Individual research modifier for each era?


Mar 2, 2022
So, I was looking at the EraInfos.xml and noticed that it has an "iResearchPercent" tag just like the GameSpeedInfos.xml, and that the number varies a bit based on era by default. The modding wiki's description is a bit vague, so does someone know EXACTLY what this does? Does this apply individually to anyone in that era, altering that player's research speed accordingly, or does it apply to everyone once the first player reaches that era? Or it is something weird like an overwrite to the game speed one when it is the starting era or something? I just want to be sure, because my first thought is that if it works how I assume it does then it could be a convenient way to slow research back down a bit for the later eras where I usually start flying through the tech tree, even after making a slower custom game speed (which makes the early game portion perfect), without having to go through and individually increase the cost of the later techs. Interestingly, the game's default seems to be to drop this number by 10 percent for each era, which I assume would mean that researching techs gets cheaper for each era?

TLDR if I set the EraInfos.xml iResearchPercent to 150 for the industrial era listing, for example, does that mean that while I am in industrial era all research will cost half again as much as default? Basically I want to know how this tag works in relation to one in the gamespeed xml.
Here is the relevant code. It applies to everyone, when that era is the starting era. So our example wound mean that if you start in the industrial era, everybody's techs are 50% more expensive. Otherwise, it does nothing.
That's what I wanted to know! Thanks!
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