Indonesia space race/domination Epic/Monarch game


Dec 18, 2021
As someone noticed earlier - Indonesia is on the major power in Asia, so let's make sure of this

You start with outdated tech on poor islands. Firts time then i tryed space victory i used 3000BC start, so i can trade with started tech with neighbors. But as you need setled Trowulan (Hannoi) - you need several runs, to make sure there no chinise culture on that spot. Well, late i figure out, what 600AD start much better.

In 1.17 Indonesia recive advanset start (150 Gold), but you need setle you capital on starting point, but in's not best choice. 1N you can found Jambi, with 2 avalible hills for production, and workshop on Singapura spot. But with currnet game mechanics if you didnt found city at first turn - you cant use Advanced Start. I used WB to move settler to 1N. If you don't want to so, it take a little bit more time to develop you starting cites. Build fish (for Jakarta too) and Plantation with advanced start. After you finish improve land around Jambi move workers to Trowulan, and then Jakarta be ready - switch to manorialism for workers. You need 4-6 more workers, thean switch back to Caste Sytem.

So, Found Jambi and Jakarta on stone (allthought its not the best spot for long run game (best is the coffie spot, so you can found second city on Java island for core population), you need production as early as you can). Third settler goin to Indochina and found Trowulan.
Starting civics - Despotism, citizenchip, caste system and clergy and redestribution. After you whip all 4 cites with grannaries - switch to merchant trade. And 4 city is Sukadana. Build barraks and two swordman in Jambi to capture Pagan - give more room for Trowulan and cheep state religion building. You need strong culture in Trowulan, or China will eat all good spots around city. Send someone to contact with Turick and workboat (or anything) to stay in touch with Korea and Japan (for trade routes)

Research priorities (for trade!!!): 1. Civil service (turick will trade a lot of tech for this) 2. Education (switch to Meriocration) 3. Judiciary, 4 Firearms, 5 State craft (switch to centralism), 6 Geography and Urban plannig (switch to islam for Taj Mahal and Image of the Wolrd, dont foget to switch to Regulated trade) - all this tech you can easy trade with. Also dont be shy to ask Korean to chare tech with you. 1-2 and even 3 turns befor you can get it by yourself. Korea (if not collapse) will be major tech trader for you utill late Industrial. After capture their wonderfull cites with a lot of great ppl and national wonders. And try to get Representation for free stateman. I used it for GA then got Hydraulic and Machine tools. GA is very importan for Indonesia game

After you captured Pagan - prepare for capture Patna- its must have. Take Colcuta after. With 2 chrines - you not be short with gold for almost all renaissance era. And here Mugals come. And they a problem. Their Culture rating is insane, they will eat you Patna lands. Prepare for battle. You need vasslase or destroy them. Take Deli and Bhopal too. I dont go for Manila, as i was short in resources, so i captured it later in game (after Netherland conquer event). Fogot about Thailand. Peace of cake. wait a couple of turns then you be able to declare war on them, dont attack instantly. So they dont recive aditional forces to figth with you.

Dont wipe England from India, you need to steal a lot from them. Well, for space race you need to settle some cites in australia (coal, wine) and thats enought. Or go in Muchuria and settle on coal there. (and you'll get Oil). Especially if you take Korean cites. And Forbiden Palace too. try to capture it. Very usefull for Indonesia. I was lucky, China build it in Chegdu

Now beging a luck based game. Once i have nothing to steal from England, so i reload for 200 years. Also (i just though) instead of colonization of Australia you can go in North America, and take West Coast. Game from this moment depend on many factors. But you probably be tech leader or atleast not outdate. So you can gor for Space race or domination or both goals

On screenshot I haven't won yet but allready control 15% of Land and 21% of population. But its matter of time only


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