Imperium Offtopicum XXI Prequel: Destruction of a World

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    Xnuk'ek Ts'o'om's base deployed outside Uluru, christened Kank’u’, had found itself influx with a feeling of concern. The local human resistance had proved greater than calculated and the territories held where proving troublesome, with even violence coming from members of the recently enslaved. Resistance was expected but the miscalculations had cost confidence. Nevertheless it was focal that the Jennu Jimosan thralls under Xnuk'el Ts'o'om's command must prove their worth, just as the Ushagi scientists the Controller had gained after the conquest of the Prime Realm Directive had with their expertise.

    It was in the intrigues of the Controller to also lay focus on their hobby and show ordered the more defiant human slaves to be bought to the labs that had developed in Kank'u' for bioengineering purposes. The chief of bioengineering favourite slave of Xnuk'el Ts'o'om, Thalhear Bioys, had already set some experiments; the first subjects had, as expected, perished after the spicing process while a few that survived had been deemed too unsuitable for further experimentations and were simply locked away for study in hope of examining what went wrong. The process had came to be heard from those outside the complex; for the Controller this was good. Xnuk'el Ts'o'om would knew that the excuse for this practice would be a example to warn off further resistance...

    ...but why should the creation of new lifeforms need a excuse?


    Ron Jones was kicked into a dark greyish rooms with greenish lighting by the pair of brutish Jennu Jimosan battle thralls that had taken the deviant enslaved human to the depth of some alien labyrinth within the xeno fortress near Uluru. The Australian pilot tried to get off from the floor when one of the Tilsin guards placed their foot on the pilot's back, causing the short brown hair human to to yell. "That will be enough" came a computerised screech from across the chamber, causing the human in the greenish pilot uniform of the Australian air force to look with his brown eyes across the room.

    With two reptilian guards behind came a onyx metallic suited figure that appeared robotic, marked with dark brownish lines and a blue glowing light ring on each of the shoulders. From the angle Ron noted that the figure had a full glass helmet that was shaped in many ways like a light bulp. Yet it was what was inside the light bulp as the figure approaches that both shackled and surprised Ron in a comedic fashion; it appeared the owner of the suit, he could believe, a greenish feathered humanoid parrot with a dark grey bleak and yellowish underside around a pair of jade bird eyes.

    "Help the mammal up!" barked at the suited parrot at the two lizardfolk that had roughed Ron in. The reptiles, whose dark greenish scales were protected with light grey metallic plating and dark brown loincloth around the waist for modesty, both grabbed the human with their crawled hands and lifted him up. Ron found himself staring into the helm of the avian; the parrot's eyes looked back, though the sidedness made it was a unusual starring than Ron had faced in the past.

    "Forgive our handling but they were frustrated. May I introduce myself?" spoke the parrot, placing one of their gauntlets on the left-shoulder of Ron. "I am Thalhear Bioys, bioengineering chief and favourite servant of the ever blessed hegemon Xnuk’ek Ts’o’om. I have heard you have been a bit of a trouble maker?" Thalhear 'gently' wiped blood from the mouth of Ron, the metallic roughness only causing more discomfort to Ron. "O sorry" went Thalhear 'innocently' "Keep forgetting how gentle some mammals are to the touch of my support suit. Leave us you two!" pointed hence Thalhear to the two guards that took Ron in, who then proceeded to went back they came. The two lizards guarding Thalhear Bioys, who were in full dark blue plate, went to the side to hold to Ron and began to move in to follow the space parrot as the scientist began to journey across the chambers to a white door which swung open into a light grey room with dark metallic tables.

    Ron, who had remained silent of words after his violent yelling after being taken by the two brutes that took him to Kank'u', looked around the new room he had been bought to. Along the sides were large glass containers, some contained local Australian life (plus cane toads), while others contained what appeared to be animals from other worlds including what appeared to be reptilian butterfly and a small feathered hound. To Ron's horror was on the other side of the room large cages containing what appeared to be a starved female human, a trio of Jennu Jimosans that were lowly clothed and huddled on the floor, some large ant like creature and what could described as moving blob of oil.

    The scientist gentled touched a central table with metallic restraints; the two Jennu Jimosan guards tighten their hold on Ron as they quickly ripped at his uniform, stripping him to his undergarments and then they quickly placed Ron on the table and placed the restraints on him.

    "Now you are wondering why your here?" spoke Thalhear Bioys to Ron Jones. "You have permission to speak... not that I would take one who was tough for us to drag in to require such."

    Ron remained silent.

    "Rebellion is loseless you know" spoke the scientist. "We Ushag learned that when we smoothly went from a lone power in the stars to part of a greater whole. Those of us that decided to resist the necessary learned the morals of this universe; never defy your betters. I am the better of all this room. I could insult the lowly reptiles that guard me and they would not raise a fist but I deserve to be annihilated if I even considered insulting my masters. You see... we are all servants to the Controllers."

    Ron replied with a spit that hit the helm of the Ushag.

    "My, my... I would cover cover your mouth but I will need access to hear you once we... o I guess I should explain why I took you to this room." It was then that Ron looked up; a blackish machine had been deployed on the roof of the room with tubes and arms with needles, a machine that was slowly now coming downwards towards him. "You see we Ushag were in a scientific revolution by the time we were taken; we had developed in field of robotics and genetic engineering, the latter came a special interest to my own master, for Xnuk’ek Ts’o’om desires to learn the secrets of all life and to unlock new forms must be hence created. Yet we cannot create without the materials and we need also hosts to try out the visions of my master. You see... we want to spice some of you mammals with certain species across the domain of the Controllers. Speaking of mammals... I better call my students and colleges." A quick buzzing came as Thalhear clicked a small button on the side of the suit and the door opened again; similar suited Ushag came in, their feathers were blue, red, yellow and other colours under the sun. They entered and went around to form a crowd around Ron, Thalhear and the two Tilsin guards.

    "Attention as we begin a quick test on human subject... o sorry! The translation software is still on" laughed Thalhear, clicking another button while the other Ushag make beakish laughter. In a alien tongue the space parrot gave what appeared to be a lecture to the other Ushag, pointing at both Ron Jones and the machine above him, as well as two worrying points at the caged Tilsin and the cane toads. Shortly after Thalhear turned round, clicked the translator again and spoke to Ron:

    "I am afraid now I will begin the test on you. We are going to to first add a substance from the machine to place you into a sleep; then we are going to engineer your cells with elements from Tilsin (the species that your reptile guards belonged to) and these... cane toads that seem to poison your landscape like the greatest of vermin. I do not gruantee your survival but you will contribute to the creation of new existences, of new life forms. If you may I suggest you tell your last words of humanity, cause even if we do not succeed in spicing you we at least have caused some alterations to your genetic make-up, essentially making you into a mutant in certain regards. Who those; your development will aid both the Controllers and we Ushag, for we have always pondered on spicing ourselves to suit less tropical environments such as this planet... we live in these suits due to the air make-up of this world being poisonous and the humility being ill enough. But enough my voice; I said you had last..."

    "Your can spice yourself with those cane toads or better let sting yourself to death, you..." began a angry (and fearful) Ron, before one of the Tilsin slapped him.

    "Fool!" shouted Thalheal to the Tilsin "I do not want my subjects to be damaged. I am wondering why we gave you lowlife barbarians software translators when you do not seem to understand basic commands! I was kind on the two bringing this subject in cause of the report; the human was a trouble maker and I did not mind some rough handling but violence on a restraint test subject... I will not question on why the Controllers, for they were in great kindness in bringing civilization to your Bronze Aged planet but... never-mind, you two are dismissed." The two Tilsin were taken aback but decided not to avoid showing, instead simply leaving the room quickly and quietly. "Honesty" went Thalheal "I wonder why we trust meat eating reptiles to guard even boxes, let alone my test subjects... but making civilized servants out of primitive brutes is a task we Ushag must share in, even if they do deserve to be treated like... sorry I sometimes talk too much. Back to science!"

    And thus clicked a button on his wrist Thalheal seemed to have the machine descend faster and activated, its mechanisms moving about.

    "Stop!" went Ron. "I... can... I was foolish... allow..."

    "Too late" interrupted Thalheal. "I need my subjects and you were too disruptive to be a good little labourer. Possessing you into service would be a waste of resources, so you will instead serve a greater purpose as a step in the next stage of the evolution of all life..."

    ...and then a needle went into the neck of Ron, causing him to scream as he suddenly went into a deep sleep.

    "Now to make the gods envy us all" was the last words Ron would hear with human ears.


    My brothers and sisters; why do you chain yourselves so? Have your forgotten the honour of our world? Of our days gone by? Why we be brutes for the ones that brutalise us? To strike fear to those we are barked to strike at, at the notion that they will too experience what we have? To be like the scum that scourged our race of its spirit? Of the memory of our home, of Jennu Hrrac, why do we betray ourselves so in bondage to the so called Controllers? Every evil we do in their name means nothing to them, save for their own ego. Even the Ushag are mere furniture to the whims of the Controllers and they instead set to make us like cattle, to boast their technological superiority over us. Why? What makes them think they are better than us? What makes the Controllers think they can match our gods? Whether we be, be it back on Jennu Hrrac or this cursed realm of humanity, we must dissent if we are to reclaim what it is to be the sons and daughters of our ancestors. The Tilsin will not be slaves forever; our freedom will come, be it after the next sunset on this world or its consumption by the sun... we will be free.
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    A Palace north of Oslo

    (Nationalist Surge in Oz as gov't institutes mass mobilization to retake the capital (and Sydney too, I guess).)
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    I was planning for my slave revolt next turn. >(

    O well... guess it may add some fun...
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    Controller reinforcements hit Perth, Australia
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    The controllers have made a mistake in attacking Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God's supreme puppet. For it is the bulwark of FRANKENSTEIN CONTROL.And as such, it holds many things! The Controllers only expected ballistic weaponry, but they did not see THE TRUTH FRANCIS E. DEC put out. The Playboy Scum-on-top and the CIA [REDACTED DUE TO COMMIE HATE SPEECH, CITIZEN!] GANGSTER POLICE would not back down from their on-top status! The GANGSTER POLICE fought in every place, using FRANKENSTIEN CONTROLS to conscript the populace for their anti-controller COMMUNIST AGENDA! Deadly assault was had, with knives, even with bricks and stones, even with DEADLY TOUCH TABUN NEEDLES launched from THE SPRING-LOADED SUPER-SHOOTERS, also with ELECTRIC SHOCK FLASHLIGHTS! Even REMOTE ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED AROUND CORNERS TRAJECTION of DEADLY TOUCH TARANTULA SPIDERS! Even with just fists, all beating many battle-thralls bloody, as FRANKENSTEIN CONTROLS make people fight on even when hit by ELECTRO-WEAPONRY! This was not all, as the lands were filled with SNEAK UNDETECTABLE DEADLY NERVE GAS DISPENSERS in many different forms! FROM CIGARS TO CIGARETTES TO EVEN BALL-POINT PENS to even SWISS-CHEESE TYPE ICE CUBES THAT WHEN MELTING, evaporate into POISON DEADLY NERVE GAS! MEANWHILE, the populace is subdued in spite of GREATER OPEN ATROCITIES by super-patriotism "ENHANCERS" and FRANKENSTEIN CONTROLS!
    The Controllers shall learn that there is NO ESCAPE from this WORSE GANGSTER POLICE STATE!
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    Thanks mate! :D

    Together we can ensure peace in Australia!

    Also ensure a ex-slave lizard power in the coming game
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    I incorporated some people's RP into the latest update that I forgot to, primarily in the North America part. Please check it out!
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    A nationalistic surge washes over the United States as local militias organize and the common American people offer bitter resistance. Doomsday prepers rejoice and get their "I told you so"s out of their system.
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    A resistance cell forms in Kerala India. The Communist party there has formed an organized resistance and is the backbone in a campaign of terror to destroy the alien's logistical ability to sustain an invasion and free their fellow humans
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    A nationalistic surge is underway in San Marino as the elected government of the world's oldest living republic has been overthrown. After information was leaked detailing preparations by the Congress of State to surrender in the case of a Controller attack on the mountain state, unrest grew in the small nation on the Italian Peninsula. News later came in in that the nation's limited but existing military forces had staged a coup with support from the gendarmerie and civil police, swiftly occupying the Palazzo Pubblico with only minimal resistance from volunteer corps designated to protect the Captains Regent. No casualties were reported, but whether that is true or if the military is withholding information is still unknown.

    In the aftermath of these events, coup leaders Generals Antonio Martelli and Nicola Palmieri have been appointed as new Captains Regent by the Grand and General Council, after which the two immediately moved to declare martial law. Their first executive act, which under most circumstances would have been considered highly unconstitutional, dismissed the parliament and enforces a compulsory military draft to amass more manpower in the event of an alien invasion. The Republic of Italy has not yet reacted to these changes in the Sammarinese power balance.
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    Germany, in the forest
    A nationalistic surge accures in Germany. Encouraged by the EPFs formation the German goverment and population mobilice for war. Masses of civillians flock to barracks to form Landwehr battalions, getting armed with stored away cold-war era weapons. At the same time, stored heavy weapons like marders and F-4s are reactivated to equip whatever reserve they can mobilice. The great coaltiion goverment proves , thanks to its large majority, that its capable of organising this mammoth task in time.
    Armored forces gather along the Rhine to prepare an offensive into france. The german industry also mobilices for war and start the mass production of weapons.
    The german Luftwaffe however has already started its offensive, firing over 100 Taurus cruise missiles at large alien formations and vital infrastructure, within a month.
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    Anti-Controller Revolt in Moscow, Russia, as the Controller's Cynur Battle-thralls are infected by a COMMUNIST computer virus and switch their allegiance to the Soviet Union. They pledge themselves to supporting the Russian government in defending the revolution against the imperialists.
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    Orders locked!
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    Interested, though it looks like its too late to submit orders for this update
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    Within the realm of impossibility

    Species Name: T'rectusxcazsth
    Unofficial moniker: The blob, oil aliens
    A brief history: The blob were the first race to fall under the controller's yoke and the perfect test subjects for perfecting later controller technology. With little sentient consciousness they were rather easy to control with pain collars.
    Tactics: The blob has extremely high physical resistance - nothing short of the force of a meteor strike can destroy them. However, Blobs are weak to electricity - 3 volts makes their cellular structure unable to maintain itself and they collapse. A wall to wall of Blobs spreads electricity throughout themselves equally, so in case of contact, n additional 3 volts is required for each blob.
    The Blob's main attack tactic consists of simply rolling over the enemy. Most enemies can safely remain in the blob for three to four hours, enough to time for the Controller's to take them out and enslave them.
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    Update Two – March 2016


    This is our final and decisive battle; with the Internationale all races will rise up! ~Heard sung by the Cybrex during the liberation of Moscow
    The Controllers Centralize

    Two months into the invasion, the Controllers have started to construct a skeleton of a civilian government in their occupied territories. While the upper echelons of the government are entirely composed of Controllers and slaves with the highest loyalty (such as the Ushag), the Controllers have allowed collaborationist human groups to administer territories that are considered low risk.

    The most important territories under the yoke of the Controllers are known as the Core Territories. They consist of most of the Controller’s old world holdings, stretching all the way from Greece to Japan. These territories are directly controlled by the Controller who has taken the name Kalki (the tenth avatar of Vishnu who will appear during the apocalypse), continuing the tradition of high-ranking Controllers co-opting the names of Gods for their own nefarious purposes. They administer the core territories from Delhi, overseeing both the military and the management of human slaves in the core territories. Due to higher than expected resistance in these territories and due to the clout of Xnuk'ek Ts'o'om, it and it’s colleague in Indonesia has been given a larger degree of autonomy than other groups connected to the Core Territories via land or sea.

    The Americas have been divided into the North American Territories and the South American Territories. The North is managed by High Executioner Xnuk'hu Has'usk, who is commanding his armies near the front lines in Atlanta. The South is being managed by a group of four Controllers who have named themselves after the four horsemen of the apocalypse. There are plans to combine the two territories into one administrative region once resistance has been crushed in Central America, although the rising tensions in the Controllers society could make these plans difficult.

    In central Africa there are the African Territories, administered by the ruthless General V'jonk'bess L'jangelli. It has led an effective campaign against the African states, claiming millions of slaves for the Controllers and conquering many countries.

    There are still many isolated cells all around the globe led by less important Controllers, not under the direct control of one of the larger administrative regions. Despite the increasingly decentralised nature of the Controller forces, there have not been any public tensions between the major Controllers. However, according to high level defecting alien slaves, it is only a matter of time before the “factional rot” that is tearing the Controller’s empire apart reaches Earth. Whether this is an accurate reading of events or an overly optimistic estimate remains to be seen.
    North America

    High Executioner Xnuk'hu Has'usk has encountered difficultly in pacifying the people of the United States. Three major factions have emerged opposing the Controllers, while they are all nominally loyal to the United States government they would likely come to blows if the Controllers weren’t a bigger threat.

    The Controllers initially scored a victory early this month by decapitating the leadership of the country. The secure location of President Barrack Obama was compromised and he and most other surviving federal government officials were assassinated by alien spies. This caused a brief power vacuum in the federal government and the United States looked to collapse. However, the Republican governor of Idaho, Clement Leroy "Butch" Otter, managed to quickly unite the disparate factions through his populist support and his pull with many army officials. Acting President Otter has managed to drum up conservative-nationalist sentiment amongst the population, encouraging people to join the army and the many resistance movements against the Controllers.

    Another major source of resistance came from the Militia and Doomsday Prepper communities. Vindicated by the alien invasion, these communities have seen an increase of membership and have engaged in effective guerrilla warfare that has helped the liberation of many states. While these groups share many ideas with the government, they are naturally distrustful of their authority. The groups are starting to form into larger decentralised communities which are largely independent from the government. While the two groups are distrustful of each other, the Militia have a working relationship with the United States military.

    The strangest, but also one of the largest, groups to emerge during the invasion are the Decist Communists. Named after the town of their origin; Dec, New York, this Communist group espouses a very unusual version of Communism that blends Authoritarian Communism, Abrahamic Religions and Transhumanism. Its detractors liken it to a cult, but it has proven popular amongst the American people. This is probably because of its connections to various criminal syndicates and its ability to gain access to highly classified electrical, chemical and biological weapons. These weapons are extremely effective against the Controller’s forces, the electrical ones are about the only things that can kill oil-like blob aliens known as the T'rectusxcazsth. While the Decists have not come into conflict with the other two major factions, it is unlikely that any sort of meaningful peace will hold once the alien forces are defeated.

    [causalities: 283 MP Controllers, 233 MP United States]

    [United States: Increased support for Conservatism, the Militia Groups and Decist Communists]

    The war did not go anywhere near as well for Canada. An attack that was meant to relieve pressure from the Americans ended in disaster and resulted in the Controllers seizing most of Eastern Canada.

    [causalities: 148 MP Controllers, 165 Canada]

    Inspired by the Earth Protection Force in Europe, the Caribbean states form the Caribbean Protection Force to defend themselves against the Controller threat in the States. However, not even the pooled resources of the Caribbean could overcome the overwhelming Controller assault. Only Cuba managed to survive, holding onto half their island through an impressive guerrilla campaign.

    [casualties: 85 MP Controllers, 110 MP Caribbean Protection Force]

    Another casualty in the war was the remainder of Mexico, with the last resistance being utterly crushed. This has allowed the Mexican and United States cells to meet up, allowing the Controllers to unleash their formidable force against the United States.

    [causalities: 26 MP Controllers, 37 MP Mexico]
    South America

    The Four Horsemen began a powerful blitz across South America, solidifying the Controller’s grip on the region. Costa Rica, Argentina (along with the Falkland Islands and the South Sandwich Islands), Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia surrendered to the vastly superior strength of the Controllers. Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil survive, but their resistance is rapidly crumbling. Meanwhile, slightly further north the Mexican Cell annexed both Belize and Guatemala. Things are not looking good for the freedom of humanity in South America.

    [causalities: 16 MP Controllers, 27 MP Costa Rica]

    [causalities: 64 MP Controllers, 55 MP Ecuador]

    [causalities: 77 MP Controllers, 71 MP Venezuela]

    [causalities: 75 MP Controllers, 70 MP Chile]

    [causalities: 14 MP Controllers, 27 MP Argentina]

    [causalities: 29 MP Controllers, 45 MP Uruguay]

    [causalities: 20 MP Controllers, 45 MP Paraguay]

    [causalities: 34 MP Controllers, 53 MP Bolivia]

    [causalities: 72 MP Controllers, 62 MP Brazil]

    [causalities: 27 MP Controllers, 6 MP Belize, 46 MP Guatemala]

    Europe was the location of some of the most effective anti-Controller resistance. The formation of the Earth Protection Force by the member states of the European Union marked the first international organisation dedicated to resisting the Controllers, inspiring other such groups in the Caribbean and elsewhere. The Controllers were seemingly angered by this move as they sent Controller reinforcements into both Paris and Frankfurt, seemingly with the intent to sabotage the operations of the Earth Protection Force. However, these reinforcements were not able to overcome the combined forces of Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The Earth Protection Force liberated both Frankfurt and Paris in a German led offensive, pushing the Controllers back into the northernmost regions of France.

    The strong cooperation between the European states has promoted the idea of a more federalised and stronger European Union. A pan-European supernational identity is sweeping through many western European countries due to the strong cooperation between said countries. Even the people of Switzerland are reconsidering their policy of neutrality and are considering formally entering the European Union. Additionally, in Germany the populace has embraced the military in response to the attacks on Frankfurt, even those who are unable to enter the military are helping by stepping into non-combat roles.

    [causalities: 44 MP Controllers, 58 MP Belgium, 4 MP Luxemburg]

    [casualties: 97 MP Controllers, 64 MP Germany]

    [causalities: 67 MP Controllers, 58 MP Switzerland]

    [causalities: 79 MP Controllers, 76 MP France]

    [Increased European support in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Increased Militarism in Germany]

    While the Earth Protection Force has weakened the Controller’s position in western Europe, the collapsing situation further north may shift the balance of power in the region in favour of the Controllers. A joint British and Irish offensive with the intent of liberating England ended disastrously, with the Controllers redirecting their efforts to attack Ireland and completely seizing the country. Scotland remains free, but they are slowly losing ground. Without assistance, soon the entirety of Britain will be under the yoke of the Controllers.

    [causalities: 116 MP Controllers, 27 MP Ireland, 124 MP United Kingdom]

    Even further north, the Controllers stuck in Greenland have begun to move. Attacking the relevantly undefended Iceland, they quickly overwhelm the country, providing another area for the Controllers to attack Britain. The government of Iceland flees to Finland, setting up a government in exile to command the remnants of the Icelandic navy.

    [causalities: 22 MP Controllers, 22 MP Iceland, 5 MP defects to Finland]

    Alien reinforcements landed in Athens, presumably to assist the Turkish Cell. The Controllers managed to seize half of Greece, but Greece still holds on against the Controller onslaught.

    [casualties: 97 MP Controllers, 96 MP Greece]

    Speaking of Turkey, after a month of intense fighting they were overwhelmed by the Controllers. The only part of Turkey that was not taken over by the Controllers was Northern Cyprus which has agreed to be annexed into Cyprus to provide a unified defence against the Controllers.

    [causalities: 120 MP Controllers, 151 MP Turkey, 27 MP defects to Cyprus]

    The Turkish cell attacked Bulgaria as well, however Bulgarian generals managed to ambush the Controller’s assault, forcing them to retreat, another major victory for Europe against the Controllers.

    [causalities: 52 MP Controllers, 41 MP Bulgaria]

    The Controllers primarily used the Cynurs in their attack against the Russians. The Cynurs are a cybernetically enhanced race. They were loyal to the Controllers, however when they attempted to download the Kremlin’s computer archives something happened. It is unknown if the data somehow interfered with their systems, or if instead the information contained in the archives was somehow especially convincing. Either way, the majority of the Cynur stationed in Moscow declared allegiance to communism and the Russian state. They revolted, aligning themselves with the Russian guerrilla movements. Together they liberated Moscow. Soon after this, the Russian government began a counteroffensive against the Controller occupied territories. Seeing the situation was untenable, the Controllers ordered a general retreat for those still loyal to the Controllers. The entirety of the Russian heartland is now liberated thanks to the efforts of the Russian army and the Cynur.

    The Cynur have been widely accepted by the Russian populace as true Russian citizens. The Cynur’s strong communist convictions have convinced many to join the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, both human and Cynur. This is considered a threat to United Russia’s government, although there is very little they can do about it due to the widespread support of the Cynur amongst the people of Russia.

    The Controllers were not pleased about being pushed out of Moscow, demonstrated by the fact that they conducted a massive assault against the Russians through their border in China. Siberia was seized in a massive blitz. It seems that Russia may have escaped the fire, but now they are in the frying pan.

    [causalities: 42 MP Controllers, 42 MP Georgia, 1 MP Abkhazia, 24 MP defects to Azerbaijan]

    [causalities: 49 MP Controllers, 26 MP Russians]

    [causalities: 186 MP Controllers, 202 MP Russians]

    [Russia: Increased Cynur-Communist support]

    An overlooked event in Europe was the death of the oldest republic, San Marino. People are supportive of the Junta, but they expect a return to the old ways once the Controllers are defeated. Generals Antonio Martelli and Nicola Palmieri have not commented one way or another, but even with the increased support for the Junta they should expect some problems if things don’t go the way the people want.

    [San Marino: Increased support for the Military Junta]
    Middle East

    Due to an extremely successful counteroffensive against the Controllers, Israel has reunited its country, even seizing the disputed Palestinian territories.

    [causalities: 52 MP Controllers, 35 MP Israel]

    The Israeli counteroffensive had the largely unintended side effect of leaving the Egyptian cell isolated from the Core Territories. This allowed a combined taskforce of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan and the remnants of the Egyptian army to liberate many important Egyptian cities. While all cities were returned to the Egyptian government, the Egyptian government is extremely fragile. It only exists at the pleasure of the Saudi Arabian, Libyan and Sudanese governments. While there are obviously bigger threats right now, Egypt’s complete reliance on their neighbours is going to cause some awkward questions that need to be answered once the Controllers are repulsed.

    [causalities: 40 MP Controllers, 37 MP Egypt]

    [causalities: 52 MP Controllers, 39 Saudi Arabia]

    [causalities: 34 MP Controllers, 35 MP Libya]

    [causalities: 36 MP Controllers, 35 MP Sudan]

    [Egypt: Increased instability, increased Saudi Arabian, Libyan and Sudanese influence]

    Syria also suffered from attacks by the Controllers, losing all its coast to an attack.

    [casualties: 68 MP Controllers, 78 MP Syria]

    Another group of countries that were inspired by the Earth Protection Force were Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They formed the Holy Protection Force to resist the attacks by the Controllers. However, their resistance was futile. Both Iran and Pakistan were overrun and Afghanistan lost half of its territory to the Controllers.

    [casualties: 130 MP Controllers, 64 MP Iran, 74 MP Pakistan, 52 Afghanistan]

    The Controllers were successful in attacking Turkmenistan, seizing half the country over the course of the month.

    [causalities: 26 MP Controllers, 36 MP Turkmenistan]

    In a piece of good news, the Iraqis forced the Controllers to retreat from their territory back into Iran. This victory will probably be short lived as it is likely that the Controllers will begin their attacks with renewed vigour.

    [causalities: 33 MP Controllers, 31 MP Iraq]

    Africa was home to many defeats at the hands of the Controllers, but also a few surprising victories. One of these crushing defeats happened in Sierra Leone, when a pod of reinforcements crashed into their capital, Kennema, and quickly overwhelmed the country. Another pod of reinforcements crashed into Cape Town, allowing the Controllers to seize half of South Africa.

    [causalities: 18 MP Controllers, 27 MP Sierra Leon, 4 MP defect to Guinea]

    [causalities: 52 MP Controllers, 59 MP South Africa]

    Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Burundi, Rwanda, the Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic were annexed by the overwhelming forces of General V'jonk'bess L'jangelli, bringing much of the continent under the Controller’s yoke.

    [causalities: 16 MP Controllers, 24 MP Benin, 3 MP defect to Togo]

    [causalities: 29 MP Controllers, 40 MP Niger, 13 MP defect to Libya]

    [causalities: 34 MP Controllers, 39 MP Niger, 16 MP defect to Libya]

    [causalities: 23 MP Controllers, 36 MP Cameroon, 9 MP defect to Gabon]

    [causalities: 13 MP Controllers, 1 MP Rwanda, 21 MP Burundi, 6 MP defects to Uganda]

    [causalities: 16 MP Controllers, 20 MP Central African Republic, 7 MP defects to Sudan]

    [causalities: 19 MP Controllers, 24 MP Republic of the Congo, 11 MP defect to Angola]

    However, these aggressive tactics left the Controllers open to losses elsewhere on the continent. Uganda, Angola and Zambia managed to counter attack and liberate parts of the Democratic Congo. Due to the collaborationist government in charge of the Democratic Congo, these countries are administering these lands themselves. South Sudan attempted a similar assault, however they were repelled by the Controller’s forces.

    [causalities: 29 MP Controllers, 29 MP Uganda]

    [causalities: 38 MP Controllers, 40 MP Angola]

    [causalities: 31 MP Controllers, 28 MP Zambia]

    [causalities: 25 MP Controllers, 29 MP South Sudan]

    The Controllers in Kenya realised that they were outnumbered and in a bad position, so they retreated into Tanzania in order to join up with the forces of the African Territories. They quickly overwhelmed the Tanzanian government, destroying yet another African country. For this reason, Kenya was quickly able to reunify their country.

    [causalities: 28 MP Controllers, 40 MP Tanzania]
    Asia and Oceania

    The Controllers planned to seize the island of Sri Lanka with minimal fuss. However, an unexpected revolt by communist revolutionaries in Kerala, India targeted their logistical forces, greatly increasing their casualties. While they were still successful in annexing Sri Lanka, they were not able to uproot the communist forces in Kerala, although they caused large amounts of casualties. The Controllers are planning a new assault on the region, however if the revolution spreads to other Indian provinces then they could have a serious problem in what was supposed to be their heartland.

    [causalities: 120 MP Controllers, 61 MP Sri Lanka, 108 MP Indian Communists]

    Elsewhere in Asia, the Controllers began a massive blitz against any pockets of resistance. The remnants of the Indian government, the People’s Republic of China, Vietnam and Japan were swiftly crushed. Nepal, Mongolia, North Korea, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos were quickly overwhelmed by the Controller’s armies, causing hundreds of millions to fall under the oppression of the Controllers.

    [causalities: 29 MP Controllers, 51 MP Nepal]

    [causalities: 71 MP Controllers, 101 MP India]

    [causalities: 33 MP Controllers, 56 MP Mongolia]

    [causalities: 61 MP Controllers, 91 MP North Korea]

    [casualties: 47 MP Controllers, 59 MP Thailand, 12 MP defects to the Asian Defence Force]

    [casualties: 38 MP Controllers, 48 MP Cambodia, 7 MP defects to Asian Defence Force]

    [casualties: 24 MP Controllers, 32 MP Laos, 3 MP defects to Asian Defence Force]

    [causalities: 54 MP Controllers, 73 MP Vietnam, 17 MP defects to Asian Defence Force]

    [causalities: 68 MP Controllers, 96 MP Japan, 20 MP defects to Asian Defence Force]

    A large group of defecting seamen from defeated countries and the countries of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore were inspired by the Earth Defence Force and formed the Asian Defence Force. While the ADF were able to frustrate the Controller’s ambitions in South East Asia, their efforts were not entirely successful. The entirety of the “defector fleet” was destroyed, Brunei was annexed and all of Malaysian Borneo was seized. However, the ADF were able to protect Singapore and much of mainland Malaysia.

    [causalities: 180 MP Controllers, 59 MP defectors, 27 MP Brueni, 109 MP Malaysia]

    Many other Asian countries were able to put up somewhat effective resistance. While most major Indonesian islands were seized, they held onto Papua and Sumatra. Myanmar maintained control of their coast and the South Koreans managed to survive the enormous pressures being placed upon the peninsular. However, these pockets of resistance many not manage to survive for much longer due to the sheer size of the Controllers’ forces in Asia.

    [casualties: 85 MP Controllers, 105 MP Burma]

    [causalities: 142 MP Controllers, 160 MP South Korea]

    [casualties: 80 MP Controllers, 134 MP Indonesia]

    The fiercest resistance against the Controllers came from the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan. The Republic of China was attacked in the parts of Fujian that they controlled. Not only did they force the invaders to retreat, they also liberated the entire province of Fujian, even the parts under the control of the People’s Republic of China. The Republic of China has proven to be an inspiration not just to Asia, but the entire world.

    [causalities: 140 MP Controllers, 123 Taiwan]

    Meanwhile in Australia, the Australian government encouraged nationalistic sentiment in a bid to encourage resistance movements to form and to increase enlistment. The government was so confident that they planned an offensive to liberate Canberra. However, due to Xnuk'ek Ts’o’om’s sway with the powers that be, he ensured that three pods of reinforcements would land in Australia! While of one of them was accidentally diverted to Christmas Island, the effects were devastating for the Australian government, who lost every state except Victoria and Tasmania. It seems like the Australians may be doomed to a life of servitude or lab experimentation at the hands of the Controllers or their Ushag scientist-slaves. However, there are rumours of a resistance movement forming among the longer rungs of the Jennu Jimosan slaves…

    [causalities: 123 MP Controllers, 97 MP Australia]

    Sorry that took so long guys! Things kind of imploded this week for various reasons. However, unfortunately my schedule is kind of difficult at the moment, I’m leaving for a holiday soon and I don’t think it is realistic to get an update out before I leave for said holiday. For that reason, I am force to set the next orders lock for the 20th of July, 12pm (Canberra time). Yeah I know that’s not for a while and I’m sorry things have worked out like this. Don’t worry, this game isn’t going anywhere and I will plan to have a really awesome update out far faster once the 20th rolls around. Regardless, I look forward to seeing your RP and orders. :)

    Also I changed the colour of the invaders, unfortunately this unavoidable because the other colour started messing with my paint program. Sorry for any inconvenience.​
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    Jan 27, 2006
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    Mar 19, 2012
    ...and so the axe of the empress was thrust high by the warrior before it came down like thunder to slice the chains in half, freeing those chained by that which fears the spirit of all..

    With the backing of the Kel sanqaads Bin ka Aak’abtal & Diiv Krein, along with the support of the old gods priest Gok Ivah, the ulsaruk (warlord) Brukogru Darastrix and the defecting Ushagi physicist Jeheiney Caisht, the Jennu Jimosan warrior Dhenez Fothisev, will rise to lead her peoples to freedom, creating a great slave revolt against the Controller in Australia. The Anti-Controller Revolt will begin in the city of Darwin, with usage of the Tilsin outposts in Kakadu National Park. May the children of Jennu Hrrac find their freedom in slicing down Xnuk'ek Ts’o’om!
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    nationalistic surge for Cyprus

    following the basically peaceful annexation of north Cyprus, and the effective fall of both greece and turkey, they were free to make their own choices. the greeks presented a plan for unification, and north Cyprus, now hosting the last of the turkish resistance, knowing that they were on the ropes, agreed. a long last, the island of Cyprus is reunified!

    against the aliens. with turkish military equipment, and greek reserve, they shall assist nearby countries in fighting off the alien menace!

    it goes without saying that the turkish people are now accepted as part of Cyprus, and that the constitution that provided for the turks is now properly in force. but, you know... emergency.
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    Controller reinforcements land in Oslo, Norway.

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