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Imperium Offtopicum II: Chronological Order is For Chumps!

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Tani Coyote, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    Imperium Offtopicum II: Chronological Order is For Chumps!

    As IOT IV has de facto died, and all conflicts over IOT's future have been resolved, I hereby reclaim my position as Sovereign GM of IOT.

    Methos and Matrix, I hope this thread will receive your blessings, especially now that IOT IV is pretty much over with the hiatus status.

    As a result, IOT II may now be born!

    The Cataclysm may have destroyed the world's nations in 2010, but years later, the time has come to rebuild from the ashes a new world order: Imperium Offtopicum!

    Back in the Casa Blanca, let's begin with the 20 Amendments:

    Spoiler :
    1. Updates can only happen after all players have had a chance to comment, or at least 24 hours since the last update, whichever comes first. For the first turn only, exactly 24 hours must pass before an update, so stragglers have a chance to get in.

    2. As usual, IOT does not recognise nuclear weapons or WMDs of any kind. If you try any sort of mass-extinction of a population, don't be surprised if you suffer a reprisal from the players, if not the GM.

    3. As it does not factor into combat, technology is mostly no-holds barred. Go nuts with lasers, anthros, robotics, etc. Just try and be reasonable with it, por favor. No space colonisation tech, as well; programs maybe, but actual colonisation will, unless I think otherwise, be a nono.

    Remember: Spearman vs. Tank.

    4. However, IOT II will start in the year 2015. Every 24 hours from the OP is six months.

    5. As benevolent dictator, I will make rules unanimously to keep sanity, but will for the most part try to keep things according to the wishes of the players. In layman's terms, I have the final say on rule's changes, but will take players' desires into account so as to not appear :)mischief:) to be a powermongering jackass.

    In other words, I am the Supreme Court, but with initiative power. You are Congress, but you lack impeachment and removal power.

    However, like any good leader, I will take your concerns into consideration.

    6. Upon resigning from the game, you can distribute your territories to other players, one or more NPCs(or create one or more from your lands), or just flat out make them uninhabited.

    7. I will calculate everyone's GDP upon request, but you are expected to keep updating it yourself. Please, I do not want gray hairs. :(

    8. IOT is a monster if not kept in check. Please PM me your battle orders, war declarations, claims, etc. in addition to posting them on the forum(So other players can see). If you want to launch a sneak attack, you can give me the battle order without posting.

    9. The UN - Union of Nations - only has as much power as you want it to: its resolutions are meaningless if you do not want to follow them, even if they do give others some moral authority. Everyone is in the UN by default, but you can abstain if you don't want to participate in it.

    10. Claims. You are free to claim 6 territories per turn. Most territories cost 1, but larger ones like those in Canada, Australia, or Russia cost more depending on size. Overseas territories cost twice as much to claim as the base cost, but if you own 10 connected territories in any place overseas, you can claim more at only 1 provided they are small. Territories 5 pixels or smaller cost only half a point to claim. For every 300 pixels a territory takes up, it costs one more point, and this is doubled if it is overseas.

    If you have any questions about how much your territories will cost, feel free to PM me. Please don't spam up the game.

    Furthermore, please give me maps as well, to save how much searching I have to do to know what the heck you want.

    On islands: All islands count as half a territory point provided they're 5 pixels or less. And each island is its own territory. There are two exceptions to this rule: the Canadian islands and Russian islands, which are allotted to you when you claim a nearby province. All other islands follow this rule.

    June 22, 2010 - Distance penalty, ONLY in the case of islands, will be removed if you own one island in a chain. So while the islands themselves may only cost half a point or one point, you only have to worry about DP once provided it's in the same chain(Hawaii, Solomon islands, etc.).

    11. Please join the Imperium Offtopicum Social Group. I will post regular updates of the game there so you don't have to sift through it all. It's your responsibility to check it, however.

    12. You are limited to one attack per update for every 10 territories you owned at the beginning of that update, and this caps at five attacks, so choose wisely in major wars. If you only have one foe, however, you can attack them all three times. If you have two, you can attack one two times and the other one if you so wish. Regardless, you have three battle points to allocate, so choose wisely. These points will be deducted from what you could use for expansion.

    Battles will be decided one of two ways:

    A. I shall run a simulation in Red Alert 3 between hard computers. Each side shall choose their commander(I can explain them if necessary) and faction(these will be pre-assigned(i.e. Russia and the Third World have Soviet forces, First World Allied, etc.) but you can change them once and are stuck with it unless your country DRASTICALLY changes). The commander choice will be kept secret, as you must PM it to me.

    B. I will roll five dice for each side. I will calculate it from there. There will be a -1 penalty applied to a dice if you roll 5-6 more than three times in a row, and this includes if it's interspersed with numbers.

    The attacker has the choice of which method to use. Players may choose to keep anything secret via PM or public, but I recommend PM so as to avoid clogging the topic and also to avoid letting your enemy know what they are up against.

    When using dice, the distance penalty will be applied if it is not contiguous via land or extremely close across water. The distance penalty is -1.

    There is the counterattack bonus, where if you defeat an opponent's offensive, you can respond with one of your own. Provided you hit any of their provinces in the same region they attacked from(i.e. if they attacked from Boston and lost, you could hit NYC and get the bonus, but if they attacked from Boston, lost, and you hit Panama, it wouldn't apply), the counterattack bonus is +1.

    Finally, there is the attrition penalty. If you lose a battle for a province 3 times in a row(and this applies even if you attack one turn and wait until two turns later to try again) without capturing it, your attack will suffer a -1. Combined with the distance penalty, that's a nasty -2 to your attack, and that's not counting the +1 bonus your

    I will publish the results in either case for all to see.

    Please don't fudge the dice, or I will eat you and all your descendents 10 generations down. Or, if you wish, I will cover you in glue and put you in a fursuit. Your choice.

    C. You have the choice of a coin toss. I will toss three coins. If heads 2/3, defender wins. If tails 2/3, attacker wins. Absolutely no strategy here.

    D. Random Number Generator will be used. This will be done by the GM; I will post screen caps of results. Both sides get three numbers from 1-25; attacker on the left, defender on the right. Best 3 out of 5 matchups wins.

    Dice penalties/bonuses are applied to RNG results as well, as -/+10% of the RNG.

    Note: Penalties/bonuses are applied based on the attacker's choice for EACH specific attack. If, for example, you attack with a coin toss, and lose, and the former victim counterattacks with dice, they still get the counterattack bonus. Keep this in mind.

    E. Feel free to recommend more options. I'll take them into consideration.

    13. Anti-Spam Measures:

    13a. You are limited to five posts per 24 hours, and the post limit is not cumulative. Discuss details in private, or on your userpages. Then post the FINAL results on the page. IOT gets brought down by too much unnecessary content. GM updates, battle orders, and claims do not count towards this limit; everything else does.

    Think quality of posts, not quantity: you're not getting Post Count, so no need to spam.

    However, if your posts actually consist of something RELEVANT to your nation and not just one-liner comments, I'll be more forgiving.

    13b. Do not quote the entire post. Only quote the relevant parts. It keeps the forum more readable.

    13c. Don't respond to each relevant post individually; use multi-quote to avoid posting like 10 times in a row.

    13d. If you break these rules, you'll get two warnings from me. On your third infraction, I phone the actual mods. And ban you.

    14. If you are going to be leaving, give me your orders, or ask someone else to do them for you. To avoid migraines, I cannot calculate it all, and will only go on what you give me.

    15. If you are not active for 5 days, or don't have anybody to give your orders, I will PM you that you need to post something - or tell someone else to - to stay in the game. If you don't respond, I will PM you again after 24 hours or so have passed, asking how you want your lands distributed, as you have become inactive and thus cannot continue to play. If I don't receive a reply within 24 hours, I will distribute your lands in a manner as fair as possible.

    16. There will be no Battles/Wars thread or UN thread for this. The Social Group will be used.

    17. NPCs have been set up on each continent except Australia and Antarctica; these NPCs shall expand into one territory per day for every five they already own, and this caps at four territories. NPCs are not bound by territory size and can claim any territory(this is restricted by the character I give each one) for a flat fee of one point. This compensates for the fact they have far fewer points to spend than actual players.

    You can attack them during that time(please don't, however), and I will open them to being taken over by new players on the fifth update. NPCs for the most part stop expanding if boxed in and don't care much for overseas territories, but if fairly small, I'll make exceptions. Some NPCs will also have a special flavor to make them more interesting.

    18. As always, obey the actual forum rules, otherwise I'll be sure you get modspanked.

    19. The map's exact territories can be changed, but get this approved by the UN or GM. Please reserve the changes to your territories alone, or unclaimed ones, obviously.

    20. In line with the "ex cathedra" clause - line 5 - the GM reserves the right to final map changes, and to change the rules at any time.

    New Amendments:


    21: When claiming territories in war, each one will count as half a claim point, conquered or non. So if you claim five territories but also take one province, you will only get four claims plus that one province you conquered. If you'd prefer claims first, conquests second, let me know.

    22: Global events. Every update, I'll detail the economic climate of the world, natural disasters, etc. You're free to offer suggestions. :) More details here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=9314061&postcount=198

    23. Spy Missions have been introduced. You can execute one per turn. They each have different discovery/success rates.

    Spoiler :
    In some cases, you won't be notified if a spy action succeeded on your territory, unless the person doing it was discovered. Example, if country A bugs your missile engines and wasn't discovered, you won't hear about it for obvious reasons. If they sowed discontent, however, you'd be notified that the action succeeded regardless of if they were discovered.

    Spy missions only take effect at the update that happens AFTER they were executed.

    Finally, in case you didn't guess, PM your mission to me. It's called spy for a reason. :p

    For discovery, you must roll higher than the number in the percent to remain undetected. For success, you must roll higher than 100 minus the chance of success. (Example: if you have a 10% chance of success, you must roll 91 or higher!)

    Sow Discontent - 20% chance of discovery, 33% chance of success. If successful, the target province will declare independence temporarily and harass your opponent until they are taken out. Chance of success increases 5% for every province of theirs you own, if at war. The bonus caps at 40.

    Cause Defection - 33% chance of discovery, 10% chance of success. If at war, the chance of success automatically goes up 10%, plus 3% for every province of theirs you own. If this mission is successful, the province will defect to you. The bonus caps at 33%.

    Disarm Small Missile - 20% chance of discovery, 50% chance of success. Obvious what this and the next three do.

    Disarm Medium Missile - 30% chance of discovery, 33% chance of success.

    Disarm Large Missile - 40% chance of discovery, 25% chance of success.

    Bug Missile Engines - 15% chance of discovery, 70% chance of success. This causes your opponent's next launch to be a failure by default.

    Damage Missile Factory - 20% chance of discovery, 50% chance of success. Your target will only be able to spend half their points on missiles. (3 for humans, 0.5 * every ten territories for NPCs)

    Destroy Missile Factory - 35% chance of discovery, 35% chance of success. Your target will not be able to produce missiles the turn or the turn after this succeeds.

    Counterespionage - For the turn this is activated, any activities against you will have their success roll reduced by 7. Of course, keep in mind this means you can't reap the rewards of espionage.

    Expose secret arsenal - 25% chance of discovery, 41% chance of success. If the enemy has missiles kept in secret, this will reveal them to you - and you alone. If the enemy has none, you fail automatically, but you won't be exposed.

    Attack Infrastructure - This one varies. The effect of success is harming their ability to use points next turn.

    To destroy only one point, the risk of discovery is 25% and chance of success is 80%.
    For each extra point you target, the risk of discovery increases 10% per point(rising to 75% for all six points), and the chance of success declines 7%(lowering to 45%).
  2. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    The World and Its Nations

    1. Alefurya("Germany") (blackish gray) - Taniciusfox

    Province Busters: 1 Small, 1 Medium, 2 Large
    Invested Points: 13

    2. Connecticut Valley Republic (dark green) - CivGeneral

    Province Busters:
    Invested Points: 0

    3. Angevin Empire (imperial purple) - Arakhor

    Province Busters: 1 Large, 1 Small
    Invested Points:

    4. Tibet (Burgundy) - Civplayah

    Province Busters: 4 (Small), 3 Medium, 1 (Large)
    Invested Points:

    5. Byzantine Republic (Purple) - Mathalamus

    Province Busters: 3 Small
    Invested Points:

    6. Brasilao (Green) - west india man

    Province Busters: 9 small, 2 Medium, 2 (Large)
    Invested Points:

    7. Second Levantine Republic - taillesskangaru

    Invested Points:

    8. The Caliphate - Mad Man

    Province Busters: 6 Small, 5 Medium, 5 Large
    Invested Points: 3

    9. Republic of the East Indies - Lighthearter (Blue)

    Province Busters: 9 (Small), 11 (Medium), 10 (Large)
    Invested Points: 2

    NPCs - Denoted by Number Next To Them

    1. Manchu Empire (Gray)

    Formerly the Korean Empire, and then the USSRK, the Manchu Empire is a state trying to make something from the ruins of the USSRK in East Asia.

    44 provinces - 4 points

    Province Busters: 2 Small
    Invested Points:

    2. Caribbean Union

    The re-unified UUTSFR combined with many Caribbean donations.

    43 Provinces - 4 Points

    Province Busters:
    Invested Points: 4

    3. Abyssinia

    Abyssinia prides itself on being the Cradle of the Human Race, and seeks to rebuild its former Empire.

    62 provinces - 6 Points

    Province Busters:
    Invested Points:

    4. Balkan Federation

    A Federacy of Balkan states, with Bulgaria and Serbia as senior members.

    Province Busters: 3 (Small), 1 Medium
    Invested Points:

    5. Republic of Liberia

    An anti-imperialist, pan-African state formed in the west of Africa. Committed to strengthening ties between African nations everywhere.

    31 provinces - 3 points

    Province Busters: 4 (Small), 4 (Medium) 3 (Large)
    Invested Points: 1

    6. The Republic of the Ruses and Finns

    A federation of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Finland. Gold-colored.

    44 provinces - 4 points

    Province Busters: 4 Small
    Invested Points: 0.75

    7. Republic of La Plata

    Having gone through two right-wing revolutions, La Plata is finally back on a socialist footing.

    Provinces - 34

    Province Busters:
    Invested Points:

    8. United States of Mexico and Central America

    A state devoted to the interests of Latin America.

    36 provinces = 3 points

    Province Busters:
    Invested Points:

    9. Carthagistan (Red)

    An empire controlling the Sahara and much of the Western Mediterranean.

    Province Busters: 1 Large, 1 Small
    Invested Points:

    The Graveyard (Nations that have been destroyed one way or another)

    Venice - NPC
    Serene Republic of Greece - NPC
    South Korea - Omega124
    Galactic Empire - Zack
    Pacifistan - Owen Glyndwr
    Persia - Virote Considon
    FUCA - ilduce349
    UUTSFR - Domination3000
    Virginia Empire - NPC(nominally controlled by Lighthearter)
    Mexican Empire - NPC
    Puerto Rico - NPC
    Russia - Aysee
    Levantine Republic - Taillesskangaru
    Kazakhstan - Ulyaoth
    Egypt - landlubber
    Macedon - Double A
    Hispaniola - NPC
    Cuba - NPC
    Dixie - NPC
    Persia - NPC
    Mexican Empire - Omega124
    Republic of the Cape - taillesskangaru
    USSRK - Cull
    Spain - link16
    Commonwealth - Lighthearter
    Commonwealth - Arya126
    Hawaii - bestrfcplayer
    TUNIC - Reiser
    Levant - NPC
    Bulgarian Empire - NPC
    Serbia - NPC
    New Zealand - Perfection
    Inner Russia - link16
    Oranje Federation - Mad Man
    Texan Empire - Domination3000
    Texan Empire - NPC
    Armenia - NPC
    Congo - NPC

    Disabled/Damaged Missile Infrastructure:
  3. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007



    European Economic Community (EEC) - Angevin Empire, Byzantium, Alefurya, Tibet, Balkans, Russia, Levantine Republic


    Defensive Pacts

    Global Security Alliance(GSA) - Caliphate, Abyssinia, East Indies, Manchu Empire, Carthagistan, Liberia

    Pan-American Alliance - Caribbean Republic, Brasilao, Connecticut, La Plata, USMCA

    Non-Aggression Pacts

    Economic Agreements

    Trade Agreements:

    Brasilao - Byzantium

    European Economic Community Agreements

    Open Borders - Byzantium, Alefurya
    Preferential Trading Area - Alefurya, Byzantium, Russia, Balkans, Tibet
    Free Trade Area - Alefurya, Tibet, Byzantium
    Customs Union - Alefurya, Russia, Balkans, Byzantium
    Currency Union (Euro) - Alefurya, Byzantium

    Pan American Alliance Agreements

    Common Currency (Amero) - Caribbea, Connecticut, La Plata, Brasilao, USMCA

    Free Trade

    Free Trade



    Client State Agreements:

    Missile Shield Agreements:

    PAA - Brasilao, La Plata, Caribbea, Connecticut, USMCA

    Points invested: 120

    EEC - Alefurya, Byzantium, Angevins, Oranjes, Tibet, Balkans, Russia

    Points invested: 115

    GSA - Caliphate, Abyssinia, East Indies, Carthagistan, Manchu Empire

    Points Invested: 130

    Automatic Investment: Angevins, Brasilao, Tibet

    War Archive

    Spoiler :
    Venetian War (2016 - 2018)


    Macedon declared war on Venice for no reason whatsoever. Eventually several European states - Alefurya, the Kingdom of Italy, and Byzantium - joined the dogpile and declared war on Venice as well. South Korea and the Virginia Empire declared war on all aggressors. The USSRK and the Dutch soon joined in.

    Outcome: South Korea partitioned between USSRK, Byzantines, Dutch and Alefuryans. Virginia left intact. Venice partitioned and destroyed entirely.

    Death toll: 427,000 - Tens of thousands in Italy, thousands in Africa, 350,000+ in South Korea

    Mexican War ( 2021 - 2047 )


    After the collapse of Pacifistan, the unstable Mexican Empire soon found itself under the leadership of Emperor Cien Veintecuatro, assassin of the previous Emperador. The new Emperor was quick to aggressively pursue old Mexican territories, causing a war with the UUTSFR in the process. When the UUTSFR's western section became Texas, the war continued. Missiles were eventually fired - some by Veintecuatro on his own people - and as a result, California was levelled as well as much of the western American continent.

    The dictator committed suicide in his La Paz bunker, causing the collapse of the government. Texas took all of North America for itself, with the southern sections becoming La Plata.

    It was the deadliest conflict until the Dutch-Korean War.

    Outcome: Mexican Defeat

    Death toll: 99.12 million - 75.8 million in the former United States, 23.32 million in Mexico - Second-deadliest conflict in human history

    Islamic War ( 2029 - 2046)


    Shi'ites assassinated the Caliphate's leadership, provoking a war between the Shi'ite Persia and Sunni Caliphate. During the War, SCUD missiles killed countless, but the introduction of province-busters slaughtered tens of millions.


    Persia defeated; many Shi'ite cities levelled. Caliphate claims all former Persian territories, with Russia and Armenia taking the Caucasus.

    Death toll: 73.1 million - 45.5 million on Iranian side; 27.6 million on Caliphate side - Third-deadliest conflict in human history

    Balkan War ( 2046 - 2049 )


    The Slavic Solidarity Alliance - composed of the former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria - rose up against the oppression of the Hungarian leadership. As a result of this, Romania and the Ukrainians also saw opportunity, the former seeking independence and the latter union with Russia.

    The SSA did not last; the Bulgarians didn't see much point in it once control from Budapest was gone, and the Serbs' historical enmity with the Croats and Bosnians triggered a falling out. The SSA was in three factions, while the Ukrainians, Hungarians, and Romanians remained separate.

    Bosnia was completely destroyed by Hungarian missile strikes, killing nearly all of its 5.6 million population.

    Before even a year had passed, conflict was everywhere, with Russia siding with the Hungarians in exchange for the Ukrainian regions. Serbia and the Croats teamed up to take down Hungary. The Bulgarians and Romanians fought tooth and nail over Dobruja.

    As a result of this, missiles were fired, destroying Budapest and Sofia, and killing 8.4 million people.

    Eventually the Serbs and Croats destroyed Hungary. The growing Eurasian presence annexed a part of Hungary's territory accordingly... Serbia then used a missile it had been saving up to destroy Zagreb. This crushed the Croatians, allowing Serbia to take control of both sides. Serbia declared peace with the other factions and set up building the Serbian Empire.

    The Eurasians destroyed Romania's remaining holdings, allowing the Bulgarians to decalre their own Empire.


    Bulgarian and Serbian Empires proclaimed; Bessarabia and west Ukraine annexed by Eurasia.

    Death toll: 5.61 million Bosnians, 4.83 million Bulgarians, 4.35 million Croats, 3.89 million Hungarians, 10.5 million Romanians

    Dutch-Korean War (2047 - 2048)


    The Dutch attacked the Koreans for no reason at all. Within 24 hours, over half a billion people were killed as the USSRK and Oranjes exchanged missiles, 4/5 of them in USSRK territory.


    Dutch surrender; Dutch lose most of their overseas territory and majority of the government is arrested and tried for war crimes in USSRK.

    Death toll: 523.135 million - 420.7 million on Korean side, 102.4 million on Dutch side, 35K on Byzantine side(soldiers) - Deadliest conflict in history

    Eurasian War (2048 - 2058)


    Tibet declared war on the Eurasian Federation and began a small missile strike that killed millions of Russians. As Tibet had colonised former USSRK lands, the USSRK joined in and attacked Tibet. Tibet received international condemnation, even after Eurasian nukes struck and destroyed all of Tibetan Europe, killing tens of millions.

    As time went on, Byzantium and Alefurya showed passive support for the GUN and EEC sides, respectively. Missiles continued to fly, and Italy joined Tibet in the war. After Alefurya colonised part of Japan and subsequently was declared war upon by the USSRK and Eurasia, it joined the conflict, and the interchange killed tens of millions.


    Near the end of the conflict, the regimes in both Eurasia and USSRK fell to pro-peace forces. Eurasia fell apart with Anatoly Yukov taking power, writing off Kazakhstan to the Caliphate and giving away large swaths of land, before joining the EEC. The USSRK government was deposed by the Manchu Empire, which signed generous concessions and treaties to end the war.

    EEC victory.

    Death Toll:

    1.14667 billion people - 117.7 million Russians, 76.9 million Tibetans(includes ethnic Tibetans and all citizens under Tibetan rule sans Indochinese nationalities), 738.32 million Koreans(includes ethnic Koreans as well as all residents of the former PRC excluding Tibet), 66.25 million Vietnamese, 36 million Thai, 74.6 million Byzantines, 14.99 million Alefuryans, 13.5 million Caliphate residents, 7.19 million Italians, 1.21 million Laotians, 8,200 Dutch.
  4. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    FAQ and misc.:

    1. The map is too small! Make it bigger!

    No it isn't. Copy/paste it into Paint. Zoom. There; now you can see the Earth in all its glory.

    Warning/Ban List:

    If you repeatedly violate the rules, you will end up being banned. You will have two warnings before I ban you; on the third infraction, kiss your butt goodbye.




    Nation Powers

    Industrial Might - +2 points each turn

    Militarism - Attacks cost 1/3 of a point to execute instead of 1/2, and you can launch six each turn rather than five. For NPCs, only the latter has an effect.

    Military Discipline - +2.5 to all RNG rolls, whether offensive or defensive.

    Manchu Empire
    Balkan Union

    Offensive Doctrine - +3 to offensive rolls, -1 to defensive rolls

    Defensive Doctrine - +3 to defensive rolls, -1 to offensive rolls

    Deterrence Doctrine - You can invest fractions of points for missiles; missiles also become cheaper: Small costs 1.5, Medium 3, and Large 5.

    Gran Colombia

    Superior Transportation - Missile penalties apply for every 150 pixels instead of 100. Distance penalty does not affect you in battles.

    East Indies

    Missile Shield - 15 points are deducted from any launch towards your territories. If an allied territory is targeted and you own one next to it, the launch loses 5 points.


    State Secrecy - Chances of being discovered on any mission or secret launch are reduced by 20 and 10, respectively. Enemy Missions on your territory have their success reduced by 1 and chance of discovery increased by 3.


    Veteran Agents - All spy missions have 10 points added to their chance of success. Enemy missions on your territory have their success reduced by 3 and chance of discovery increased by 1.

    Caribbean Union
  5. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    You may now post and make my life Hell.

    Country bio incoming:

    Name: Alefurya (informally: Germany, Fourth Reich)

    Color: Almost-black Gray

    Current Ruler: Kaiser Freidrich IV(Age 52)

    Capital: ???

    Government: Constitutional Monarchy; Executive Authority and command of the armed forces is vested in the Kaiser. Legislative power rests with the Reichstag. The Supreme Court is appointed by the Kaiser with the consent of the Senate. The Kaiser may veto any legislation provided he deems it in the nation's interest; 4/5 of both Houses are required to override a veto.

    The Kaiser also appoints the Chancellor, an official who must be confirmed by simple majority of both Houses; the Chancellor only has as much power as the Kaiser wants him to. The Kaiser may unanimously appoint all Cabinet members on the ceremonial advice of the Chancellor. The Chancellor may be dismissed at any time by the Kaiser or Legislature(with simple majority).

    Style: Mildly aggressive. The overall mentality is that of expansion, though war is a last resort. It is believed that trade and industry form the backbone of greatness, and that of the military; the military is not self-reinforcing.

    Social policy: Moderate. Religious influence has been declining recently, meaning social liberalism is gaining strength.

    Economic policy: Staunchly capitalist and limited government. As a result, the welfare state's a bit lacking, though regulation has picked up in popularity.

    Political Rights: Suffrage is given to anybody who is employed, or was employed in the last 5 years, or to anybody completing a tour of service in the military. It is against the law to slander any politician or insult the Kaiser.

    Economy: ???

    Military: ???
  6. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay Silly furry

    Aug 21, 2005
    The map is way too small TFox.
  7. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
  8. Mad Man

    Mad Man Your lord and master

    Apr 15, 2008
    Empire of Maryland
    Name: Oranje Federation

    Color: Orange

    Current Ruler: King James Van Amsterdam

    Capital: Luxembourg

    Government:Federated Constitutional Monarchy;

    Style: Pan Dutch Federation

    Social policy: Secular with a history of human rights abuse, but things are getting better

    Economic policy: Capitalist with social programs in place to help the needy

    Economy: Strong economy based in the banking sector and arms industry

    Military: good, just ask anyone!

    Starting locations:highlighted in oranje A Oranje Federation.png
  9. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Isint this a bit premature? No offense.
  10. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Name: Connecticut Valley Republic

    Color: Dark Green

    Current Ruler: (Author Avatar)

    Capital: Hartford

    Government: A Republic system with a presidential system and a bicameral legislature. Recently restored back to a republic after years of peace.

    Style: Mainly a peace oriented nation that seeks to expand piecefully as well as maintain peace with their neighbors.

    Social policy: Mainly moderate

    Economic policy: Mixed

    Political Rights: Suffrage to individuals above the age of majority (eg. 18)

    Economy: A medium first world industrial sector.

    Military: A large sanding military willing to defend the territories against the CVR and her allies and neighbors from aggressive states.

  11. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay Silly furry

    Aug 21, 2005


    Spoiler :


    Spoiler :

    Official Name: The Levantine Republic

    Short Form: The Levant

    Color: see map

    Capital: Jerusalem

    Developmental Rating: First World

    Official Languages: English, Arabic, Hebrew

    Recognized Minority Languages: French, Russian, Yiddish, Romanian, Amharic, Ladino, Syriac, Aramaic, Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish

    Population: 50 million (estimate)

    GDP: 850 Billion USD

    GDP per capita: $17,000

    Government: Republic

    Political Rights: Universal suffrage. Power is shared between the directly elected National Assembly, and the non-elected Guardian Council (leading many to describe the TLR as a de facto crowned republic). Entry to the Guardian Council is by invitation only to the most prominent members of the Republic.

    Social policy: Relatively liberal - has to be, since the land embraces peoples of so many faiths and cultures.

    Economy: Thriving. Major industries include manufacturing, IT industries, banking, tourism. Development is focused on high-tech industries.

    Economic policy: Mixed socialist-capitalist (though tends towards the latter), with a strong welfare system. Encourages foreign investment and investment by Levantines abroad.

    Foreign policy: Protective, non-interventionist and anti-war, pro-trade.

    - Kingdom of Italy
    - Angevin Empire
    - Byzantium
    - Alefurya
    - Macedon
    - TUNIC
    - Oranje Federation
    - Tibetan Burgundy

    Defensive Pact with:
    - Tibetan Burgundy
    - Brasilinho

    Guaranteeing the independence of:
    - Connecticut

    Trade Agreements with:
    - The Byzantine Republic
    - Oranje Federation
    - Footballing Republic of Brasilinho
    - Alefurya
    - Galactic Empire
    - Connecticut Valley Republic
    - India
    - NRP
    - USSRK (Korean Empire)
    - Tibetan Burgundy

    The Levantine Armed Forces:
    A relatively small but highly advanced military. All citizens must complete some form of military training, and the entire country can fully mobilize within 24 hours of an attack. Military expenditure is currently at 4.5% of GDP.

    Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Military Police (Gendarmerie), Republican Guard

    Active troops: 300,000
    Reserves: the rest of the country

    2 Cruiser
    6 Destroyer
    6 Frigrate
    4 Corvettes
    14 Submarines (4 nuclear)

    Approximately 2,000 aircrafts, of those around 900 are fighters.

    Overseas Territories of the Levantine Republic (OTLR) are self-governing democratic republics within the Levantine Republics. They enjoy considerable autonomy, although TLR remains firmly in charge of defence and foreign affairs.


    Capital: Gibraltar

    Official Language: English

    Population: 50,000

    GDP: 1.5 billion USD

    GDP per capita: $30,000


    Capital: Stone Town

    Official Language: Swahili, English

    Population: 1,200,000

    GDP: 2.4 billion USD

    GDP per capita: $2,000

    Muscat and Oman

    Capital: Muscat

    Official Language: Arabic

    Federation of the Indian Ocean

    Capital: Reunion

    Official Language: French, English

    Federation of South Arabia

    Capital: Aden

    Official Language: Arabic, English

    Federation of the Caribbean

    Capital: Port of Spain

    Official Language: English
  12. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York

    South Korea

    Color: Blue on flag

    Current Ruler: President Omega (YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW, STALKER)

    Capital: Seoul

    Government: Republic

    Style: A country about peace, but still will try to unite Korea any means possible, including restarting the war. Very open to westerners (As they saved their butts in the 1950s)

    Social policy: Consertive Slant

    Economic policy: Mixed

    Political Rights: Suffrage to all over 18

    Economy: Mostly Starcraft tournaments So awesome we have to link it to you

    Military: A high-tech army, due to having US aid before the Cataylism, in return for having a pretty small army, even for their size.
  13. Reiser

    Reiser Young Christian

    Dec 6, 2009
    West Coast #1
    I'll give a quick bio to get my nation down.
    Formal Name: The United Nation of Italy and its Colonies
    Informal Name: TUNIC
    Color: See attachment
    Starting Position: Using my 10 claims, I'll claim as much of mainland Italy starting from the south northward. The map is too small for Paint. If there is any other claims left, just ignore them.
    That's basically it for now, thanks.

    Attached Files:

  14. Cull

    Cull Big Daddy

    Feb 21, 2010
    North Korea. Will post stuff after dinner.
  15. Arakhor

    Arakhor Dremora Courtier Super Moderator

    Mar 27, 2009
    Unfortunately, I cannot read that map, so I can't count provinces, but I'll settle for Italy, Sicily, Malta, Corsica & Sardinia, in Imperial purple.

    Name: Imperial Roman Republic (informally: Rome, Italia)
    Colour: Imperial purple
    Current Ruler: Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus (Augustus XXVI)
    Capital: Roma

    Government: Constitutional Monarchy. The Emperor is leader of the Senate and First Citizen of the Republic and must approve and sign all legislature voted on by members of the Senate, who are made up be representatives from the fifty noble houses (patricians), the Roman corporations and professional citizens (equites) and nominal representation from the unskilled or poorly paid section of society (plebeians).
  16. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    GM Announcement:

    Umm... well dang.

    I feel like an idiot.

    You were right; copy-pasting the map would cause it to be blurry, due to the fact Photobucket'd resize the image... my apologies. I hope I've fixed the problem with the new Imageshack map.
  17. Cull

    Cull Big Daddy

    Feb 21, 2010
    Now I can't see the map anymore. Tanicius, can you send it via attachment or photobucket embedded in a pm?

    EDIT: Tanicius, you playing?
  18. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Son of Huehuecoyotl

    May 28, 2007
    Yes, I am. But actual gameplay - claims, wars, diplomacy, etc. - won't begin until the next turn, which starts in ~20 hours. This first turn is a registration phase.

    Further GM Announcements:

    As Imageshack is blocked in China, and I can't send attachments via PM, I decided to upload this for Cull's convenience.

    You'll all have to save the map if you can't view Imageshack.

    ...since I don't know how to use the IMG tags with an attachment... :blush:
  19. Cull

    Cull Big Daddy

    Feb 21, 2010
    Korean Empire​

    Color: Light Gray

    Current Leader: Emperor Taejo Wang Geon(Wang Kon)

    Capital: Pyongyang

    Government: Absolute Monarchy

    Style: Aggression. Backed up by a strong military, and strong economy

    Social policy: Emperor FTW!

    Economic policy: Free Market, but the Emperor holds the final say in any matters, and can do whatever he wants.

    Economy: First World, based in North Korea and Manchuria.

    Military: Strong, still growing

  20. Lighthearter

    Lighthearter President of the United States

    Apr 29, 2010
    The West Wing
    The Empire of Virginia has arrived!

    Color - Blue!!

    Capital - Richmond

    Leader - Empress Laiin Virginia(fictional:D I'm a dude:goodjob:)

    Government - Imperial


    Economy - Heavily planned by the state, but strong. Trade with foreign nations is HEAVILY tarrifed.

    Social Policy - We view the planet as inferior to us, and thus seek to life you all out of your dark depression with the glory of the Empire!

    Military - Good-sized army, small, but elite air force and powerful and well-trained navy with three aircraft carriers and a reconverted battleship.


    I hope I didn't miss something with the claiming rules?

    - Lighthearter

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