In search for better trade mod


Sep 14, 2022
I find it very unfair to trade with the AI because it is selling me luxury resource for like 1 gold + 1 GPT while for selling luxury to the AI I can get 10 times more, like 10 GPT.
And I can buy open borders for no more than 50 gold, sometimes they ask only 1 gold.
Similarly in late game I sell 22 oil or coal for like 48 GPT while my oil income is +20 per turn (this means I lose 1 turn of oil income for 30 turns of +50 GPT, that's insane)
Now multiply this with count of your resources selling times count of AI's in game and you're soon on 500+ GPT.

I use Quick deals mod which on top of that let's me drain every AI in the game out of gold with ease, my income goes beyond 1K with no problem where some 70% of that income is just from trading with the AI.

This results very unfair and easy game, and now I would like to know, is there some mod which will make AI trades be more though, realistic and more expensive for player?

If there is no such mod, do you know if it's possible to make one, what parameters and files would have to be changed?
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