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In Search of Perfection V Basic Strategy

Discussion in 'Civ1 - General Discussions' started by Laser77, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Laser77

    Laser77 Chieftain

    Aug 12, 2019
    Kiel, Germany
    1. Continental Challenge

    Choice of Civilization

    You start the Continental Challenge playing Greek, Babylonian, Mongol or Egyptian Civilization. Unless you start with two settlers and at least two scientific advantages including either bronze working or the wheel, quit and start over again.

    The location of your nation on the world map makes it easy to conquer very early in the game.

    Your first cities

    Remember to change tax to zero before founding your capital
    The second settler should move towards the next spot where you can expect enemy encounter.

    If the place is free you found your second city but connect your first foundings with roads so you will get the trade bonus, which speeds up your Science.

    Build one militia in each city. Move them to the next city spots known by experience. Try to exchange knowledge with your neighbors. Move militia back to fortify.

    Build one chariot in each city. Move them in a team.
    You can now directly erase your European neighbours, steal some more wisdom and collect villages. Saving before entering villages is not a bad idea, though you can first civilize the area by building cities and roads near villages to minimize the chance of barbarian rendezvous.
    Some say it is cheating, I consider this a method in search of perfection.
    Two or three chariots are enough to conquer the whole world about 2000 years BC, chasing down every new opponent playing 7 civilizations can take longer. By thousand before Christ you should have surrounded your enemies last city.
    You might want to leave a larger area for your enemy to give him chance to develop but the AI players do not share my opinion of a perfect game so my strategy is complete isolation of the last city.
    Later in game I leave the enemy a little space to develop because simply I want to take advantage from caravans and trade routes.

    Army of Settlers

    In this phase you might want to expand building cities all over the world but my advice is to build about 10 cities in the area around Babylon.
    These cities should produce as many settlers as they are able to support. Do not spread your settlers. Let them move in a cluster from Spain to Wladiwostok doing nothing else but building roads and irrigation.

    Give a job to a settler, remove the job, give the job again and again until it is finished. That way you can cultivate the map very quick.

    Same thing you do in Africa and America starting south. In America and Africa you Need 5 cities each to support enough settlers.

    Send a trireme with settlers to Australia too. 3 cities are enough here.


    Besides you focus your scientists on developing railroad. Now you can start founding real cities, preparing the spot with railroad before.
    Choose a spot with only grassland/djungle/swamp in the area of one city 20 square cross, prepare the ground with railroads and build your first megacity in the Congo basin in Africa.


    This is the city where you start building wonders. Start with the ancient ones :
    Colossus for trade bonus
    Lighthouse for movement bonus in sea
    hanging gardens to calm your growing cities and pyramids
    Choosing the following Wonders make sure that your enemy does not get the chance to build them away .
    As long as you develop the Country stay in despotism and do not build granaries. The city growth would otherwise bring you in trouble with unhappiness. Instead build caravans to build all wonders in one or two cities on the main landmass Africa/Eurasia


    Now whenever you found a new city try to keep them in line and avoid overlapping fields.

    Get rid of all your prerailroad cities, because they all have one food less than they should have by the railroad bonus. Build new cities on railroaded squares using the same spot like before or take the chance to reorganize your city net.

    Do not talk to your enemy. You can now switch your government to democracy. Level out the tax/science/luxuries balance
    Make sure you don’t loose money
    Keep your people happy
    Have discoveries every 6 rounds

    Army of caravans

    Let every city build 3 caravans for trade routes. Cities with high trade output most far away from the caravan building city bring the best result. Enemy cities bring up to 100 pieces of gold once. In own cities I found routes that bring up to 60 pieces. When you shortcut the distance between America and Asia cross the Pacific Ocean the game considers this as the longest distance and gives you the best income.

    Army of taxmen.

    Cities which grow larger than 20 will automatically turn the next population growth into an entertainer. Turn as many of them into taxmen. So you can step by step balance the luxuries rate and the tax rate.


    Do Not spray out your settlers if you expand. An army of 40 settlers can optimize one whole city area within one or two turns. That way you do not feel like jumping on the map so you are not in danger of forgetting anything.

    If you enjoy playing civ1 the way I do have fun with this little strategy guide. Copy/paste/spread whatever you like. Feel free.
  2. dark_pretender

    dark_pretender Warlord

    May 20, 2006
    Why not instead of that "settler army" first patch your game with jcived to make your settlers finish tasks in one turn, (that way you dont need to issue several orders to your settlers) just one order and road build, another order and railroad, next order irrigation, and second if you really want to abuse the game why not once you have the Last civ surrounded just use this cheat

    You save your game in any slot, have in mind that save slots are 00 for first slot 01 for second slot and so on

    Once you have saved, rename your save game to be in a slot between 04 and 07 (those are the auto save slots) and load your game from there.. Now you are again at the begining of your turn, no need to press enter (asuming you have end turn on) and since all your settlers have no pending actions you will be able to isue New orders to your settlers. That way you can improve all your cities tiles "in just one turn"

    Another patch from jcvied that you can use, is the one that allow you to build railroads in City square (I think its great)

    Not my style of playing... Usually i just use the fast settler when the tile where i want to build a City is not grassland or plains, and i admit that i also buy barracks to build chariots but other than that i try to stay away from exploits.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  3. sjongejonge

    sjongejonge Chieftain

    Dec 5, 2009
    Vlodrop, Netherlands
    Nice to read how other people play this game.

    Can you explain this? I don't know what the goal of this is.

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