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Imperium Offtopicum V: Claims and Income Thread


All income into Liberalism, please. :)
Raise one navy. Call it the Third Fleet.

No claims at this point

Place any unused money into Naval Tech (or any prerequisites that's needed to advance the naval tech)

finish Rifling, start in liberalism. Anything left goes to industrializing.

Start research on Banking

20/38 into research

10/38 into industrialization

8/38 into Military quality
Morocco recruits one army and one navy, put my army next to the Spanish-African border and my navy in Malta.
I claim more unspecified land in France and continue my research path.

EDIT: Here are my actual claims for this round:
Spoiler :


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Update 6 has been posted, you guys have 24 hours to get all your stuff in.

Spoiler :

His majesty elects to use the army to crush the cantankerous louts underfoot.


Total Avalable funds: 49

10 gp into the research of Banking (30/30)

20 gp into industrialization

19 gp into army quality (28/50)


His grace recruits a 4th army.
Name: 4th Imperial Army
Location: Near those rebellious rats the Bohemians

Deal concluded!
It is with great pleasure that his grace can announce the conclusion of an alliance deal between himself, the Riccio, and Serbia. These three nations are now allied with one another. May all the enemies of these three great nations tremble at her power.

It is important to note, that once someone recruits their 6th army, their quality will drop one level. I have noticed that I am the only one investing in quality. Remember, quality actually matters a lot.
I will spend all my gold into Liberalism.

I will send my army to deal with the rebellion.

That's one of the three options, isn't it?

Yes, but I assume putting down a rebellion with an army would, you know, preclude ACTUALLY having an army :mischief:.
I put my gold into finishing Beauracracy, and would like to industrialize the region of Paris. I will put any excess into the next available economy tech.

Here's my claims:
Spoiler :


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Riccio Claims:

Riccio continues the push to unite the Italian peoples.

At the same time, strategic and economic interests have combined their power and have successfully lobbied the government to pursue expansion in Greece. Irredentism also has a role in places such as Venice, given the historical power and influence some Italian states enjoyed over Greece in the past.

Income: 80

54 towards Corporations so as to give us the technology and another trade agreement.

26 towards Industry.


As soon as applicable, we extend our third trade agreement exclusively to the Habsburgs.


The government of Riccio rules by divine sanction first and foremost; any democracy is merely the monarch devolving his god-given powers. As such, all rebels will be tried for heresy as well as treason, defying a God-given system.

(We're using the military option obviously)
I finish Bureaucracy, and switch over to the economic techs, saving 10 gold to go towards industrializing. Claims-
I didn't know if the belearic islands were 1 or 1 per island, but if its the latter, then I take them over the 3 western territories
I send my military to deal with the rebels, and raise an army in Madrid called Tercera Legión Española, provided that its free.
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