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Impossible Save Challenge - Race to the Stars!


Aug 6, 2016
Montreal, Canada
Just saw this on the Official Website:

To celebrate the recent release of Civilization VI Anthology, we wanted to issue a fun challenge that leverages the content in Civ VI Anthology to all of you. Welcome to the Impossible Save Challenge - get ready to Race to the Stars!

The setup is simple - you'll play as Australia. Korea has already launched their rocket and is on track to win in just 16 turns. Can you come roaring back from behind and emerge victorious?


EDIT: Haven't tried it yet, so no idea what game level etc... Just wanted to spread the word ;-) Sounds fun
Yeah, it was surprisingly easy. Took me just 5 turns to win a culture victory.
I just booted up steam and saw and update for Civ 6. Impossible save challenge - Race to the Stars!

Was wondering if anyone had tried this out yet?

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So easy then? I like that they try new things and this could be cool. And it's okay if the first few save games are quite easy, they have a diverse fanbase. (But I won't get to play it - gotta work and it's summer, and if it's as easy as you say in here, then I really don't need to :))
I think the developers knew that a culture victory was within easy reach. It doesn't matter if it takes four, five or ten turns, but this kind of victory is not impossible :)
So I thought about trying to achieve a different type of victory. I tried several things and I finally managed to stop the Korean spaceship and get a diplomatic victory! I think a science victory or even a domination victory could have been achieved, but it would have taken longer than the diplomatic victory.
If you're interested in how I did it, check out my video on youtube.

What? You are able to stop a launched Sship? How do you do that? (From what I see razing spaceport cities has to do with that, just wanted to confirm I am not missing something)

Sincerely, I did not bother with the “challenge”, as I’ve had plenty of these running against SV on my games, and I find it pretty annoying. So, seeing strategies to counter that that are not “win as fast as possible” is nice :)
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