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Dec 18, 2021
The Khanate of Kazan
First of all. Playing for the Inca is very, very luck based game. And it heavily depend on other civs. Sometime you'll need reload for 100-200 years, to get better result.

There are two approaches. Start the game as Maya and build some improvements and cities (the easiest way to play) or just run the 3000BC scenario and wait for the start of the game. Starting a 600AD game is not a good option.

Playing as an Inca has several crises:

The arrival of the European conquerors
Loss of the ability to work the mountains, in the transition to the Renaissance Era
Plague again (yes, one of the Inca's super abilities is to suffer the plague, with no other country having the plague. At least 1-2 times per game)
Birth of Argentina and Colombia

So, let's start with the last one. By playing the 3000BC scenario we can prevent the birth of Colombia. To do this, we need to control the Core Area of Colombia and Maya (not necessarily personally, but so that there are no independent or barbarian cities of that area). In the 600AD scenario this did not work for me. And Colombia was born, which coupled with more backward development compared to 3000BC is very critical.

UPD. If you solid around 1780 and control Colombia core - they won't spawn. But Argentina will spawn, even if you solid and control 2 city in they core area (maybe Spain cites in Argentina's historical area also count, and Spain wasnt solid, not sure. But expansion wont let you control whole Argentina's and Colombia area in renaissance era). So 600AD also can be used for SpaceRace game, but it's harder anyway
UPD2. If you dont want use Maya start - you can found Nazca as capital - on corn. You will lose 4 food from corn and 5 commers from silver behind the mountains, but get 3 food and 3 commers from whales. More water titles and more commers for foreing trade. And, after discovering Microboilogy - you can found city at pass through the mountains to add core population. Also switch to Despotism at start - distrubute gold in Chan-Chan and whip work boat for Nazca, also whip some additional work boat in Tucume and Chan-Chan - then switch to Republic - scientist will boost grow of capital and you get academy fast. And settle general in city also. Switch only to monarchy later in game. Also it's good to stay Redestribution to help grow you capital, after you meet europeans. And it help build settlers for faster colonization.
UPD3. If you solid enougth and there no Spain here - you can settle 2 city in Argentina Core and prevent their spawn. No iron, no wine and sheeps, but no War also.

Some screenshots for explanation
Spoiler 600AD Colombia spawn :

Spoiler 3000BC start 1814, no Colombia :

Spoiler Maya start :

So, as you can see, not much difference in Tech, but huge in science output. So maybe in 600AD run you should go for French Cayen, isntead developing Colombia area

Argentina - dont found Buenos Aires, as it flip. Capture it (build here Statue of Liberty), and make Argentina vassal, so you dont lose Iron near city. Found Montevideo befor Spain, nice production, big pop, commers from trade nad scince (build academy here, and Hermitage if you can)
Well, it was spoiler)) Lets go back in time

If you go Maya start - dont capture Tinawaku - then you switch to Inca - it will stay Maya, while Tucume and Chan-Chan became Native, so let Tinawaku stay Native. As Maya found Cuzco and biuld Academy there, settle Great general.
Spoiler Cites that should Maya found/capture :

Dont delay with scout, sometimes Europeans come as early as 1340s. And sometimes Mongols come. And its gameover)
Tech - Law (switch to citezenchip and build Machu Pichu in Tiwanaku), Currency (merchant trade, after you grow Cuzco and make OB with Aztec), Navigation (whale boat), Guild (Regulated trade), Cartography (build 2 Cog) and Optics for tech trade with rest of the world. Trade slave from Aztec for tech, you can even buy with gold 1st slave - i have notice, then you have slave - youll be able to capture slave from natives early. And stay Slavery of coz. And monarchy for jails and constulabary. Slave trade very important for you. You will trade for tech them (but dont do it, if they cheap). Settle GM or GP in Cuzco also important for economy, Even 1-2 great person with such low inflation will boost you science.
Next go for Academia, Urban Planning, Sociology (switch Egalitarism) - if you be lucky - you can even build Hermitage and Guadelup Basilica (save GE for Hermitage if you get it). Dont foget to steal tech from Europeans (use you spy active - you can get Great Spy and steal Ballistic in est 1820-1840 (if you get Super France or Super Portugal in you game). Then go for Microbiology and Psychology

You need to control almost all South America - so you need big Core population. Republic (dont switch to early, Democracy and Monasticism will born a lot of GE (and you'll need them a lot) for you) and Tsujiki Fish market is the key. (GE also needed for this, as you need build fish market in Chan-Chan with allmost no production). No one will trade rice - you'll need cupture it (China, India, Korea, maybe America) and hold it for 1 turn. I had 4 big city in China (they was colapsed). So i left Brasilian as vassal. Maybe, if Japan be outade (happen sometimes) - capture Japan? You need more good cites with big science. And also settled city in Indonesia and Australia for oil.

Spoiler Core Cites :

Spoiler Spaceship "Inti" heading to meet Ataguchu :

Spoiler Cites :
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