Improved Techs suggestion (Astronomy, Wheel, Rifling, Stealth Technology)


May 9, 2023
Hi, I'm new to the forums, but old time Civ6 player with 1000+ game time, and during my playthroughs I noticed some techs that are very crucial and noteworthy have little impact on the gameplay itself. So I decided to fix that, but I have no modding or programming skills required to make these simple and easy tweaks to make those techs feel a bit more worthy of getting or prioritizing.

First I started looking at Astronomy. While Potala Palace is a good and powerful wonder, it is just another wonder that you compete with other civs to get and serves no other purpose. I'm not looking to add anything special, only those passive boosts to improvements and buildings marked with a "Star" symbol that a lot of other techs and civics have (Like Scientific Theory that boosts Plantations with +1 Food once researched).

Astronomy (bruh we have telescopes)
+1 Science per building to all Campus Districts built on hills.
+1 Science to all Campus Districts built on hills. (if the previous one feels too powerful)

Wheel (bruh we have wheels, why not moving faster a bit)
Civilian Units gain +1 Movement Speed when starting a turn in a city center.

Rifling (bruh our guns hit targets dozens of meters away)
Industrial and later era ground Military units receive +5 Combat Strength when fighting Renaissance and earlier era units.

Stealth Technology (bruh we have spy drones and snipers in your backyard)
Drones and Spec Ops can only be seen by other Military units unless adjacent to it. Reveals other Drones and Spec Ops within sight range.

These improvements are not meant to be game changing, but adding flavor, depth and versatility to "empty" techs that are kinda set aside. Astronomy is really a big deal and should impact science more. Wheel is literally civilization worthy improvement. Adding simple movement boost should reflect that. Rifling is a gun technology that drastically improved range and precision which literally changed military tactics. No more melee, everything is ranged, so everything else becomes obsolete. Stealth Tech and camo is new age tech which makes snipers and drones invisible, ready to take out targets and spy on populations.

Anyone interested in creating these simple mods?
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