In order to complete your 1.16 saved game under 1.17, and then play new games.


Dec 14, 2001
Fort Smith AR USA
This may be redundant, but I haven’t seen it clarified. To finish an old game, then start anew with , you must:

  1. save your current 1.16 .bic file outside the Civ3 folder
  2. install the 1.17 patch
  3. move the new 1.17 .bic file outside the Civ3 folder
  4. replace your 1.16 .bic file in your Civ3 folder
  5. finish your game (without starting a new one)
  6. replace your 1.16 .bic file with your 1.17
  7. go into the new 1.17 .bic file (with the correct new editor) and set it up like your 1.16

If this is incorrect or unnecessary, someone please say so.
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