Industrial Muzac playing in Ancient age?


Archont of Cootertown
Sep 8, 2004
I just noticed in my mod (for eurpean civs at least) the industrial music is playing in the ancient age, as soon as the game starts. I usually play with the music off, so it took me a while to figure something was amiss. Strange thing is I never edited any of the music files, or even know how. Anyone know how to correct this?
I just installed Civ3 and Conquests on another computer and found the same thing: Idustrial era music playing in the ancient age. Can this be changed?
Sounds strange! I never heard of anything like this before :confused: , but to be honest I do not listen to the musik very often with a high attention.
It's strange cause it seems to be reproducable problem. Hmm is it english vers-english vers with actual patch?
Yes, english civ3 and english conquests with the 1.22 patch. The weirder thing is it used to play era specific music properly (I remember from about a year ago). Now without having a file called "Music.txt" in my mod, it would be impossible for the mod to be the cause of the soundtrack change, as far as I know.
Right. I haven't added one though, and I don't see one in the Civilization III, Conquests, or PtW folders. Is there some file or folder somewhere that dictates what songs will be played for each era, or is it hardcoded into the game that unless there is a music.txt it defaults to normal? I haven't change any musical settings that I'm aware of, the music used to play properly, and I tried installing on another computer (same cd's), and had the same problem. On both machines I had my mod installed, but it has no music.txt file and doesn't change anything outside of the scenarios folder
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