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    Germany, in the forest
    "The Battle of Rio... The Battle of Rio"
    Lucas sat on the small porche of his house, while he slowly smoked one of those cheap cigarettes they sold every since the war. One of his older children had asked him about the war and now they had gathered around Papai to listen to him. In difference to many of his comrades, esspecially those who served in the army, Lucas had not suffered from any of these horrible afflictions the war caused in the minds of people.

    Still, he waited for a few more moments, as his mind gathered all the memories. And then, he slowly started.
    "I was a gunner on the Amazonas, a destroyer and when the war agains tthe machines started, we escorted on of our great Battleships, the Sao Paulo. We fought many battles against the machines, our weapons and esspecially the Sao Paulos mighty guns were often the only thing that could stop the machines. At Porto Alegre it was us, three other destroyers and the Sao Paulo against a hundreds. The army couldn't stop them and so we fought till our ammunition was spent.
    I manned one of the small guns, those that were meant to be used against torpedo boats. We fired until the barrel of out gun glowed, one shell after the other, killing all those little machines that trie to reach us. They were evil little things, they swarmed ships and then tried to weld through the ships hull. One of them melted Pedros head with its welding torch, he screamed and cried as the machine fell upon him and he was dead before we could stop it. Poor Pedro, he always talked about how he wanted to make his mama proud and she only got a body that wasn't even recognizable any more"

    Horror and silence filled his children, but Lucas went on, slowly puffing his cigarette and drinking from a tiny cup of rum.

    "We won at Porto Alegre and even prevented them from destroying our ammunition dumb. We would have been out of shells otherwise. But we and the army prevailed. Ever since they heavily fortified Rio Grande de Sul and it became our most important base. But then, a few months later, it happened. In the beginning the machines avoided Rio De Janeiro. Too big, too many of our few troops gathered there to just take it. After all, the numbers of the machines were limited too, not like in Europe where they were an endless tide. But, finally the machines seemed to have gathered enough of their own to risk attacking Rio. And they did and we defended it. The army tried its best, it fought but in the end it lost, it could only delay. Even with Sao Paulos mighty guns and with the Minas on her way, there was little hope to hold the city.
    So they evacuated, many by land, many more by sea, with whatever ship they could. We ourselves took in two hundred of them, while Sao Paulo and her guns commanded the sea, at least until it appeared"

    He stopped, his cigarette falling out of his shaking hand, as he remembered the nightmare they had faced.

    "It was a monstrosity, more than anything else we had fought before. Cobbled together out of ship parts and guns, it was a machine made by Satan himself. Us destroyers were the first to engage, even with the refugees on board. We all let torpedos loose and they all missed. We fired again and again the machine doged them all. it was too fast for those slow metal fish and our guns were but peashooters for it.
    Then, the Sao Paulo, the veliant, the great Sao Paulo unleashed its fury at thos ungodly machines. The salvo made the sea shake and the machine shuddered under the hits. It was hit again and again, it didn't stop. Then it returned the fire and it was the brave Sao Paulos time to buckle. I saw how one of its mighty turrets was split open by the hits, lucky that the magazine did not detonate.
    But our great battleship didn't retreat, she dreaded nought and she contineud to fight, so that we all may escape. And then, when all her guns were silenced, she gave the ultimate sacrefice. As if god himself guided her with his hands, she steamed into the machine, ramming it and cutting into its horrible form like a knife. And then, when the ship had burried itself into the machine, it detonated its magazine.
    The explosion was so great, it threw me of my feet, although we were already many miles away and the battle was over. The Sao Paulo had sacraficed herself and with this, she saved us.
    The valiant Sao Paulo saved us all"

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    Echo Base, Hoth System
    Hey guys, I'm putting together a soundtrack playlist for this edition of IOT. The songs in this playlist can be a country's national anthem, but they can also be general patriotic music, or any song you think fits a country particularly well. Picking period and culturally-appropriate music is encouraged, but by no means mandatory: as long as you think a song represents your country and what it's about, it's fair game. You can find the playlist below:
    If you'd like me to add a song for your country, message me directly through the forum or via the IOT Discord server. Please don't reply through this thread, just so we can keep things from being too cluttered.
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    Kimberley Verdedigingsposisie 19

    All was quiet in the sector. Quiet, at least, in the terms of military conflicts- certainly not in any other sense. Hendrik was sure that he could hear some of the neighborhood kids playing a game of football nearby- he really wishes that they wouldn't come so close to the riverline, but he'd had that talk with their parents before. He could advise them all he wanted, if Henry and Francois wanted to play, not even the Lord himself could stop them and their gang. He smiled to himself while taking a pull of his government-issued cigarette- not exactly great, but the stuff for the front was always better than the backline. Imagining what he'd do when he got back to barracks took up most of his time on duty- maybe read some more to try to pass the Nasionale Universiteitseksamen, like everyone in the unit hoped they could at some point, or go on the town (he's sure he could find Sonja again), or even just sleep (sleep would be very nice)- anything to pass the time while he waited for his shift to end. It's not like anything interesting would happen- the Staatstroepe were too predictable to figure anything different. Their routine was the same, day in and day out.

    At 0630, three of their (always immaculate) uniformed soldiers would take over from the night watch. They never talked, which Hendrik never got. Maybe it was a regulation he wasn't aware of? It's not like information came over very often, but the last he heard from a defector, they'd started to crack down. After that, the soldiers would patrol the same routes on their side of the Orange River, never stopping anywhere but the exact same places they always had. He could never see their faces under their helmets, but by the looks, they were probably just as bored as he was- though instead of him, they had a gun to their backs. Poor bastards. The only time he'd ever noticed a deviation was a few months back, when the garrison opposite Post 19 had doubled- and it was the same day that the factory had been closed down for maintenance. He'd received backup from the local posting, but it hadn't proved necessary- like everyone says, nothing interesting happens in Kimberley. It's always quiet in the sector, nothing different.

    Of course, the moment he thought that, mentally running himself through the motions to make his report, he heard gunshots. At first, he thought it might be the noise of industry. But then he heard another, and another. Suddenly, there were dozens of cracks in the air, all coming from the opposite side of the river. It took a few seconds for him to process it, but in an instant he went from bored to terrified- are they finally attacking? Do we need to get the watch officer? Blast it, do we need to get Colonel van Niekerk?! As those thoughts ran through his head, motion came from the other side- he saw at once the source of the gunshots. There was a single, incredibly fast, and tattered-looking man sprinting down the road which usually just follows the occasional diplomatic or recovery team, heading as fast as he can towards the bridge at Post 17. Following him seemed to be half the entire Staatsleër, moving to keep pace and occasionally cracking off shots with their rifles. In a moment, he'd be dead- there's no way he could have made the bridge crossing, even if Post 17 opened the gate. Just another failed defector, thought Hendrik- as the gate at Post 17 opened, the faint shouts of Lans Korporaal Visser screaming at him to make it over. Hendrik took a moment to curse to himself, before he grabbed his modified SMLE- recent Rieder attachement which he could never get to work right still on- and sprinted out of the door to Post 19, struggling to get his cap placed on his head. He'll be damned if Willem gets killed on his watch, even if he isn't technically responsible.

    The entire run to Post 17 took only a few moments, but it felt like an eternity- every second punctuated by the gunshots coming from the increasing mass of soldiers heading towards the Vredesbrug, something Hendrik always considered supremely ironic. By the time he passed Post 18, he could see Bertie inside throwing his rifle over his shoulder, moving out of the door and sprinting to catch up to him. Hendrik made it to the gate first- Bertie was never a good runner- where he saw quite the scene indeed. The man, who he could now clearly see was dressed in a Staatsleër uniform with the ranks and unit patches torn off, was hiding behind a small barricade as Willem took potshots at the other side of the river from the cover he can manage- on the other side of the guard station. The man seemed to be muttering to himself, something about... well, he couldn't quite make out what, before the bullets started to hit near his head. Hendrik cursed for a moment, before he returned fire at these bliksems- nothing he could do other than try his damnedest not to die and make sure that the rest don't either. Bertie came up behind him, firing at them as well with his SMLE, the three Kimberley-made rifles crackling back at their attackers. Willem screamed something at Hendrik- he couldn't quite make it out- before attempting to sprint across the gap between him and the guard post. The damned fool didn't make it further than five feet before taking a rifle round in the side, collapsing over with a cry. At this, the mystery man screamed something in heavily accented Afrikaans, before sprinting himself with extremely high intensity and speed, seemingly heading past the bullets smacking into the wall behind him and streaking into the guard site. A few moments later, the gate began to close, as the gunfire hit it instead of the three soldiers. When it finally came down, Hendrik simply stood and stared- not quite sure what to make of what had just happened. Bertie, for his part, ran into the guard post and called for reinforcements- who arrived minutes later, with armored cars (something Hendrik had only seen at base). Instantly, medics got to work, several of them taking Willem into a mobile ambulance vehicle, and driving him off- probably for treatment at Kimberley Hospital. However, two more stayed, followed by a man wearing the insignia of a Kommandant. Those three went over to the mystery defector, speaking in hushed tones for several minutes, before the four of them headed into a covered truck and drove off- leaving only the confused Hendrik and Bertie to go back to their posts.

    The official report filed under Hendrik's name, before he even had the chance to file his own, said what every other report for days before and days after would say.

    All was quiet in the sector.

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    Sunrise finds the port of San Juan an already busy place. The hustle and bustle of tradesmen, fishermen, and dockworkers alike made for a lively scene. Today, however, the clanging of metal and the hollering of merchants was accompanied by the panicked frenzy of reporters and journalists trying to make their way towards the parade of men loading onto several large ships. Among these were the Antilles' finest; soldiers, mechs, and mages of both schools waltzed in perfect formation.
    These men were oblivious to the joyous cries of the population around them; but then again, the crowd wasn't there for them. Behind the lines of troops and marching bands, two small cars trailed. In one car, the diplomats tasked with reaching out to the nations of the world (those that are left, anyway), and in the other, the three most important men of the Confederation. In this final vehicle Juan Vicini, Ramón Grau, and Pedro Albizu waved to the crowds, who knew them only as the presidents of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Puerto Rico respectively.

    The cars reached the end of the road at the port, where the three men and their dignitaries quickly hopped off them and loaded into a large passenger freighter that was to take them across the world; first stop: Spain. Unfortunately, the presidents would have to return to their posts after the first destination, though the diplomatic team would continue the mission from thereon.

    It was an exciting day for the people. It was the day the Antilles rejoined the world.


    Hey guys! I know this might seem a little pathetic compared to the stories above, but I have so many ideas that I want to explore and so much writer's block that I decided a little prologue would do me some good.
    Expect more in the future, hopefully longer and less monotone!
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    Prior to the 1919 Revolution, the relative unity of European socialism had been devastated by the outbreak of the Great War. The Second International had already been deeply divided between the "reformist" and "revolutionary" factions. This divide was exacerbated by the inconsistency of democratic government across Europe. For example, the Social Democratic Party of Germany advocated the use of the democratic process and electoral participation to implement socialist ideals, while the Polish Socialist Party was officially banned and advocated the violent overthrow of the government and Polish independence. When the war broke out, the SDP voted in favor of the war in alignment with the German government while the PPS opposed Berlin's mobilization for the war, putting the two ideologically aligned parties in sharp opposition. This divide would have continued past the end of the war, as the SDP found itself the new government of Germany after the Kaiser's abdication while the revolutionary PPS claimed control of the previously partitioned Poland in the aftermath of the collapse of the great eastern european empires. Both groups had conflicting territorial claims on each other and began to cooperate with nationalist and liberal parties for political convenience.

    The emergence of the Machine Tyrant dramatically changed the calculus. Before, there had been at best distrust between polish and german socialists. After, the socialists were the leading proponents of the United Front. Jozef Pilsudski, a one time collaborator with the Vienna government turned Polish revolutionary, became commander in chief of the combined Polono-German (and other ethnicities) army. The political differences between the SDP and PPS rapidly disintegrated in the face of the existential threat. The shaky institutions of the German Republic were quickly dissolved (with extremists in Bavaria cutting it in two before rejoining the United Front) and separate republics proclaimed in Vienna and Berlin. In less dire times this may have caused the leftist coalition to fracture, but competing socialist groups resumed cooperation soon after under military pressure from Pilsudski.

    The main internal tension within the United Front came from the right: nationalist groups saw their newfound liberation being subverted by the all consuming war against the machines, while reactionary groups saw the war being used to implement wide reaching reforms and erode their power. Their attempts at organizing resistance to regain autonomy from the central government met with mixed popular support. Unlike the socialists, they were more resistant to military pressure and had less of a common sense of brotherhood that held the United Front together. What began as isolated clashes with the military soon escalated into a low scale insurgency in the outlying areas away from the fighting, used as a political bargaining tool by nationalist politicians in Vienna who nonetheless depended on the United Front's military might to resist the Machine Tyrant.

    The "Third Defenestration", as it was sometimes (incorrectly) know, was not as glamorous as the government would paint it a decade later. Leading figures of right-wing groups were brought together for a negotiation with the military, arrested, and summarily executed. Hand-picked shock infantry hunted reactionaries through the streets of Prague, rounding them up in the dead of night and shipping them out of the city to, at best, penal units and hard labor camps. The purge coincided closely with the collapse of the Machine Tyrant and the United Front's forces soon turned south against their insurgents, overwhelming them while their leadership was in shambles. Marian Zogota, head of the Polish paramilitary group known as the "Black Circle" was one of the key architects of the defenestration and would later go on to be first head of the dreaded Security Service that would make the purge a regular feature of the Commonwealth's political life.

    The half decade of parliamentary politics after the end of the machine war would continue, but a healthy tree does not grow from poisoned roots. The continued influence of the security service, the political influence of the military and overwhelming personal authority of Jozef Pilsudski, and the bloody precedent set for violence would culminate in a new coup within the People's Commonwealth that brought him to power at the head of an authoritarian government.

    The Unified Socialist Party is a formal merger of the SDP, PPS, and a bevy of other small socialist parties. It is the only legal political party under Pilsudski's regime: other parties are unofficially banned and officially subject to intense scrutiny, while the PUS selects candidates in all elections and appoints the senior posts in the government. Its formation as the offshoot of a military coup by the military means many senior posts are held by Polish officials, but, as in the Second International a decade before, a "reformist" faction spearheaded largely by ethnic Germans competes for leadership within the limited opportunity for internal reform.
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    May 26, 2006
    UPDATE 0
    The Second Impact


    Bells chimed over the piers of Lisbon, the early morning air salty and fresh. This early morning, a small and curious bar on a veranda overlooking the south side of the harbor had two strange guests: one, a middle-aged man with an insufferably smug look in a white pinstripe suit and a fancy, jaunty cap, and; two, another man, less jaunty-looking, flabby and with uneven stubble, in an ill-fitting suit, with a newsman’s satchel over his shoulder.

    The less jaunty man approached the first hesitantly, swaying at the top of the stairs leading up to the veranda. Behind him came the waitress, a handsome but dirty woman in a plain smock.

    “Excuse me, please, sir,” she said politely, as she passed him carrying two drinks on a tray. One, what looked like a whiskey highball, prepared in an appropriately arrogant glass; and two, a gin-and-tonic – his own favorite drink.

    She placed the G&T down and left them alone, leaving only the bells of the harbor and the cries of the seagulls as their company.

    The less jaunty man continued his approach, and the first regarded him over the tip of his whiskey. “Have a drink. I’m told gin & tonic is your favorite. You’ll quite like this one.”

    “Hello, uh, yes,” the less jaunty man began nervously, eyes darting to the suspiciously appropriate G&T, “I’m Jim Ramos, I was told to meet you here?”

    The sitting fellow beckoned Ramos to sit down. He downed half his whiskey highball, said “ahhh” in a comically refreshed voice, and considered Ramos with a slightly silly expression.

    “So you’re Rachel’s errand boy? Go figure. Well, tell me, Mr. Ramos, tell me what you think of this city.”

    He gestured vaguely in the direction of the docks. Ramos frowned. He never cared much for this city. He much preferred his hometown of Madrid. “Um… it’s nice? I suppose.”

    The sitting man scoffed. “Nice? Please, don’t be insulting. It’s a testament: a testament to 1000 years of European mischief, the engines of economic domination. This city is but one well-oiled cog in the considerable remains of one of the vastest exploitative enterprises in history.”

    Ramos blinked. He really had no idea what to say. “Um…”

    “And now, rats run around in the walls, carrying bombs and secrets from the furthest parts of its bloated empire, and claw away its already miserable foundations in an inextermible way.”

    Despite the acidic choice of his words, his voice was matter-of-fact, almost comedic.

    He finished his whiskey in another exaggerated sip. “You probably already know my name is Hermes. I know what you’re here for, Mr. Ramos. You have a package for me?”

    Ramos swallowed a huge lump in his throat. The man – Hermes – gave him a piercing, ominous glare, though he remained smiling.

    “No,” said Ramos, and he suddenly realized he had spoken quickly and harshly. Hermes’ expression was unchanged. “No, I mean, not until… the signal.” Instinctively he shifted his pants so he could feel the gun at his ankle against his calf, just as some reassurance it was there.

    If Hermes noticed anything about this way Ramos carried himself, he didn’t show it. He made a conciliatory gesture, and indicated the chair opposite him. Ramos seated himself nervously, putting his satchel in his lap. He didn’t even look at his drink.

    “You’re not even looking at your drink,” complained Hermes. “You know, I’m a gentleman. I wouldn’t come all this way just to cheat or kill you, especially considering the nature of our relationship. Aren’t we friends? Just wait for the signal and drink with me. Why come to this bloody peninsula if you won’t drink?”

    Ramos finally considered the G&T, with its melting ice cubes. “Well… I should stay alert in case someone threatens us,” he said.

    “Come now, I’m not even armed and I know that won’t happen.” At Ramos’ dubious look, Hermes crossed his heart with one hand and raised the other. “Really, totally unarmed. You could blast me away with that gun on your leg if you wanted. But I know you won’t.” He winked and pointed a finger-gun at Hermes, which he fired.

    “What makes you so sure?” said Ramos, trying to sound tough.

    “Just a feeling. I think we’re getting along right now. Don’t you?”

    Ramos didn’t answer that. He just continued to watch the harbor, the horizon. He did eventually take a sip from his G&T, which turned into more sipping, which turned into finishing it. Eventually the waitress brought out another round for both of them, which they both also finished. Although Ramos was feeling the drink, it wasn’t a feeling he hadn’t gone to work with before.

    The morning went on in that way, the sun slowly illuminating the harbor. A dozen or so odd fishing boats on their side of the docks, already leaving or having left, vacated their posts long before the first sunbeams appeared. It was in the middle of the dawn twilight when, finally, far off at sea, a very bright red light appeared. For only a moment, its illumination, like a massive searchlight, pierced the heavens; and just as quickly, it was gone.

    Ramos exhaled a sigh of relief. He held up the satchel and opened it. From within, he produced a bulky brown package. Hermes eyed it hungrily.

    Ramos turned it over wordlessly, Hermes placing his hands on it with an almost reverent respect. Though they had been silent for a long time, at this moment the silence felt even longer, and stretched infinitely so with each passing moment.

    “I was meaning to ask before, but… you work for… the Machine Tyrant, right?” Ramos asked quietly, breaking the long silence.

    At once, Hermes’ infatuation with the package was dispelled. He looked up at Ramos, still smiling, though his face seemed a little more fixed, a little more strained. “I’m a lawyer.”

    “But you work for the Machine Tyrant?” insisted Ramos. “You work for the one that killed millions?”

    “I have many clients,” said Hermes with a wink. He stood up, the package under his arm, and doffed his cap at Ramos. “If you don’t mind waiting 15 minutes to leave, just in case.” He strolled to the staircase. The morning light was starting to brighten up, and the quiet pier was already humming with the occasional human mutter.

    “Isn’t that unethical?” said Ramos, more loudly, as Hermes placed his foot on the top step.

    He turned back to face Ramos. Still smiling. “You work for the Portuguese government. Who’s unethical?”

    And with that, he was gone, down the steps like a whisper.



    This editorial brought to you by the Daily Bugle: the best, honest, most down-to-earth newspaper out there!

    December 29th, 1929

    An eventuality many feared but few dared to expect finally reared its ugly head in northern England earlier this year, around April 5th, when a large army of dangerous military automatons appear to have come out of secret depots all across the countryside, immediately resuming the project of unrelenting carnage they initially became infamous for. News of this attack spread like wildfire, and the entire world’s governments became on edge, anxious that machines across the rest of the world would demonstrate the same mercenary loyalties as these northern England terrors.

    The British response was swift, immediately deploying as sizable a standing army as Britain has ever had at home to combat the threat: an army, indeed, designed for suppressing both union strikers as well as machines and rioters. Though by year’s end large sections of the countryside remained under machine occupation, their offensive has mostly stalled as the British Imperial troops prepared their defensive strategy, centered around the imperial capital. No attempts have been made to contact the machines' inaccessible leadership, as according to the British Press Office there is no apparent avenue where this approach might be receptive. Other good samaritans, believing the Machine Tyrant to be a reasonable soul, have tried to make contact and few have returned from these missions alive, fewer still optimistic.

    Despite the initial panic, so far the same breadth and spread of the Machine Tyrant’s command is much reduced compared to last time. Though a few reports of scattered machine raids have come out of Virginia, the rest of the US, even the rebellious states, are mostly clean. Likewise, continental Europe has seen very few incidents, except several scattered reports throughout Eastern Europe, with no reports from France, the Calendrists, nor the Polish Communists, and many reports from the territory tyrannized by the evil Amber Order.

    As before, robotic individuals and machine minds claim zero awareness of the nature or presence of the Machine Tyrant. The Koln machine, in a rapid fire public question-and-answer session (formerly called a Town Hall), printed only the phrase “The circumstance admits no explanation” when asked if they had any insights about the Machine Tyrant.

    As in 1920, information about this mysterious threat is highly treasured, and most major European governments as well as the US government are offering awards on any information that can lead to the Machine Tyrant’s capture.

    Our hearts go out to the victims in northern England. Estimated casualties this year: 500,000.

    (United Kingdom: Lose 500,000 populations.)



    This story brought to you by the Daily Mail: a highbrow magazine for distinguished gentlemen, businessmen, connoisseurs, and investors.

    April 19th, 1929

    The New York and London stock exchanges both plummeted after opening this last Monday, with commentators stating that this reflected a loss in investor confidence following rumors of a machine tyrant threat behind the malfunctioning machine revolt in Northern England. Although claims of a machine tyrant return have happened before, they become more dubious as said revolts simply turn out to be malfunctioning robots, and are summarily dismantled. However, following official statements from the British Imperial Council of State, rumors of this return have mounted in credibility: either way, the machine rebels are mounting a far more impressive campaign against the British state than any rebels have since 1920. Of course, despite the obvious downsides of stoking fears that damage the market, there is no reason to fully doubt these accounts.

    Drops in the Korean and Japanese stock exchanges followed on Wednesday, with the Polish, French, and Calendrical exchanges all frozen. The Republican Spanish followed suit. Italy and Portugal, who trade on London, were hit badly as well. Elsewhere, lines of credit will surely begin to constrict over the next year – unless the government takes decisive action, crushes this rebellion, and restores investor confidence.

    (Korea, Japan, Britain, USA, Italy, Portugal, United Republic, Indian Union: Gain new Asset “Stock Market Crash” giving -1 Finance.)

    (Commonwealth, France, Harmonious Choir: Gain new Asset “Frozen Exchanges” giving -1 PC.)

    (Amber Order: Gain new Asset “Soviet Immunity” with no effects currently.)



    This story brought to you by the New Parisian: The premier magazine of distinguished futurist cosmopolitaine.

    February 18th, 1929

    Dakar, Independent State of Senegal. The prolonged collapse of the French imperialist separatists appears to have finally concluded in Dakar, as revolutionary forces successfully stormed the peninsula following months of a protracted land siege. The rebels managed to acquire some artillery mechanicals, purchased from the Polish Commonwealth, and therefore finally broke the back of the nationalist defenses. Nationalist France, which had illegally occupied the French colonies despite the decision of the homeland government to let them be independent, was known throughout the past decade for its brutal attempts to suppress the Maghrebis, the Druze, and the West Africans alike. These infamous bandit traitors will not be missed.

    (Maghreb: Gain new Asset “Victory Day” giving +1 PC.)

    French Imperialist Pigs Finally Banished from Senegal

    Marrakech Daily Newspaper, February 15th

    Concluding a dark and desperate phase of the revolutionary struggle of our brothers and sisters in the Socialist Republic of Senegal, the French Imperialists have finally been routed from their last colony in Dakar. This action has allowed the Socialist Republic’s Central Committee to issue a statement formally announcing an end to the war. The trial and execution of the remaining colonialist occupiers is scheduled for next Monday.

    Hostilities Between Hindus and Muslims Reignited in Bengal

    New York Times, June 3rd

    Instability plagues the young “United Republic” as another wave of riots broke out in Bengal over May Day weekend. Hindu nationalists, building on a wave of working class dissent as the economy takes a downwards turn in the wake of market shocks, have staged a series of protests against the union government, calling for a separate Hindu Bengali state. The protests quickly turned violent as riot police were sent to disperse the protesters after a sundown curfew. While the protests have not spread across the entire country yet, mainly staying localized in Kolkata with a few other nearby Hindu-majority cities as well, many Bengali express concern that the already violent protests will only get worse.

    Border Skirmish in Manchuria: Japanese, Koreans, Manchurians Face-Off

    Hong Kong English, September 9th

    A border skirmish erupted at the Manchurian border near the former city of Vladivostok, which the Japanese renamed Kaiho, when as the Koreans allege a group of Japanese soldiers disguised as Manchurian separatists crossed the border and attacked the IJN base at Kaiho with bombs. On the Japanese side, it is alleged the attackers were indeed Manchurian separatists and attacked Kaiho as part of their “Reclaim the Qing Glory” platform. Regardless of the circumstances, Imperial Japanese army & navy troops cooperated to stage an operation across the border, attacking the Korean military outpost there. With the support from the Japanese naval guns, not to mention an overwhelming local majority in manpower, the Korean outpost was captured and had the Japanese flag raised over it, with the Korean captives transferred back to Kaiho for processing.

    Naturally the circumstance has met with outrage in Korea, where the Imperial Council has demanded Japan issue an apology and pay serious indemnities, not to mention the return of the captives, whom they call POWs. Tensions are high as both states have so far refused to back down. The Korean military is mobilizing to reinforce the area, to undertake operations pending higher command.

    (Korea and Japan: Gain new Asset “Manchurian Border Incident” giving +1 PC, +10% Readiness, and +2% Reserves Growth.)

    President of Free Republic of America ASSASSINATED By Klan Extremist

    Nola Free Radio, October 14th

    On a day people are already calling 10/10, October 10th, the now-former President, William Henry Johnson, was shot in the back of the head by a man who was subsequently captured without a fight and who claimed of his own volition to be a Klan agent from the Pulaski Protectorate. While anyone should be suspicious of an assassin giving up such information so freely, one should never be surprised to find an unprincipled Klansman being an idiot as well. He has already been slated for public execution following his trial before Free Republican court, and we ask everyone join us in mourning our late President as his successor remains to be confirmed.

    (Free Republic: Gain new Asset “Pulaski the Enemy” giving +1 PC, +10% Readiness, and +2% Reserves Growth.)

    Christmastime in Koln

    Deutsche Welle, December 24th

    Everyone in Koln is very excited this year for Christmas, as the Koln machine has decreed the biggest tree be found and put up in the town square, and presents be passed out to everyone. The decree, made on December 1st, set forth a monthlong effort on the part of everyone here in the Rheinland to celebrate the spirits of giving and kindness. Perhaps driven by the rather dismal atmosphere of the year, the community really seems to have pulled together to have the best Christmas ever. If one walks around town, one can smell fresh baked ginger and rye bread, and enjoy all of the spirited displays and dioramas set out to honor the holiday.

    Frohe Weihnachten!

    (Harmonious Choir: Gain new Asset “Christmas Spirit” giving +2 PC, -5% Readiness.)

    National Profiles

    Wolgadeutschland – Germans who fled the Machine Tyrant and settled in the Volga riverplains. They attempt an uneasy coexistence with the locals, whom they have overshadowed politically.

    German Social Republic – Far-right antisemitic remnants of the German political order who blame the Machine Tyrant on “international Judaism.” They loathe and fear the “Polish Communists.”

    Argentine Legion – Bourgeois dictatorship formed to “save” Argentina from the collapse.

    Union of India – Remnants of the British Raj and ruled by many British soldiers and imperialist businessmen. Loyal to the British Imperium.

    Freebooter Syndicate – Ex-imperialist mercenaries who have created a pirate alliance in the Arabic seas. Ruled by a council of pirate lords.

    Dominion of Singapore Remnants of the British Empire who have established an imperialist police state based in Singapore. Loyal to the British Imperium.

    Free Territory of the Revolution, or Makhnovia – A revolutionary “stateless” territory governed by Nestor Makhno and enforced by his army.

    Pulaski Protectorate – A Klan refugee state created following fleeing exiles from the Free Republic’s successful overthrowing the Southern States separatist government.


    Open in new tab.

    Spoiler 1929 :


    Either download the .XLSX file on this post, or see the stats on Google Drive!


    This update gets the ball rolling. There is a lot that necessarily shall remain vague still. At this point you may of course begin your scheming and mischief. If you need help with the rules or orders, just message me.

    Attached Files:

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  7. Glatux

    Glatux Chieftain

    May 31, 2019
    Voivode declares campaign of “Liberation” of the Balkans

    Roza was sitting on her throne tired and waiting, waiting for the sun to go down. The Voivode’s throne was a magnificent piece of furniture made of ebony wood and crimson red fabrics; in front of it was currently a camera crew mostly humans. In fact Roza had more humans near her currently applying makeup on her to make sure their beloved Voivode would appear as best as she could on television.

    “You know great Voivode” said a man that seemed to be in charge of the camera crew “You don’t have to do this exactly as the sun goes down.”

    Roza turned towards him as an assistant was adjusting her crown, he couldn’t tell if she was tired or was about to kill him on the spot and took instinctively a step back before she spoke up “I just want to reach across as many of my subject as possible”

    Time passed and preparative were being finished as the sun went down, and Roza started to look less exhausted.
    “My Voivode it’s going to be time, can you… stabilize? Your image for the camera” On the image the camera was looking at, instead of Roza there was a distorted image, a shadow staring into it.

    “Yes of course” and on those words Roza stared right into the camera and her lively shadow shrunk from around the room back into a ‘normal’ shape. The cameraman did a thumb up to confirm it worked.

    “And we’re live in 3…2…1”

    “Greetings citizen of our beautiful country, I hope most of you are comfortably sitting at home and well. I’ve decided to announce to you all that I’ve taken the decisions with my close advisors to liberate our brothers and sisters in the rest of what was formerly known as Romania and the Balkans, bringing stability and welfare to those regions left in chaos since the arrival of the Machine Tyrant. Now many of you might have heard of the events in Britain, and rest assured we’re prepared for that eventuality. And remember the army is open to new recruits. I wish all of you well my dear subject and to have a great night, enjoy your regular programming” she laughs a bit before the live is cut.

    “And we’re off” Said the director, sighing in relief. Roza seemed to relax and shadows started to poor out of her body, expending in the room like before the live retransmission.


    As the crew was packing away their equipments and leaving, out of the corner of her eyes Roza spotted a young woman shyly staring at her. The girl noticed the Voivode starring back at her and tried to leave, but found her lower body encased in darkness and was suddenly pulled toward the Voivode, letting out a little squeak.

    “Well well what have we here? Don’t you know it’s impolite to stalk?” said Roza

    A little lamb wishing to be devoured, Roza heard her shadow whisper to her.

    “I…I…” the girl was scared and unsure what to say

    “Shhh, don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just curious” the Voivode grinned as her the shadows released the girl “Who are you?”

    “M…my name is Iona, I’m just an intern”

    “Well little intern what’s got your staring at your Voivode?”

    “I was just admiring you wanting to see you close” there was a slight blush on her face mixed with a little bit of terror.

    “Say Iona, would you like to spend the night with your Voivode?” Roza grinned

    “I wouldn’t dare I mean… I”

    “Don’t worry the offer is genuine, nothing bad will happen to you”

    Iona pondered for a moment; she might never the chance ever again. Finally she said “Y…yes”. Roza smiled, and shadows covered Iona.

    The following morning a stumbling young woman is seen exiting the palace, taking a taxi to return home. She has a smile on her face and bite marks on her neck.
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  8. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    It had been just over a year since he formed a Chord with Emma-23, and he was *dying* to go somewhere. It had been a busy year, dealing with haywire machines and the occasional skirmish with the GermanoSocialist extremists, and he was dying to spend his free evening sampling the various eateries around Frankfurt. Not one of those fancy Frenchy places, but one which served fries and questionable beer. Emma-23, on the other hand, wanted to visit an aquarium, despite knowing full well what Lucas's feelings on fish were.

    It was the opinion of Lucas that the proper place for a fish was fileted, seasoned properly and lightly fried in a skillet with lemon butter, and not looming over you in a giant tank that would drown everyone if a bullet punctured it and released all that water pressure.

    They compromised by going to the zoo.

    They were admiring a display of birds, although, very typically for machine soul regularly piloting a giant death robot, Emma-23 believed that birds were better off stuffed and roasted and served to humans, and not staring at you alive and defecating. Emma-23 outshone the birds anyway in her gold, engraved familiar-shell and a ribbon adorned with crystal beads. Even if he knew she was obscured by his shadow, Lucas felt distinctly underdressed in his beige shirt.

    "I do not understand why you like fish," Lucas said, unable to let the topic go. "You can't even eat them." Emma-23 rolled her eye-lens around good naturedly. "Imagine falling into the ocean"--that should give any reasonable person the creeps, they were almost as bad as fish--"and feeling those little buggers gnawing at you."

    Emma-23 gave him a quizzical look. [I thought passing basic swimming proficiency test was part of a Chord selection process?]

    "Yes," Lucas said, without elaborating.

    [How good is your swimming?]

    "I passed," Lucas shrugged.

    [And can you swim now?]

    "Oh look," Lucas said. "I'm getting hungry, and this here sign says there's a cafe 12 minutes walk from here. We should go there."

    [You are transparent] Emma-23 commented before taking one last look at the display of a peacock whose plumage may, just hypothetically, look especially fetching when attached at just the right angle to her ribbon. [You are the only human who would come to a zoo for food. I will have much to gossip about during communion.]

    "Eating is part of the organic life cycle," Lucas said. "If you ask me, not enough people appreciate good eating anymore."

    ['Good' is far from what I would expect from here anyways,] Emma-23 said. [With your own skills in cooking I'm constantly left wondering why you settle for *mediocre*]

    Lucas just grinned at her.

    They paused midway so that Emma-23 could appreciate an enclosure whose KEEP OUT and DO NOT TEMPT WITH APPENDAGE sign was defaced with an exceptionally well-drawn graffiti of a tentacle and clockwork limb. They didn't actually see the inhabitant of the enclosure--apparently some kind of big cat--although he thought he could see its phosphorescent eyes staring from the shadows. That could have just been his imagination.

    To his delight, Lucas discovered that the cafe served fried crawfish. [Unbelievable], Emma-23 said. [You are afraid of fish, yet you consume *insects*]

    Lucas finished chewing what was in his mouth. "Crawfish are damned tasty bugs, that's what," he said.

    [You are hopeless,] Emma-23 said, but her eye was smiling.
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  9. J.K. Stockholme

    J.K. Stockholme Right Opposition

    Nov 15, 2011
    From the Free Republic of America
    To the World

    Our President, Henry Johnson, has been assassinated by an agent of the international terrorist conspiracy known as the Ku Klux Klan. We humbly request all nations plagued by the Klan join us in condemning this international tragedy and help us pursue the eradication of their many leagues of terror.

    From the Free Republic of America
    To the Pulaski Protectorate

    The Free Republic formally requests that the Pulaski Protectorate condemn the actions of late President Henry Johnson's assassin, declare the Ku Klux Klan a terrorist organization, and ban it within your territory. We believe Henry Johnson's assassin was at all stages of his barbarous attack - from planning, transit throughout our territory, financing his movement and residence, and acquisition of the murder weapon - abetted by Klansmen terrorists within the Pulaski Protectorate. We furthermore request that the Protectorate voluntarily hand-over documents on the assassin and connections he has within and without the Protectorate, and allow our investigators free access to your domestic territory to find all individuals connected to the assassin and bring them all to justice.
  10. Butteryicarus

    Butteryicarus Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2017
    Announcing the Republican Forum, this year in Barcelona!

    A poster commemorating the first anniversary of Spanish unification under the Republic. This poster
    adorned the streets following the announcement of the Republican Conference in Barcelona.

    In commemoration of a year of civil rights and democracy in Spain, the government has announced an international forum taking place this Spring in Barcelona. We invite fellow Republics and organisations dedicated to giving the common citizen a voice, a full belly and the freedom to love life!

    The Antilles have already prepared a delegation to meet us in Barcelona, headed by their three heads of state. At the forum, we shall be discussing ways to open up trade, uplift each other's citizens and to encourage cooperation between our two democracies! We hope that other Republics shall send their own delegations so that they can engage in fruitful discussions and with luck, agreements!

    We also note that we are open to countries sending observers! Nations need not openly participate. We are dedicated to transparency and we would still be grateful for even your mere presence!

    Let the men and women of the free world come together and hold the torch of liberty high!
  11. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    From the Calendrical Committee of the Harmonious Republic
    To the Republic in Spain

    The Committee would like to ask for permission to send a delegation. We can offer you nothing but dire warnings of the future and a request for a private conversation with the machine in Basque.
  12. Butteryicarus

    Butteryicarus Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2017
    The Republic would prefer it if you speak to all our heads of state. We are more than aware about the tenuous relationship between humans and machines, but we Spanish are tired of conflict at this point. We see no reason not to be transparent with us.
  13. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    From Calendrical Committee
    to the Republic in Spain

    It is likely that you will receive the intel from the Machine in Basque anyways. Very well, if you are genuinely interested in avoiding conflict, we shall deliver our warnings to all of your heads.
  14. Glatux

    Glatux Chieftain

    May 31, 2019
    From the Eternal Voivode of the Noctarchy, Roza Dracul
    to the Republic of Spain

    The Eternal Voivode has heard of your Republican Forum and in her great wisdom wishes at ask for your permission for her prime minister to come visit the Republic of Spain to discuss diplomatic relations and observe the Republican Forum.
    Best regards from the Noctarchy.
  15. Butteryicarus

    Butteryicarus Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2017
    We shall be more than happy to receive you! The Guardia Nacional Republicana do what we can do ensure the safety of your Prime Minister.
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  16. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 Thought Bubble Thinker Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    The Imperium Hominis demands representation at this "Republican" conference. Someone needs to represent humanity at this farcical gathering of all humanity's enemies.
  17. Butteryicarus

    Butteryicarus Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2017
    The Republic can tolerate monarchies like the Noctarchy sending observers if they act civil. We're not going to trade with them until they improve civil liberties, after all. However, we will not tolerate delegations who's only purpose is to cause a ruckus.

    Also, the Antilles are very much humans, we checked.
  18. red3janson

    red3janson Chieftain

    Sep 16, 2020
    Echo Base, Hoth System
    From: Giovanni Giurati, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dynamic Republic of Italy
    To: The Republic of Spain

    To whom it may concern,

    Italy would be delighted to attend the upcoming Republican Conference in Barcelona. However, we regret to inform you that Il Commandante himself will be unable to attend, on account of urgent state matters. Nonetheless, we intend to dispatch a full delegation, along with some of the latest Italian aircraft for demonstration purposes. We eagerly await the conference, and sincerely hope that it heralds a new era of Spanish-Italian cooperation.


    G. Giuarati
  19. Butteryicarus

    Butteryicarus Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2017
    The Republic is wary of Italy's repression of civil liberties. However, if it means peace in the Mediterranean, will shall tolerate it. We'll be sure to make sure accommodations and security are top notch, and that the Forum ends with warmer cooperation between our two nations.

    At the same time, we will be very honoured to receive the Italian Air Force in Barcelona. We'll make sure the airfield at El Prat is ready to receive them! We are delighted to show to the world the wonder of the Airplane!
  20. Shadowbound

    Shadowbound Incorrugible

    Mar 4, 2007
    This is a farce. The People's Commonwealth will not attend. The Noctarchy stands against every republican and socialist ideal.

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