia and the Spanish Resistance, while helping them to throw off Roman/Carthaginian yoke.

    Action: Support the International Olympics Committee (Political): Support the Balkan Federation in the creation of the International Olympics Committee by using our diplomatic corps to encourage politicians in minor NPC countries to support the endeavour.

    Action: Create Nested Organisation

    Name: Integrated United Nations Anti-Terrorism Organisation (IUNATO)
    High Concept: Anti-Terrorist Organisation
    Primary Approach: Military
    Scale: (+1)

    IUNATO will be an organ of the IUN that will coordinate international military and police action against terrorist organisations. It is believed that this organisation is being created in response to the increasing influence of the Plaguebringers in South America.

    More actions may be posted at a later date.
  15. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    While the world embraces chaos Gran Colombia embraces order!

    Action: Constructive Trade Delegation into the Suez Canal (economic): we must ensure world trade is safe and secure, as well as keep merchants out of reach of the pirates that plague the cape of the Americas. A delegation, lead by Adelia de la Cruz, will meet with Carthage to ensure a suitable trade arrangement for needed ship skills so that we can use our knowledge from our handling of the Panama Canal into making the Suez a heart of economic activity once more.

    Action: Search Gran Colombian-Amazon borders for any Unauthorised Activity (covert): with war within northern Brazil we will need to ensure our grand unity is safe; have our security do a full examination in case of hostile covert activities.

    Action: Create Monégasques Foco Cell to Fight for the Independence of Manaco (military,use a fate point to enhance along with our stunt Foco Warfare): we will help local guerillas so to support the freedom of Monaco, as well as to help our Carthage friends. Rome will "enjoy" the nationalist populism we are going to encourage via our generous donations of insurgents to Monaco. Carthage and its trade must be protected!
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  16. Reus

    Reus Polar Bear

    Nov 17, 2013
    Devon Island
    In addition to my previous orders, here's an additional one:

    Sports might just be the one thing that can bring us together in these dark times, henceforth ASEAN supports the motion pushed by the Balkan Federation to reestablish the IOC, and to also endorse the Balkan Federation to have the honor of hosting the first renewed Olympics. Sport federations of our individual member states will be informed of this and would prepare themselves in order to participate in the games - we will also gladly provide the resources and expertise needed by the Balkans to organize these games.

    [Support: Creation of the IOC by the Balkans with +Culture]
  17. christos200

    christos200 Never tell me the odds

    Jan 9, 2011
    EU, Greece, Athens
    Daily Telegraph

    Prime Minister Jonathan Smith, emboldened by the success of his economic bills, has laid out an ambitious program of economic, technological and cultural reforms. He has named this project of his "Great Society".

    The first of the reforms is the 'Families Bill' which will see the tax burden of families reduced for every kid they have. The Prime Minister hopes that this bill shall encourage population growth. The three coalition parties (Christian Social Union, Nationalist Party, Union of the Right) support as the bill as does the Liberal Party, the Movement for Change, the Democratic Party and the Conservative Part. The Party of the Left and the Communist Party are expected to abstain while the Libertarian Party shall vote against the bill.

    The second reform is the 'Australian-New Zealand Space Initiative Bill' which shall direct funds towards the launch of satellites into space and space exploration. The bill has the support of the coalition and the Democratic Party, but it has been met with resistance by the Liberal Party, Libertarian Party, Conservative Party, Movement for Change, Party of the Left and the Communist Party on accusations that it is a waste of money. Nevertheless, Jonathan Smith believes that his bill will be able to pass through parliament.

    The third reform is the 'Museums Bill' that shall directed more funds towards the maintenance and expansions of Australian-New Zealand museums. The bill has the support of all parties in the parliament with the sole exception of the Libertarian Party thus it is expected to easily pass through the parliament.

    The Prime Minister has also notified the Parliament that he has been in communications with ASEAN and has been making progress towards the signing of a trade deal that would boost the economy in the region and promote regional peace.


    Invoke 'the infrastructure bill'.
    Invoke 'the economic stimulus bill'.
    Create Advantage (Economic, +3): 'Families Bill' - reduced tax burden for each kid a family has.
    Create Advantage (Cultural, +1): 'Museums Bill' - increased funding for renovation and expansion of museums.
    Overcome (Scientific, +1): 'Australian-New Zealand Space Initiate' - research on space exploration and launching of satellite.
    Create Advantage (Economic, +3): Sign a trade agreement with ASEAN.
  18. TheGryphonPrince

    TheGryphonPrince King

    Jun 30, 2013
    Action: Our previous orders (to specify, create an advantage "Oligarchs at our Gates" Military +3, Cultural +3)
    Action: Begin reconstruction of public highways (Economy +3, Military +1)

    As we are concerned for the well-being of our population, we must think about. We will not only just benefit the people, but we will also have an easier time transporting troops through the highways, and we can destroy said highways in case of imminent Kuomintang takeover.
    Action: Begin anti-underground efforts (Covert +2).
    We don't know for how long the Kuomitang's secret networks expand throughout China and possibly Korea, so we must be prepared to bust any attempts of the Kuomitang to launch an uprising against us to support an incoming invasion.
    Action: The ongoing Roman-Carthagian war (Political +2, Covert +1)
    How can we be evil when the Romans have actually commited a massive cruelty in Barcelona, over something as petty as recovering their ancient empire? Our media, already working hard to debunk the Kuomintang's message, will air specials comparing our benevolent takeover of China to the Roman's most willing rampage over Barcelona.
  19. J.K. Stockholme

    J.K. Stockholme Right Opposition

    Nov 15, 2011
    Eurasian Actions - Round 2 - 2101

    Overcome to Cleanup Space Junk
    Science: With our space program back on its feet our first mission will be clearing orbital space junk left by our ancestors. Invite other pre-approved space-curious nations (New Kongo, West Africa, IUN) to help in the cleanup effort.​

    Overcome to Investigate Neuropharmacological Deaths
    Political: Order a federal investigation into the deaths of test subjects in the recent government-supported Cog-E drug trials. The investigators should carry out an independent review to determine it regulations were violated - if so, they should press appropriate charges or fine the relevant firms. A full report should be made public once available.​

    Invoke the boost WE HSR Project Momentum with a free invoke
    Capitalize on the momentum behind the national rail project to boost construction efforts for the upcoming months of development (see below Overcome action).​

    Overcome to Establish High-Speed Rail
    Economic: Continue development plans for a national network of high-speed rail, with renewed vigour thanks to work thus far on the project being successful.
    Aid (economic) with the Balkan Federation's Create an Advantage "Trading Partners"
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  20. Danwar

    Danwar Warlord

    Dec 30, 2017
    Right under your nose
    Imperial Affairs
    Here, things unrelated to the main orders are noted, and any changes to said orders are mentioned as well.

    Orders Changes:
    Spanish Campaign modified. A third of the forces in Hispania - preferably those who can reach Italia the fastest - will move as fast as possible to defend the Eternal City. Better safe than sorry.
    St. Peter's Basilica, 2101 AD
    The Japanese Question

    A great deal of turmoil in the world has continued to grow, and the Papacy has been forced to react to the 'Heavenly Kingdom' in the Far East and take a stance on them and their interpretation of the Christian faith. As the Pope stands in the Vatican today, he begins his speech.
    "Greetings, friends. God bless you all today, for we are most likely going to need it. The world threatens to be lit ablaze once again, and the realms of man with it. The atrocity in Barcelona, the tensions in Mali, the so-called 'Heavenly Kingdom' following their own false prophet... it seems the world is falling apart. Have faith in the Lord our God, however, and in the end, all will be well.

    The war crimes committed in Barcelona are indeed very ungodly, and I send my prayers to those innocents caught in the crossfire between the rebels and the Roman legionaries. This very battle between the Romans and the Spanish is pointless and worthless - the Carthaginians are a threat to the sovereignty of both. It is shameful that I must be the one to say this, but cooperation between the Romans and the Spanish will almost certainly stop these atrocious acts from occurring ever again.

    We have not received any word back from Manius or any of the missionaries, and this has worried me severely. I ask the Shuddering Coalition: Do you know what has happened to Manius? If you will not let him preach, at least release him: they are just missionaries and wish upon you no harm. Please, let them spread God's word or let them go.

    And now, the eastern question. It has come to my attention that in the Far East the Japanese Christians have risen in size and power, and while this would normally be a good thing, horrible news has arrived as well: they have embraced heresy. They have anointed their own new 'prophet' despite the age of prophets clearly being over, and continue to preach lies that are no better than false idols, calling our most holy Church 'decadent' and following their false prophet into apostasy. If the 'Heavenly Kingdom' does not immediately repent for their sins and return to the true church of God, they will be no better then idolators!

    These times are trying for the Faith, and the world is becoming more and more confusing, violent and brutal. Keep the countless soldiers fighting in your prayers, and may God be with you."
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