Indicator when someone is in your territory


Jan 27, 2004
Shanghai, the Middle Kingdom
(1/4) Ideas I came up with in the last two days of gaming.

A few times now, I've seen a civ or two just wandering their ships into my oceans. In my particular game, turns take a lot of time, and I don't tend to take notes or write things down to remind me. By the time my turn is up, I've forgotten that that civ is violating my territory, and I hit "End of Term." Those of you who play TETurkhan's mods know that there's a bit of lag time between turns farther into the game. Maybe your memories are better than mine in regards to territorial violation, but here's a simple suggestion.

How about an indicator on the screen saying someone is in your territory. Click the indicator and the map will automatically focus on the offending unit. That way, the indicator can be used to toggle through all offending units, and you can take actions more quickly and efficiently when needed.
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