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Improvement bonuses not in Civilopedia?

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by juanbobo, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. juanbobo

    juanbobo Warlord

    Jan 7, 2009
    Is there any way to look up the improvement bonuses specific to a certain resource in the civilopedia? It gives a bonus for the farm, lumber mill, mine, and trading post, but in reality the bonus you get for a specific resource seems to differ. I've found references online, but I was just curious if I'm missing something.
  2. juanbobo

    juanbobo Warlord

    Jan 7, 2009
    I guess I'd like to have a more thorough understanding of how bonuses are calculated.

    How is the system different than Civ 4? In 4 you would have the base bonus, and the improved bonus which includes the base bonus I believe, and then the actual improvement's bonus added on top of that? In CiV there is the tile value, then the resource bonus is added to that without any improvement, and then the improvement bonus is added on top of that, but the bonus varies not by the improvement, but by the resource without the improvement's value added? I'm sorry if I am not explaining this clearly...

    I try to do the math with various tiles and it doesn't always work out. For example, a mine is supposed to add one production to a tile, but when I start with a hill grassland tile with two production, it adds two production instead of one without a resource.
  3. vexing

    vexing knows

    Dec 24, 2010
    at base you have terrain:
    grass food 2
    plains food 1
    plains production 1
    tundra food 1
    coast food 1
    coast gold 1
    ocean food 1
    ocean gold 1

    then there is the hills modifier (which turns all terrains into 2 production):
    grass food -2
    grass production 2
    plains food -1
    plains production 1
    desert production 2
    tundra food -1
    tundra production 2

    this produces the base tile output.
    yields are modified by lots of things

    river gold 1
    lake food 2
    lake gold 1
    jungle food 1
    jungle production -1
    marsh food -1
    oasis food 3
    oasis gold 1
    flood_plains food 2
    forest food 1
    forest production 1
    atoll food 1
    atoll production 1
    fallout food -3
    fallout production -3
    fallout gold -3
    crater gold 2
    crater science 3
    fuji gold 1
    mesa production 2
    mesa gold 3
    reef food 2
    reef production 1
    reef gold 1
    reef science 2
    volcano science 5
    gibraltar food 2
    gibraltar gold 5
    geyser science 2
    potosi gold 10

    iron production 1
    horse production 1
    coal production 1
    oil production 1
    aluminum production 1
    uranium production 1
    wheat food 1
    cow food 1
    sheep food 1
    deer food 1
    banana food 1
    fish food 1
    whale food 1
    whale gold 1
    pearls gold 2
    gold gold 2
    silver gold 2
    gems gold 3
    marble gold 2
    ivory gold 2
    fur gold 2
    dye gold 2
    spices gold 2
    silk gold 2
    sugar gold 2
    cotton gold 2
    wine gold 2
    incense gold 2

    farm food 1
    mine production 1
    trading_post gold 1
    lumbermill production 1
    academy science 6
    customs_house gold 4
    manufactory production 4
    terrace_farm food 1

    resource improvements:
    mine coal production 1
    mine aluminum production 1
    mine uranium production 1
    quarry marble production 1
    pasture horse production 1
    pasture cow production 1
    pasture sheep food 1
    camp ivory gold 1
    camp fur gold 1
    camp deer production 1
    fishing_boats fish food 1
    fishing_boats whale food 1
    fishing_boats pearls food 1
    plantation banana food 2
    plantation banana production -1
    plantation dye gold 1
    plantation silk gold 1
    plantation spices gold 1
    plantation sugar gold 1
    plantation cotton gold 1
    plantation wine gold 1
    plantation incense gold 1
    well oil production 3
    offshore_platform oil production 3

    and then there are some techs that change yields

    river tech yield changes:
    farm civil_service food 1

    no river tech yield changes:
    farm fertilizer food 1

    lumbermill scientific_theory production 1
    trading_post economics gold 1
    mine chemistry production 1
    quarry chemistry production 1
    plantation fertilizer food 1
    fishing_boats compass gold 1
    pasture fertilizer food 1
    camp economics gold 1
    moai flight gold 1

    there are also buildings and other things that can modified yields but i won't list them.

    you generally can take all the above and add all the applicable things together to get the final yields for any tile.
  4. juanbobo

    juanbobo Warlord

    Jan 7, 2009
    Thanks a lot vexing for the detailed explanation, I appreciate it ;)

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